Friday, November 22, 2013

In the beginning… Genesis of Star People on Earth (1 of 2)

The day I submitted my resignation at work, the Universe orchestrated a fun activity for more people to find me and to validate that my decision is for my highest good and joy.  This "Lightworker name game" I had published in July had made its way in cyberspace...  and someone had the intuition to post it in the Soul Coaching (R) Oracle Card Reader closed study group, not knowing that the author of that game (me) was taking the class!  What a surprise for me to see my creation staring at me as I logged on to the class' page - and to see all the fun interaction people were having!

I have received many questions on the various names, energies and vibrations I introduce in this game.  Tonight, I feel it is time to publish a short text I wrote back in 2010 and tucked away on my computer.  I am still feeling vulnerable for sharing these channelled creative work - and yet I am happy to share.  Perhaps this work is part of my mandate?

And now, take a deep breath...  and meet the Blue People, as I felt them whispering to me a cool Fall evening in 2010.


The rumblings could not be ignored any longer. The vibrations from the core were getting louder, deeper, stronger. Even from above, the tremors could be felt. Clouds of red were enveloping this jewel in the sky. We should have left already, but it is so difficult to just leave and abandon what we have called home for so many millenniums. But it was time for us to move along as a people. All our lessons here have been learned, except from the final cosmic detachment we are now collectively experiencing.

And so it was that we were hovering over our red planet as the volcanoes were erupting, as ash was spewed into the atmosphere. Our home needed to destroy itself for our final lesson – only we were still attached to it. Reluctantly, one by one, we were forced to remove the cosmic cords attaching us to it, learning to let go for the collective good: let go of all we have anchored here, of the great civilization we build here, of our fears and longing for our old stagnating ways. We chose to return to the God Consciousness. We needed to die to ourselves to stretch our knowledge, our boundaries, our spirituality.

Just as the last cosmic cord was cut, there was thunder in the sky and rumblings from the planet. Our home planet was cut in half, exposing its red center and sending wave after wave after wave of energy in the cosmos and beyond.

I can feel the final tentacles, like fine silk ribbons, detaching from their anchor points. As we weep our loss, we know we must join others in the search of this new beginning, of this other planet that will become our new home and will permit our passage to the next dimension. Our Soul School. Our promised Land. We will be its guardians and its students. As the last tendrils of our Cosmic Cords are burned in the healing fire of our dying planet, we move freely bound by nothing but pure energy. We try to understand and re-center ourselves in our new identity. It is the end, and with the end comes darkness.

It is this in-between period that I dislike the most. The time of not knowing, not controlling. How do I get there from here? Where is “there”? How will I recognize it? There is nothing to hold on to in the in-between period, as everything old needs to be released but everything new has not yet been found. Old wounds need to heal before new skin can grow, and you’re left with the pain, sadness and agony… but somehow moving to freedom and joy.

But as we float further away from our beloved red planet, gently following the energy waves in the great cosmos, we know it is the time of rest between the grieving and the new beginning; the time to give everything over to the God-consciousness which will always protect and nurture our Souls.