Sunday, September 29, 2013

'Twas the night before the big day...

...and all through my body icky crawlers were stirring.  The jaw is tightening and the heart rate is up.  The neck has a creak and I'd go belly-up.  WHY? The heart is crying, "Why do I have to go back?"  Acid reflux, and jitters, ants in the legs and a mind going bonkers...  Holy tamale, I'm going through the wringer.

And then I stop and I breathe.  I talk to my dog and we set out for a walk.  She sniffs at Fall leaves and rolls in the ditch; I enjoy the cool air, the blue sky, the birds and the River. I remember to have a good dinner.  My glass of wine is a nice treat.   I set out my good clothes.  I remember my techniques for scaring away the ghosts and ghoulies.  Bye-bye, creepy crawlers.  I know I can choose my thoughts and my emotions, and I choose to whoosh you away.  And I stop and I breathe.

My books and my papers, my office pass and my lunch - all are ready tonight to ease up my frown.

In a moment I will soak in a nice hot bath, with 2 cups of sea salt to balance me out.  I'll add lavender and chamomile too, for I know a good sleep will do wonders for you.  And I'll tap on my emotions, my tears and my fears.  And I'll set my intentions for magic and ease.  I'll surround myself in a big bubble of Reiki and Light.  And I trust that I'm secure, I'm safe and I'm loved.  And I trust I can pull through for the Big Guy's rooting for me too.

Just for tonight, I release anger.  Just for tonight, I release worry.

All is well.  All is well.

And to all, a good night...


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