Wednesday, March 27, 2013

To soar, free yourself from the past

If you find it difficult to soar and be happy now, you're likely holding on to the chains of past hurts. If you feel your intuition is blocked, or your abundance unreachable, there's likely an event in your past that needs forgiving.

To flow with Spirit's spontaneity, free your attention and energy from the past. Forgive those who have hurt you. Let go of resentment and old anger. Allow for divine justice to be done in divine time instead of brooding feelings of unfairness and revenge. All these emotions and thoughts weigh you down with their dense, low-rate vibrations. As long as you remain psychically attached to them, you will never reach your heart's desires.

Restore your vitality and awareness of higher vibrations. Visualize every chain holding you back and disintegrate them with forgiveness, compassion and Love. Experience the blessings of today. Acknowledge the gift or the lesson you've learned from your hurts. Free all that energy that's holding you to the past, and invest in today. Create something good today.

With a lighter heart, you will become better able to hear and follow Spirit's loving guidance. You will find inner peace and calm.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Feel the return of creativity in your life!

Today, our joy guides and the fairy realm remind us to allow the feelings of playfulness and creativity to bubble up in our lives.   When we're stressed, we crave fun and romance but are so blinded by our stressors and fears that we tend to forget how to let loose and laugh.

Joy, romance and happiness are a state of mind, and they involve playfulness and creativity.  At every moment, we can choose to involve these feelings or continue to ignore them to brood over the darker aspects of the moment.

Today, ask you guides to help you relax, allowing an influx of fun ideas come to your mind.  Allow your heart and your mind to connect through play and laughter.  Ask your guides for the energy to put your ideas into action, and enjoy them!

The Earth - in the northern hemisphere - is warming up with the new season.  Buds are slowly appearing on trees.  Tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and other early flowers are pointing a tentative leaf out of the snowy ground.  Allow this effervescence of life to reach you, warm your heart, touch your imagination and fill you with renewed hope and faith.

Go ahead:  sing, play, be silly today!  Who knows; it might also help the rest of the snow to melt and speed up a sunnier, warmer Spring?  

Reiki & energy work for a broken bone

Reiki healing project for a broken bone! And I think the thought had occurred to me recently that I had not had the chance to work on a broken bone as a case study yet...  Thank you Universe for your special sense of humour and providing me with the case study in my own body!

I was really happy last Saturday to go encourage the Seaway Roller Derby Girls and tie on roller skates (the 4-wheeler classics!) at their fund-raiser - the first time I put on skates in 20+ years...  I was having lots of fun self-teaching me how to skate, rocking to the music.  I have not exercised regularly for the past year, concentrating on my emotional and spiritual development, and it didn't take long for my legs to feel muscle fatigue.  Still, I called upon Brigid as warrior goddess and willed myself to power through around the circuit.  And then...  I lost my balance and landed hard on my right wrist, breaking the ulna. 

And so my new healing project began...  Reiki & energy work is said to speed up healing and mending of bones, in addition to reduction of pain.   Energy sessions are to start, for the mending of the bone, only once it is set and in a cast to ensure it sets properly.  Energy work to relieve pain can start immediately - thank goodness!!  

As my right forearm is enveloped in a blue cast (Archangel Michael's colour!), resting as I type with my left hand (hmpf!), I am visualizing my wrist fully healed - ulna, tendons, muscles, etc. - even stronger than it was before. I am grateful for all the lessons involved in this adventure: the intern ER doctor received good coaching and experience setting a wrist and making a cast; I am learning to become more ambidextrous, more patient, and most of all I'm learning to ask for and receive help of all kind and learning the gifts and strengths involved in recognizing my vulnerability and allowing others to physically care for me. I am learning to be a patient teacher as I coach my husband on how to wash my hair and pull it in a pony tail! LOL It is a humbling experience, as I learn to let go of my pride to receive help! It is a great healing opportunity on all levels - physical, mental, emotional & spiritual.

Life is full of wonderful adventures if we choose to see them.  Every experience can have more meaning than face value if we choose to listen and look into deeper layers.  What physical pain are you struggling with?  Can you see its blessings and underlying lessons?

If you want to help me in my "project", look at the images of my healing wrist and visualize my wrist radiating health and energy.  Send Reiki, white light, Love, etc to all layers of my wrist and my being, for the highest good of all and as per God's plan for me.

Write a comment in the box below if you want to virtually sign my cast!

Much Love, Light and gratitude to all.



Friday, March 22, 2013

Accept your light, and transmute your shadows

You know that time when you're in the grocery store and you give "the eyes" to that parent with the loud boisterous child? Or that time when you "flip the bird" to that annoying driver? Or that belittling comment you say to your child? You know that feeling you have at times that actually takes delight in abusing and shaming others, and wielding power in unfair ways?

Did you know that these feelings, actions and comments say a lot about you, and what you're trying to repress within you? These behaviours and thoughts pop up when we fail to acknowledge our shadow side. We are all guilty of hurting or deriding others at time; it's the unflattering side of our personality, our human experience, that needs acknowledgement and a lot of love to heal and move on to the light.

Today, witness your shadow side. Notice how it can distort your view of the world around you. Become aware of the way you judge others are actually a reflection of your fears, anxieties and beliefs. Learn to embrace your weaker aspects and learn from them; if you continue to deny them, reject them or spiral in self-contempt you are hurting yourself more than you know, and you are hurting others and the planet at the same time.

Today, be tolerant of yourself. If you do, your shadows will give way to light and healing. Dare to look on your dark side and transmute icky feelings into Love and Light. It's part of your karma!

Remember, however, that when you shine light into darkness, the shadows appear to be bigger than what they actually represent. If you are too fearful or uneasy, ask for help!

Recapture your Light. Accept that you are a luminous being. Shine on!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

An increased awareness of your surroundings is key to intuitive living

Do you wish you could develop your intuition or your psychic abilities but you think it's a gift reserved for the select few? Or are you living with the negative belief that being intuitive makes you weird, spooky or out of touch with the real world?

Step out of your fear for a moment. Take a good look a the top business leaders, the top performers, and the people you look up to. You'll soon find out that the secret is that they trust their vibes, and that these vibes are more often than not rooted in a strong awareness of their milieu, of their strengths, and of when to ask for help.

Business leaders keep their fingers on the pulse of the markets and on that of their customers; performers scan the world for inspiration adding multicultural vibes to their repertoire that resonate with current or upcoming trends; parents truly listen to the needs of their child and respond to emotional, physical and mental cues that are right for their child in the moment, regardless of what "the book" says; farmers keep their focus on the weather and combine old knowledge with new technology to predict what crop will grow best in the current and upcoming conditions.

There's nothing supernatural about that, and you can do it too! If you're unsure how, seek a mentor. Find the resources you need to gain more knowledge and raise your awareness of the world around you. And then close the books and check in with your gut feelings. It's simple.

You are a star. You are intuitive. Shine on!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Schedule "ME" time to set the stage for manifesting your heart's desires

It's the first day of Spring! Happy Equinox!

This day, we are invited to bring more Light and Love into our lives, and to meditate on what makes us happy. We also need to realize that, although thoughts are powerful and carry a lot of energy, simply thinking about what makes us happy is not enough. Every day, we have to move towards our happiness from the inside out. Each day, we have to schedule time for ourselves, take care of ourselves and replenish our cup of plenty.

Every day, we are tugged by conflicting priorities. There are so many outside influences, fears and beliefs tugging the strings of our heart and demanding our attention. We wait until we've answered all their demands before allowing ourselves time to devote to our dreams and aspirations. Most days, it feels like there's just not enough time...

The days are getting longer now. It's time to realize that you're in charge of your own schedule. You are the one responsible for bringing your light to the world and for the way you schedule your days.

On this day, the Universe asks you, with the help of your fairy helpers, to take charge of your schedule. Meditate on your heart's desires, and write down five priorities in your life. Translate these priorities in activities, and write these down in your scheduler so that you remember (or make yourself!) spend time engaged in the activities that lift your heart. Invest time and energy in what makes you happy and fulfilled. These activities need not be complicated: I take time to meditate and enjoy the moment with my morning cup of coffee; I spend a few minutes in gratitude for Nature and her gifts as I gaze outside my window, taking a short break from the computer; I take time to write. It's not how big the activity or how long it takes that is important. It's that you take time for you and your dreams every day that's primordial. Even 5 minutes every day can uplift your heart and raise your energetic vibration.

Remember: you are worthy of spending time on YOU. You are completely loveable and perfect the way you are now, in this moment. You deserve the life your heart desires.

Also remember: life doesn't just happen "to" you. You are in a co-creative relationship with Universe. What you create with your thoughts and actions, the Universe responds with manifestations. You have an active role to play in the creation of your life, and in attracting your heart's desires. So, what are you attracting? Do you want more of the same?

Now, commit to yourself and schedule YOU time in your activities! I'm sending you loving energy to support you in your journey!

Here's an affirmation from Doreen Virtue's Healing With The Fairies card Follow Your Dreams to support this practice: "I deserve the best. I take charge of my schedule and my life."

Friday, March 15, 2013

Sending you bubbles of Love!

In my practice and in my life experience, I see a lot of people who want to "heal" a family member. They come to me with a healing intention directed to someone else. They want someone else to understand the truth, to see the Light, to get some sense into them... That's not how my healing practice works: I teach and guide my clients to take a good look inside first, to understand one's own lessons, buttons, and blinders.

You see, such an intention hides an underlying energy of judgment and conditional/limited love against the other. As good as the intention can seem to the rational mind, it might not be for the highest good of all involved. Such an intention often comes from our ego, from our hurts, from our beliefs or our socio-cultural perceptions; it is exclusive of the other's reality and life experience. We want the other person to fit in, to start eating healthy, to take better care of him/herself... but what if their life lesson and karma is tied to living this contrast? Who are we to take that experience away from them before they learn the lesson? And if you're sucked into their drama, are you really in a good place to enable their healing and learning process?

The action needed is rooted in Love. Connect with divine Love and with the healing Earth energy and, from your heart, place all that Love and healing in a bubble, and send it along to everyone, and especially to those with whom you experience the most discord. Trust that this bubble of Love will reach them.

If someone is particularly frustrating and is pushing your buttons, think of five reasons why that person is worthy of love, and why you are grateful for this person. His or her role in your life might just be to irritate you so you can learn patience and release control, so bless them for that, learn your lessons, and send a bubble of Love to yourself!

Remember that every person in your life is affected by your beliefs and expectations. The more Love you send, the more Love is returned to you.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Have Faith! Every thing happens for a reason...

Cannelle & family at the lake.
Is you motto "life is just not fair!"... Do you feel like others are given preferential treatment while your dreams are blocked?

Broaden your view and accept that all things happen for a very important spiritual reason which you may not fully understand. Divine Justice is operating at all times, no matter what your perception of life. Accept that your journey is what it is for a reason. Consider that what challenges you today is an opportunity for spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth.

Instead of steaming in self-pity, ask yourself what qualities are the difficulties at hand developing in you. Are you learning patience? Are you working on the ability to let go of control and allow divine inspiration to flow? Are you working on the ability to surrender to Spirit instead of ego? Are you learning strength and courage? Are you learning that it's OK to step out of the box? Are you learning to reach out to others for help, and to ask Spirit, your Higher Self and your guides for the resources to carry on?

Accept the moment with grace and dignity. Make the best of things. Have faith.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New! First edition of my newsletter, Love & Light!

I am thrilled to have launched my quarterly newsletter, Love & Light.  I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed creating it!  Blessings to all.


Je suis bien fière de publier mon premier bulletin trimestriel! J'espère que vous aimerez les articles autant que j'ai aimé le processus créatif!  Cheminons avec grâce et sagesse!

Friday, March 8, 2013

The spirit of Oneness

What a gorgeous day today - I am really enjoying the sun and am grateful for the upcoming equinox and the longer days!

As I was taking in my vitamin D and meditating earlier this afternoon, my mind was rambling on in its process of meaningful associations, until I came to a "knowing"...  and it really reinforces my understanding of the One Spirit, and of my role as your Coach.

Jaz with Bastet
In my mind, I saw this photo of me in front of a representation of an Ancient Egyptian temple.  There is a statue of a cat, representing the goddess Bastet in her animal form.  The human image of the goddess is represented in a statue standing behind the animal totem (you can barely see the feet of the statue in the photo).

And then I thought, isn't this interesting, how Spirit really wants to communicate with us and yet we don't always know how to receive or interpret messages, let alone have a meaningful conversation with the divine.  So many people I meet, and many of my clients, seek to develop their intuition and their spiritual connection, but don't know how to proceed.  Then, returning my inner focus on the photo, it felt like the cat - in the Egyptian imagery - was telling me that it is really an intermediary between the spirit world and our world.  It is placed between the human at prayer and the image of divinity to enhance or facilitate dialogue or intercession with the divine.

The message I received is to not take animals, statues, crystals or plants as deities in their own rights, but as a symbol or rather an effort of Spirit to talk to us in images, words and feelings we can relate to.  It is about Spirit reaching out to us in every shape and form and inviting us to enter in divine conversation.  So - you're not just talking to a bird, a cat or a crystal in energy work; you're talking directly with Spirit residing in the totem, the spark of divinity present in all things, the spark from the One Love uniting all of Creation.

The Infinite Spirit of Love and Creation wants to have a meaningful relationship with us.  In its infinite Love and Wisdom, it knows that when we are in our human experience, with our to-do lists and daily stressors and detractors it is very difficult for us to enter in divine communication.  Moreover, many of us have learned that we are unworthy of such a relationship with Spirit, that we have to let others - be they priests, saints, spiritual leaders, icons - ensure this communication for us.  Many have learned that a personal relationship with the Divine is forbidden and even sacrilege!  And many more think that it takes too much time and effort.

And so, in its infinite Love and Wisdom, Spirit has devised many ways to speak to us.  It has observed us since Creation and has noticed that we have an affinity with natural elements.  It knows that our minds can understand archetypes, regardless of cultural, racial or religious backgrounds.  It knows that we can open our hearts to unconditional love when we are in the presence of animals, and when we take in the beauty of Nature.  And it is from this space of unconditional love that Spirit is reaching out to us.  It is not that a particular bird, cat, dog, snake or crocodile is god incarnated, but it has the spark of the divine, just like we have, and it is from these sparks coming together that we can hear the messages from the divine.  The spark that speaks to us will be different to everyone, based on our personal constructs, preferences, imagery and beliefs.

Everything and everyone can speak to us of Spirit's infinite and unconditional Love for us if we only dare listen.  There is not one book, one method or one teacher that can tell you how Spirit speaks to you; you have to discover your own spiritual language through your own experience.

If we recognized that everyone and everything has a spark of the divine, empowering us to get closer to Spirit and Source, maybe we would stop trying so hard to devise structures and institutions to communicate with divinity.  Maybe if we recognized that we can all have access to Spirit, anywhere anytime 24/7, we would find greater peace of mind, peace of heart.  Maybe if we recognized that there is not one way better than the other, as long as we are in relationship with Spirit, we would know greater peace on Earth.  Maybe if we recognized that Spirit is all around us and within us, we would stop struggling, and our stress and anxiety levels would fade away.  Maybe we would love ourselves better.

Maybe if we recognized that Spirit has been trying so hard for so many years to enter in direct and meaningful conversation with us, using so many creative strategies, we would have a good laugh at our own expense, at our stubbornness, our pride, and our lack of confidence.  When we look at situations through our Higher Self, we can often see the comical in our human nature...

And maybe recognizing all the creative attempts of the divine to communicate with us, we would just be filled with gratitude, and our hearts would open up to unconditional Love and acceptance.  Having recognized Spirit, we can help others recognize Spirit too, in its many facets, shapes and forms.

This is my commitment to you as Coach: I am not about teaching you a trademarked process for spiritual development and communication.  My goal is to take you on a journey with yourself, so that you can discover your own ways of communicating with Spirit.  I will help you validate your hunches, feelings, visions and experiences so that they become normalized for you.  Once you reduce your fears and anxiety about communicating with Spirit, once it becomes a natural habit, a whole new world will open up for you.

And this new world, infused with Spirit, is absolutely wonderful!

Enjoy some quiet time today, and experience Oneness.  Allow Spirit to speak to you and move you.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Stirrings of Spring + an energy practice!

My playful puppy Maya.
Can you feel the stirrings of the new season?  If you have experienced sleepless, restless nights lately, if you have noticed your pets have been acting up and feeling restless (especially at night!), or if you feel unsettled and jittery in your mind and body - you are not alone!  This new season, in this new spiritual era, is bringing forth a renewal of energy at all levels.

In February, I felt very sleepy and my puppy and I had frequent naps together.  For the past week however, she has been more energetic and made sure I raised my energy level by "forcing" me to play with her.  And so have the cats - rediscovering toys they had put away under the couch for the winter and making sure I hear the bells and jingles through the night...  Even the birds are chirping outside with added vigour, and the migration has started.  I was delighted to wake up to the call of the white-throated sparrow!

Wake up, wake up!  The world is saying.  And with this energy shift, it's time to wake up and pick up our pace physically and metaphysically.  It's time to take more walks outdoors, maybe even lace up my running shoes and start that learn-to-run program once more?  I feel my creativity is surging, and I have to make sure I balance computer/writing time with meditation and exercise.  Thank goodness for my pet helpers who keep me active! ;)

Earth is buzzing with new energy, and we are called to channel this renewed Earth energy upwards, while anchoring even more Spirit energy on Earth.  To do this task, we have to prepare our bodies to receive, channel and transmute - otherwise we'll feel dizzy, sick and out of sorts.  So if you have flu-like symptoms but something tells you it's not the flu - first rest, then work on strengthening your body so it can handle a higher vibration.  I know that when I am initiated to a higher vibration, I often feel dizzy and nauseated...  and that has been the case this past week.  And so I commit to build up my body's energy.  It is, after all, the temple for my Spirit and as my Spirit is expanding and receiving more energy, I have to ensure my physical foundation is strong!

I love starting my mornings with the energy clearing and intention setting exercise I learned from Sonia Choquette last October.  This practice helps clear the throat chakra and enables whole-brain communication while preparing body-mind-soul to receive gifts of Spirit.  Here's what you do:

  1. Put on a happy, rhythmic song (I enjoy California Soul).  Inhale deeply, and as you exhale allow your rib cage to compress and let out a loud HA!  Do this for the entire song (about 3 minutes) and at the same time allow your body to move and flow without restrictions.  It's Spirit dancing!
  2. Belt out the song "I Can See Clearly Now" from Johnny Nash.  Move your body as you sing, and allow the song to set the intention for the day.  With practice, you will get to see clear signs of spirit throughout the day!
  3. Sit in meditation for approximately 10 minutes.  I listen to "Meditations" by George Raphael or "Devi Puja" by Prana & Krishna Das.  Rub your hands together to open your hand chakras.  Sit. Breathe.  Allow Spirit to shower you with Love, inside and out.  Just receive.
  4. My "bonuses" - I usually follow this practice with the Prayer of St. Francis (Sarah McLachlan); "Let It Be" by the Beatles, "I Feel Good" by James Brown; "Feeling Good" by Michael Bublé and "Calling All Angels" by Train.  The James Brown song really perks up my energy and I start moving and dancing again as I prepare breakfast -- and my morning coffee.
This whole practice (without my "bonuses") takes approximately 15 minutes.  I highly recommend it to you so you can feel aligned and clear.  Note that it takes approximately 30 days for the whole brain communication to rewire, so make this a daily practice.  Trust me, it will do wonders for your energy - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual!

With clear energy and renewed purpose, think of the seeds you want sprouting in your life this season.  Shower them with love and gratitude.  Have great expectations and you will see miracles unfold.

Much Love to you all.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Program! Spiritual Guidance

I am delighted to launch this new Spiritual Guidance Program, to help you connect to your inner map and compass!  This program will help raise your vibration as you develop your ability to receive and work with spiritual guidance.  It's available to everyone, anywhere in the world, who is truly committed to growing spiritually.

There is a shift of energy happening at a world level, and it is calling for all humanity to raise its vibration to the frequency of Love. Many of us are feeling the powerful shift in energy, yet are unsure how to respond to those vibes. Like many, you may know in your heart that you want to develop spiritually and raise your vibration, but you’re just unsure how to get there. Or you may feel that you’re alone on your journey and can see the benefit of customized guidance that’s on-target with where you are now in your life, and with where you want to go.

I CAN COACH YOU THROUGH THIS PROCESS. I can hold the sacred space for you as you go through the process of soulful transformation to a higher vibration. I can channel spiritual information that will guide you in your Journey. I can help you decipher and validate the messages you are already receiving from your guides.

You will feel guided every step of your journey. You will enjoy the freedom and empowerment to create the life your Soul desires, as you learn to align your will with Divine Will. You will feel more calm, centered and balanced. You will learn to see the manifestations of Spirit in your life. Knowing at a deeper level that you are guided and loved unconditionally will give you greater confidence to go forward in your Journey, and will bring you a greater sense of joy and harmony.

YOU ARE WORTHY to invest in yourself, and to create the life you really want.

When you align yourself with Divine Will, you learn to co-create, with Spirit, the life you really want on a Soul level. When you learn to identify and interpret messages from Spirit, your life can flow with more ease and abundance. This doesn’t mean there will be no growing pains… we are all on this Earth to learn and grow… but the growing pains can be lessened when we learn to tap into our intuition, to flow with life, to let go of ego constraints, and to examine our experiences from the perspective of our Higher Self.

For many, this can be a new way of living. Although this approach might be easy to learn in theory, its successful and consistent application takes more time, commitment and effort, that’s why it’s important to receive timely coaching and support as all the layers of your being undergoes the learning and consolidation process. To be really successful in transforming yourself to a higher level of vibration, you need to invest time – there is no instant cure. It takes patience, dedication, and the courage to say YES to all the beautiful opportunities and the abundance Spirit has in store for you!

The time is right to manifest your heart’s desires, and to enhance your spiritual life, fully connected to your inner divine map and compass!

PROGRAM OUTLINE – Duration: 6 months

In this transformative program you will receive customized and personal guidance to support you in your Journey. It includes nine individual coaching & Reiki sessions, six Spiritual Guidance reports that you will receive by email, and personal spiritual and soul-searching assignments.  In addition, you will have access to me by email for the whole duration of the program, so that you are always supported through the more difficult transitions and transmutations, and you always have someone with whom to celebrate your breakthroughs and "AHA" moments.

Your level of success depends on your commitment to YOU and your transformation.

Month 1
Months 2 & 3
Month 4 & 5
Month 6

  • Setting the Intention
  • Vision board
  • Guidance in Your Inbox
  •  1 Reiki session
  • Email support

  •  Guidance in Your Inbox
  •  2 Reiki sessions per month
  • Email support

  • Guidance in Your Inbox
  •  1 Reiki session per month
  •  Email support

  • Guidance in Your Inbox
  • 1 Reiki session to evaluate your Journey & conclude the program
  • Email support

  • Receive personal, intuitive coaching
  • Feel guided as you better understand your life’s mission and soul purpose
  • Learn to incorporate spiritual principles in your life
  • Develop your intuition and your relationship with Spirit
  • Differentiate between the voices of ego and the guidance of Spirit
  • Receive sustained mentoring throughout the Program
  • Feel that your entire energetic system – body, mind & Soul – is being heard, validated and nurtured

If you are serious about making changes in your life, if you are ready to make a commitment to yourself, and if you realize that quick fixes don’t typically work, then…

COME JOURNEY WITH ME. Open your heart and your mind to the new – the REAL – you. Learn to access the wisdom that’s already inside of you. I am looking forward to support and nurture you during your lows, and to celebrate with you as you experience breakthrough moments!

Start to really enjoy your life, your family, your job – and most importantly YOURSELF – the way you were meant to, and especially through times of transition.

I am so thrilled about this program and with the opportunity to raise our planetary vibration, one person at a time!  And the best part about this program is that it's portable and available anywhere in the world!   Complete the assignments from the comfort of your home, on the beach, in the forest...  and our individuals sessions can be done on the phone or through Skype.

If you're not sure this program is for you, call or email me for details.  We will spend a half-hour together to explore your needs and intentions, and to verify that we're a good vibrational match to work together.  There is no fee for this exploratory session.

Blessings of Light and Love.  I am looking forward to helping you manifest your greatest good.

Honour Your Integrity

Calm, sweet, sacred water of a cenote, Mexico.
During the two events in which I participated this last weekend, people have told me that the biggest issue they are dealing with at the moment is stress and anxiety.

In my experience - and I have suffered from anxiety for most of my life - the biggest spikes in these debilitating feelings occur when who we are inside is not congruent with who we try to be... either to please others, to fit in with people, situations or work that don't have the right vibe for us, or when we go for ideas and plans that lure us with their "quick fix" or immediate material and physical comfort.  Our Soul knows better, and signals our body to shake out of it with the various symptoms of anxiety.

When we shut down our true selves and ignore our intuition, we invite chaos and drama into our lives.  The red flags, symptoms and unease will continue to increase and haunt you until you understand that you are out of alignment, until you see that there is an other way - one that is congruent with your Truth - and until you accept to surrender to your highest good and divine will.

Oh the road isn't easy, and ego sure has its ways to keep us in bondage through fear and via seemingly very logical and sensible arguments...  Yet your purpose in life is to shine your light, not live in your shadow.  You have been given free will as a divine gift, and if your choice is to remain in your shadowland and suffer the consequences, then so be it.  Know, however, that you are more than your shadow.  You are more than your fears.  You are a beautiful living expression of the divine here on Earth.

Are you afraid to honestly look at your reflection because you feel unworthy of the beauty and divinity you will see?  Are you afraid of the power of Love that is at your disposal?  Are you afraid of the responsibilities this knowing might entail?  If yes, you are not alone.  Don't be shamed.  Remain still long enough for the silt to return to the bottom of the looking pool, then look at yourself again in the clear water.

Look at yourself as God sees you: perfectly loveable, perfectly capable, perfectly beautiful -- just the way you are right now in this moment.      

Friday, March 1, 2013

Your March Spiritual Guidance

Decks used: Robin Wood Tarot; Colette Baron-Reid “Wisdom of the Hidden Realms”; John Holland “The Psychic Tarot” 

Have you worked on releasing your fears and mental patterns keeping you in bondage, as suggested in last month’s reading? It looks like many of us have, for this month appears to have rapid soul growth in store for us! The better you’ve prepped the stage for your growth, the less disruptive and chaotic it will feel.  

This month, we are invited to work on the Spirit level, to raise our collective awareness and quality of vibration. The conditions are perfect and appear to be heading in the direction of our goals and desires. We will receive many blessings and our efforts will generate their own manifestations – and yet it might feel like it’s too much at once. Are you ready to receive the blessings the Universe has for you? Will you be willing to take advantage of these perfect conditions to co-create your dreams with the Divine? Don’t fight life; trust and go with the flow. The strong current is taking you to a positive outcome and future – if you allow it to do so. 

Take time this month to acknowledge your efforts in accomplishing your dreams and in contributing to the highest good. Celebrate how truly wonderful is your Soul. Accept the vital part you play in the greater purpose of life, and in our planetary evolution. Remember that we are One in Spirit, and everything you do to raise your own consciousness has the effect of raising the planet’s consciousness. As above, so below. Feel how connected you are to everyone and everything. 

Be forewarned, however, that shifting your consciousness to a higher level will impact how you live your life. The road to enlightenment can feel chaotic, especially when we hold on to the past and the way things used to be. Change involves a letting go of the old, yet we can feel lost without this security blanket. Know that everything that is falling apart now was not bringing you closer to your spiritual goal. Continue to address your negative thinking, limiting beliefs and risky or careless lifestyle. Life is moving and transforming you for the best, for your highest and best intention. 

The Hawk Prince will act as your Guide this month. He knows you’ve arrived at an important stage along your Journey. He reminds you that Spirit speaks to you always, through many channels. Pay attention to omens and oracles this month. Know that when you receive an email, overhear a conversation or see an ad that moves you, it is a response to your prayers. Spirit communication isn’t always about a thunderous voice coming from the clouds; it’s about the little voices and nudges along the way. Know that you are always surrounded with Love, and that divine guidance and wisdom is always available to you – but you must open your heart and mind and actively engage in the conversation! How wonderful it is to receive guidance during times of transformation! 

Spiritual Assignments for this month 

  • I am divinely guided in every step of my journey. I am open to receiving divine guidance. I am willing to engage in a conversation with my spiritual guides. 
  • I am deeply connected to everything and everyone in the Universe. 
  • What limiting thoughts or belief prevents you from feeling fully connected to others and the Universe? Identify these and work to release their hold on you. 
  • Maintain a gratitude journal. Remember to be grateful for the smallest to the greatest of blessings. Remember to see the blessings in disguise during this time of transformation. 
  • Meditate outdoors, or surround yourself with plants and pictures of the Earth while you meditate. Send Love to our planet and all its inhabitants. 
  • Seek to integrate and balance all elements in your life – Earth, Air, Fire and Water. 
  • Book a Reiki or intuitive coaching session to help you release your blocks and clarify your spiritual guidance.