Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fun in the sun

I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful season.  I have been soaking in the sun and cleansing ocean vibes for the past few weeks.  I have been quite disconnected from technology and at the same time going deep within for personal clearing and healing work.  It has been difficult to write during this time! ;)

I am celebrating a few "breakthrough" moments in my personal healing.  Some issues I was ignoring or was not consciously aware of now have a face or a voice.  It is a subtle change perhaps, but as many authors say once you can name what is troubling you, you can clear it.  Fear is not so fearful when you know its source.   Issues are not as challenging once you remove the ego fears, objections and resistance.

Throughout most of my life, I have been acquiring information through books and processing intellectual information. I am now acquiring deep knowledge through experience and through my heart.  Things are moving from the intellectual realm to the realm of experience and emotions.  It reinforces the concept that it is not enough to know about spiritual, psychological or emotional ideas; for true healing to happen these ideas have to be applied and experienced.  I am very happy with this transition, although I feel a bit wobbly like a child walking for the first time.

I am also preparing for my great adventure - leaving next week for Brazil and the Casa de Dom Inacio where John of God has his ministry.  I have been feeling a shift in my energy ever since I have committed to taking this trip.  The healing sessions I have conducted have become more powerful.  More of the hidden realms have been opening to me.  There is a different pulse about me.  Many have told me I have a new glow or radiance, and like fireworks in my eyes.  I am sure this is the work of the entities at the Casa, and I am grateful for this -- although again, I am feeling a bit wobbly and have to work to remain grounded.  I have been told that the energy at the Casa can be very powerful.  I am looking forward to experiencing this first hand next week.

Although my writings are few this summer between my holidays and my spiritual retreat in Brazil, I am thinking of you dear readers from around the world, and sending you all Love, Light and Healing.

Enjoy the summer, and have fun in the sun.  Let you inner child out to play.  :)