Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Honouring Ancestors Can Bring Healing to Present Life

Did you spend some time this past week connecting with your ancestors and grandparents through your sense of smell, as suggested in last week's post? We are concluding our month on the Root Chakra with a few musings on ancestral karma and vital life lessons.

There are life lessons we understand only when we have children of our own, and it's not just because of growing maturity. Since the birth of my son eleven years ago, I have been utterly amazed at how his posture is like his paternal grandfather's; how his love of books is like my mother's; how some of his gestures mimic those of family members - some whom my son has never met. He certainly hasn't learned behaviours or thought patterns through observation... there must be something in our genes or energy that enables us to embody traits passed down from generations.

Since about the same time as my son's birth, I have been deepening my journey of self-understanding. Now that I'm a mother, I can understand things that happened when I was a child from my mother's perspective - and from her mother's perspective. I can see patterns of hurt and patterns of blessings being repeated from one generation to the next. I have decided to heal some of the hurtful patterns within myself so they are not passed on to my son and possible future generations. Working with ancestor energy has brought me such an understanding and such gratitude for the life I have today. It has increased my love for generations before me, and extends my love to future generations. Here are a few of my insights, musings and tools.

My grandmother and her family, pictured above, led the life of pioneers in the Abitibi region of Québec. Her father, a cabinet-maker, decided to uproot his family from Montreal during the Great Depression to open lands for farming. Carving farmland out of the wilderness was very difficult, and they experienced isolation and deep poverty. That feeling of lack has been passed down and is still impacting the finances and general wellbeing of my generation: there is a fear of throwing anything away, just in case. There is a deep need to accumulate and never have an empty pantry or freezer, just in case. And although salaries are very good, there is a need for hand-me-downs even if it's poor quality due to a belief that we can't or shouldn't purchase new. That last statement - I am done with and have been for a number of years! It has been difficult to heal the feeling of lack and to replace it with a feeling of abundance, especially when it's so deep-seated within myself and in my family!

I could choose to anger over the lingering feelings of lack - after all anger and the need for food, shelter, safety and creature comforts are all part of the Root Chakra - but I choose instead to be grateful. I choose to see the gifts and the lessons that a lack of material goods brought to my ancestors' and my life, like ingenuity, resourcefulness, a sense of adventure, and the ability to make something out of anything. This year especially, as I'm transitioning from my cushy government salary to the reality of the self-employed, I have called on that ingenuity and resourcefulness to create wonderful meals even when others in my household would say, "there's nothing to eat!" Necessity is the mother of creation, goes the saying - and I have created a lot this year! I actually feel more free, empowered and proud of my creations when I apply my resourcefulness.

How about you? Can you notice generational patterns, and what can you learn from them?

One of the generational musings I've been mulling over for a few months deals with the renewal of a more conscious or spiritual life in our generation. More and more people are seeking spiritual guidance. Where I live, many are discovering First Nations roots that were buried up the family tree. Even I have discovered that I have a grandmother from a Nation near Lake Nipissing who had married a "coureur des bois" in the 1700s. In addition, many (including myself) are going through physiological changes and have become intolerant to wheat gluten. I am aware that wheat is not indigenous to North America and that a great number of First Nations people are suffering from gluten-related diseases. Is there a correlation? Now this is by no means a scientific study... but I wonder if an ancient gene that was dormant is being activated.  I wonder if Grandmother is calling her children back to her, back to a more Earth-based spirituality, back to community-based values, back to wholeness... however remote or obscure our link is in the family tree... Why are so many of us awakening to Spirit and are experiencing similar symptoms in this generation?...

This week and with the sacred night of Halloween, let's honour our ancestors and our family trees. Let's honour their trials and tribulations. Let's gain a richer and deeper perspective on our role in the family tree. Let's gain insight on the legacy we want to leave our children, and their children's children.

One easy way to do this is by creating an Ancestor Altar. This can be on the mantelpiece, on a shelf or on top of a dresser. Choose a nice cloth that can represent your Roots or your reverence to your ancestors. (I have a tablecloth my grandmother embroidered). Add photos or objects representing your grandparents or earlier ancestors. Choose to work with only one ancestor or with many. You could add a photo or a painting of the landscape where they lived. What's important is that you feel a connection - make their life real to you. Light a few candles. Then, sit down in front of your altar with a cup of tea or other food or drink your ancestors would have loved, and have a conversation with them. Thank them for being present for you from the other side of the veil, thank them for making their presence known to you and for helping you in the present day. Ask your questions, ask for insight. Also, tell them that any issues they might have had are not to be played out in your life or in the life of future generations. State your intention to heal the hurts and to bring Love and Understanding to their human experience. When you feel the conversation is complete, thank them again - then notice what shifts in your life.

Enjoy your experience with your Ancestors, and please share your insights!

Sending you blessings of Love!

Monday, October 20, 2014

The magic of aromas...

I was 16. It was my first summer away from home, working as counsellor in a summer camp. Not only was the feeling of independence coming from the fact I was earning good money all summer, it was also a bit of an act of defiance for me. Imagine: a French Catholic girl who has been brought up to fight for her rights now working in an English camp hosted by the United Church... I was decided to make my own life path. I have many memories from that summer and although I always pleasantly recall memories of Jeff-the-Lifeguard *swoon*... one of the strongest memory remains the scent of my shampoo. I had purchased it with my own money; it was better than the dollar-brand my parents could afford; and I loved its perfume. Now and again, I chance upon that shampoo and the scent of it transports me right back to the feelings of rebellious independence of my sweet 16.

Can you recall a pleasant memory from your childhood? Are there any scents associated with this memory - the blanket, the flowers, the homemade soup or the apple pie? Think of that aroma, and notice how your body reacts. Is there a smile on your face, are your shoulders relaxing, is your breathing deepening?

Since our cavemen ancestors, scents have been telling us a lot about the world around us. Thankfully, we don't sniff butts like our four-legged friends to see how we're doing (that would be awkward at the office!) but we still use perfumes and scents on our body and in our environment to share and receive information about each other. Physically, the sense of smell is the most directly related to the brain; information travels up the nose and into the brain with the least amount of neural transmission, and it impacts brain chemistry. Memory recall can be very powerful when we add a layer of scent and aromas. Scent is a trigger for the brain. When we can connect a pleasant experience with an aroma, it is easy to return to the pleasant state of mind by using the same aroma again and again. The same is true when we have connected a scent with a painful experience - the same scent can instantly trigger sadness, pain or worse, post-traumatic stress.

It is no wonder that rituals through the ages have used herbs and oils to enhance the spiritual experience: with our sense of smell, we can easily be transported to that state of relaxation where it is easier to pray, and where we feel more open to receive guidance. In the context of the Root Chakra, I want to focus on scents that can help reduce your stress and help you feel connected to your ancestors, tribe or deceased loved ones.

I love sage and I incorporate it in my rituals at least on a weekly basis. When I burn sage, I feel connected to the spirit of the land. I feel connected to the First Nations who were here well before my European ancestors. I send a prayer to my several-times-great-grandmother from a First Nation of the Nipissing area. I recall the first time I was introduced to smudging in a Circle led by Elders, and I recall the sacredness of the moment. When I use sage, I deeply connect with all that is sacred. I am transported to a place of peaceful and powerful reverence. So you see, sage is not just for the New-Agey clearing and blessing - make sacred memories with sage by using it consciously in rituals and it will enhance your inner peace.

Cedar and pine are close second, for these earthy scents remind me of time spent outdoors, feeling free and deeply connected to the environment. My body might feel a bit heavier as my energy settles in my body and roots itself in sacred Earth. Stress and headaches are relieved. Immune system is boosted. With pine and cedar, I can feel as tranquil as I would be sitting in a forest clearing surrounded by majestic trees and looking up at the blue sky above me and the rusty pine needles and earth below me. I can breathe deeply and calmly.

Patchouli is a bit more exotic for me and instantly reminds me of Meditation, Reiki and Healing Circles. I love the new incense sticks I just received at my shop - it's the best patchouli I've ever smelled: earthy with a note of floral. Patchouli has been used for hundreds of years as a sedative and anti-depressant; it's an excellent scent to uplift our moods on these rainy days of Fall.

All of these 3 scents are easily found in incense, candles and essential oil formats. When you can't burn a candle or an incense stick, try this tip: purchase a small glass spray bottle. Fill it with purified water, 1 tsp sea salt and about 10 drops of your favourite essential oil, and shake gently to blend. Spritz your pillow before bed, or directly on your skin. Take a few deep breaths as you consciously evoke feelings of calm and inner peace.

To use scents that would connect you with your ancestors, spend some time connecting with your family tree. What activities did they do? Where did they live? What did they eat? How did they celebrate their spirituality? Go from there to find a scent that is meaningful to you. When my grandmother visits in spirit, I can smell her homemade tomato soup; when I want to reconnect with her, I often use the old soup recipe and take delight in the aroma that fills my house. Have fun reconnecting with your ancestors and deceased loved ones using your sense of smell. Remember that October is a good time to honour our ancestors and doing an exercise such as this one can help heal generational issues.

I recently received fresh sage, sage blends, incense sticks and incense cones. If you need help figuring out which scent would work best for you, or if you'd like to purchase sage or incense, talk to me! I'd be more than happy to answer your questions.

Sending you blessings of Love!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Crystals to help you feel cool, calm and collected

We are continuing our journey with the Root Chakra!  This week, I give you some insights on which crystals to use with the most common imbalances of the Root Chakra:  feeling insecure, frazzled, dizzy - and the most unsettling feelings of having foreign energies or entities attached to us.  We better get our protection on before the ghosts and ghouls of Halloween come out and play!  I am saying this playfully - but there is a grain of truth here.  For thousands of years, many cultures have observed a "thinning of the veil" between our physical world and the one beyond where our ancestors and deceased loved ones are said to be waiting for us.  Halloween is based on a very spiritual tradition of honouring the dead; giving them offerings at this time of year helped ensure they would leave would keep us safe and would not harm us in the coming year.  Gathering stones, flowers and seeds have always been part of the rituals and celebrations.  I'll be hosting a meditation in honour of our ancestors this Halloween, and I am looking forward to it!  I'll share more information with you as preparations come together...  but in the meantime, back to this week's topic:

Here are 5 top crystals for the Root Chakra!  Remember that crystals are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information...

Hematite Hematite

Hematite has been my go-to stone since University.  I love it as a "pocket stone" or touch stone.  I find it very calming and soothing, and it helps relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety.  As I hold it in the palm of my hands, I remember to breathe fully, and I know that whichever storm I am going through shall pass.  I feel a boost in my confidence and I feel protected.


I love this new specimen that recently landed in my store!  When meditating with it, holding it in my left palm with the intention to find out about its healing energy, I felt Earth energy gently rising up from the Root Chakra to the Crown, like sap moving up the stem of a flower.  I felt each chakra being cleansed with Earth energy, removing old, stagnant energy and making space for joyous energy.  It was so gentle, and yet I know that its cleansing is powerful.  I've since read that Chrysanthemum helps remove blocks to one's life purpose, so that one's essence can blossom.  The extra cool thing about being aligned with and living your life purpose is that you start attracting prosperity and abundance.  This is a nice stone to have on the bedside table or under the pillow, so that it may work on our energy as we sleep.

Smoky quartzSmoky Quartz

If you've read Harry Potter and any books on magic, you've heard of the concept of the invisibility cloak.  That's what I think of with the Smoky Quartz - I visualize a cloud of smoke around me that protects me from other people's harmful energy.  Because I am clairsentient, I often need a boost to discern the energy around me, and help so that I don't absorb all energies crossing my path.  Smoky Quartz helps bring clarity while grounding and protecting.  An all-around wonder-full stone to wear as a pendant or to place on an altar or crystal grid.

Red Tiger EyeRed Tiger Eye

I have been fascinated with this red beauty the moment I saw it.  It shimmers with vitality, joy for living and I believe it has a sense of humour.  Just looking at it, I feel it can also help the wearer sing that special song that comes from deep within - helping with life purpose and keep putting one foot in front of the other in life's journey.  The shimmer in the Tiger Eye are from strands coming together - this crystal is said to help with family of tribal issues or patterns.  It can also help you "keep it together" in times of stress.  It can also help you feel closer to your ancestors, deceased loved ones and spiritual cheerleading squad.


Although not a typical stone for the Root Chakra, I decided to include Labradorite in this issue for its ability to enhance communication between both sides of the veil.  Ancient shamans from Labrador and northern Québec believed that this stone had captured the northern lights.  Working with shimmering Labradorite helped them divine messages from their ancestors and spirit helpers.  My energy was instantly attracted to and locked on to my Labradorite wand even before my eyes saw it and that my brain understood what I was holding in my hands.  It was a powerful energy match.  I use it now to anchor spiritual energy on Earth and to move energy from my Crown down to my Root.

I truly enjoyed writing this article and sharing tidbits of information on crystals with you!  Some of the crystals pictured are from my personal collection, but most are in my healing centre looking for their home.  If you feel attracted to any of these, let me know!  
Sending you blessings of Love!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Spiritual Reading, October 2014

Denise Linn "Gateway"
October took me by surprise.  Already here??  Where has September gone?  Where has the summer gone?  Was it ever really here?

So by October 2nd, I realized I needed to work on this month's intuitive reading.  I recorded it, like I have done for the past few months.  My iPad stopped recording right in the middle of the video saying there was not enough space.  I downloaded everything in to my computer, cleaned up my files and tried again, salvaging what I could from "Take 1".  I was getting ready to upload, then the power went off.  I started reloading once the power came back on, then the power flickered a few more times and went off for the whole evening.  I'm taking this as a sign that I was not supposed to video this month's Reading, lol.  Here are my insights, in writing.

Week 1:  Being in the flow
The first week of October was about rolling with the punches and suspending resistance to change.  Something big is happening for us, and the more we resist, the more it persists.  This is a time for us to allow Universe to take us to where we need to be, in the moment.  It's a time to let go of our well laid-out and thought-out plans and see what else is there for us.  Perhaps Universe has something better up its sleeve than what our limited mind can think of.  Perhaps we've been trying to skip steps and we're not ready yet for the big dream and Universe has a few more teachings for us before we get there.  Whatever your "it" is...  just go with it.

Week 2:  Coming into Power
Oooh...  did you feel the shift?  Universe is bringing you to the place where you can truly express yourself.  Use your talents and unique gifts this week, and feel how rewarding it is when you can serve from your heart.  The more you bring your talents and gifts out to the world, the lighter you will feel.  Meditate daily, and ask, "How can I serve today?"

Week 3:  Savouring Pleasure
Here in Canada, it's Thanksgiving weekend October 10-13.  For many, it will take an effort to savour the pleasure of being with family - the common experience is stress and anxiety...  Remember to let your light shine, serve with your gifts.  Also, take time to ground yourself.  If a family reunion is difficult for you, take a long salt bath (I recommend 3 cups of sea salt to a very warm bath, and 10 drops of lavender essential oil, 10 drops of almond or coconut oil and 1tsp of baking soda for soft skin).  Take time to truly taste the foods shared with you this week.  Enjoy the leftovers.  Take time to truly enjoy being in the presence of a loved one.  If the family gathering becomes too much, take a "time out" with the kids.  Ask her about her dreams.  Share in arts and craft.  Take a walk together and play in the leaves.  Taking time to savour the moment, and taking pleasure in all you do will help you focus on what's really important.

Week 4:  Starting Fresh
Perhaps you've noticed, during your "savouring week" that your daily activities are not aligned with what you truly value, or with what brings you pleasure.  Give yourself permission from this day on to add more of what brings fun and light to your life, and to release what brings you chaos and grief.  A fresh start, a new beginning is possible for you at this time.  If you've been listening to Universe this month and paid attention to your dreams, used your gifts and talents and are aware of what brings you pleasure...  you should be in a good place to revisit that plan we had to put aside at the beginning of the month.  Make sure it's aligned with your soul, and start its implementation.


I trust this Reading has brought you insight.  If you wish to have a personal Reading  I would love to connect with you.  Readings are available via email, Skype, phone and in-person; specify your receiving preference when you book your appointment.

Much Love to you!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Root Chakra: Gateway to Vitality

I am delighted to start this monthly series on chakras! In the last post, I wrote that we have energy points in our bodies that correlate with glands of the endocrine system, and that the function of the hormones produced by these glands produce a similar physical, emotional and mental response as what has been observed over thousands of years by sages in India. These energy points are located in the body and are centred with the spinal column. In sanskrit, these energy points are referred to as “chakras” or “spinning wheel”. In addition to influencing our wellbeing, the chakras respond to colour vibration - just like a crystal in sunlight refracts the light in rainbow hues, each chakra refracts and responds to specific colours from red at the base to purple at the crown. I am imagining now my spine as a clear double-pointed crystal, and the energy coming through me being reflected in rainbow hues all around me. It’s feeling good! (Note to self: video a rainbow meditation to share!)

We are starting our journey through the chakras from the base up. This month: the Root chakra! It is located at the bottom of the spine with the tailbone and also the perineum area. In fact, it’s your whole “down under”. It faces toward the Earth as it moves Energy up into your body through your feet and legs, then up your spine, and back down into the Earth. This chakra is our anchor. It keeps us physically strong and mentally & emotionally stable. In terms of energy, it’s the densest and it spins more slowly than upper chakras. It vibrates to the colour red.

I’ve been writing in the past few articles about feelings of anxiety and stress; did you know that the Root Chakra has much to do with these feelings? One of the reasons I invite you to take a walk and move your body when you are feeling anxious is so you may reconnect with the Earth energy — and also let go of energies that are stagnating in your body. Think of the purpose of the Root chakra as a system to deliver fresh vital energy to your body, and the delivery guys take away the old energies in exchange. Unlike the delivery system from the store, where you must be available between 9 and 5 on a certain day and wait and wait and wait until 4:45 when they finally show up for the exchange (no, I’m not referring to the delivery of my new fridge - ok, maybe, lol), the delivery system for your energy is always available and ready to exchange new for the old… the problem is that our door is not always open. We get really busy in our heads. We get really busy being busy and we forget to take care of our body. We have lived childhood traumas or have suffered betrayal, uprooting, or physical pain and we closed up to the world.

We must feel connected to the world around us and have good relationships with our body, our family members and our tribe to feel safe and strong to deal with all that life brings our way. Otherwise, we live in our heads, in our dreams and imaginary world and lose contact with who we are. It becomes increasingly difficult to manifest what we want because we are depleted of vital life-force energy. Unfortunately, that’s when the ghosts of our past and the monsters of our imagination decide to take over and it becomes difficult to release them.

It’s important to check in with our bodies regularly and feel where we hold on to stress and anxiety. I know more than one person who clenches her butt when she becomes frightened or stressed. If you do this too, you’re not alone! Just remember to breathe and relax your muscles!

Here are four things you can do to relax your muscles and keep that chakra door open for deliveries of fresh energy:

  1. Lie down on your back. Bend your knees up, feet hips-width apart and allow your knees to touch. Place your hands on your lower belly, and breathe. Focus on your muscles, and intend for them to relax. Feel them become softer with every breath. 
  2. Take a walk. Notice nature all around you, even if you’re in a city. 
  3. Eat fresh foods that support and nurture your body. Have fun this month exploring with the colour red - red cabbage, beets, red potatoes, red onions, radishes, etc.
  4. View this video - it’s a meditation to anchor your energy and to connect with divine energy. The duration is approximately 20 minutes.

Next week, I will introduce you to crystals that resonate with the Root chakra, and I’m looking forward to sharing this article with you!

In the meantime, if you have specific questions on the health of your chakras, or if you would like a chakra-specific Oracle Card Reading, click here to make an appointment!

Sending you blessings of Love!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

New videos: Daily Energy Routine!

This is a preview of what I teach in the Lightworker Intuition Development Program.  The Daily Energy Routine is based on Donna Eden's work, and I add my two cents of wisdom especially for Lightworkers.

Video 1: Reasons for having a good energy routine.

Video 2: Follow along as I guide you through the routine!

Remember to incorporate an energy practice in your daily life.  For Lightworkers, it's not just an option, it's a necessity!

Share below: what's your favourite element of the Routine?