Thursday, August 1, 2013

Spiritual Guidance for August: Breathe, Relax, Repeat.

It is my pleasure to share with you this oracle card reading! The question I asked, on our collective behalf, is for Spirit to communicate the next step we can take individually and as a group to raise our vibration while serving the Highest Good. Like many other Lightworkers out there, I am feeling the urge for change and the inner battle between the status quo and the unknown outcome of personal and spiritual growth. Fear is showing its tentacles and tries to seduce back from awareness. Several clients have raised the same issue this past month. As a collective, we are called to change and evolve and yet we’re afraid. Being aware of this fear and its roots, I ask for Spirit to guide us so that we may keep up the faith and our courage for a continued "Awakening-with-the-big-A"…

Decks used: John Holland “The Psychic Tarot”; Sonia Choquette “The Answer Is Simple”; Colette Baron-Reid “Wisdom of the Hidden Realms”

Two cards came out of the deck to represent us this month, as we deal with the energy of change and with the fears that are coming up to the surface: the 8 Wands (reversed) and the 5 Swords (reversed). Many of us, in our awakening process, have made wishes upon the stars; we have worked diligently on vision boards; we have partnered with Spirit so that we can serve the Highest Good since, bottom line, that is the biggest wish we hold in our heart. Now, these wishes and visions are coming true! We are faced with the physical manifestation of what once was only a thought or a wish. We realize now that a thought or a wish is not as frightening as its actual manifestation... As Lightworkers, we are often just as scared of success than we are of defeat. In past lives, we might have developed our spiritual qualities but were seduced by the dark side, or were forced to serve someone else’s ego instead of the greater good. We know of the karmic consequences of these alignments and we want to remain centred on Light and Spirit this time around. On the one side, we are elated that our dreams are coming true, yet this same elation makes us want to slam on the brakes. After all, what would this all mean if we have tangible proof that we are co-creators, that Spirit listens to us, that we do have the power to create the life of our dreams? Are we ready for this responsibility? Are we ready to receive all this goodness coming our way? Would it be too much for our lower self to handle? We are reminded that how we handle ourselves at this time is vital to our overall well-being. We are reminded to surrender to higher powers and to trust the flow of life. We are being tested on how well we can take our next step, and we must remember that life brings us many opportunities where we can choose to learn and grow.

Our next best action is clear: to be patient! Something powerful is in the works. We must find ways to cope with the anxiety bubbling up, and learn to relax and rest in the knowledge that only good can come from a transformation that is divinely inspired. The Universe will support our divine spirit in all of its sacred aims. The big change we are fearing will not come with a big BOOM like thunder in the sky; rather, it will be gentle and calm. It will blossom in its own time and will be as gentle as the petals of a flower opening up in the morning dew.

The Shadow Queen is our Ally as we learn to be patient with ourselves, as we notice that we are all but students of life and that we may not be as masterful in all areas as we’d like to think. She too advises to slow down the pace: details beyond our comprehension are preventing us to move at this time. Her lantern will shed light on inner and outer circumstances. As we wait for more to be revealed, she advises that we educate ourselves about our intention. We have to dig deep within ourselves to find courage. We are asked to put ego aside as we ask experts for help and advice. There is shadow and darkness looming – but we can learn from this. Keep your inner light shining during this time of transformation!

The likely outcome of this transformation, if we heed the advice of our guides and tend to our inner light, is the healing of past heartbreaks and emotional pains, as indicated by the 3 Swords reversed. We may finally understand that our feeling of separation from Source is only a perception, an illusion. We may finally understand what it means to truly love ourselves and to practice self-care. We will learn from past painful experiences and from life’s challenges, and we will become stronger as we move on. We will get through this transformation phase stronger, more wholesome, lighter and more joyful than ever before. We will realize that we have all the tools we require to guide and direct our life. Our increased Awareness will boost our psychic abilities as we partner even more closely with Spirit. We will more readily accept divine Magic and Miracles in our life, and our faith in the greater good and in the goodwill of humanity will be renewed.

Wow – that’s a tall order we have before us my friends. I feel better already have written these lines, inspired by Spirit through my Oracle cards. I hope that you, too, can feel a sense of ease. We will get through these trying times, and the more we relax into the flow the easier it will be.

Here is what I do to help me stay centred:

  • I practice the “Breath of Life” exercise as taught by Sonia Choquette. Taking 15 minutes everyday to energize my body, set a happy intention and connect with Source is crucial. 
  • I regularly stretch using yoga poses and breath work. 
  • I read books and resources that support my inner peace and help me grow personally and spiritually 
  • I tend not to watch the news as I know the way the news are handled feed the fear factor 
  • I participate in online groups that send Love and Healing to various parts of the planet and its inhabitants of all forms. 
To support one another, share your tips and techniques to create your inner sanctum. How do you create peace within yourself to weather storms and shadows? How can I help you if you are struggling with fear? Can I teach you any of my techniques and support you energetically through Reiki and spiritual coaching?

Share your action below to place it in the energy grid.