Friday, November 18, 2011

When Miss Piggy stops by for a visit...

Have you seen the movie "Contact"?  In it, it is theorized that beings from other dimensions (or aliens) can take the form that is the most suitable for us to be receptive to their message.  In the movie, the being takes on the form of the main character's father so that she can overcome her fear and listen to the guidance provided. (And if I remember well, he does state that he is not her father but just took on this image, so he's not trying to mislead her).

It is similar in Reiki sessions, or any energy work session where our Crown Chakra and all our senses are open to receive messages from our guides: they take on a form that we can relate to so that we can understand the message on a more personal level.  In this context, it is possible for spirit guides to appear as cartoon characters, animated objects and natural elements which don't normally talk to us in human words.  

And so it was, during my last Reiki session.  Miss Piggy made a house call.  She announced that she is my mentor for this next leg of my journey and proceeded to clear my chakras, Miss Piggy style - full high heels, hair and makeup, and moving things around very decisively.  There's no messing around with her.  She knows what she wants, knows what is needed, and goes for it.  Nothing and no one dare stand in her way.

Well, I was never a big Muppets fan although I appreciate the occasional movie.  But I can certainly relate to the strength of character I need work on.  And I have to admit I am really excited about releasing my inner diva which I have been keeping in check for many years.

Like I often say, borrowing from Forrest Gump, "Reiki is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get."  :)

I never thought that opening up to my true self and doing all this Reiki work would lead me to a new business adventure selling 100% vegetal-based, chemical-free, cruelty-free skin care, body care and makeup products...  But I sure am loving it!  I feel alive again, rejuvenated, creative, empowered...  I thought that my spiritual development and all the hard work would lead me to a more austere, spiritual leader kind of life (no fun, but enlightened).  It appears that my lesson is that having fun and living one's passion is part and parcel of being enlightened.  Being spiritual does not mean poo-pooing glamour.  Helping the world and the people of this world feel better about themselves can include life's comforts.  When I shine with my passion, I help raise other people's vibrations much quicker and more effectively than any lecture I could give.

An other lesson to learn is that it's OK to be directive and to work towards concrete goals.   When I know what I want and work to meet that goal, I pave the way for others to follow.  Being directive is also about respecting our own needs, our own path.  It's about taking full responsibility for what happens to us in this life.  It does not exclude compassion and care for others - but if I don't care enough about "moi" as Miss Piggy would say, then how strong will I be to take care of others?

Thanks for the high-heeled kick in the butt, Miss Piggy.

Today, I wore heels, full makeup and got a glam haircut.  And I feel darn good about it too.  :D

Today, I respect myself and I allow myself to shine.  
Today, I take care of myself - body, mind and spirit. 
Today, I see life as an adventure. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Daily Reflection: Crown Chakra (Reiki work)

Being aware of my Crown Chakra, ensuring it is clear from ego-based thinking, and opening up to divine guidance is crucial in my Reiki sessions.

During Reiki sessions, I first connect myself to Universal Love Source through my Crown Chakra, and I ensure I remain connected to Earth by sending an energy cord through my Root Chakra to Gaia. Then I proceed to connect to my client's energy field and connect him/her to Source. 

In addition to the flow of healing energy beaming through my hands, many messages enter my energy field - and my client's - through the Crown. These messages can guide actions, shed light on choices to aid decision-making, clear outdated thinking patterns, and increase self-love and forgiveness to make space for healing.

If you would like to know what messages your guides have for you and have not (yet) attuned your senses to acknowledge the messages, consider booking a Reiki session with me. The session can be in my home, in yours or at a distance. Remember that in the Spirit world, there is no such thing as linear time and space, therefore when I work with energy the space between our physical selves is inconsequential. Distance Reiki works just as well as hands-on Reiki.

Sending you much love.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Daily Reflection: Crown Chakra (Charoite and Sugulite/Luvulite)

Charoite and Sugulite/luvulite are recently discovered crystals from deep within the earth. They range in colour from pale to deep violet.

Transformational stones, they are calming to the Crown Chakra. They are said to convert negative energies and psychic attacks manifesting as nightmares.

As these crystals are beneficial in reorganizing brain patterns, they calm disturbances resulting from autism, deep emotional problems, epilepsy and learning difficulties. They also help clear headaches and encourage deep sleep.

(Source: Patricia Mercier, The Chakra Bible)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Daily Reflection: Crown Chakra (D. Eden's Crown Pull Exercise)

Donna Eden's Crown Pull exercise is almost as good as getting a scalp massage at the hair stylist... Inhale deeply, exhale completely and relax.

A note on the benefits of this exercise, as found on page 58 of Donna Eden's "Energy Medicine for Women" book: 
"A great deal of energy is processed in your brain and skull, but it can become stagnant if it doesn't release and move out through the energy center at the top of your head (called the crown chakra in yoga tradition). The Crown Pull physically opens this chakra so energy can move through it. It clears the cobwebs from your mind and brings a calm to your nervous system, releasing mental congestion, refreshing your mind, and opening you to higher inspiration."
Enhance this exercise with your intention.  Affirm:  "I release mental congestion.  I release the cobwebs of my mind.  I am open to higher inspiration."

Enjoy! :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Daily Reflection: Crown Chakra

Allow intuition to enter through your Crown Chakra, through your mind and into your heart. Allow infinite possibilities to unfold. Life CAN be magical! :)
"Cease trying to work everything out with your minds. It will get you nowhere. Live by intuition and inspiration and let your whole life be Revelation." ~Eileen Caddy

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Daily Reflection: Crown Chakra (Seraphinite)

Seraphinite is a gorgeous dark green, veiny crystal. It clears away thought forms that have become stuck in the mental body and has a grounding effect.  It also assists with harmonizing the desires of your heart with those of your soul.

According to Hazel Raven, author of "The Angel Experience", Seraphinite is beneficial in establishing angelic connections, particularly with the Archangel Seraphiel.

I have a beautiful tear-drop Seraphinite mounted in a silver ring.  It is wonderful to wear.  I like to think it chose me - I was looking for something else at the metaphysical store, and this ring kept wanting my attention.  I asked to see it closer, and held it in the palm of my hand (I always hold crystals in my palm to see if they would "work" with me before bringing them home).  It did not want to go back to the display case and so I brought it home!  I find it has a peaceful yet strong energy.  It helps me connect with Universal Love and Peace.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Daily Reflection - Connecting to and sending world peace

Lest we forget...  Take time today to reflect on world peace.

Place a hand on your heart and smile...  Connect with universal Love and universal Peace.  Breathe in in through your Crown Chakra and feel it settling in your heart.  Breathe in...  Breathe out...

As you breathe out, think of breathing out peace and harmony from your heart.  With each breath in, you are pulling more love from the universe to your heart, and with each breath out you are creating a ripple effect of loving vibrations to the hearts of those around you, in your home, your community, your town, your county, your country, and to every corner of the world.  Continue with this visualization for at least one minute.

The world needs peace and harmony.  You can help be a builder of peace through your loving thoughts and peaceful actions.

Today, I will dedicate one hour of Reiki meditation in gratitude for the peace and harmony we have, for the peace builders of our world, and for the continued growth of peace and harmony on this planet.  If you want to join me in this prayer, you simply have to ask your higher self to connect to this intention.

A few years ago Ste-Thérèse de Lisieux asked me to light a rose-scented candle for world peace - I extend this invitation to you to uplift your intention and enhance your meditation time.

May peace be with you.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Crown Chakra: Daily Reflection (Aromatherapy)

Aromatherapy enhances the connection of your soul-self with your physical-self. It helps align your personal will with divine will.  Aromatherapy can provide you with an instant feeling of peace - after all, it is the physical sense located the closest to the brain and can quickly alter brain chemistry.

For the Crown Chakra, I enjoy working with incense, mostly sage for clearing, and frankincense for deep spiritual connection.  Incense has been used in spiritual rituals in all major (and minor) religions around the world for thousands of years.  It is believed that the smoke produced from the burning of incense helps rise our prayers to the divine realm.

I also enjoy working with Rosewood essential oil.  Rosewood helps ground the Root chakra while gently opening the Crown.  I use this oil either in an aroma lamp, in my bath, or directly on my skin.  Rosewood helps the regeneration of cells, therefore it is great to reduce wrinkles and heal skin abrasions and scar tissue.  As much as possible, ensure that your Rosewood oil comes from a sustainable forest, as this species is endangered.

An other way to enjoy aromatherapy, especially while travelling, is to make what I call a little "sniff jar" that I carry in my purse.  It's a small 1 oz jar that seals tightly.  I place a tissue in it, then a few drops of essential oils on the tissue.  When I need an extra boost or a reminder of the intention I am working on, I open my jar and breathe in the aroma.  (And of course I do this in private! LOL!)   ;)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Daily Reflection: Crown Chakra (yoga poses)

Rejuvenate your brain; rejuvenate your body.  The yoga poses for the Crown Chakra are mostly inverted poses like the headstand and Crane.  As these are advanced poses -- and most of us have not done a headstand since childhood! -- look for the beginner variation of these poses, or drape yourself over a balance ball.

My High School math teacher once told the class that he used to study with his feet on the bed and his body on a plank placed at an angle to the bed...  (and he was a math whiz).  The important thing is to support your body, and gently increase the blood flow to your brain.

Be gentle with yourself, especially if you have high or low blood pressure, a heart condition or any other ailments for which an elevated lower body is contraindicated.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Crown Chakra: Daily Reflection (Celestite Crystal)

A great crystal to work with when activating our Crown Chakra is Celestite.  As its name suggests, it is a celestial blue.  Its healing blue colour helps us connect to the universe out there, and since this crystal come from the Earth, it also helps us connect to the universe within.  Its gentle energy reminds us that we are co-creators of our reality, combining divine will and personal will.

What reality do you want to co-create today?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Crown Chakra: Daily Reflection (Headaches & Migraines)

Imbalances related to the Crown Chakra typically pertain to thinking; communication between our physical, emotional and spiritual selves; withdrawal of energy; and obsessive fear from the past or future.   Therefore someone who suppresses thoughts or feelings, or who has obsessive thoughts may develop severe and recurrent headaches.  A person whose inner communication is imbalanced may develop epilepsy.  A person who has obsessive fearful thoughts about the past or the future may develop Parkinson's disease or paralysis.

When there are too many thoughts and ideas boiling in your head and your Crown is not balanced and properly open, it's like having a pressure cooker on top of your head - without the pressure valve.  The pressure will build, and expand and will have nowhere to go.  You may develop headaches and migraines at best; panic attacks and short-term paralysis at worse.

Note your thinking patterns and how your thoughts influence other systems in your body.  Note if a particular symptom appears when you think of something scary, traumatic or stressful to you.  Note how your breathing changes.  Note the frequency of these thoughts - are you obsessed by them?

When you feel headaches or other symptoms appearing, stop what you're doing/thinking.  Close your eyes and visualize your Root Chakra linked to the core of the Earth.  Pick your favourite star and throw a  long silvery rope from the top of your head to it.  Breathe.  Slowing down your breathing, and breathing from your belly, will slow down your thoughts and your symptoms may just as quickly go away.

Devote at least five minutes a day to this Earth core / Stars linking and breathing exercise.  You can do this exercise anywhere - on the bus during your commute, during lunch break, waiting for a meeting, in line at the grocery store...  No one will guess what you are doing, and you will do yourself a world of good.  And if you feel better, the world around you will feel better too.

Of course, always consult appropriate medical professionals for any severe physical and psychological symptom.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Crown Chakra: Daily Reflection (Prayer)

A beautiful Louise Hay prayer this morning, shared in the Hay House Wisdom Community.  It connects the outer Universe with our Inner Universe.  Enjoy!
I am in charge of my own being. I guard my inner world for it is there that I create. I do whatever I need to do to keep my inner world peaceful. My inner peace is essential for my health and well being. 
I go within and find that space where all is quiet and serene. I may see it as a peaceful, deep quiet pool surrounded by green grass and tall, silent trees. I may feel it as white, billowy clouds upon which to lay and be caressed. I may hear it as flowing, delightful music soothing my senses. However I choose to experience my inner space, I find peace. 
At this center of peace, I am. I am the pureness and stillness of the center of my creative process. In peace I create. In peace, I love and move and experience life. Because I keep myself centered in inner peace, I have peace in my outer world. 
Though others may have discord and chaos, it touches me not for I declare peace for myself. Though there may be madness all around me, I am calm and peaceful. The Universe is one of great order and peacefulness, and I reflect this in my every moment of life. The stars and the planets do not need to be worried or fearful in order to maintain their heavenly orbits. Nor does chaotic thinking contribute to my peaceful existence in life. I choose to express peacefulness, for I am peace. And so it is.
Let’s affirm: When I find peace within, I create a peaceful world around me.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Crown Chakra: Daily Reflection (Endocrine Glands)

Did you know that all 7 major Chakras are related to a specific endocrine gland?  The Crown Chakra is linked to the pineal and pituitary glands located in the brain.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Crown Chakra: Daily Reflection

While the mental action of the Crown Chakra is Universal consciousness, its physical action is meditation, its spiritual action is unity through transcendental consciousness, its emotional action is beingness and its inner aspect is the release of karma. (Source: Patricia Mercier, The Chakra Bible)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Crown Chakra: Daily Reflection

Depending on the tradition, the colour of the Crown Chakra can be violet (the 7th colour of the rainbow), pure white, gold, silver or all of the shimmering colours of the rainbow at once, as the Light of infinite Consciousness enters your system. Visualize your thousand-petalled lotus - which colour(s) is it for you?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Crown Chakra daily reflection

Today, take a few deep breaths.  Release tension - from your body, from your mind, from your emotions.  Bring to mind the image of the Crown Chakra:  the thousand-petalled lotus flower, shimmering in bright light.  Feel this lotus on the top of your head, and know it is connected to pure consciousness.  YOU are connected to pure consciousness through your Crown Chakra.  Continue to inhale, consider this connection, and as you exhale say the word "Peace".

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Root Chakra - daily reflections

The following daily reflections were published in October on the "Way to the Well" Facebook page.

October... cool days, cold rain, harvest, taking out the fleece from storage bins... Wonderful! Time to turn inward and think of our Harvest; our ancestral, cultural and spiritual roots; and how our metaphysical roots help nourish and support our whole person, especially in darker days. That will be our theme this month.

It's a cool rainy beautiful October day that makes me feel like cooking. The root chakra deals with safety and security issues, so the comfort foods we turn to as the weather cools down is a great way to start our "Roots" forum. Share your favourite root vegetable or comfort food recipe using the comment field. :)

Did you know? One of the main functions of the Root Chakra, or Muladhara, is to "ground" us, or "root" us to Earth. Like trees, we pull up Earth energy through our feet and legs which act as our "roots". These roots also help us release spent energy back to Earth where it is cleansed and recycled.

The traditional colour of the Root chakra is red. When you feel ungrounded or dizzy with your heads in the clouds, think of bringing in the colour red up from the Earth through your legs and through your body. Also send roots down from your legs and feet to the Earth. If you are often ungrounded, wear something red - clothing, jewelry, a crystal - to remind you to re-connect to Earth.

According to Gestalt therapy - practiced by trained psychologists - pains and unease in the legs are a physical manifestation of childhood issues and traumas. In Holographic Reiki, legs also store tribal, family and "roots" issues: physical, spiritual, cultural, intellectual - what made you who you are today in your belief and behavioural systems. So when you have pain in your legs, send love and forgiveness to events in your childhood, to your teachers, to your family tree.

Happy Thanksgiving Day! What better than a traditional family celebration to celebrate our roots - however big, small, reconstituted, chosen from friends, near or far away our family is; and however elaborate, commercialized, simple, or linked to harvest our tradition is.

Needing a boost to feel more grounded? Explore scents and essential oils. These are typically "earthy" scents that evoke in your mind your connection with earth and nature. Since "Summer rain on hot pavement" or "Falling leaves under the Ash tree" have not been bottled (lol), try the traditional Cedarwood, Patchouli or Myrrh.

The Root Chakra is about initiating new beginnings, life-force energy, connection to Earth and the material world and stability. According to yoga teachings, Root has an overall influence in your life between the ages of 0-7 and 50-56.

The sanskrit term for the Root Chakra, Muladhara, means "the support of the root", "the keeper of the beginning" or the "bearer of the foundation".

Affirmations to help balance negative manifestations linked to the Root chakra: I am safe and secure. All my basic needs are met. I rejoice in the power of life. I feel rejuvenated when I walk outdoors/in Nature.

One way to take care of your Root Chakra is to take care of your body. Take some time today for a relaxing bath. Slough off dead skin. Moisturize. Give yourself/book a pedicure!! :)

Honour your roots, honour your past, honour your predecessors. Here's a good Louise Hay quote to use as affirmation: "I bless the past with love, take a deep breath, and move gently into the new."

The Root Chakra is also about your core belief system. Do you feel threatened, overwhelmed or disempowered by others's beliefs, social or institutional norms? Do you strongly impose your views on others? Do you live and let live? Look within to see what greater balance can be achieved. Change what you can. Let go of what no longer serves you.

“The body at peace is stronger than the body at war. When you can free yourself of the random, uncontrollable stress that is always present, your body will start to be at peace.” Deepak Chopra

As the foundation of your sense of safety and security, your Root Charka is linked to your sense of confidence in who you are, and whom you trust.

Since the Root Chakra has an overall influence in your life between the ages of 0-7, these are formative years for your sense of self, of safety and of security. This is when you learn to trust the world around you. Do you see the world as a frightening place where people conspire against you, or do you generally trust life? What happened in your childhood to give you this sense? Where can you bring more balance? How are you contributing to the foundation of safety, security and trust in the children surrounding you?

Did you know the Root Chakra is associated with physical bliss and enjoyment of life? Well balanced, the Root Chakra will help manifest a joyful life and help raise your spirit. Kundalini energy will be activated and reach upward to your Crown. An overactive Root Chakra may manifest as anger, anxiety, fear, and/or an addiction to physical intercourse. While sexual activity is good for the body, being addicted to it prevents sustained soul growth. Kundalini energy will not reach upward if overactive in the lower chakra.

Consider the core issues of the Root Chakra (safety, security, connection to the Earth and physical world) in the context of well-being and physical appearance. Some people turn to food, sex, excessive physical exercise or bodily harm to give them a moment of feeling safe and in control of their bodies and emotions. Some people stop eating to prove to their minds that they are in control of at least their bodies. Some people develop constipation for retaining the fear in their bodies or explode in anger or may develop diarrhea for overly expressing the issues stored in this Chakra. Some people try all the diets around and can not loose weight, and develop cellulitis - they may still be holding on to past hurts. Now, balancing a chakra is not a magic pill that will make these symptoms disappear, but by exploring possible core issues, it will enhance the required inner work and healing each individual must do for him/herself.

Time for some stretching! The yoga poses that support a balanced Root chakra are Warrior 1, Triangle, and Eagle poses. Center and ground yourself with Mountain pose before and after your practice. Namaste! :)

Inhale, exhale. Fill your lungs completely, hold, then empty your lungs completely. Ah, what a beautiful Saturday. :) Enhance your breathing experience - and you exploration of the Root Chakra - with a few essential oils: cedar and pine are great cleansing scents. I mix a few drops in a pump bottle, add sea salt and spritz the air. They not only clean energy and help me breathe more deeply (because I really like the scent!) - these oils are also reputed to clear the air of cold and flu-causing viruses.

As most crystals come from deep in the Earth - except those who have arrived with a meteorite! - meditating with crystals can enhance our connection to Earth and balance our Root Chakra. Carnelian has a soft energy, while emerald is stronger. Garnet is very gentle and is good for children, and your Inner Child. Children love collecting rocks and crystals (and so did my Inner Child while in Brazil!); explore garnet's energy with your child, especially if your child has difficulty connecting to this plane - e.g. in the case of ADD or autism. Remember that, when working with crystals, you don't need a jewelry grade crystal. Uncut, unpolished crystals can work just as well. Your intention is what is most important.

All Hallow's Eve - the night when the veil between this world and other dimensions is very thin... Many cultures all over the world used to celebrate this night (or an other night typically in this season) to honour their ancestors. In keeping with the Root Chakra theme, say a small prayer to your forebears as you light up that lantern in your pumpkin tonight. After all, it was for them we used to leave treats so that they wouldn't trick us... ;)

Once the trick-or-treaters have looted all my treats, I will dedicate one hour of Reiki meditation/prayer in gratitude to all our cultural, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical roots, and for the clearing of our Root Chakra for the highest intention and good of all. If you want to join in this healing intention, take a few deep breaths and set your receptive mode "on".

Who knows what healing message awaits you from the other side of the veil...

Somehow, when we look deep enough at our core, we realize that our root systems are all beautifully networked. Love, peace, and kindness to all. Sending beautiful healing blue light from the centre of Gaia to nourish your roots.

Heart Chakra - daily reflections

The following daily reflections were originally posted on my Facebook "Way to the Well" community in the month of September.


Following August's energies of upheaval, September is a month for the "attitude of gratitude". Deep transformation is in the air (and in the stars); you can choose to go with the flow and be transformed, or resist and stay put. Both are OK. You have free will to choose. Either way, it's a good idea to ground ourselves and open our heart centres. I'll be posting affirmations and exercises to help us in this challenge this month.

Today's heart health tip: say "Thank You" a minimum of 5 times -- not 5 times in a row to the same person, though ;)


Today's heart health quote: "The heaviest thing you can carry is a grudge."
Today's exercise: practice opening your hands and stretching your fingers one at a time - both hands! - and visualize letting go of your grudge(s). Feel your heart/hands become lighter as the grudge's grip subsides. 


Today's affirmation: "I release this grudge (name it). I fill my heart with forgiveness and divine Love."


Today's heart health exercise - feel gratitude for all your invisible helpers, and I'm not talking of just angels and guides, but also the store shelf stocker, the waterworks crew, the janitor, the stockroom clerk, the smiling stranger, the radio host... and all those whose silent and behind the scenes work help make you safe, secure and free your mind and spirit from undue worry. Add to the list of helpers below! Gratitude to all :)


Here's a good affirmation for this month's theme -- and Virgo lunation:
"I serve the highest good through Love. I filter information without judgement. I find perfection in the moment."


‎"The little space within the heart is as great as the vast universe. The heavens and the earth are there, and the sun and the moon and the stars. Fire and lightening and winds are there, and all that now is and all that is not." --The Upanishads


Today's heart health tip: sing a little song, dance a little dance, have fun tonight!


Today's heart health tip: extend gratitude to the Animal Kingdom, and the wonderful service each animal does for the planet, the ecosystems, and our personal enjoyment. Fill your heart with the beauty of their songs, colours, texture. If you eat meat, remember to thank the animal for its life, which helps sustain yours.


Today's heart health tip: we've gone through some tough metaphysical motions lately. Still feeling the neck pains and body aches? Take time to stretch. Yoga poses for the heart chakra: eagle, cobra, fish, forward knee bend. Think of stretching your arms back and opening up your chest, giving your heart some space to breathe. Look up poses in the Yoga Journal.


“World peace must develop from inner peace. Peace is not just mere absence of violence. Peace is, I think, the manifestation of human compassion.” ― Dalai Lama XIV


What did you do this weekend to make your heart happy? I took care of people I love, cooked delicious food, dug out potatoes from my garden, trimmed flower beds, provided a home to 2 neighbourhood stray cats, and mixed about 15 kilos of bath salts. *big smile*


Today's heart-health tip: take in some of this Fall sunshine and store it in your heart for the winter season... Creating my happy place which I will visit in the long winter nights: sunshine, blue sky, cool breeze, bird song, smell of earth, and gratitude for a wonderful harvest in my little garden. :)


On this last day of September (and a gorgeous one it is!), and the last day of our focus on the heart chakra, explore some of the crystals to help energize, balance or calm the energy in your heart centre.

To energize: try peridot - cleansing negative emotions such as jealousy, hatred, envy, anger: emotions that hold you back from truly loving.
To balance: watermelon tourmaline is beautiful. It has both the green of the heart chakra and the pink of the thymus chakra; the green of healing life-force energy and the soothing pink of harmony. Rose quartz is very gentle and caring and helps attain a deeper connection with your Inner Child (I purchased a huge chunk of rose quartz while in Brazil and it has been very helpful!)
To calm: the vibration of pink topaz corresponds to our heart and that of Mother Earth, helping us attain inner peace.

Catching up...

Phew - well I haven't been very disciplined lately when it comes to writing longer texts.  I have, however, designed four workshops and have been posting daily reflections on Facebook.

Because I feel that I am neglecting my blog, I have decided to post my daily reflections here instead.  It won't stop me from writing and posting longer pieces when the Muse visits me once more and will give me the satisfaction of posting something here.  :c)

In September, my Facebook community explored the Heart Chakra, and in October the Root Chakra.  Starting today, we are exploring the Crown Chakra.  I will post the collection of daily reflections on this site soon.