Thursday, January 31, 2013

What are you "canning"?

As I was meditating yesterday and preparing the Inbox Guidance for February, this "canning" idea popped into my head... And I laughed when I found this war-time canning image this morning. :)

Here is what I am canning:

  • I CAN love myself
  • I CAN spend time just for me 
  • I CAN treat myself to something nice
  • I CAN make my dreams come true
  • I CAN love my body
  • I CAN enjoy time outdoors in nature
  • I CAN develop and bloom on all levels
  • I CAN enjoy my morning cup of coffee
  • I CAN sing and dance and play
  • I CAN be proud of my accomplishments
  • ...
...And here are my "canning" labels, inspired from a site for the planning and preparation of canning projects and jam-making.  I developed this page using PowerPoint; you can to! (Ha! the pun...)  Email me if you would like me to send you my template.

What are you canning?

It's good to have those "cans" handy and in reserve for the gloomy days... :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Everyday Magic: Everyday Awareness and Intention

What a wonderful January thaw! Hard to believe we were in our woolies a few days ago, and now it's +15 degrees!! Breathe it in!!

You know, raising awareness and consciousness is about all the small choices you make everyday, and about mundane things to which you give meaning. So today, open the windows of your home, your car... and intend at the same time to open the windows of your heart. With each window you open, state that your heart is ready for freshness. Is there something you want to let go - viruses, staleness, bad feelings? As you stand in front of the open window, state that you are letting them go, and invite them to leave. Is there something you want to breeze into your life - joy, abundance, self-love, a new job? State what you are welcoming in with the new breeze. Expect miracles - they do exist.

I am sending love to you on the rays of the new sun and the breeze gently blowing through the trees. I am standing outside with my arms wide open, giving you a hug and the encouragement you need to keep going on your path. xo

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Lady of the Well

I have been writing much lately on lessons of self-love and self-acceptance; on raising one's spiritual vibration; and on clearing out harmful beliefs and patterns.  As I am writing and meditating on these topics, I am doing my own inner work.

For the past few days, I've been feeling a new call for transformation.  It's almost like now that I've cleared a certain amount of junk I need to build a new representation of myself, especially when it comes to my Light Work.  It feels like it is now time to really step into my power.  And the starting point appears to be the creation of my "alter ego", or goddess-self.   Here's my first attempt at giving her shape and form.  Introducing: the Lady of the Well.

I am modelling the Lady of the Well after the celtic goddess Brigid: healer, wordsmith, teacher and leader.  I am the keeper of the well - of what is sacred and necessary to sustain life.  Like Tolkien's elvish Queen Lady Galadriel, I invite people to peer in the darkness of the waters, to see below the surface and discover the truth and the undercurrents of the psyche.

My hair is long and curly.  My dress is ankle-length, empire waist and V-neck, and its colour is white with the slightest hint of light green, almost like the first light in the Spring.  I am wearing roman-style sandals.  I am wearing a ring with a serpent coiled on its face, shaping a spiral or labyrinth.  My cloak, gathered behind my back, resembles a pair of folded wings, white with a hint of gold.  My eyes have a changing quality: sometimes as deep as the well, other times airy and other times still fiery like lightning.

My domain is the forest.  I feel many trees around, although the well is close to a clearing.  Animals are frequent visitors, and I can converse with them.  My home is of raw natural material: stone and wood.  I tend gardens of flowers and vegetables.  The scent of fresh bread, herbs and fresh turned earth mingle joyously.  There is a wind chime singing softly in the breeze, hanging in a tree to the east.

I commune with energy, Source and Spirit every day.  Every chore and task is an invitation to active meditation.  I feel energized and at peace.  I feel calm and strong.  Even if a storm is brewing, I know I will not be uprooted; I know all is well; I know all will happen for the highest good - unless I let my ego get in the way.

I am creative, artistic, deeply spiritual and reflective.  I am strong, driven, assertive yet gentle, soft and flexible.  I have a lot of Love to share, yet it is not necessarily the physical type that people are accustomed to.

And as for people around me - it feels fairly deserted right now, with a few on the outskirts of the woods.  Now that they know the well is tended, I pray they will find their way to the well and visit for a while.  Or at least throw a flare up so that I know where to meet them so I can greet them in my domain?

When coming to the well or looking into my eyes, I feel that others might be scared of what they see, or they might not like at all what is reflected to them and become angered.  I must remember that what is reflected are aspects of their shadow selves, and are not descriptive of me.  And yet I must learn to shield the watered mirror until the appropriate time, until the person is strong enough to peer into its truth, so that I do not become an agent of troubled waters.  Likewise, when I do not like what is reflected to me when I peer in someone else, I must remember that it is a reflection of my own shadows and learn from that experience.   I  must become wise in my use of the mirror.

...And so I am no longer hiding behind the well.  I am shattering the pattern of making myself small and unimportant not to shock, overpower or anger others around me who would be afraid of me.  I have to be me, fully completely.  Being anonymous and small served me well in my old workplace, in my old life, in my old definition of who I was...  but I have grown and matured.  I am uncovering and accepting the gifts offered to me since my birth, and because I have learned through Shadow what it is like to neglect or refuse one's gifts, I plan to now fully nurture, support and grow them for myself, and help others do the same.

I am... the Lady of the Well.

How would you complete the picture of the Lady of the Well?

I invite you to take time and paint the picture of your own alter ego.  Have fun with the exercise, and share your thoughts on your own representation of your divine self - what are the sights, sounds, smells, textures and feelings surrounding you?  Write, paint, sculpt, doodle your musings.  It's empowering, you'll see! :)

Much Love and Light to you.

Use this technique to let go of old harmful beliefs

To raise your spiritual vibration and truly manifest your heart's desire and highest good, take a close look at the thoughts and mental patterns you nurture in your mind.

Do you focus on lack of money, lack of meaningful relationship, past hurts? Are you haunted by the ghosts of the past, rattling their chains and chanting "not good enough, not pretty enough, not slim enough, not smart enough..." All of that rambling mental chatter serves as blocks and impede your ability to truly connect to Source and to your Highest Good. With their rattling and distracting habits, you will find it very difficult to hear true guidance, because the voice of Love is often much more subtle and requires an open heart. Moreover, these attitudes and patterns can make you feel alone, isolated, frustrated and in pain. When you're in that vibration, it's quite difficult to get out of the muck...

And so, like the crocus on early Spring mornings - allow the Light to touch and warm your heart. Recognize your limiting beliefs and attitudes, and resolve to gently shatter out of them. Intend to focus on ideas, attitudes and beliefs that support and nurture you and your beautiful spirit, on both a practical and spiritual level. Your present focus will grow the garden called your life - will you allow it to be overrun with weeds? How will you tend your beautiful creation?

Here's a technique I like to use: write down your fears and mental patterns.  As soon as you "feel" one of the debilitating or limiting thought pattern pop in your mind, your attitude or behaviour, say "Aha! I see you!" then write down what it is, and all other thoughts or emotions linked to it.  By recognizing and naming it, the "ghost" seems to shrink away and loses its power over you.  

Then, just after the full  moon, when the moon starts to wane, place these writings in the earth for spiritual cleansing and composting.  Burn them if you want to.  Use a terracotta pot if you don't have access to a garden, or if the earth is still frozen.  State out loud your intention of letting go of these beliefs, and your desire to grow thoughts, ideas, attitudes and behaviours that will grow your soul.  Then let it all go.  Allow Source and Nature to take over from there.  Plant a seed in the pot, and nurture it as the flower grows.  Know that you are nurturing yourself as you take care of this plant.  Have fun with the process!

Once you have refined your attention, you will be able to use your Divine co-creative power in a more effective and rewarding way.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Transitioning job: lessons in self-love

It has been nearly four months now since I've made the biggest, most radical change in my life and went from a very stable corporate job to being self-employed. The most common questions I receive when I tell people about this transition are "How do you manage?" and "How did you do it - how did you come to being able to leave the corporate world?" These questions are mingled with small pangs of jealousy, sometime outrage and almost always disbelief. Many say that it's all fine for me, but they could never do the same thing. I have been judged by many - including myself - sometimes in a positive light, and sometimes from a very negative perspective. Many want to know my "secret".

I have been reflecting on all of this, and on my journey thus far. The big truth which has been revealed to me is that, bottom-line, it's all about self-love. There is no big secret, there is no esoteric strategy any guru can teach you, there is no amount of coaching that will do you any good unless you first commit to YOU: nothing will ever replace your commitment to yourself, and your active desire in manifesting your highest good. The single most courageous and difficult thing to do on your path to true happiness is to believe in your own worth and say "Yes" to you.

Everyone, I am certain, has at least an inkling of their soul purpose.  Although there are as many ways to manifest a soul purpose as there are individuals on this planet, the blockages appear to be similar and at the root of it all: lack of self-love.

Compare these statements, and feel the difference in the energy / the feelings they create in your body and in your mind:

  • I am a good person, and I support my family financially even though it means staying in a job I hate, in a job that does not bring me joy or fulfillment.  I can not leave this job because my world / my family will crumble if I do.
  • Because I love myself, I choose to do what I love, and love what I do.  I bring fun and happiness in my work.  I am free to uplift my Spirit and that of others in any context.  Because I love myself, I allow myself to set healthy boundaries, to respect them and to ensure that others respect them too.  Because I love myself, I can say no to situations and work arrangements that detract me from my soul purpose. 

  • I am stuck in this dead-end job, and there's nothing I can do about it.
  • Spirit is the true source of income, and spirit is everywhere.  I refuse to believe that there is nothing else out there for me.

  • I am not good enough, smart enough, special enough to manifest my heart's desire.
  • I AM good enough, smart enough and special enough to manifest my heart's desire.  Because I love myself, I choose to work a little everyday toward this joyful manifestation. 

How do these statements resonate with you?  Does the notion of being good enough and free to love what you do seem foreign to you, or available only to others and not you?  How does your mental chatter reflect your feelings of self-love?

As your intuitive coach and Reiki practitioner, I can help you define your soul purpose.  I can help you get to that place within you where you can truly start loving yourself.   I can help you remove blockages and learn your karma or life lessons that either support or hinder your purpose and ability to love yourself. When you truly love yourself, you stop being dependant on other people's approval and on their definition of who you are - you can actualize your own version of YOU, beautiful and radiant.

When you actively recognize your Soul Purpose, and when you have the courage to manifest it... that sun within you shines bright with joy, harmony and happiness.

You too can do what I did: reprogram your mental chatter and clear your emotions to truly and lovingly nurture your spirit.  You too can create the job of your dreams.  You too can leave an unhappy situation and joyfully co-create your life.

...but before we get there, you need to say YES to you.

I believe in you.  I believe in the beauty of your soul.  I believe in your strength.  I believe you are good enough, smart enough and special enough to live your dream.  Borrow some of my belief in you and sprinkle it like fairy dust on your path.

Blessings of joy and abundance.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Forgiveness invites inner peace

As you continue to work raising your spiritual vibration, consider where your pride has caused you harm, and where it has caused harm to others. Are you harbouring ill feelings towards yourself or others out of self-defense or perceived self-righteousness? Do you carry regret for something you have said or done which you now judge as poor reaction? Are you visiting the same argument or situation for the hundredth time yet still not finding peaceful resolution in your heart?

When you do so, you block yourself from moving forward and growing. Set aside your pride and defenses, and acknowledge your mistakes. Yet, don't remain there paralyzed in self-defense or languishing in remorse. Ask yourself, "What is the lesson here?" and truly be open to the answer. Ask your Higher Self and your team of spiritual guides for help and support with this process as you apologize, ask forgiveness and make amends.  Ask yourself if a coach or Reiki practitioner could help you move through this murkiness.  (If I can be of help to you, it is now easy to purchase distance sessions via Paypal...)

If your pride or the sharpness of the hurt currently disable you from speaking directly to the person involved, practice the Ho'Oponopono and feel how this practice expands your heart and releases you from negative energies you - maybe unconsciously - are holding on to.

Finally, be ready to release the hurt once you've learned from the experience. Your karma will be complete. Don't dwell on it. Onward and forward to the next life lesson. ;)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Follow your path with integrity

As you work on raising your spiritual vibration, evaluate whether you are following your instincts with integrity. Often times when we feel confused, sad, angry or depressed, it's because we are not engaging in projects or relationships that feel true to our inner calling. Doing so brings chaos and a downward spiral of negative energy in our lives.

Are you being lured by rewards and promises although your instincts tell you it's not in your highest good? Do you turn a blind eye to ethical lapses of your own or others? Do you disregard red flags of warning along the way? Do you consistently ignore your instincts and discredit your gut feelings? If you do, you are inviting trouble - and when invited trouble always shows up.

Call in peace and calm by staying true to your Higher Self. Reevaluate your priorities, daily activities and relationships of all kinds. Temper your enthusiasm for your superficial desires: nothing is worth pursuing if it compromises your integrity.

Remember: every choice and action has a consequence. It's a fundamental law of the Universe and you can not escape it however clever you think you are.

Before to committing to any decision, take some time to feel it in your body; your body is your basic psychic receptor and it will tell you, if you allow it to, whether or not you're heading in the right direction. Follow your path with integrity, and you will find inner peace.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Appreciate yourself & your friends: it will nurture your soul

It's all about self-love and self-respect, really...

What message do you send about yourself when you surround yourself with people who use you and abuse you? When you allow someone to hurt you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually? When you have porous boundaries and feel everyone else's feelings and forget which feelings are your own? When you accept to continue to work in a job that makes you feel sad and depressed? Do you feel in Love and Light, or do you feel drained and disempowered?

As you continue to clear your energy field to raise your spiritual vibration, take a close look at all your relationships - with people, pets, jobs, things, money... Take stock of which ones drain you, and which ones empower you; where do you feel alive and bursting with energy, and where do you feel shrivelled up or dead inside?

Once you've written down your list, choose at least one of the relationship in the "draining" category, and intend to shift it. Put your hand to your heart and ask yourself if this relationship supports you and your highest good; if it doesn't, have the courage to either let it go, or to change your perceptions about it.

Less than perfect relationships are absolutely normal and often necessary to help us grow our souls either by showing us contrast or by giving us the courage to develop inner strength. But overall, we should aim at surrounding ourselves with loving people who support us and love us just the way we are, no matter what.

Receiving and giving unconditional love helps us uncover our divine selves and anchor the new consciousness on Earth.

Tell your friends today how much you appreciate them. Accept the love in return.

I love and appreciate each one of you. :)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Will you accept the challenge to grow your soul?

To move boldly in the direction of your highest goals and the best manifestation of yourself, accept to raise your spiritual vibration. This takes courage and discipline, as you must go within and face your fears and your shadows.

Make an inventory of all that blocks Spirit from flowing through you. Ask for help: it is often difficult to see our own blocks. Even when we accept to look within, we might be unconsciously resisting -- which gives the same effect as looking for that jar of pickles in the fridge and not finding it until, frustrated, we ask for help and someone points out that it's right there below our eyes... You don't have to wait until you're frustrated, depressed and angry with yourself before allowing yourself to ask for help. The sooner you ask for help, the sooner and better you will feel the Spirit flow in your life, and the more magical your life will become.

Make a list of what blocks your flow: where in your life do you feel confused? What difficulty are you trying to avoid? Where are you absorbing others' energies? Which mental, emotional, spiritual or physical patterns prevent you from fully loving yourself? Set the intention of clearing this clutter.

Remember: you are a beautiful soul having a human experience. Enjoy the experience; make it the best it can be to grow your soul and raise our planet's vibration.

I am available to help you, and to coach you. How may I serve your soul today?

Sending you much Love.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Welcome to the energies of January 2013

I wish you all a year full of wonder, in which you will find the courage to express your most authentic self in the most loving way possible.  I wish you lasting joy, and freedom from your own mental, emotional and spiritual patterns blocking you from authentic self expression.  Remember that underneath all our layers, we are pure Love and Light.  Have the courage to look into the unpleasant layers of your self to find your centre.

The energies of this month are conducive to taking stock of where we are, of what we value, and of what we want to grow.  Many have asked me recently what a "Tarotscope" is, and therefore I have prepared one that would be of benefit for my readers.  Connecting to Spirit, I picked one card from 3 different decks, holding the intention of enquiring about the energies and spiritual help/lessons available to us all this month, for the highest good of all.  This is my gift to you, and I hope it will help guide you this month! :)

Decks used:  Robin Wood Tarot, John Holland "The Psychic Tarot"; and Colette Baron-Reid "Wisdom of the Hidden Realms".

Cards drawn:  Hierophant, reversed (RW); The Mapmaker of Destiny (CBR); and 6 Pentacles/Material & Spiritual Prosperity (JH).

These three cards indicate that we are at a turning point in our spiritual awareness, and it is now time to discover our authentic purpose.  It is time to make use of free will, our divine gift and birthright.  Changing our patterns - whether of behaviour or thought - will challenge the satus quo and some of us might have to learn to stand our ground for what we really believe in.  Do you still wholeheartedly accept what institutions have been telling you for years?  Do you still hold true beliefs you have acquired since childhood?  Are you holding on to fears (False Evidence Appearing Real) or distorted memories magnified by your ego?  Are these all serving your higher purpose and greatest good?  Have faith in yourself, and develop the courage to stand for what you truly believe, for what you know is true for you, in your heart.

The manner in which you engage your journey is critical at this time.  Learn to detach from the drama of everyday life and instead respond from your spirit's point of view.  You are faced with an event, project or relationship brought to you by Fate.  What is the lesson here?  Journal your thoughts, emotions and reactions to find if there's a greater pattern, or a life lesson to learn from the ally or challenger in your life.  Remember that Destiny is your to design, and it's your responses to fated events and coincidences that place markers on the map of your life.

If you learn to respond from your heart, and from your spirit's perspective (instead of doing what-you've-been-told-because-that's-how-it's-always-been-end-of-story), expect a sudden bonus to come in your life.  Will you accept this bonus or refuse a gift because you've learned sometime in your life that refusing is better than accepting?  Remember that it is the practice of giving AND receiving that will guide you to true prosperity.

A time of prosperity, balance and harmony is at hand.  Practice generosity, gratitude and compassion toward yourself and others, so that you continue to prosper in all areas of your life.

YOUR HOMEWORK:  Journal your reactions, thoughts and emotions.  Uncover the source of a pattern or a block and choose to change it to a more positive manifestation of your true self.  Also, keep a gratitude journal; this practice will support your soul through the transition, and lead you to more prosperity.  Remember that what you focus on is what grows, therefore focusing on what you're grateful for will bring more of that in your life -- and then some!

YOUR AFFIRMATION:  "I am willing to change.  I am grateful for all the rules and hard lessons I have learned throughout my life, and I am now willing to use my free will to discard those rules and lessons which do not serve my higher purpose anymore.  I am making space in my heart, mind and body for true prosperity."


I will publish a Tarotscope at the beginning of the month for the next few months, as a gift to you and a huge THANK YOU for reading this blog.  When I started this blog, I thought I would be writing for myself only and that no one would find me online - it was an experiment and a leap of faith.  I am surprised and grateful to notice that my blog has been read in over 20 countries around the globe.  Again, thank you and a big smile and virtual hug to each one of you.  Just by checking out a post in my blog you help me define my purpose and my mission. Mwah!

Should you wish to receive a personalized Tarotscope, with homework and affirmations that are just for you, please contact me directly by email, phone or text.  Let me know if you are enquiring about the energies of the month ahead in general, or about a particular question or situation.

Love and Light to you all!