Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry blessings!

Sending you many blessings of Love and Light in these holy days. May Joy envelop you with warmth and make your soul giggle; may happiness make your soul sing; and may your beautiful connection to all-that-is make you dance to the eternal rhythm of life.

Thank you for being part of my "tribe". Mwah!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Today, joyfully celebrate life!

Pompon when he was a kitten.
Today is definitively wintery.  It has snowed all night and through the day.  Everything is covered with a thick white blanket of snow.  While some are delighted with Nature's gift this morning, others are cursing...

Does the snow bring out the grouch in you?  Do you allow the weather, world events and social interactions dictate your mood and outlook on life?  Are you bent on seeing the negative?

Remember that you can always choose how you meet and greet every moment of your day.  Just for today, choose to celebrate life.  Just for today, choose to have fun!  Just for today, focus on the qualities of others - especially those who annoy you the most!  Put aside the grouch that is telling you that because things aren't going your way, you will make life miserable for yourself and others around you.  Just for today, embrace life and your silly side.  Invite your creative inner child to play and guide you to a higher vibration.  Let your doubts dissolve, for in reality, all is well.

Remember the fun you had as a child building a snowman or a snow fort.  Remember how cool it is to be the first person to leave footprints in fresh snow.  Remember how wonderful it is to catch a snowflake on your tongue.  Remember the joy of curling up with a cozy blanket and a hot chocolate, reading a favourite book.  Close your eyes, and smile for a moment.  Allow those endorphins to flood your body.  Breathe.  And now take time away from this computer and go do an activity that brings you joy!

As I often tell my clients and students, our purpose in life is to connect with this essence of Joy.  It's important to look for the positive and for the lesson in every situation.  The Law of Attraction states that what you focus on gains in energy...  Choose to focus on the areas of your life that bring you delight, and find delight in other areas of your life that you consider a bore.

Today, I am taking delight in writing once more in this blog.  I do feel a tad rusty after leaving it aside for a few months...  but I'm not letting those feelings of "not good enough" stop me!  I choose to focus on all the wonderful activities I am creating and will bring to the world in 2014...  I am not allowing the fear of change and other people's negative vibes put a damper on my spirit!  I bring loving energy to all my relationships and business partnerships, knowing that all clouds will move on.  I am also taking delight in catching up with house chores, knowing how I love the energy of my house when the laundry is done and the dust bunnies have gone away.  I will also take a walk in the fresh snow, enjoying the crunch of fresh snow under my boots.  Maybe I'll even catch a snowflake or two on my tongue...

What joyful activity will you bring to your life today?  Share the Joy - leave a comment!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Oracle Reading, December 2013

Cards by John Holland, Denise Linn, Doreen Virtue
Wow, wow, wow!!!  Are you ready for the energy of this December??

My first thought when I saw these cards, one after the other from different decks talking about opening to divine Love and guidance, went to all of us who are making some subtle or radical changes in our lives this month.  So many of us feel the need to be aligned with our soul purpose at this time.  Whether we are ready or not, our soul is pushing us past our comfort zones.  That voice inside us wanting to express our creativity, our passion, our spirituality will not be quiet anymore.  It can no longer be ignored.  This is the month to truly open to all the beauty, love and gifts the Universe is bringing our way!

The first card (top) is the Universe.  It came forth from the deck to provide insight on our greatest lesson this month.  We are reminded to have fun this month!  Celebrate our unique spirit!  Celebrate all our work, our trials and our triumphs for all these are lessons that have helped each of us become who we are in this moment.  We've gained a lot of wisdom so far on our journey.  With this wisdom, we must remember that we are part of a bigger picture than the tediousness of daily life.  Our challenge, especially in this month of December, is to remember that we are all interconnected.

The second card, Opening, represents our next right action to move our energy toward our lofty challenge of feeling this connection with the Universe and with each other.  We are invited to open our hearts to the flow of unconditional Love.  With an open heart, we can receive Love.  We can receive the gifts of Universe.  With an open heart, we can shine!  It is time to say, "Hey Universe - I'm ready to shine and share my gifts with the world!  Bring in on!  Thank you for all the opportunities coming my way just in time and on target!"

The third card, Divine Guidance, represents our helpers this month as we embrace our heart-opening challenges.  These helpers are none other than God and the angels.  They are surrounding us at this time to help us believe in ourselves.  They want us to trust our intuition - and to follow it!  They assure us that our gut feelings, the knowingness, the visions, the daydreams, the coincidences in our lives at this time are truly meaningful and trying to tell us something!

Bottom line - this month, let's allow our intuition guide us where we can BE love and where we can share Love where it is needed most around the world.  Let's use our unique gift to share the Love - some of us enjoy baking, others enjoy building, others enjoy hugging while others yet can direct loving energy with their thoughts and energy!  By giving more Love, we will receive more Love.  With more Love, we will feel increased energy, happiness and joy.  What beautiful energies to make the world go round!

This month's spiritual assignments:

  • Practice the following affirmations:  "I am open to receiving the gifts of the Universe!" & "I am divinely guided at all times!"
  • Be mindful of your inner feelings and "knowingness".  Pay close attention to the deeper meanings of signs, and symbols - especially if they are repetitious.  
  • Be open to new experiences, people, places and things.  Forge new directions.  Start new projects.  Let your creativity flow!
  • Find at least one outreach activity where you can use your special talent to serve the highest good.  Visit the sick in a hospital.  Care for a homeless person.  Send love to parts of the world.  Bake for a single parent in your neighbourhood.  Volunteer at an animal shelter.  Forgive a stubborn relative who is grumpy during the holidays.  Ask your heart what it would like to do to spread the Love this month -- and follow through!

Share your special action below.  Remember that sharing your action can give you a sense of purpose and responsibility, and will help you follow through!  All of us here in this online community can help support each other in our caring efforts!  After all, we are One in Spirit.  Where one person raises energy, we can all benefit.  Imagine if hundreds of Lightworkers raised loving energy this month...  I'm sure I would feel uplifted and joyful!

Many blessings of Love and Joy to all!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Update: Lightworker Name Game!

I have updated my blog's post on the Lightworker name game, with some additional context about how and why I have created the game, and the wonderful feedback I have been receiving for the past 2 weeks. As Lightworkers, our creative souls joyfully sees meaning in everything. We are Spirit, and Spirit is in us and works through us... Of course Lightworkers would see a deeper meaning in a sacred name!

I am grateful to Spirit for helping me create this game, where so many Lightworkers feel a personal attachment, or vibe, with their result. Thank you so much for vibrating to the beautiful, creative and joyful energy I infused in this work!

I will host an online event in mid-December to answer some questions on the specific vibrations and name combinations of this game. I definitely feel the need to explore this concept further and have received more instructions from Spirit on how to develop this concept into meaningful information and tools for all you wonder-filled Lightworkers around the world!

Send me your questions and comments to help me prepare for this event!

Many many blessings of Love and Joy to you!


Announcing the dates for the next Lightworker Development Program, Level 1:  this training will be held in Ingleside, Ontario starting on February 22-23, 2014!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Genesis of the Star People on Earth... (Part 2)

Read Part 1 first...

Creatively channelled in 2010.  I have not reviewed or edited the text since then.  Note that I consider this more of a creative exercise and not an "absolute Truth"...  I am sharing it now since I feel many Star Children are awakening and searching for each other.  There's a whole community of Star Children in our realms...  you are not alone!  Much Love :)


In the beginning, there is nothing. It is darkness. There is no sound, shape, texture, temperature, smell, knowledge. It is just floating. Floating in darkness, yet without the knowledge of darkness. There is no fear, only unconditional love. It is joyful, but without the knowledge of sadness one does not recognize joy. It is calm, peaceful, healing. Releasing the tension, fears, sadness and objections, dying to our lower selves and giving everything over to the God-consciousness ensures the smoothest travel through time, space and dimensions. It is such a great gift to accept, yet difficult to accomplish if we don’t accept to loose that old baggage and cut the cords to the old ways.

In this time of blissful darkness, there is no concept of time. Only God knows how long and how far we may have travelled, us group of stars floating on the final tidal energy wave of our old home. In our blissful state of detached consciousness, we are open to the healing we need to continue on our journey. We are nurtured and cleansed according to God’s will. It is as if we had a “reset” button and a program is making us new again, according to God’s plan. We just need to surrender and float in this blissful darkness.

And then there was Light. The first stirrings of individual consciousness. All is blurry at first as I am disoriented, as if coming out of a long peaceful and rejuvenating sleep. I am led to the edge of this great blue light source. There shines a blue jewel in the cosmos.

And the voice of God said, “Children of the Stars, this is your new home. This is your Soul School. Here you will be tested like never before. The magnetism of this planet will provide you with a temporary body with which you will experience life in bold new ways. Your body will be created in my image, male and female. Together, you will be balanced. Apart, you will acquire qualities and specific knowledge from tailored lessons. You will bring these back to participate in the divine balance.

“Children of the Stars, you have the opportunity to cross to the next dimension through these experiences. On this planet, I have created all that you will require for you to thrive. As you will each have an individual body, you will experience your Lessons away from the Collective. However remember, children, that you are never alone. My love is always with you, all through your embodiment. You will not be on this planet at once; some of you will stay behind to observe and guide those that choose to embody. You are each other’s guardians.

“Children of the Stars, I have created many life forms on this planet to support and nurture you. Learn to master them for the greatest common good. You will be masters of the Earth, of its plants, of its minerals, and of its animals. Treat them as I have treated you. Be nurturing, loving and apply compassion. They have lessons for you. You may choose to embody one of these elements and serve as a guide and teacher to others. You may also visit this physical realm without a body to guide and nurture incarnated Souls.

“Children of the Stars, I give you the gift of consciousness, the gift of feeling and experiencing. Learn from each of the senses you will have, as they all contain lessons for you individually and for the greater collective. I give you the gift of moving and being moved – in soul, mind and body. You are free to choose your Lessons and your incarnations. You are free from the web of the collective to explore individuality. I give you the gift of choices and decisions.

“Children of the Stars, remember that you are divine, as I am. You are an extension of my Love. It is with Love that I send you here. It is for your greatest good. My love is always with you.

“Children of the Stars, in this realm you will learn to co-create with me. As you are an extension of my Love, each of you has the Divine Spark. You will learn in the material realm to create material things with the elements I created for you to enhance your material lives. You will learn to let your Soul guide your Body in divine co-creation. You will learn to create in the etheric realm and see how matter follows mind. It will be a long learning process. Remember that I and your Celestial Family will be with you every step of the way, in darkness and in light.

“In this realm, dear children, you may choose to close your channels of divine communication to experience the material world that we will co-create. But remember that these channels are always there and can be reopened at the time of your choosing.

“I will now accompany the first Souls to this planet. You will have the gift of language and will name the creations there. I will create a body for you out of the earth itself, using all its elements. You will be earth, air, fire and water. You will be energy. This body, male or female, will be the temple for your Soul on this learning journey. This will be your Home for as long as you need it, through as many incarnations as you desire. You will know you will be ready to transcend to the next realm when you can detach yourself from the physical world and walk through the next one.

“Who will come first and forge the path for others? You have the gift of choice.”

Friday, November 22, 2013

In the beginning… Genesis of Star People on Earth (1 of 2)

The day I submitted my resignation at work, the Universe orchestrated a fun activity for more people to find me and to validate that my decision is for my highest good and joy.  This "Lightworker name game" I had published in July had made its way in cyberspace...  and someone had the intuition to post it in the Soul Coaching (R) Oracle Card Reader closed study group, not knowing that the author of that game (me) was taking the class!  What a surprise for me to see my creation staring at me as I logged on to the class' page - and to see all the fun interaction people were having!

I have received many questions on the various names, energies and vibrations I introduce in this game.  Tonight, I feel it is time to publish a short text I wrote back in 2010 and tucked away on my computer.  I am still feeling vulnerable for sharing these channelled creative work - and yet I am happy to share.  Perhaps this work is part of my mandate?

And now, take a deep breath...  and meet the Blue People, as I felt them whispering to me a cool Fall evening in 2010.


The rumblings could not be ignored any longer. The vibrations from the core were getting louder, deeper, stronger. Even from above, the tremors could be felt. Clouds of red were enveloping this jewel in the sky. We should have left already, but it is so difficult to just leave and abandon what we have called home for so many millenniums. But it was time for us to move along as a people. All our lessons here have been learned, except from the final cosmic detachment we are now collectively experiencing.

And so it was that we were hovering over our red planet as the volcanoes were erupting, as ash was spewed into the atmosphere. Our home needed to destroy itself for our final lesson – only we were still attached to it. Reluctantly, one by one, we were forced to remove the cosmic cords attaching us to it, learning to let go for the collective good: let go of all we have anchored here, of the great civilization we build here, of our fears and longing for our old stagnating ways. We chose to return to the God Consciousness. We needed to die to ourselves to stretch our knowledge, our boundaries, our spirituality.

Just as the last cosmic cord was cut, there was thunder in the sky and rumblings from the planet. Our home planet was cut in half, exposing its red center and sending wave after wave after wave of energy in the cosmos and beyond.

I can feel the final tentacles, like fine silk ribbons, detaching from their anchor points. As we weep our loss, we know we must join others in the search of this new beginning, of this other planet that will become our new home and will permit our passage to the next dimension. Our Soul School. Our promised Land. We will be its guardians and its students. As the last tendrils of our Cosmic Cords are burned in the healing fire of our dying planet, we move freely bound by nothing but pure energy. We try to understand and re-center ourselves in our new identity. It is the end, and with the end comes darkness.

It is this in-between period that I dislike the most. The time of not knowing, not controlling. How do I get there from here? Where is “there”? How will I recognize it? There is nothing to hold on to in the in-between period, as everything old needs to be released but everything new has not yet been found. Old wounds need to heal before new skin can grow, and you’re left with the pain, sadness and agony… but somehow moving to freedom and joy.

But as we float further away from our beloved red planet, gently following the energy waves in the great cosmos, we know it is the time of rest between the grieving and the new beginning; the time to give everything over to the God-consciousness which will always protect and nurture our Souls.

I did something REALLY scary...

I haven't had the joy to write in this blog regularly of late...  Going back to work has been a real shock to my system and my spirit.  It has validated that if I am to shine my light, I can not hide.  If I am to teach courage, I must myself make a leap of faith.   

So I did something REALLY scary yesterday.  I resigned officially from my government job to be full-time Lightworker.  The best part is that I feel at peace with this decision, and as soon as I have surrendered to my truth, to what's best for my soul... synchronicities have multiplied to validate that I am now on the right path, and everything will be OK.

I chose 12/12 as my last day, my gateway to the next phase of my life.

My wings are ready.  Watch me soar!

I am ready to teach and serve Spirit's will.  I am ready to work from my heart centre.  I am ready to be me.

...and I know that Universe supports me abundantly.  

Many blessings of Love and Joy to all.

Friday, November 15, 2013

White Light Blessing to you!

I am seeing you today, wrapped in beautiful White Light like a comfortable blanket, sheltering your energy body and soothing your soul. Under this cocoon of White Light, your soul smiles and grows.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Spiritual Guidance for November 2013

Decks used: John HollandThe Psychic Tarot”; Denise LinnSoul Coaching Oracle Cards”; Colette Baron-ReidWisdom of the Hidden Realms

Like many Lightworkers, empaths and sensitive souls, have you felt the energy of change carried in the past few months? Have you learned lessons, through trial and error, about respecting personal boundaries and standing in your own Power with Love and Compassion? For me, October was a very busy month that brought me validation on various issues in my life and professional direction. I am much stronger now in my Solar Plexus, and I delight in my ability to hold on to a Loving vision for myself, my projects and my ability to serve. The doubts that were shrouding my vision are dissipated. My heart is smiling, beaming even!

For this month’s reading, I asked what our common biggest challenge would be as we continue to work with Energy for our souls’ evolution. I also asked how we can best shift this challenge into a learned lesson, and who is our best spiritual guide and companion at this time.

Our biggest challenge this month is our resistance to listen to our own inner wisdom. In this society, we often measure our worth with the quantity of activities we can cram into our schedule. We have evolved into human DOINGS instead of human BE-ings. We are now being challenged to find pockets of peace in every day where we can nourish our soul. Remember that filling a perceived void with activities, loud music, parties and food doesn’t necessarily nourish your soul long-term... The answers you seek are not necessarily found in the outer world. Take regular time to withdraw from commotion and drama, and use this stillness to reflect and reevaluate what makes you happy. Ponder how you can honour your unique gifts and share these with the world from your heart space. Conserve your energy and deal with one issue at a time instead of trying to tackle everything at once. Remember that your soul constantly draws to itself exactly what it needs at the appropriate time to learn and grow. To feel guided and at one with Universe, Spirit and the community of Light, you must take time daily to commune with your soul.

The best way for us to shift this challenge into a learned soul lesson is to be very mindful of our thoughts and our actions. We have to remember to use our free will to CHOOSE the thoughts, actions and emotions that support our continued soul evolution. Thoughts carry a tremedous amount of Energy, and what we choose to focus on will manifest. It’s time to take responsibility for our thoughts and actions. If we want peace in the world, we ourselves must BE peace. If we want more love in our life we ourselves must BE love. If we want more abundance, we must be grateful for the abundance of gifts we already have, and for all the gifts available to us through Spirit. We are invited to pay attention to the minute details of our thoughts, emotions and actions, and if they don’t support our Higher Good we must find the source of the hurt and release it. We must exercise self-discipline towards more authenticity and more integrity in our inner and outer lives. It is time to maintain focus on our intentions.

The Lady of the Mirror reminds us that what we attract in our lives reflects the energy at which we vibrate. In our moments of silent introspection this month, we can invoke the Lady of Mirror to bring a higher perspective to our entire life’s events. She will teach us to take responsibility for our every action and every decision. She will help us see our role in every one of our life’s experiences, and to feel how interwoven all of our lives truly are. With her help, we can observe how we have reacted or responded to our life’s challenges and joys. We are invited to honour every part of our story with Love and Compassion. Everything that has ever happened to us has served our soul’s growth. If there’s something we don’t like when we contemplate our life, how can we bring more Love, forgiveness and higher understanding to the situation or relationship? Taking responsibility for our every decision, word and deed can be very freeing, and it will help us recenter, recalibrate, and refocus. We are co-creators with the divine; we must learn to take responsibility for our role in the creation of our life’s unfolding. Once we take this responsibility, we can choose to create the magic that feeds our soul to its highest fulfilment.

Spiritual Assignments This Month

  • Continue the reflections suggested last month: Examine your core values, beliefs, goals and objectives: are they in congruence with your heart’s desires? Are you living in congruence with them? Is your inner life reflected in your outer life, and vice-versa? What can you shift in your life to live more aligned with your heart and the highest common good? 
  • Examine your thoughts, emotions and actions: are they serving your highest good? Find tools to shift to more positive vibrations, towards a greater degree of self-love. 
  • Practice (not only with words, but with your actions!) the following affirmation: “I am impeccable in my thoughts, words and deeds.” Journal on the meaning of this affirmation for you. 
  • Learn to differentiate between the voice of ego and that of Spirit. 
  • Spend at least 5 minutes a day in quiet contemplation. Give thanks for the day ahead as soon as you wake in the morning. Admire the sun, the clouds, the beauty of family bonds, the social ties at work… 
  • Rearrange your schedule to book some meditation time for yourself. Evaluate if you truly need to spend you energy on all these activities – do they nourish your soul? Choose quality over quantity. 
  • Notice the people and resources that come into your life this month, and listen to the wisdom they share with you. This exchange might provide you with insight and wisdom into your own life. 

Share your experience and observations below to place it in the energy grid. Blessed be!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Receive a complementary 1-card Oracle Card reading!

Receive a complementary 1-card Oracle Card reading! As part of my certification process as Soul Coaching (R) Oracle Card Reader, I must complete 22 One-Card Readings. Here's your chance to receive spiritual guidance on a question you have. One-card questions don't provide as much of an in-depth answer as 3-, 5-, or 7+ card readings therefore it is best to keep your question simple. For one-card readings, I like to ask questions like:

  • insight on a quality to work on/reflect upon for the day
  • insight on how to best move an energy or a situation to more positive vibration
  • a message from my Guides/Angels/crossed-over loved one on this day
  • one thing I must be aware of as I start this day/project/relationship

To receive your complementary 1-card reading, send me a personal message with your question. I will send you a photo of the card I picked for you (from Denise Linn's Soul Coaching (R) Oracle Cards) along with my interpretation of this card for you.

Maximum of 2 readings per person. Offer valid until November 15th.

L'interprétation des cartes est bien entendu aussi disponible en français; vous n'avez qu'à demander!

Many blessings to all!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Nouveau numéro de mon bulletin "Lumière & Amour"

Je suis fière de partager avec vous le nouveau numéro du bulletin trimestriel "Lumière & Amour".  Dans cette édition, vous trouverez un article portant sur un besoin d'introspection pour apprivoiser son ombre, des renseignements sur les propriétés de la lavande, des conseils spirituels et un aperçu du tout nouveau service "à domicile".  Faites-moi parvenir votre adresse courriel pour recevoir une copie qui peut s'imprimer.

J'ai le goût de guider un atelier pour vous aider à développer votre capacité à communiquer avec les êtres chers décédés.  Ce serait le samedi 26 octobre, en après-midi ou en soirée.  Seriez-vous intéressé?  Envoyez-moi un courriel!

Si un de mes programmes vous intéresse, ou si vous voulez prendre rendez-vous pour une session, un atelier, ou une activité qui se déroule à domicile, veuillez communiquer avec moi par téléphone ou par courriel.  J'ai bien hâte de passer du temps avec vous!

Je vous envoie plein d'ondes positives - d'Amour et de Lumière.

New Edition of Love & Light Newsletter!

I am pleased to share with you the new edition of my Love & Light Newsletter! In this issue: a time for introspection and redefining goals; working with Lavender, spiritual guidance for this quarter and information on my new "at home" service!

Send me your email address if you would like to receive a printable version.

I am planning something special on Saturday, October 26th at 1PM... or after dark, perhaps... Would you like to participate in a short introduction to mediumship and experience your own ability to communicate with the deceased? This workshop is centred on Love and Healing. Email me if you're interested!

If you are interested in any of my programs, would like to book a single session, or would like to book a group event at your place, please call me or send me an email! I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Stressed-Out Pufferfish and Lessons in Transformation

Pufferfish Jaz...
Many activities have started for me over the past 3 weeks: my (temporary!) return to corporate world, two classes for new certifications (and I am so looking forward to sharing these with you!), and one chakra clearing class.  I thought I was handling it all quite well and with grace until I hit a roadblock in one of my classes.

I have been feeling quite overwhelmed with everything going on, and I have been using all the tools I know to manage my energy - from positive thinking to salt baths and energy work.  But, working on my Sacral Chakra, I lost connection.  The communication line between my inner and outer selves went dead, so to speak.

In one of my classes, my homework was to feel the energies of the Sacral Chakra's archetypes:  the Empress (light aspect) and the Martyr (shadow aspect).  I felt no connection to either.  Nothing. Nada.  In the required body movement exercises, my body did not want to move, and my mind certainly did not want to go where the guided visualization was going...  "Lalalalalalala...  not going there.  Nope, just not going there..." seemed to scream something from deep within me.

I know I have my share of wounds in the Sacral Chakra, from childhood "you're so weird" / "hide your creative side" wounds to events redefining me as a young woman, dealing with infertility issues and so much pain.  There's much "water" under that bridge (heehee, yes water is the element of the Sacral Chakra) and yet somehow I choose to hang on to these sob stories.  There is much I have not forgiven yet.  There is an element of power when you don't forgive and hold on to a hurt, like a self-validation of sorts.  Not surrendering to healing is a powerful choice, one where I know it's MY will - not any one else's, and not the Divine's.  I decide.  I choose.  You can't make me.

In the midst of all this reflection, I clearly saw the situation from a higher perspective.  It was a bit of an epiphany, really.  The reason why I was not connecting with the archetypes and the feelings of this chakra was because I was acting out of the shadow of this chakra.  Ouch!  I can be quite the pufferfish in times of stress!  Swimming along and then BAM!  The don't-touch-me-get-away-from-me-you-suck pufferfish is all inflated, needle points out and all.

There have been many decisions and actions made from this shadow side, from hurt, pain, and ego.  But what would happen if I forgave myself?  What would my identity be then?  So many things would change.  I'd have to be accountable for my actions and my decisions and not blame others.  I'd have to move to self-love instead of self-loathing in this area of my personality.  I would not be able to recount the same old stories of hurt again and relive them with the same gusto once the balm of healing is applied.  The whole paradigm and perspective would shift.  Am I ready for that, or as the Martyr archetype would I prefer to continue to dig my heels in and resist?

There is a point of no return in transformation: once Love enters, there is no room for shadows, there is no room for the familiar.  A new path is laid out, needing to be discovered.  The comfort zone is abolished and one has to be ready for the new adventure that is Spirit-centered and infused with Love.

Spiritual transformation is not easy, because it means being ready to let go of old hurts and deep-set patterns.  Ego certainly prefers to keep the status quo, and the more a person is called to change and transform, the more the ego seems to resist.

The wonderful thing about working with shadow archetypes is that once you name the shadow, you own it - it does not own you anymore.  It brings out your truth and hidden motivations.  When you're ready to listen to its story, you can find healing and consciously continue your Awakening.

I still have some deep wounds to forgive and heal, but I've made a great leap with this shadow work.  I feel the pufferfish returning to its normal state, unthreatened and merrily swimming in the ocean.  Now, I can connect with the archetypes of the sacral chakra, and I can dance with the Empress, knowing that my seedlings nurtured in my creativity centre will grow and manifest, all with divine timing.  The dance of the Empress is one of Abundance and trust in the Divine.  It is a dance of Empowerment and unity with the Universe.  I am gaining confidence and comfort in this new awareness.  The path before me is not so scary anymore.

I think the Empress' parting wish would borrow from the Vulcans...  "Go forth and prosper."  ;)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

A quick heart-felt Thanksgiving message

It is Thanksgiving here in Canada - just taking a moment in between family gatherings to say hello to you, my "online family" - thank you for being part of my journey, thank you for allowing me to share my soul with you, my vulnerabilities and my successes. Thank you for your commitment to evolve your own soul. Much Love and Light to all.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Facilitating a "Stress Buster" conference!

I am very much looking forward to the Stress Buster workshop I will facilitate tomorrow (Wednesday) at the St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation.  I am the guest speaker for an activity under the "Healthy Workplace Month" umbrella.  Even the Corporation's President might attend!  I am looking forward to it!  //  J'ai bien hâte d'animer l'atelier de gestion du stress, demain auprès des employé.e.s (et peut-être même du président!) de la Corporation de gestion de la voie maritime du Saint Laurent.  Quelle belle initiative dans le cadre du mois de la santé au travail!  :)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Moving towards inner peace

The lead-up to my return to work last week was chaotic, with my "flight or fight" mechanism turned way up, my Inner Child kicking and screaming, and my Inner Critic voicing her dislike, pointing at my flaws, and being quite disappointed overall.

Thank goodness I have tools to manage my energy!  And thank goodness I remembered to use them!!  The night prior to my return to work I took a nice long shower using a sea salt scrub, with the intention of clearing my energy field and relaxing muscles and mind.  I did several rounds of Tapping.  I prayed to be able to stay calm and centered while observing the facts from a higher perspective, gaining insights on the higher purpose of my return to work.

And it worked.

What a relief.

I learned so much about myself in one week, and I was able to release so many old, outdated and negative patterns.  I felt much lighter and empowered.  I still felt a bit shaky in some areas, like a fawn trying her legs out for the first steps.  I am just so amazed to seeing how my transformational work has changed me.  I am so grateful that I have a perfect environment where I can apply my techniques.  I proved to myself that these techniques work, and work fast!  I know this richness of experience is making me a better person, and a better teacher.

Here are some of my biggest "AHA" moments of the week:

  • Sea salt baths and sea salt scrubs work miracles to help me stay focused on the positive.  I read before that the sea salt's properties help neutralize the positive ions in one's energy field, leaving more space for the peaceful negative ions.  In the New Age field, we might say that we would prefer keeping the positive ions...  but remember science class in High School: the positive ions are the ones that are charged, while the negative ions are not.  The positive ions in your energy field are the ones that have attracted and became "glued" to elements of the environment, including other people's energy - so your energy field is vibrating with all these elements that are not yours.  It is best for one's energy field to be cleansed of all these "energetic debris" that you've picked up through the day.  I always feel centered, reenergized and calm after using a sea salt product to cleanse my aura.
  • The voice of fear is a frequency that can be turned down and tuned out.  I realized how much fear I was carrying, and how loud that inner voice was.  If I would think of changing the time of a meeting, that voice would loudly state that it was not feasible, that it was unreasonable, that I would be denied my request, that others would be angry with me, how could I dare even ask...  Whoa, Nelly!  I have challenged that voice this week, asking her "is that really true?  Let's just try and see."  And then I would make a point of noticing positive evidences like, "You see, it was easy to change the time of that meeting.  I noticed how open and receptive to my ideas others actually were."  Slowly but surely, the voice of fear from that inner critic is diminishing.
  • Weird things happen when you live out your shadow.  I grew up with a sister who was very dramatic, vocal, emotional and at times violent.  I suffered deep hurts, and I noticed how she was hurting other family members.  I vowed to never be like her.  The trouble is, when you vow to never be like someone else, you are denying yourself a part of who you are.  I realized how much I had been denying my own power, my own emotions and my own needs.  Not expressing my needs out of fear of being like someone who hurt me has actually not served anyone.  It created resentment in me in addition to low self-esteem; I was resentful that others would not meet my needs and my expectations...  but if I could not even formulate these needs for myself, how could others even begin to decode what they are, let alone meet them?  Resentment narrows one's perspective and darkens the experience of life.  Wow - huge life lesson here and continued transformation in progress.
  • Living in the moment is a gift.  Part of my commitment to myself was to police my thoughts.  Every time I noticed my thoughts went in a direction that felt icky, I would notice 1-3 positive things in the present moment, and I would affirm these out loud.  If I noticed my thoughts were going toward the "oh for goodness' sake this work is crap" sinkhole, I would reply with, "but notice how beautiful it is outside today, and how lucky I am to be working from home with the windows open, feeling the breeze on my skin."  These statements instantly shifted the energy of my thoughts.

I am happy to notice that, at the start of Week 2, I am more at peace with my decision to return to the corporate world.  I am very happy to be learning life lessons and releasing karma.  Most of all, I keep holding on to the knowledge that Universe has something else planned for me that just wasn't quite ready yet (I wasn't quite ready yet), and pieces of the puzzle are now coming together nicely.  I am very grateful that the next time I leave corporate world, it will be with a light heart and not the with the heavy, angry and resentful heart I once had.  Healing is such a wonder-filled journey!

I am very grateful that the person who will replace me is being prepared on the energy level.  I know this replacement will become manifest in the very near future, and I am so excited about all the new projects and opportunities coming my way!  

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Spiritual Guidance, October 2013

Decks used: John HollandThe Psychic Tarot”; Sonia ChoquetteThe Answer is Simple”; Colette Baron-ReidWisdom of the Hidden Realms

It is my pleasure to share with you this oracle card reading! The question I asked, on our collective behalf, is for Spirit to clarify the general energy in which we are called to evolve this month, and to guide us on our next step to our Highest Good. Our personal boundaries, feelings of self-esteem and ability to express our inner power lovingly will be tested this month! We must take regular pauses to reflect on whether ego or spirit is leading our decisions and actions, and to listen for Spirit’s subtle messages of guidance.

We are asked to be very mindful of our personal energy this month, as our Solar Plexus Chakra is being challenged. The key issues here are power, fear, anxiety, and introversion. We are experiencing an era of energetic change where we are called to step up to our full potential. For some, this newly found power feels very enticing and they will work to coerce others to their point of view. Others still feel afraid of this power and would rather shrink up within themselves and not be seen. Some will force their way through without regard to the consequences of their actions, while others will panic and fall into inertia, allowing in the energy of being taken advantage of. Are you on either end of this spectrum? Be mindful of your opinions, your personal will and how you wield (or give away) your personal power. Remember that standing in one’s true power is non-dominating; you are fully YOU without guilt or apology or need to convince others, and because you are fully YOU (and not full of yourself!) your energy empowers and inspires others to live in their own truth.

Rhys Thomas says of this chakra, “It is the center where you realize that no one can teach you who you are. It is your life purpose not to conform and be a follower, but instead to be a leader and express your unique qualities as your greatest gift to others and the world.”

The Solar Plexus has a physical influence on the digestive system. Remember to eat a balanced diet, and if you feel stressed remember to avoid refined sugar and refined carbs. You may suffer from more heartburns or acid reflux syndrome this month… If you do, know that the energy in that centre is overactive; take steps to bring more calm into your daily life. Take time every day to connect to Source and your Higher Self; doing so will allow you to remain grounded, centred and balanced in your inner power.

Our next step in our journey is to recognize when we are following the voice of the ego, and when we are true to the voice of Spirit. If your actions align with others just to fit in with the crowd; if you are speaking words that you do not mean just because that’s what you perceive is expected of you; if you are involved in activities or work that leave you feeling empty, hollow, and lost... TURN BACK! Check in with your Solar Plexus and discover your inner truth. Choose to honour yourself. Ego will tell you that it is necessary for your survival to bend over backwards to please everyone else but you; ego will tell you that you have no future if you don’t do as “they” do or want you to do; ego will tell you that your dreams and inspirations are worthless... do you want to continue to believe that inner discourse? Are you ready to at least entertain the possiblity that you could choose differently and be happy?

Invoke the help of the Hawk Prince. He will help you pay attention to details; ask him to flag those details for you that have a spiritual meaning or message of guidance. These messages can come to you through a conversation you overhear, a message on a billboard, a feather on your path, a television ad, a song on the radio… Pay attention, for Spirit seeks your attention to share an important message with you! The better you become at listening to subtle messages and the more you surrender your will to Spirit’s will, the more you will find the courage, grace and ease to lead a charmed life. Learn to listen to your Guides, and they’ll gently and lovingly guide you to your Highest Good and Destiny.

Spiritual Assignments This Month

  • Examine your core values and beliefs; are you living in congruence with them? How much time do you devote every day to manifest your dreams or to enjoy your favourite hobby? What can you shift in your life to live more aligned with your heart and the highest common good? 
  • Examine your goals and objectives, then release them unto Spirit. Trust that your highest good will manifest, that your dreams will find their mark. 
  • Practice (not only with words, but with your actions!) the following affirmations: “I choose to remain conscious of the world within and around me. I choose to notice when I digress from my Light and slip into my Shadow. I choose to use my willpower to direct my energy to remain conscious.” 
  • Police your thoughts; remember that you have the power to choose your thoughts, your feelings and your emotions. Enlist your divine helpers to help you notice your thought patterns and when you are slipping into a recurring negative pattern. Ask them to teach how to transform the negative patterns into positive energy. 
  • Learn to differentiate between the voice of ego and that of Spirit. 
  • Notice the myriad signs Spirit sends your way as omens and messages to guide you to your Truth, for your Highest Good and destiny. 
Margaret Lynch and Rhys Thomas teach that there are vows hidden in each chakra, such as:
  • I vow to be who I perceive I am supposed to be to please others, not who I really am. 
  • I vow to sacrifice, to serve. 
  • I vow that other people’s needs always come first. 
  • I vow to live the truth that I am not good enough and less than others.
Do any of these vows apply to you? Are you ready to heal them?

Share your experience below to place it in the energy grid. Blessed be!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

'Twas the night before the big day...

...and all through my body icky crawlers were stirring.  The jaw is tightening and the heart rate is up.  The neck has a creak and I'd go belly-up.  WHY? The heart is crying, "Why do I have to go back?"  Acid reflux, and jitters, ants in the legs and a mind going bonkers...  Holy tamale, I'm going through the wringer.

And then I stop and I breathe.  I talk to my dog and we set out for a walk.  She sniffs at Fall leaves and rolls in the ditch; I enjoy the cool air, the blue sky, the birds and the River. I remember to have a good dinner.  My glass of wine is a nice treat.   I set out my good clothes.  I remember my techniques for scaring away the ghosts and ghoulies.  Bye-bye, creepy crawlers.  I know I can choose my thoughts and my emotions, and I choose to whoosh you away.  And I stop and I breathe.

My books and my papers, my office pass and my lunch - all are ready tonight to ease up my frown.

In a moment I will soak in a nice hot bath, with 2 cups of sea salt to balance me out.  I'll add lavender and chamomile too, for I know a good sleep will do wonders for you.  And I'll tap on my emotions, my tears and my fears.  And I'll set my intentions for magic and ease.  I'll surround myself in a big bubble of Reiki and Light.  And I trust that I'm secure, I'm safe and I'm loved.  And I trust I can pull through for the Big Guy's rooting for me too.

Just for tonight, I release anger.  Just for tonight, I release worry.

All is well.  All is well.

And to all, a good night...


A miraculous shift!

I experienced my first "tapping miracle" yesterday - woot woot!  I am delighting in the change in feelings and perspective this has brought.  I feel lighter, brighter, happier!

One year ago, I decided to leave my cushy government job to pursue my dream of working in the spiritual field full time. Needless to say in one year the earnings from my start-up business is only a tiny sliver of what I used to make for the government - which is a huge point of stress for my husband. He went on one of his verbal and non-verbal disapproval rampage yesterday, and I stood up for myself, telling him that I did not accept his behaviour and his words.  (Standing up for myself and setting boundaries is quite an achievement for me in and of itself!)

He left to run some errands and I retreated to my office for some huge tapping rounds. (Video here on how to tap.)  I tapped on how angry I felt, on how I don't want to be triggered by his behaviour anymore, on how sad and unsupported this whole situation made me feel, and I asked for divine help to rewire my thinking to keep focusing on the positive. I felt better. Not completely healed, but I had released the trigger in the moment, and some other underlying emotions.

The "miracle" is that when he came back from his errand, he apologized. I was very surprised since it's one of the first times he apologized and realized how much he was reacting like his own father. And it's one of the first times that I felt receptive to his apology and felt grateful for it. It felt genuine and uplifting. I'm new to tapping, but if it can make differences like this in my life, it's a practice I will stick to!!  

I can testify from experience now that when you change your energy, you have a ripple effect on the people around you.  It truly is up to us, in every moment, to choose the energy we want to contribute to any and all situations.  

And therefore, strong with this experience, I feel a bit more ready to return to work tomorrow knowing that I can change my energy and therefore transform the negative experienced that was into a healing and releasing experience for all involved.  

Would you like for me to share a script for tapping through anger and disappointment?  I would be happy to type it out and share it with you.

Friday, September 27, 2013

How can I transform anger into positivity?

That voice on the other end of the line again.  That curt, impersonal, "I don't really care", "got to follow rules" vibe.  Triggered.  My reptilian brain at the base of my skull is fully turned on in the "fight or flight" mode and can't decide which one to choose, since neither are socially acceptable.  My blood stream is filled with adrenaline, my eyes narrow in "the look", my jaw tightens - heck it feels like my whole skin is tightening (but not like I'm-20-again kind of way).  My energy field shrivels up.  I feel life force energy seeping out of me.  My inner child is kicking up quite the tantrum on the inside.  I feel angry about revisiting a chapter of my life I had wanted to close a year ago and now feels like unfinished business with no firm end in sight.  It's depressing.  It's gloomy.  It's frustrating.

I hate feeling like this!  I hate being triggered like this!  Ugh!

And I'm a Lightworker, darn it!  I should know better.  I know the importance of thinking happy thoughts.  I know like attracts like.  I know I am most likely firing anger daggers to the person on the other end of the line.  I know I am creating this reaction in my body with my thoughts.  I know I have the freedom to choose my thoughts and my emotions.  I know my perception of things is narrowed by my anger.  I know that my anger says more about me than about anyone else involved (here's a blog entry covering that topic).  I know the Reiki lesson of "responding" vs. "reacting"...  Yet I'm totally reacting.  And reacting that I'm reacting.

Have you been there before?  

The thing is, I have been studying all these great spiritual, psychological and philosophical principles for a good long time.  I am now being tested on my ability to apply them in everyday life.  Not just when it's convenient, when I am in meditation, or when I am with someone I like.  I now have to learn to apply these principles to the icky, uncomfortable, ego-in-the-way situations and relationships of every day.  *sigh*

Here's the situation: after a 1-year sabbatical, I needed to give my answer whether or not I would be returning to work.  I don't want to return to the office and to that office environment.  I don't want to return to work that is unfulfilling and makes me feel like I have drifted away too far from my soul purpose.  I want to continue to grow my business.  Yet, my savings account is running low on fuel, so to speak, and a fill'er up with a steady income is necessary.  The first year of operating my business has been more about soul growth, rest, and rebuilding myself rather than marketing and networking.  I feel stuck and too attached to that source of income...

So what do I do now?

Right after that triggering phone call, I went for a walk.  I actually ran a block or two, and I'm not a runner.  It felt good to use the surge of adrenaline from the fight-or-flight trigger to do what it's programmed to do: make me run away from that invisible and proverbial tiger.  That bit of exertion enabled me to think more clearly by flushing away the excessive hormones.  The bonus is that now I have a clue about what to do when I feel triggered: go out for a walk!  My body needs it!

I know that the manager who called me is a good person deep down (*very* deep down, snickers my ego...).  She is only doing her duty, her follow-up work.  She is not out there to get me.  And she is most likely reacting in her way to all those negative anger vibes I'm sending her way.  The best way to shift the relationship is by changing the energy I am sending into it.  To paraphrase Einstein, I will not find the solution to the situation with the same energy that created the problems.

Easier said than done?

That is the test now, and I welcome all positive vibes to support me through this paradigm shift!

What's the plan, Stan?

1.  Count my blessings

  • The salary will help replenish my savings account and pay off some debt
  • The salary will put me (and my spouse!) at ease, financially - a bit of a breather
  • I will be able to treat myself and others during the upcoming holiday season
  • I will get out of the house more, and have more interaction with others
  • I'll get to purchase new office clothes, and shoes!
  • I'll have some money for spiritual retreats, training and travel
  • I'll get to see some coworkers I haven't see in a year, and catch up 
  • I'll get to go to the "big city" and purchase the good coffee, salads, lunches I missed
  • This is such a great job, with a good stable salary and benefits
  • The 9 to 5 routine will help me become more productive and focused; I have been living in my head and imagination for the past few months

...OK, I'm starting to feel better...

2.  Remember my soul purpose
  • I am to lead by example - going through such a test of my ability to apply spiritual principles will make me a better teacher, more authentic and "relatable"
  • I am going to learn valuable life lessons, and release some karma
  • Some people at work (and elsewhere) need to be inspired by my transformation, so that they can in turn work on their own transformation
...OK, I am breathing more deeply and slowly now that I understand the bigger picture

3.  Daily practice
  • Remember to center and shield myself every morning
  • Remember to use salt spritz and salt scrubs to cleanse my energy, every evenings
  • Choose at least one fun activity to do every day, and share this fun with others.  (This weekend, I will shop for a new pair of "office" shoes and one new outfit.  On Monday, I will go for an EXCELLENT coffee with a colleague.  I am looking forward to it!).
  • Ask for help from my divine team!  I need help seeing the good in all situation and in all people (especially those who trigger me!), I need help remembering the bigger picture, I need help to remember to breathe calmly, I need help to release emotional attachments and triggers, I need help to remember to take walks and find joyful moments every day, I need help to remember to notice when tension is building in my body and to do the necessary action to release this tension in a loving and supportive way...
  • Be my "thought-police" and notice the thoughts I entertain.  Choose to release those that don't support my wellbeing or that of others.  For instance, focusing on "she a bee-hatch" isn't serving anyone.  For one short half-a-moment, perhaps...  but I can't hold on to that thought.  Focusing on "I'm stuck" is not helpful either.

...whoa!  I will be working on so many levels at once while trying to be productive with the work they actually pay me to do!  Add "Self-care" to my daily practice!!

4.  Activate a spiritual template
  • All my spiritual teachers have mentioned that what you focus on, you create...  So I better start creating the template for what I want instead of festering in the energy of what I do not want.
  • Here's my order form to Divine Universe:  "I am so grateful that an alternate is identified for my position, and that this wonderful person will be happy to take over my job position in three to six months' time.  I am so grateful that I will be able to benefit from the severance package this alternation will provide.  This alternation process will be easy, effortless and fulfilling for all parties involved."
  • And also, "I am grateful for all the life lessons I am learning while I release karmic baggage and close this chapter of my life with grace and gratitude."
  • "I am grateful that I can work on projects that are fulfilling, and bring me joy."
...OK, I feel much calmer now.  Please send good vibes my way to activate these templates!  It does feel good to write wishes down in the present tense, it does bring the energy of the solution closer and more palpable.

5.  Attitude of Gratitude
  • In the big picture of things, I am grateful that my relationship with recent managers has been so tense and frustrating, because it is those exact feelings that have brought me to launch my business adventure full-time much quicker than I had originally anticipated.  I am working on what brings me joy, and my dream is much closer to my reach than it would have been if I was content with the status quo.  If we had a soul contract, and her part of the bargain was to jump-start me into my new adventure, she played her role with brio.  We will both be relieved when our contract is fulfilled!
  • I have learned so much about myself in this year of sabbatical.  I have learned that being creative and following my intuition is at the core of my being - no wonder I don't do well in authoritarian, risk-adverse work environment!  I know that I'm an idealist, and I have found through my spiritual teachings a way to share my views of the world with like-minded people, ready to take action to make this world a better place.  
  • I feel good about myself now, much more than I ever have before in my life.  Saying "yes" to me and taking time off work to reflect was the best gift I ever gave myself.  I am so grateful to me for that, and I am better prepared to support my inner guidance now.
  • As part of my daily practice, I will find at least 5 things everyday for which I am grateful.

Can I count on you to send me positive vibes during this (last?!?) phase of this transformation?

I will share my progress and insights on this blog.  It will help me vent, and typically I see clearer when I write.  I also hope that my experience will be of benefit to others going through change.

Many blessing of Love and Light to all!

Friday, September 20, 2013

House cleaning on the blog! New page on workshops!

Phew! I finally took some time today to "clean" the pages and tabs of my blog.  I hope you'll find the information is more streamlined.

I am particularly proud of this new page: Invite me to your home or workplace!  I have outlined several workshops I am ready to take on the road.  Wouldn't you love to host one of my workshops in your home, workplace or community hall?

Several charitable campaigns are starting this season - ask me how my workshops and services can be adapted as an activity to help your fundraising efforts.

I am looking forward to meeting you, in Love and Light.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Fundraising for Autism - Sunday September 15, 2013
I am so happy to announce that I will help collect funds for #Autism at the opening of the Connecting Pieces Family Services Centre! I will do 20-minutes Intuitive and Tarot readings for $10, with 30% of proceeds going to Autism! I will also give away coupons for a complementary 1-hour Exploration Session. There will be so much good stuff going on in Embrun next Sunday; come have fun with us! I you want a personal reading, I suggest you book your spot in advance by sending me a private message: my sign-in sheet typically books quickly! Les rendez-vous sont aussi disponibles en français.

968 Notre Dame Street, Embrun, Ontario
8:30AM - 4PM (first appointment at 9AM)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Embrace Oneness...

Here's a powerful quote from Marianne Williamson and a photo I took while walking in a forest trail near White Rock, BC. Feel the energy of the old forest, and accept the wisdom of the earth as you connect with your higher self and the all-there-is... Breathe...

Monday, September 9, 2013

Asking for, and being open to receiving blessings

Reading: E-Squared by Pam Grout, Principle #1: The Dude Abides.

I am currently reading E-Squared and am committed to doing the suggested experiments. The first hypothesis is that there is a greater, all-loving force "out there" and that we can have conversations with this force of Love. Well, at least monologues on our part at first To test the hypothesis, the experimenter is to ask a blessing of this force, and ask that this blessing appears within 48 hours. This blessing would prove beyond doubt that this Force exists, hears us and works for our highest good.

Even prior to the experiment, I had no doubt at all that this force of Love does indeed exist. I feel it in my heart, in my entire being. And yet, it was good to receive several blessings these past 48 hours. My gifts were free tickets to see an amazing exhibition at Les Jardins Botaniques in Montréal, and I was also delighted to see the number of fans on my Facebook page grow to 101 - such an angelic number! According to Doreen Virtue, in her book "Angel Numbers 101", the number 101 means "As you let go and let God, your thoughts automatically become more positive, and this elevated vibration attracts all good things into your life." The number 101 also reminds me of the "101 Dalmatians" and the "dog communication chain" that author Pam Grout references in chapter 1 of E-Squared.

And then, there was quite the synchronicity this morning... As this is Grandparents' day, we decided to attend church with my parents this morning. Those of you who know me are aware that I have a big decision pending: returning to work for corporate world, or officially cut the ties and truly work on manifesting an even bigger version of my dream. The First Reading was about the need to cut all ties preventing you to follow Spirit, and the homily went into more details about following Spirit (I'm paraphrasing here, but you get the gist...). My mother thought the homily had been written for me...

So are these blessings enough from the fount of all Love, providing me the true guidance I so deeply desire? Do I need more proof that I am divinely guided, and that, if I follow my heart and the nudgings of my spirit, I will be okay??

Are you reading E-Squared? Please share your experience in the comments field below.

Many blessings of Love and Light to all!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Spiritual Energy Reading, September 2013: Affirm your highest dream, and shoot for the stars!

It is my pleasure to share with you this oracle card reading! The question I asked, on our collective behalf, is for Spirit to clarify the general energy in which we are called to evolve this month, and to guide us on our next step to our Highest Good. The general feelings of change and transformation, as noted last month, are still present. I am pleased to notice that for many of us the fear associated with the need for change has somewhat abated and we are now ready to face that illusion of F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) with a plan of action. Time to suit up, Lightworkers, and follow divine inspiration to our goals and sacred missions!

The most prevalent energy animating our hearts this month is the need to Stand Our Ground (7 Wands/Spirit). Be assured we are being tested and challenged; have faith that this is for our higher good. Our metal is being tested so that we can find within ourselves the inner strength, courage, wisdom and divinity to follow our path.  No matter how hard or overwhelming tasks and decisions may appear this month, we must remember that Love conquers all fear. Now is not the time to surrender or to give up control to others (other than Spirit!). Now is not the time to play small and unimportant. Rather, now is the time to stand up for what we value; it is time to infuse our core belief system with Love and Joy. It is time to look within to find that our heart is a divine compass faithfully guiding us to our highest destiny. With faith and courage, we will bring more Light to our life and to the World. (I am reminded here, with loud singing in my head, of a children’s series, Bob the Builder with his cheerful team affirming for each task, “Can we do it?” and all to cheer in a loud voice, “YES WE CAN!” Why not use Bob the Builder as our mascot and totem for this month?  Spirit world is certainly having fun with it! LOL)

Our next step in our journey is to heed divine guidance. Trust and follow your intuition. Listen to that gut feeling. Pay attention to recurring messages and dreams. Follow that longing and tugging in your heart, and know that these physical feelings are divine messages speaking to you of Spirit’s plan for you. Act upon that which uplifts your mood and your vibration.

Our helper this month (other than Bob the Builder!), is the Arrow Master. Call upon his energy to help you clarify your goals and objectives. Are you still shooting in the right direction? Are you still following worthy goals and aspirations that serve the highest good, or have you slipped into self-serving goals based on fear and self-pity? The Arrow Master will help you shoot for the stars and will help steady your arrow so that it reaches its divine objective! Deliberately focus your intentions on manifesting your dreams, and align your intentions with Spirit, then release them – and your attachment to them – allowing Spirit to guide them to the right target. Invite in the archetypal Robin Hood into your life and take delight in your ideas finding their mark and in your goals being met with such mastery (I was a teenager in the 90’s and Prince of Thieves was very dreamy to me... I had the poster in my locker for 2 years!). Shoot your arrows with faith and confidence, trusting in Spirit that your best intentions and highest dreams will find their mark. Know that everything Spirit does for you is done with Love and for your highest good and the highest good of all.

Spiritual Assignments This Month

  • Stay strong in body-mind-spirit. Maintain your health 
  • Take daily baths with up to 2 cups of sea or Himalayan salt and a few drops of essential oil: lavender to purify, release and relax, or citrus to purify and energize. If you prefer to shower, use a salt scrub. Throughout the day, use a pump bottle to spritz infused water around your energy body and to clear your workspace (mix 5 drops essential oil and 1 tsp sea salt to 1 cup distilled water, blessed with your positive intention and affirmations.) 
  • Celebrate the changing seasons; relate the seasonal change to the ebb and flow in your life
  • Enjoy – with moderation – the bounty of fruits, vegetables and pies of the season! 
  • Take time to exercise and stretch your body. A flexible mind rests at ease in a flexible body. 
  • Examine your core values and beliefs; are you living in congruence with them? What can you shift in your life to live more aligned with your heart and the highest common good? 
  • Find training that will enable you to develop your intuition and your ability to perceive divine messages. (I would be happy to bring my Lightworker Development Training to a place near you – ask me how!) 
  • Examine your goals and objectives, then release them unto Spirit. Trust that your highest good will manifest, that your dreams will find their mark. 
  • Pray that the Divine Plan can embody on Earth; know that you are integral part of that Plan. Ask how you may serve in this moment to bring more Love and Light to your life, to the life of those around you, to your community and to our beautiful planet. 

Share your experience of this month's energy below.  What are you doing to lovingly stand your ground this month?  How do you stay centered in Spirit?  How do you listen to divine guidance?  How do you ensure your objectives are aligned with Spirit's plan for you? 

Many joyful blessings on your journey!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Spiritual Guidance for August: Breathe, Relax, Repeat.

It is my pleasure to share with you this oracle card reading! The question I asked, on our collective behalf, is for Spirit to communicate the next step we can take individually and as a group to raise our vibration while serving the Highest Good. Like many other Lightworkers out there, I am feeling the urge for change and the inner battle between the status quo and the unknown outcome of personal and spiritual growth. Fear is showing its tentacles and tries to seduce back from awareness. Several clients have raised the same issue this past month. As a collective, we are called to change and evolve and yet we’re afraid. Being aware of this fear and its roots, I ask for Spirit to guide us so that we may keep up the faith and our courage for a continued "Awakening-with-the-big-A"…

Decks used: John Holland “The Psychic Tarot”; Sonia Choquette “The Answer Is Simple”; Colette Baron-Reid “Wisdom of the Hidden Realms”

Two cards came out of the deck to represent us this month, as we deal with the energy of change and with the fears that are coming up to the surface: the 8 Wands (reversed) and the 5 Swords (reversed). Many of us, in our awakening process, have made wishes upon the stars; we have worked diligently on vision boards; we have partnered with Spirit so that we can serve the Highest Good since, bottom line, that is the biggest wish we hold in our heart. Now, these wishes and visions are coming true! We are faced with the physical manifestation of what once was only a thought or a wish. We realize now that a thought or a wish is not as frightening as its actual manifestation... As Lightworkers, we are often just as scared of success than we are of defeat. In past lives, we might have developed our spiritual qualities but were seduced by the dark side, or were forced to serve someone else’s ego instead of the greater good. We know of the karmic consequences of these alignments and we want to remain centred on Light and Spirit this time around. On the one side, we are elated that our dreams are coming true, yet this same elation makes us want to slam on the brakes. After all, what would this all mean if we have tangible proof that we are co-creators, that Spirit listens to us, that we do have the power to create the life of our dreams? Are we ready for this responsibility? Are we ready to receive all this goodness coming our way? Would it be too much for our lower self to handle? We are reminded that how we handle ourselves at this time is vital to our overall well-being. We are reminded to surrender to higher powers and to trust the flow of life. We are being tested on how well we can take our next step, and we must remember that life brings us many opportunities where we can choose to learn and grow.

Our next best action is clear: to be patient! Something powerful is in the works. We must find ways to cope with the anxiety bubbling up, and learn to relax and rest in the knowledge that only good can come from a transformation that is divinely inspired. The Universe will support our divine spirit in all of its sacred aims. The big change we are fearing will not come with a big BOOM like thunder in the sky; rather, it will be gentle and calm. It will blossom in its own time and will be as gentle as the petals of a flower opening up in the morning dew.

The Shadow Queen is our Ally as we learn to be patient with ourselves, as we notice that we are all but students of life and that we may not be as masterful in all areas as we’d like to think. She too advises to slow down the pace: details beyond our comprehension are preventing us to move at this time. Her lantern will shed light on inner and outer circumstances. As we wait for more to be revealed, she advises that we educate ourselves about our intention. We have to dig deep within ourselves to find courage. We are asked to put ego aside as we ask experts for help and advice. There is shadow and darkness looming – but we can learn from this. Keep your inner light shining during this time of transformation!

The likely outcome of this transformation, if we heed the advice of our guides and tend to our inner light, is the healing of past heartbreaks and emotional pains, as indicated by the 3 Swords reversed. We may finally understand that our feeling of separation from Source is only a perception, an illusion. We may finally understand what it means to truly love ourselves and to practice self-care. We will learn from past painful experiences and from life’s challenges, and we will become stronger as we move on. We will get through this transformation phase stronger, more wholesome, lighter and more joyful than ever before. We will realize that we have all the tools we require to guide and direct our life. Our increased Awareness will boost our psychic abilities as we partner even more closely with Spirit. We will more readily accept divine Magic and Miracles in our life, and our faith in the greater good and in the goodwill of humanity will be renewed.

Wow – that’s a tall order we have before us my friends. I feel better already have written these lines, inspired by Spirit through my Oracle cards. I hope that you, too, can feel a sense of ease. We will get through these trying times, and the more we relax into the flow the easier it will be.

Here is what I do to help me stay centred:

  • I practice the “Breath of Life” exercise as taught by Sonia Choquette. Taking 15 minutes everyday to energize my body, set a happy intention and connect with Source is crucial. 
  • I regularly stretch using yoga poses and breath work. 
  • I read books and resources that support my inner peace and help me grow personally and spiritually 
  • I tend not to watch the news as I know the way the news are handled feed the fear factor 
  • I participate in online groups that send Love and Healing to various parts of the planet and its inhabitants of all forms. 
To support one another, share your tips and techniques to create your inner sanctum. How do you create peace within yourself to weather storms and shadows? How can I help you if you are struggling with fear? Can I teach you any of my techniques and support you energetically through Reiki and spiritual coaching?

Share your action below to place it in the energy grid.