Thursday, November 29, 2012

Event: Bring Forth The Light Within!

Invitation to celebrate the Winter Solstice and, in the darkest night of the year, to bring forth our inner Light and spread joy, love and hope to the world!  Many blessings to you all!

Monday, November 26, 2012

"Tarot-scope" offer for the new year

Blessings of Love & Light to you. :) I was just guided to offer you a "holiday special":

  • 12-month Tarotscope for $99 (reg. $150). 
  • 6-month Tarotscope for $50
  • 3-month Tarotscope for $30
Choose booklet form, or as monthly email. Purchase for yourself, or as a gift. A monthly reading helps you stay connected to Spirit and the energies guiding you, present in your auric field. It helps make sense of what's going on in your life, and of your life lessons, karma and soul path.  It helps shift your vibration to a more joyful and authentic expression of yourself. what is a Tarotscope? It is a document I lovingly create just for you, using 2-3 decks of Tarot and Oracle cards. Connecting with your energy field, your intention and your highest good, I pick 3 cards per month and interpret them for you.  As I prepare your Tarot-scope, I provide you with a summary and highlights of the year ahead, energy-wise. I also include exercises, affirmations, visualizations or other methods inspired by the cards to help you navigate the energies of the month and raise your vibration. I use mine on a monthly (almost daily!) basis to guide my meditation and intention work, and to help give me the big picture and/or the karma pertaining to what's going on in my life.

A Tarot-scope can be used as a guide to check in, on a monthly basis, with the energies at work in your field. The oracle cards chosen for you will provide you with insight as well as questions to consider as you seek to understand yourself and your purpose in the world. They may highlight patterns that need to be shifted, or influences that have brought you to where you are now or that will guide you in your next step.

Remember that Creator gave you freedom of choice: you decide, on a daily basis, how you want to work with the energies available to you. What is outlined in this reading may differ from how you choose to manifest your reality. You have the capacity, and the responsibility, to co-create your life in the best way possible to learn your own life lessons amidst the joys and challenges life brings. You are the driver of your life; Destiny and Fate can bring people and situations together, but the way you participate in life and react to people, situations, or opportunities is totally up to you.

Oracles cards are helpers showing you what lies just out of your line of physical sight. They help bridge the gap between the unseen and the material. They can illuminate your path as you travel along your own journey of life. Connect to Divine Consciousness, and allow them to guide you to make choices that are in line with your highest good.

The feedback from some of my clients is that, although beautiful and insightful, they often forget the document either in their inbox or their drawer and forget to use it as intended on a monthly basis. This is why I am now offering a monthly subscription, whereby I will send you your monthly Tarotscope by email near the 1st of every month so that you remember to integrate this tool in your journey. You have the choice of either the pdf/printed document, or the monthly email. Let me know what works best for you.

It is my joy to be of service to you, to help you manifest your greatest good.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Today's Intention: Align Actions With Heart Desire

Today, I know that the ball is in my court. I choose to commit to my priorities and I feel empowered. I choose the life I want to live, and my decisions reflect my core values.

Second-guessing my decisions, reflecting on past decisions and being wishy-washy will bring me nowhere near my heart's highest intentions. Today requires decisiveness. Today requires an examination of how I spend my time, and an elimination of what doesn't serve my goals. It is important to stay true to myself instead of serving everyone else's demands first. Although it can be difficult, it is important to resist the need for everyone's approval. Sticking to my priorities and core values, while remaining open to Love and intuition might not be popular, but will gain me respect, especially my own.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Accept to journey towards unconditional self-love

Today, remember what's loveable about you. Write these qualities down. Say them outloud to yourself as you look in the mirror. Remember to love yourself. From this place of self-love, start bringing down the walls around yourself; those that have been built by past hurts, conditioning and shame.

Life is saying it's time for a change - the rigid walls of self-protection must now come down. To move forward, we must learn to connect more intimately to others; being completely independent and fearing to ask others for help will no longer work.

Work on developing the self-esteem and the self-love. To do so, you must learn to feel and accept help from others. Forgive what has hurt you in the past and made you doubt your loveability. No matter how painful, the real injury to your soul was not that someone wronged you, but that you erroneously believed you didn't deserve to be loved - unconditionally.

Start by appreciating who you really are, a child of divine creation. Acknowledge what's loveable about you. Everyday, make a statement in the mirror about at least one thing you love about yourself. Celebrate your successes. Keep a gratitude journal. It's the beginning of a journey towards unconditional self-love.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's time to plan your big life changes

It's enough just thinking about it, wishing for it to happen, and waiting for the Universe to first tell you what your goal is and then manifest it for you... It's time for you to commit to new goals, and you feel it. But to bring about what you want in this physical world, you first need to create an organized plan.

First, name your new objectives. Then ask yourself if you truly have the passion, the skills and the opportunity to reach these objectives. How much time are you willing to devote? How will you develop the skills? How will you create the opportunities? What's the next thing you must do to move toward your dream? Success is about doing the next right thing, and a big plan for a big dream feels a whole lot less intimidating when you take one step at a time... but you must keep the big picture in mind.

Take responsibility for your desires by establishing a realistic plan of action to bring them about. Step away from pure emotion and use your logic and objectivity for your own good. Follow through on your plan by taking sequential steps every day.  Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of changing and by everything that must/should be in place for your goal to manifest, just keep your nose to the grind and take one small step forward.  Then the next.  Then the next.  You'll be surprised at how quickly you'll get to your goal by staying focused on the next right action.

What will your next step be?

I am planning a Goal planning & Follow-through program, which I will launch in January/February. This program will include a group session to get inspired and turn your dream into achievable goals. You will be producing a vision board and weekly actions. The program will also include monthly individual sessions where I will use my Intuitive Coaching skills to hold the energy, bless the process, and to keep you accountable for your own dream manifestation, to remove spiritual, mental and emotional blockages and to guide you gently and lovingly to the manifestation of your heart's desire. Contact me if you're interested in participating in this one-of-a-kind, life-changing program.

Allow yourself to manifest the best version of you.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Today, take time to relax and reconnect with yourself

Today, take time to relax and reconnect with your Spirit. Here's my cat Pompon as inspiration ;)

Do you feel that you are still tired after a full night's sleep, and remain tired no matter how long you rest. Do you find yourself saying, "I'm tired of this" about some areas of your life, and really mean it? Your exhaustion could be psychic, as in not being connected to your higher purpose. When you struggle with the world of drama, it taxes your brain and your body, which leaves you feeling worn out. If you keep this up, and if you repress your anger and frustration see the red flag: depression.

So today, take at least five minutes to step away from what drains you. Retreat into silence and meditate. Ask to be connected to your higher self and soul purpose. Pray for the courage to fully commit to your path, in incremental steps.

Taking time away from the drama will strengthen your resolve and your ability to recognize and neutralize your ego's drive to seduce you away from your divinity. The more quiet time you spend, the more energy you will regain. You will feel more grounded, calm and open to your instincts.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

What is your Higher Perspective?

Do you feel trapped and overwhelmed by problems for which there don't appear to be any solution? Do you feel you must submit to unpleasant circumstances beyond your control? Think again.

Your soul wants to remind you that despite appearances, creative solutions to any dilemma are always possible - but you must be willing to look high and low, and search deep within, to find them. Start viewing your present condition through the eyes of your Higher Self and ask to be detached from the drama of the ego. Activate and use your creative vision to guide you out of present challenges and onto more stable ground.

Begin by removing all emotionally charged fear-based perspectives. Name your obstacle accurately - when you name it, you claim it and the fear no longer has control over you. Then, creatively imagine as many solutions as possible and write them down so you can see them on paper. If the solution has no words, draw a picture. Finally, release your hold on the current unpleasant situation and trust that, aligned with your Highest Good, the universe will work its magic on your behalf. The Universe will meet you halfway - but you have to get out of your own way and over your ego first.

Things do change for the better the minute you use your power of vision to create better.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Envision, feel and manifest your highest dream

You are an instrument of Divine creativity. You are being called upon to live up to your true heritage, to manifest your divine self and your soul purpose now.

Fully claim your unlimited potential by directing your thoughts and emotions on your highest dreams. Imagine the best life for you, one of love, positive life-affirmation, service to the highest good, and faith. Breathe it in and truly feel it as it were happening now. By feeling it now and being grateful in the now, you will allow Universe to set synchronous events for you that will be stepping stones toward your dreams.

Call upon tiger energy to help you come out of the jungle of distractions and to fully commit to your vision. Pounce on your dream; it is within your reach but you have to go for it.

Separate yourself from the unconscious masses, and energetically claim and express your divinity. Raise your vibrations and expect the best, positive outcome. By being fully yourself, following your dreams and risking your way out of your comfort zone, you energetically help raise others' vibrations.

Fully be yourself. Fulfill your dreams. Own it. You deserve it. The world needs it.


I received a comment in reaction to this post: someone asked, with a *smirk*, "yeah, well, how much energy is this going to take?"  This person, I assume, is feeling energetically drained by current life circumstances.  Here is my answer:

Energy directed to your Highest and best dream and potential is energy well invested - and instead of draining you, it uplifts you. It's one way to tell if you're investing your energy in the right direction for you at the moment - how uplifted do you feel? It's the struggle of going against the current of your inner wisdom that is bitteringly draining... When you cut the cords to what drains you, your balloon can fly to its highest and furthest horizon...

In other words, when you dream of your life and what you want to do, how do you feel?  Ask your body and your mind and expect an answer not through words, but through feeling... and not the superficial "I should feel this way" feeling, but a real deep gut-feeling.  Your body is a wonderful intuitive receptor, and we must learn to listen to its energy levels as it can guide us in our everyday decisions.  Learn that when you feel drained and overwhelmed, you are most probably reacting out of the ego perspective and away from your soul purpose.  When you feel uplifted, light and creative, you are responding from a higher self perspective toward your soul purpose.

Everyday, you are empowered to choose to between thoughts and actions that uplift you, and those that drain you.  Learn from each decision, and grow.  There's no right or wrong, especially if you view it from your Higher Self and learn lessons which will ultimately grow your soul.

...but just imagine for a moment if we all chose to swim with the current of Life instead of fighting it.  Wouldn't the planetary vibration be at a higher frequency?  But then again, so many of us need to learn how it feels to go against the current until we're so exhausted we have no choice but to surrender to Universe, let go of our fight and let Life take us in her divine current.  What will it be for you:  fight against a category 5 white water rapid and be caught again and again loosing your breath in the raging waters, or turn your boat facing down the river and strategize (while contemplating the river from a higher perspective) how you'll get through the rapid?

Am I using too many allegories?  <g>  Bottom line is, in everyday life situations you can choose your response.  Will you react out of anger, shame, discontent or mentality of lack or will you choose to respond with a higher good in mind?  Will you add to the conflict, or will you help neutralize it?  We all have these choices to make, everyday, from the food we eat, to how we treat ourselves, our family, our pets, to how we respond to marketing ploys or political pushes and pulls.

May we always be guided by our Inner Light.