Thursday, April 21, 2011

Doing what's just in front of me now...

Do you feel you're called to be a better person?  Bigger than you are now?  Do people say to you, "You have such great talent (in this or that); you should really do something about it and share it with the world!"  And then, how do you feel?  Is that talent still appealing to you, or has it become scary and you would rather bury it?

I have tried to bury some of my talents for many years, especially the most creative and spiritual ones for fear of rejection, but always my conscience reminds me of The Parable of the Bags of Gold.  So I try to dust off my talents and at least put them in the bank for interest...  I have realized recently that I may also fear abundance.  I am trying to reconcile the idea that God wants us to be abundant, yet the Church has taught us to be poor, unlearned and afraid of worldly goods and responsibilities.  What is a girl to do??

Naming the fears is the first step; now I can work on releasing them and replacing them with the Peace, Love, Harmony and Abundance that is desired for me as a child of this beautiful Earth.  John Randolph Price's The Abundance Book is a good resource helping me shatter those old thinking patterns which no longer (have never) serve me.

But the one thing which has helped me the most recently is a simple sentence from Louise Hay's movie You Can Heal Your Life.  Louise, emerging from very humble beginnings to being a most outstanding octogenarian respected and sought all over the world has a very simple way of approaching all the work she does.  She says, "I always do what is just in front of me now."  Meaning that she does not worry about the future or how things will unfold.  She puts her trust in God/Spirit/Creator and does not try to control all the steps and the outcome.  She trusts that she is given exactly what needs to be done and what she can handle at one time, and that the next step will be revealed in due time.  She trusts that she will receive the help and guidance she requires just in time.

And so I have decided to do just that: stop worrying and instead place my trust in God.  Everything will unfold as it should, according to God's plan for me (if I allow to happen - I have free will - and I choose to let it happen).  The details about the future will sort themselves out for my highest good.  I am abundant, and I am worthy of abundance.  By being abundant and joyful, I am a good reflection of God's love for me. (These remind me of the Reiki principles; I shall write about them soon.)  I'm starting to get the hang of positive affirmations! ;)

And the work in front of me now is to study this wonderful topic of metaphysics, experience what it means and feel to me, and share my findings and questions in this blog.  And I do it gladly.

Who knows; it may form the outline of my first book -- but I will not worry about that now.  ;)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Practicing what I teach: the Experiment

In the Summer of 2009, author Josie RavenWing had contacted me via Facebook.  We chatted a few times and I participated on her Facebook page's discussion forum.  I read one of her books, A Season of Eagles, which I found fascinating.  She invited me to participate in a spiritual retreat in Brazil, at what is called "the Casa" where healer John of God practices.  I did not feel ready, was filled with fear and shall I say was not quite "in alignment" with the idea of the Casa...

Since 2009, I deepened my Reiki practice and my connection to God-Source.  I have studied, studied and studied.  I have a full library of authors and have attended workshops and participated in online training events.  I have given a few workshops too.  I have had several amazing spiritual experiences that go beyond rational thinking.  I am learning to trust my vibes, visions and gut instinct.  My conscious mind is expanding as Spirit is taking more and more of its rightful place in its Temple, my body.

2011 is supposed to be a year of great spiritual expansion across the globe.  That is what all the authors are saying - leading to the great new era of 2012 as predicted by the Mayan/Aztec calendar, etc.  I'm still not a firm believer, but I have learned to keep an open mind and an open heart.  Life is just so much more wonderful this way.  My own spiritual consciousness is certainly expanding.

All that to say that two weeks ago, I woke up with a sudden need to go to the Casa.  I just felt I have to go as soon as possible.  The calling was very strong.  I even heard the words, "it is time.  Go now."

And then my rational mind kicks in - how?  When?  Will I have sufficient holidays from work? Where will I find the funds?  Why am I being called??  What is happening???

In this spiritual line of work, we teach that Abundance comes from God.  He/She will provide for your every need.  If He/She needs you for a certain task, the Universe will cooperate in providing you with everything you need to serve the greater purpose.  And so I learn to quiet my mind.  I will not worry.  I will surrender my will to God and know that everything is possible.  I will pray.

"Dear God, if it is your Will that I visit the Casa, I will trust this guidance and confirm my attendance with Josie.  I trust that the Universe will manifest the necessary contacts, funds and travel arrangements for your Will to be done.  I surrender to your Will in service to others and to work on your Divine Plan and the Greater Good.  I am grateful for all the Love and Abundance already manifesting in my life."

(My rational mind still needs to work on the "surrendering" part...  A tough Life Lesson for me.)

This story is to be continued... ;)

PS: I am taking Air Miles donations towards this trip.  Doesn't hurt to ask, right?  :)

Many blessings to you all.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Is there a "typical" Reiki session?

Yes. And no.

So then what are we to expect when we receive and give a Reiki session?

It all starts the same way. The room is set up with dimmed lights, a massage table, and perhaps a candle is lit and incense or essential oils are perfuming the space. There is a feeling of calm, peace, Love and trust. You have stepped into a sacred space.

We have a brief conversation regarding the healing intention of the session, and how you are doing in body, mind and spirit. You get comfortable on the massage table, fully clothed, over or under the blanket. Some people don't feel comfortable laying down on the treatment table - that's perfectly fine. You can sit comfortably in a chair, we can sit on the floor, we can remain standing... This is one of these times when it's all about YOU and your healing. You must feel comfortable to be able to relax and receive the healing energy. Let me know what works best for you.

I will ask you if you would like to call in a guardian spirit - these can be animal totems, angels, fairies, dragons, crossed over loved ones... The Spirit World is vast! I bow my head and pray that I may be an instrument of God's Love, Light and Peace; that I may hear, see, feel and even smell what my senses need to pick up to give you the healing you most need at this time, for your highest good. I ask the Lord of Divine Light, my Guardian Spirits, and the Reiki Masters to help me be the best Light I can be.

This is when I typically feel energy rushing through me. My hands start tingling. I feel pulled to the area of your body which needs most healing/alignment/clearing. We have opened that proverbial "box of chocolate" and delight in the surprise we're going to get.

With our human minds, we think practical cause-and-effect. My shoulder hurts, it must be a physical injury. If you come to a Reiki session for a sore shoulder, however, the Spirit World may lovingly point to other causes and other healing modalities... It may very well start with the traditional Usui System of sending Universal Life Force to the affected area. You may feel a tingling sensation, heat or a cool breeze coming from my palms. Know that your body is healing itself. This may be all you need. And it would be perfect for you because this is what you need in this given time for your highest good.

But then again, we may get a glimpse of something more. You may get a pain in your chest and feel like your shoulder wants to cave into your ribs. You may feel a strong emotion -- or I may feel all that for you through the process of Holographic Reiki. So unless you're sleeping already by this time, we discuss the arising feelings and sensations as they come up. We interpret them together with the guidance I receive. In the case of your shoulder, do you feel you are carrying the weight of the world? Do you have many "I should" and "I have to" constantly running in your mind? Do you feel supported and loved by your family and close relationships? Are there blockages? We will work through this together.

I had a client once who felt such a heavy load on her shoulders, it literally felt like a ton of bricks. I could barely remain standing and my breathing hurt. In my mind's eye, I started lifting the bricks one by one until the pressure was gone. Both myself and my client felt lighter and much relieved once it was done!

For an other client, I kept seeing luggage. There were suitcases of all shapes, forms and colours stored in something that looked like an airport. She said this sounded a bit like her house - she was an avid collector and she kept everything. She had boxes and boxes of "stuff". Well, she was doing the same with her emotions and piling one emotional experience over an other without really dealing with them. The luggage symbolized emotional baggage this client needed to work through.

Depending where you are spiritually, I may receive a different type of guidance or set of images and sensations regarding your shoulder. Your Akashic record may open for me to see an injury in your past - in your current incarnation or in a past life. We will work together to heal that wound and to release it and the emotions related to it so you can feel whole and healthy in your current body. Together, we will clear psychic debris and etheric cords linked to this injury.

As for you, you may feel a series of emotions and sensations. Some clients are nervous and twitchy and don't allow themselves to relax - that's OK, that's where they are. Some clients fall asleep -- and snore! Some clients cry or sob heavily. Others laugh. Others talk the whole time. Some are quiet and absorb it all. Some ask questions as we go along, others keep their questions until the end. Some want me to talk them through the session, others prefer a silent session with a debrief at the end. It all depends on you, your preferences and your needs. I'm here to help you feel and be your best by channeling this divine Universal Life Force - how you choose to receive it is up to you.

At the end of the session, I will make sure you feel grounded. You may feel calm and peaceful. You may have a thousand questions to ask. You may feel a bit distressed due to the uniqueness of the experience. Journal your experience. Drink lots of water to flush out your system. Take a bath in epsom and sea salts. Rest. Play. Pray. Do what feels best for you. This is a gift you give yourself.

So it there a "typical" Reiki session? The sessions typically last one hour and can be in person or distant. There is a process followed for the opening and closing prayers. But what happens in between is unique to each person, and unique to each session. I do not control. I allow Divine Love and Light to work through me for the highest good of all involved.

I have never had 2 sessions the same, whether I am the one receiving a session or channelling a session. I rejoice in that fact for it shows me the beauty and creativity of our Divine spark, and the greatness of the Divine Love gently guiding us and showing us exactly what we need in this moment - even if it's not what we had decided it would be. ;)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What is Reiki, and how is it useful?

The word Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a Japanese kanji. The two syllables illustrate two concepts: the Rei (the top portion of the kanji) represents the divine, universal life-force energy and our Spirit our Soul, while the "ki" (the bottom part of the kanji) represents our earthly energies, our bodies and that part of our mind which is manifesting in this material world. Reiki, therefore, helps to align divine energy with our earthly energies.

The practice of Reiki can be described as the "laying on of hands". In the traditional Usui practice, healing energy is directed mostly to the body / organs / glands requiring balance and healing. In the Holographic practice the body sends out images in its auric field, through your chakras, which can be interpreted and cleared. These images can be memories from this life or past lives, or they can be energetic debris. With both practices, it is the Divine Light, or God's Love, which is channelled to effectuate a release of the old energy and increase in renewing energy. Reiki is simple and produces measurable results. It is power, light and love. Reiki transcends the man-made divisions of religion, economics, location, gender, and race.

I have been trained in and practice both Usui and Holographic Reiki. Depending on your healing intention, your session may be more "Usui-style" or "Holographic". For instance, if you need help healing from a cold or a surgery, I will start with Usui Reiki to send healing energy to your body, your filtering organs and your glandular system to strengthen your immune system. However, if you have a long history of colds and flus or other dis-ease, the Usui system may be used to investigate what, in your auric field, is attracting this body condition.

In many ancient spiritual traditions, people have noticed and documented the presence of points of energy in the body. These energy points have an impact on a person’s well-being on many levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. In Hindu philosophy, there are 7 major chakras, and they are aligned with the spine. In a holographic Reiki session, the practitioner works to remove blockages in the chakras and to improve their energy flow.

Energy medicine practitioners can see, feel and sometimes hear or taste these energy points. Aura and chakras have the colors of the rainbow, and they can feel like electro-magnetic pulses. Energy medicine practitioners use their hands, aromatherapy, crystals and/or sounds to bring balance and harmony to their patient’s auric field and chakras. During the treatment, the patient can feel heat, cold or energy pulses through the hand of the practitioner.

I like to experiment with energy work. I often feel the difference in my patient's auric field: the aura is much stronger and larger at the end of a session than it was at the beginning.

You will feel deeply relaxed during and re-energized after your session. This state of well-being will help you achieve significant healing in the various layers of your being. Feeling refreshed and positive, you can bring healing to others and to Earth.

This list has been comprised through anecdotal research. Clients have reported feeling:

  • More creative 
  • More balanced 
  • Less emotional 
  • Less stressed 
  • More relaxed 
  • More vitality 
  • More awareness 
  • Less or no pain 
  • More ability to fall asleep quickly 
  • More ease of movement 

These reported benefits generally lasted at least three to ten days, and often the original problem did not re-occur.

Come in a relaxed state of mind; be open to the possibilities. To quote Forrest Gump, I find that Reiki sessions are "like a box of chocolate; you just never know what you're gonna get." ;) If your mind is open to it, it will be deep healing -- but what deep healing is and how it is revealed to us is up to our Creator and divine Light energy, and that is not always what we imagine it to be with our human minds...

For your Reiki session, you will be relaxing, fully clothed, on a massage table. Soothing music is playing, a candle is lit, and incense or essential oils may be perfuming the room to further enhance your relaxation experience. The Divine Light and Love is called in through a prayer and guides me to where you need the most healing at the moment - whether it is within your body, your mind, your spirit, your Akashic records or a message from a crossed over loved one. You are only required to relax, to enjoy the moment like a gift you give yourself and to surrender as much as you can to the Divine Love.

If you are booking a "distance" session (you don't always have to be physically here for me to connect to your Higher Self), you are asked to relax comfortably for the time we have booked together.

After your session, remember to drink lots of water to help ground you energetically, and to help your body in its healing process by flushing out toxins. You may need to rest more, or you may feel more energetic -- follow your inner guidance and respect yourself in what you need to feel your best.

My fees are $75 for a one-hour session; $112 for an hour and a half.

I am currently completing my Reiki Master's degree (Holographic Reiki). I have studied Usui Reiki with Carol J. Comerford and Holographic Reiki with Angela Carson. I have been studying and practicing Reiki since 2007.

I received my Certificate of Massage Techniques from the Académie de Massage Scientifique in 1998. In addition to Reiki, I offer relaxation massage. A head, hands and feet treatment is excellent to relax the body, relax the mind, and become more open to our Joyful selves.

I have a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Ottawa, in Interpersonal and Organizational Communications, Cum Laude (1998). As part of my thesis, I studied the importance of spirituality in human communication and social drives.

Since childhood, I have had an interest for the Spiritual world in its various forms of expression. Always curious and wanting to be of service, I have studied and experienced several spiritual paths. I can therefore bring a wealth of grounded information, knowledge and experience to my clients.

I am looking forward to being of service to you, for your well-being, and in your spiritual enlightenment.