Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Spiritual Oracle Card Reading, May 2014

If you recall last month's Oracle Card Reading, there was a promise of transformation if we did our work of simplifying our needs and activities, and focused on what brings us peace and joy.  How was your transformation journey?  Were you able to quiet your mind to feel what was necessary, and therefore focus necessary energy to that which will grow your Light?

I had so much on my to-do list, including 3 wellness shows, one speaking event, the start of a new Chakradance cycle...  I confess I did not take much time off to be quiet and reflect. The Universe tried to help by frying the video card of my computer, which has been in the repair shop for the past 2 weeks.  I've had to slow down on the technological front, if nothing else!  There's only so much I can do on the iPad...  but I still pushed forward.  Now, it's my brain's turn to feel fried, and there's no repair shop for that! (some may argue to the contrary, but that will be an other debate, lol!)

And so, in the spirit of keeping it simple, this month's Spiritual Reading is back to the basic written format.  Maybe I'll be able to produce a video again next month?  We'll see what Spirit has in store for me then.

"Soul Coaching" Oracle cards by Denise Linn
In this first week of May, Spirit reminds us to focus on Gratitude.  We are asked to remember and give thanks for our blessings.  There is so much happening in the world at this time from wonky energy and astrological patterns to acts of violence and warmongering...  Any sensitive soul can easily feel sideswiped and depleted when faced with these heavy, negative energies.  Because we know that what we focus on, grows and manifests - it is our duty as Lightworkers to highlight all the good that is happening in our world.  Give thanks for daily, mundane blessings and acts of kindness.   Look for the good in leaders and politicians.  Celebrate the sunny days.  Sing, dance and enjoy life!  Remember that life is special, that it's a gift and a miracle.  When you live with that energy, you show others how to do the same - and that's a wonder-full service you do to this world!

Continue upholding that energy in the second week of May, and bring your attention on all the beauty of the Universe.  Shine from within.  Make space to love yourself more.  Celebrate life and its miracles by seeing through the eyes of true beauty.  See how Nature renews herself.  Find ways to beautify your home, your yard, a park, a shoreline.  Engage that inner "Nature Guardian of Gaia" and find ways to protect the sanctity of Nature and her cycles.  Do your gardens contain species of plants and vegetables native to the area?  Can you compost yard waste?  How about decorating a rain water collector, or picking up garbage in a public park or side street?  Remember also to renew yourself, and to spend time to honour your body: rest, go to the spa, soak in some sun, exercise outdoors, dress up for dinner...  When we pay loving attention to ourselves and the world around us, it is yet an other way to contribute loving vibes to the world.  We contribute radiance and harmony to our surroundings.  We also affirm that what we desire is a beautiful, loving, harmonious planet.  We affirm that we value life - all of life!

In the third week of May, we are once again asked to simplify.  This seems to be a recurring theme, and therefore a lesson for many of us.  Maybe I'll do better this month?  Again, we are asked to focus on what really matters and to release the rest.  When we focus on our truth and release the fluff, we are on our way to inner peace, grace and harmony.  Apply the KISS approach (Keep It Simple, Sister!).  A busy life can become quite cluttered, and outer clutter fosters inner clutter.  We lose our sense of self, and it becomes difficult to hear and understand the subtle voice of Spirit amidst the chaos.  When we clear clutter in our home, it helps clear clutter in our minds and emotions.  Simplicity brings a sense of serenity.

By the end of the month, and if we have applied the guidance suggested by Spirit, we will feel a sense of increased freedom.  Beautification and simplification are the required action to help our spirit soar!  It's now time to be wild, to laugh more, to explore, to go beyond our typical boundaries and predictable behaviours.  Run with the wind, dance in the rain.  Live life on your terms.  Remember that you have the ability to choose your life, your thoughts, your emotions, your reactions and responses to what life throws at you...  Decide on the meaning you want to give to your life's situations and experiences, and select meanings that empower you.  You are free to create and manifest your dreams, so dream big and go for it!  Now that you've cleared your home and thoughts of what doesn't support your dream, and now that you have beautified your space to reflect your inner beauty and aspirations, it's time to grab your dream by the fluffy rainbow mane and ride!!

Your turn to share:  how will you beautify your body, your space and your environment this month?  What action, activity, behaviour, or "stuff" are you willing to release to simplify your life and make room for your dream?  What will you do for fun and to let loose?  How could I support you in manifesting your dream?

By the end of the month, I will be living one of my dreams and will be touring Europe.  I will remember to pack simply and only bring the essentials.  I will give myself permission to spend some money on a pre-trip pedi-mani.  I know I will laugh and play as I meet new friends and experience the Mediterranean for the first time.  I am looking forward to sharing new insights with you!  My soul is already soaring in joy!

Shine on, Lightworker!  Sending you lots of Love.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Spiritual Spring Cleaning to Become a Clear Channel

There are vibrations in our energy fields that prevent us from being a clear channel of divine love and wisdom. Many times, we forget to look within for the cause of these blocks and we quickly blame others...

 The card I picked for today invites this reflection: are you refusing to ask for help in any areas of your life, although you feel confused? Are you avoiding what seems difficult although you know it will only worsen through your neglect? Are you absorbing the energies of others instead of directing your power to set and serve your own goals? Take an honest inventory of your thoughts, emotions, and habits. Find inner and outer help to support you as you "spring clean" those blocks.

 I have faith in you, and know you have the courage and discipline required for you to get clear, and to become the clear channel of Love you are meant to be.