Friday, July 20, 2012

Traffic jam in the Throat Chakra

You are happily driving along, on holiday when the traffic stops suddenly.  What do you do?  Do you send curses and evil words to all these cars and drivers ahead, or do you take time for a quick restorative meditation, listening to your favourite music?  You have the power to choose your words, emotions and energy...


Imagine this: the Throat Chakra is a very busy bridge between the divine source of life and Love, and your physical body.  Circulation is intense but flowing.  Then, ego's voice gets in the way and decides to send its own messages of fear.  Divine communication and intuition officers see the bump in the road, and re-route traffic.  But then there's an other bump, a gaping hole in the pavement, then an other.  It's like every negative thought  creates traffic havoc.  The bridge is in disrepair on the lower heart-side of the bridge.  Negative thoughts keep jack-hammering away at their side of the bridge with the belief that you are unworthy of the bridge which brings Love, divine guidance and intuition in your life.  Soon, you can't even see the other side of the bridge for all the dust and destruction.  Does this mean the other side does not exist anymore?  Does this mean that Love can never get to you? Nothing is further from the truth.  

Truth is, if you feel your bridge is in disrepair, you don't even have to work hard on rebuilding it; you simply have to allow yourself to put your destructive tools down (and that can be tough work in itself).  Allow the divine communication and intuition officers to flow back in and rebuild this bridge with you. Once the dust settles, you will see the abundance of Love and divine guidance on the other shore, waiting to cross and come to you.  

The traffic jam is your own doing - do you want to allow it to continue, or do you want to allow the flow to resume?  The choice is yours, and you choose through your words.

Take a moment from your busy day, and breathe deeply.  

Clear the traffic jam and the dust, and with each breath choose to reconnect to Source.  When you hear ego's voice trying to get through, say: "Ha! I hear you and recognize you ego.  I acknowledge the fear and hurt from which you are speaking, yet I choose loving words instead."  Go so far as giving ego a traffic ticket - something along the line of for each ill word, speak three words of love.  Keep it fun! :)

Here are a few affirmations to help you along the way:

  • I speak from the heart and let the truth be my guide.
  • I am worthy of Love.
  • I am worthy of relaxing and enjoying life.
  • Instead of trying to figure everything out, I allow God's grace to guide me and I trust my intuition.
  • I use the power of words to make the world a better place.
  • I choose to activate my highway of Love and Abundance.  
The healthy and abundant divine circulation will soon resume, restoring joy and happiness in your life.  Your main action is to Allow.

Happy trails!

How do you speak to yourself?

What is your typical mental dialogue with yourself?  Does it run along the lines of: "I'm not good enough, not skinny enough, not lovable, miserable, stupid...  Why did I do that? Think that?  I'm so worthless.  Nothing do can succeed; I am doomed to poverty and misery...  I am so alone in this world feeling this way..."

Even reading such lines - how does it make you feel?  Do you feel joyful and connected to all life, or do you feel rejected and apart from the good life?  Be in this moment for at least three breaths as you reflect on how you speak to yourself...  Really notice how you feel, and where are the aches and pains in your body as examine these feelings...  Breathe...

Most people who hold such negative self-talk will feel a burning or stinging in their throat; they may find they miss a note when they sing or their voice gives way or crackles as they talk out loud.  They likely have recurring ear, nose, throat and respiratory ailments.  Over time, the sourness or burning in the throat will descend into the heart and lungs, as if the whole body is being contaminated by the negative thoughts.  Depression may settle in as the connection between Source and the heart thins out and the thought that they are unworthy of divine attention becomes prominent.

The words we choose influence our emotions.  Our words, and the emotions we choose to create for ourselves, influence how connected we feel to something greater than ourselves.  We co-create our world with our words, as our words both reflect back the energy we send out to the world AND they plant the seeds of the fruits we will harvest.

The Throat Chakra is the place from where we can speak or sing our love for ourselves, our partner, our world, our Source.  It's also the place from where we can use our voice to speak words that hurt or slander, speaking words that harm and destroy.  Know that energetically, the Throat Chakra can not work properly when we choose negative self-talk and negative narrative of our world.  Our whole system, therefore, will not continue to receive sustenance from the sacred ether unless we make the effort to choose our words and thoughts wisely, aligned with Love.

What would change in our inner world if we would say to ourselves:

  • I am a divine child of God, and I am loved unconditionally exactly how I am
  • I am worthy of love
  • I love myself unconditionally
  • I am beautiful
  • I am capable
  • I am resourceful, and I am empowered to work towards my dreams
  • I am part of the divine plan 

What would change in our outer world if we spoke these beliefs:
  • I live in a beautiful, wonderful world
  • I feel safe
  • I am surrounded by wonderful people and gifts of Nature
  • When I take time to honour Nature and take care of people, pets and places on a small scale, it has a ripple effect in sending Love out to people, animals and the environment on a large scale.
  • Life is beautiful, and full of opportunities
Are you ready for this positive talk experiment?  Try it, and notice how you feel in your mind, emotions and body.  I invite you to share your experience with at least one person in your community, or in a comment to this post, or with me in a private appointment.  

Peace and Joy to you.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Throat Chakra: overview

The throat chakra, with its placement between the head and the heart, acts as a bridge between mental aspects and emotional aspects, between thoughts and feelings.  It is also a link between the material and the immaterial or spiritual worlds, as it bridges the higher and lower chakras.

A well balanced throat chakra enables us to overcome duality and have a more global or centred approach to life; we learn to balance times when we listen to our head, and those when we listen to our hearts.  More importantly, we learn to communicate clearly our ideas and emotions.  By developing our throat chakra, we also learn to speak and act our inner truth and inner wisdom without being swayed by either the strong opinions or emotions of our environment.

You will notice an imbalance in the throat chakra, whether it spins too strongly or sluggishly, when:

  • you have a hard time expressing yourself, your thoughts and your feelings; 
  • you suffer from shyness; 
  • you say things you later regret; 
  • you suffer from speech defect; 
  • you often find yourself telling little white lies; 
  • you have a sore throat or thyroid issues; or 
  • if you constantly talk people's ear off.

If you want to work on harmonizing this chakra, follow your inner guidance to gauge whether it spins too fast or too slow.  If you want to activate it, start by humming or singing quietly to yourself.  See if you can put your thoughts and feelings to song.  Make it silly or dramatic - as long as you vocalize what needs to be said.  As you sing, place your hands on your throat and feel the vibrations of your voice.  Feel also how your mood changes as you sing.  And if you have a sudden clear vision of a solution to your issue, write it down!

If you need to calm this chakra, practice silent observation of nature; if you can, stare into a calm body of water.  I'm sure even staring at an image of a calm turquoise sea would work.  Practice yoga breathing - touch the tip of your tongue to the back of your upper teeth and practice opening your throat as you inhale and exhale slowly.  Feel your breath in the back of your throat.  Listen to its sound - doesn't it remind you of the sea?

I can help you harmonize your chakras; book an appointment in person or through Skype.  It is the expression of my inner truth to serve and help heal people, pets and places.  I would love to help you feel more in harmony with your true feelings and with your unique divine plan.