Thursday, February 28, 2013

Little Clouds...

Flying over Saskatchewan
What do you do when you feel insecure? Do you use all your mental and emotional energy trying to deny, ignore or hide your feelings of insecurity? Do you worry excessively, believing that every small cloud is the seed of a giant storm, and you're sure it will erupt soon? Do you fear that your needs can't ever be met? Do you hate yourself for having to depend on others?

Today, we are reminded that everyone and everything is interconnected, and all of life is dependent on the loving Spirit of the Universe.  Surrender to the will of Spirit. The small clouds in your life which can appear huge from the perspective of your ego are just that - small clouds. Trust that all is well. It is so.

Embrace your vulnerabilities as learning experiences. They are lessons for you to learn to let go of the illusion of control over your life, and an invitation for you to surrender you will to Divine Will. Know that Divine Love is without limits and the more you surrender to Divine Will, the more you will find that your true needs are met.

Allow Spirit to shape your life and steer you in a new direction. You will soon find out that it's much better than any plan you've created for yourself from your place of fear.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

News & Updates

What a wonderful, inspiring day to meditate and connect with Spirit! I have worked on many "tarotscopes" today, which I have now decided to call "Guidance in your Inbox". I love this work, and I am so very grateful to be a channel enabling Spirit to speak to you through my words, guiding you lovingly to your very best.

There's still time to ask for your spiritual guidance for the month of March. In reality, you can ask for this guidance at any time, but I find that the beginning of the month is very conducive to focus on our healing intentions and chart our course for the month ahead.

I will be raising my prices in April to reflect the amount of loving work I put in each document. For every reading, I connect with Spirit and do a Reiki session as I choose the cards, look for their meanings, prepare the image, write my interpretation and carefully choose your spiritual assignments. I am getting more focused in my work, and therefore want to attract clients who are really ready to make the shift to a higher vibration; people who are ready to take on the assignments and change the world by changing themselves. That is what really brings me satisfaction and a sense of purpose.

So... if customized guidance appeals to you, and if you are ready to take on the spiritual challenges suggested to you by Spirit and you would like to take advantage of a lower price, now is the time to "lock in" a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription, before the prices go up in April. 

While February has been a month of introspection, healing, learning the tapping technique and creating projects, March will be more outwardly busy.  My activities in March include the Keeping It Positive Wellness Conference and Trade Show in Russell, Ontario on Saturday March 2nd, and the I Am Woman Conference and Show in Cornwall, Ontario on Sunday, March 3rd.  I am also contributing a basket of goodies and a complementary Reiki session for a charitable event benefiting women and children, which will be held this Sunday in Ottawa.  

I will be a speaker for the event this Saturday, talking about Managing Life's Transitions.  I am so excited; this will be my first speaking event as Reiki Master and Intuitive Coach!  I have written and re-written my presentation; I'm sure it will be just right this Saturday.  I'm also very excited to share my new brochures, business cards and other cool things I have ordered this month.

I will not be keeping office hours on Monday, March 3rd, as I will most likely need to rest and rejuvenate from the wonderful weekends and spiritual encounters!  

I will soon be launching new programs.  I love this creative energy, and I am looking forward to sharing the fruits of my imaginative labor with you!

Also, we have a winner for the February "Share the Love" contest on Facebook; she will receive a 3-month subscription to "Guidance in Your Inbox".  Stay tuned for the March contest.  What should the prize be this time?  Do you have a preference?

Sending you much Love! :)

Friday, February 22, 2013

How is your Inner Child today?

We all have an Inner Child; there's no use denying it. When we don't give this Inner Child a voice, it does like most children do to get our attention: a temper tantrum.

When you're frustrated because things aren't going your way, when you're acting out your disappointment, and when you're upsetting others in an immature manner when they don't do as you expected them... you're probably indulging in your childish side. It's hard to admit, but we all have this childish side, and it does act out in unattractive behaviour at times. Don't kid yourself - it's no secret.

Rather than being embarrassed or defensive, and trying to silence or bury this childish side of yours, be honest. You need to acknowledge this part of you if you want to evolve this aspect of yourself. Rather than hiding, shine a light on these behaviours, and understand how they actually make things worse for you and others.

Calm your inner brat. Send Love to your Inner Child. Comfort your insecurities. Be willing to concede graciously when others aren't "playing with your rules". The Universe most likely has a better plan for you.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The challenge to become open to other ways

View from Spirit Hill, Abadiania Brazil.
There are so many roads to happiness and enlightenment. Because someone isn't walking "our" path doesn't make it wrong. Likewise, we are not wrong for wanting to explore our own inner path away from the popular crowd.

Listen to the stirrings of your soul - where are you judging others because they don't share your point of view? When do you argue with others because you are convinced they are wrong in their beliefs or cultural customs? Your Higher Self is asking that you refrain from self-righteously judging others.

In fact, the "self-righteous martyr" syndrome is a sure path to keep our soul imprisoned in a narrow-minded view of your world. It will keep you from seeing the beauty and abundance that exists in this plane. Freeing yourself from righteous judgement frees your heart, mind and soul. It's for your highest good.

Today, challenge yourself to see a situation from someone else's perspective. Your ego, who is feeling hurt and insecure, wants to hold on to the same old ideas and beliefs because it's like a security blanket. It wants to blame others for thinking differently in an attempt to protect you from change or the perceived threat of making a mistake. Comfort your inner child as you explore just a bit further out of your "same-old-same-old".

You can do it.  Remind yourself that it is possible to open your heart and mind to new perspectives and ideas without compromising your true nature.  Have fun with the exercise, and soon you'll be looking down that mountain path of yours and see just how far you've gone on your journey, how much you've grown.  

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tell me: what do you see?

Tell me: what do you see?

Do you see fear or horror? Do you anticipate the moment the moth flies in your hair, feeling the shriek already forming in your throat?

Do you see the beauty of nature? Are you amazed by nature's way and the evolution of the moth enabling it to thrive in the darkest hours and hide in daylight?

Do you simply see a moth resting on a tree?

Every day, in every situation, you have the ability to choose how you perceive the world around you. You have the choice to see its beauty or its dark side. You have the choice to see the strength and gift in shadows.

Every day, in every situation, you have the ability to choose your thoughts, to adapt your emotions, to react out of fear or to respond out of love. You have the power to choose what you perceive with all your senses. 

Every day, in every situation, you have the choice to create your reality, to shape your life.  Wouldn't you rather create a happy and bountiful reality instead of a fear-based reality? Are you willing to choose differently?

Look at your life, past-present-future. Tell me, what do you see?

I can help you change the way you tell your story.  I can help you transform your fears.  I can help you re-wire your brain and mental chatter.  I can help you feel and accept the freedom of co-creation that is your birth-right.  Are you ready to embark on a journey with me?

Much Love to you.

Friday, February 15, 2013

February Share-The-Love Contest!

Do you feel you need extra guidance in your life now?  Do you feel like you're going about your everyday life without seeing or understanding the subtle messages Spirit sends your way?  Wouldn't it be nice to know you're on the right track, making the right decisions to support your goals and your higher self?

I have developed a product that can help you do just that.  At the beginning of every month, I can send you, in your Inbox, a personal reading telling you what energies are in your field at this moment, and what life lessons your soul is learning now.  I include exercises, visualizations and affirmations based on my personal reading for you.  

The great news is that this month, you can win a 3-month subscription to this "Guidance in your Inbox (Tarotscope).  All you have to do is visit my Facebook page, find the image below then click on "Like" AND Share this image on your wall.  (I can see your name only when you like and share from my Facebook page).  Once I see your name, I will add it to my "magic box" and it will be entered in the draw.
Go to my FaceBook page, click LIKE and SHARE this image!

I know that some of you don't have a Facebook account.  Next month, I'll cook up a blog-based contest so you too can have a chance to win!

Good luck to all participants, and much Love to all! :)

Wake up, wake up!! Your Soul is calling!

Rooster, Streets of Abadiania, Brazil
Today, guidance is telling us to feel and acknowledge our inner soul stirrings. These feelings are likely uncomfortable: they can physically feel like a knot in the pit of our stomach, like butterflies in the belly, heightened heart rate, stifled breathing. sore muscles and tightness around the throat, neck, chest, arms... Mentally and emotionally, they may very well feel like stress and tension, with the age-old fight-or-flight hormonal response kicking in, taking blood away from our fore-brain.

But what is this all about?

If you're feeling this way, it's likely that your soul is waking up. Your soul is gathering strength and will no longer be shut down or ignored. The feelings of stress and tension are a response from your ego, trying to prevent the status quo to be upset.

Be honest. If you continue to do what you are doing, will it get you to where you want to go in life? Is this the life of your dreams? How satisfied are you? What's missing? What have you been ignoring and stuffing down for fear of change?

Reconnect to your authentic self by honouring your vibes and any psychic signal you're receiving now. Embrace your discontent as your soul's awakening. Take it as an invitation to grow. Will you accept this invitation how ever scary it may feel to your ego?

As an Intuitive Coach, I have a system to help you through this transition. I hold the energy for you as you navigate through your change. I hold the belief in you and your dream even when you don't. I can hold your hand until you transform into the beautiful butterfly you are meant to be, and then let you fly, or rather soar!

Can you afford to remain in your current vibration and level of existence? When you fully wake up, will you be amongst those who say "I wish I had done something different" or those who will say "What an adventure I had!".

Be yourself. Your authentic, soulful self. You deserve it.

PS - the photo of the rooster was taken in Abadiania, Brazil, on the street leading to the Casa de Dom Inacio where John of God has his ministry. It was wonderful to see all the animals roaming free.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Year of the Black Water Snake

 Happy New Year!

The year of the Black Water Snake has just begun, according to the Chinese zodiac and traditions. Snake is a powerful animal totem and generally signifies transformation and changes. With the water element, we are advised to be meticulous this year, and to advance with caution. Yet, some areas will know great advancement and changes - and especially if you are meticulous in your research before jumping on a new idea or venture.

Meditate on the snake for a few minutes. What images and feelings are evoked?

Jaz, September 2009
I've always been fearful of snakes.  Since one of my life's goals is to overcome my fears, I summoned up my courage during a summer fair a few years ago to handle a snake during a presentation by Little Ray's Reptile Zoo.  (See photo at left.  This snake, if I remember well, is the largest type found in Canada, in the Prairies.)  I was so surprised at how soft and gentle the snake was - not at all like the giant man-eating anaconda of my nightmares!  I gained a new respect and awe for the snake.

Still, meeting one in the wild is a very different experience, especially when you don't know the species and that its sudden thrust toward you brings you out from a meditative state!  Such was my experience when I visited the Casa de Dom Inacio, in Brazil, in August 2011.  I was at the sacred waterfall, which was powerfully moving energy in and around my body, especially in my heart.

The month of August is mid-winter in Brazil, and there is not a lot of water in the mountains.  The vegetation is very dry.  The waterfall was more than a trickle, but not much wider than 60cm.  Coming from Canada, I felt it was really warm, around 29 degrees - but for the local people and animals, it was chilly.  (Some local people were wearing winter coats and mitts in the cooler mornings!)  Animals too were seeking to soak in the sun during the day to fend off the cooler nights.

As I was showering and meditating under the Sacred Waterfall, I was dialoguing with Isis and Osiris, visualizing the snake of old which they often wear as a symbol on their crowns.  I knew the snake is a totem of healing, medicine, power and transformation.  I was asking to be relieved of fears and anger so that I could become a clear channel for the divine.  Water was splashing from my shoulders to the surrounding rocks.  I opened my eyes for a moment, seeking to adjust my body position and keep my balance.

I froze.  Right at my eye level, there was a yellow snake, same colour as the dried grass.  It was coiled up like a cobra (but it was much smaller).  It hissed and lunged at me!  Twice!  Then I realized that the water cleansing by body and aura was splashing its sun spot.  And I realized the irony that I was very fearful and panicked, although I was just praying to clear fear from my system.  I also realized in that split moment that I had stopped breathing.  And so I focused on my breath as I stared down the snake, thanking it for its visit during my meditation and lending me its totem energy... meanwhile strategizing on how I was going to make my way out of the sacred space without going near the snake - the path is very narrow and slippery with algae.

With a quick prayer to keep my balance and not slip on the rocks, I made my quick escape.  The snake lunged when I came close, but then turned around and slithered away.  We both left the sacred site at the same time.

Phew!  I had even more to meditate on that night!  My encounter with the snake was very powerful, on many levels.

And so I wonder, with the year of the Water Snake now upon us, what gifts of insight will I receive?  What fears will manifest so that I may release them?  What roles will my physical, emotional and spiritual awareness play?  What transformation will occur?  Will I coil up cobra-like and lunge at what/who is bothering me, at what/who I perceive as danger, or will I calmly and regally slither away to find a new spot in the sun?  Snake totem can be a powerful teacher.

Many blessings of Love and Light to all.  Enjoy the wonderful journey of your life!  :)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Practical Actions to Celebrate Goddess Brigid's Feast Day

Although today (February 2nd) is known in popular western culture as Groundhog Day and a day to forecast how long the winter will linger, this day is steeped in ancient spiritual lore.  Those who came before us looked to the Sun and the Moon, and to Nature's cycles to mark the passage of time and plan agricultural seasons.  Today, a mid-point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox has traditionally been a time of increased hope and light.  The days are getting longer, and the sun is getting warmer.  It's a time of purification and healing from the dark forces of winter.

I find today particularly meaningful to me, because it is Goddess Brigid's feast day.  It was in 1998 that I attended an Imbolc ceremony.  It was very powerful and continues to influence me to this day.  My promise to Goddess Brigid that way was to make known the way of the Goddess.  She has worked with me and lent me her healing energy since then, in my own healing process and in my work healing others.  I am very grateful for having her energy in my life, and I am happy to continue to build a relationship with her.

 Brigid is the Lady of the sacred well, the Lady of the sacred flame, and the Lady of healing: a penultimate triple goddess.  Her waters would heal everyone who asked for healing.  Her sacred flames were also for purification and healing.  She had knowledge of healing herbs and taught that knowledge to the people.  With her fires, she taught people to work iron (a very important thing in iron-age Britain).  She also invented the written language, so that her knowledge could be passed on to all, and since it is easier to remember sacred texts and information when it rhymes, she is an inspiration to poets, singers and writers.

She was so important to the Celtic folks that she was later "transformed" into St. Brigid, and her sacred fires who used to be tended by sacred virgins, the Daughters of the Flame were then tended by christian nuns.  Her feast day, one of bonfires and blessings of water before letting the animals out for pasture has been transformed into Candlemas.  This ancient goddess of fertility and wisdom has traversed the ages, and her energy is strong to this day.

So, how can us solitary practitioners honour the Goddess on this beautiful day?   Here are a few ideas of activities you can do on your own or with a group of like-minded people.

  • Go outside, and notice the change of the seasons.  Commune with Nature and its abundance.
  • Journal on what is your passion - how will you keep your inner flame alive and thriving?  What support would you need?  To what do you commit yourself so that your flame can grow?  What shadows are you willing to relinquish to the new light?  What are you willing to let go, so that new ideas, projects, relationships, abundance can grow?  Write down the steps or actions you are willing to take to live your dream life, your passion.  Trust that the divine will meet you on your path and support you in your journey.
  • Write a poem or a song.  
  • Bless the water in your home.  Take a long bath and intend it to be rejuvenating and spiritually cleansing.  Give words of thanks to the water coming into your home and bless it for sustaining your life and your health.
  • Have a great cup of tea.  Inhale its aroma as you become conscious of your breathing.  Enjoy every sip.  
  • Work with metal.  Design a necklace or bracelet.  
  • Light a candle and look into its flame.  As your focus softens, invoke Brigid and allow yourself to have a conversation with her.  What support do you need from her?  What can you do to share her knowledge and energy to the world?  Does she have a task for you?  Remember your role as co-creator:  she will hold her end of the bargain if you do yours.  Once you conclude your conversation with Brigid, take a beautiful ribbon and tie it to a tree as a reminder of your divine partnership.  Ideally, tie it to a tree branch where you can gaze at it everyday, and notice how the tree changes through the seasons.  If the ribbon is still in the tree by Imbolc next year, take it down and burn it; you will replace it with a new ribbon as symbol of your renewed partnership with Brigid.
  • Celebrate the Goddess within you.  Look into the mirror and say, "I love you!"  Give yourself a hug.  Take care of yourself, body, mind and soul.
  • As much as possible, try to include these three elements in your day:  fire or light (e.g. candles, sun-gazing); water (blessing, bath); and signing or writing about your life's passion and dreams.
Enjoy this beautiful day.  Sending you lots of good vibes, Love and Light!  May your spirit be renewed and your passion blossom.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Your February Spiritual Guidance

Here is February's "tarotscope" which I have lovingly prepared with the intention of gaining insight into the spiritual work that would benefit us the most, for our highest good, this month.  I was at first quite disheartened to see the Devil card followed by two 3 of Swords - a sign for such heartache, sadness and heartbreak.  Oh no!  My ego flustered a bit, as I had wanted to paint a loving picture for February, the month of the heart and Love...  So I regrounded myself and ensured I was well connected with Spirit before I continued my reading.   Bottom line is - we do have work to do improve make our lives, individually and collectively, and that work is to transcend the ego and transcend attachments to easy pleasure and material gain while releasing pains and heartaches.  This work will pave the way to a higher collective vibration.

This month, we all need to practice self-love, in the deepest and most meaningful way.  The world needs it.  Let's face it:  if we are not at peace with ourselves, how can the world be at peace?  The macrocosm reflects the microcosm.  We all have a responsibility in nurturing love inside ourselves, so that it may bloom, radiate and heal the whole.  We are all related, energetically and through Spirit.  What you do to yourself and the smallest amongst us, you do to the whole.  Therefore choose Love.  Not superficial love, the one that pleases the ego.  Not lust.  Real love from your heart and spirit centre. (Yes, it can include physical love, but not as an end to itself...).

Have fun this Valentine's Day.  Remember to love and respect yourself first.


Robin Wood Tarot;
John Holland “The Psychic Tarot”
For our spiritual growth this month, the Devil card invites us to release the bonds that keep us prisoners; we must understand that this is a prison of our own making, which we build with our thoughts and emotional attachments (3 of Swords). The Devil card invites us to explore the roots of our bondage – where do we feel constricted, stuck, enslaved? At the root of all these feelings of disempowerment, you will likely find fear. Name your fear and release it.

Regaining our personal power through releasing pain and heartbreak will be healing, and it is a major life lesson that we must learn. Empower yourself to explore your deep, buried or unconscious feelings. Challenge yourself to think, act and feel something new.

Three is a magical number, and this month’s reading is 3x3… It is the number of divine creativity, of karma, of completing cycles and lessons. It signifies abundance and self-expression. It is the number of the Holy Trinity. It is the formula completing many spells. Call upon all your spiritual helpers and guides this month to give you the strength to release your heartaches. With the 3 of Swords drawn twice, it will likely take a lot of strength and discipline to keep the mental focus to work through our spiritual assignments this month, without being distracted by the temptations of the seemingly easier material life.

Learn to embrace your fears, your mistakes and your doubts, for they are all learning experiences. Gaining the knowledge that the physical world teaches will help you transcend to a higher spiritual awareness. Life has a way of pushing us forward, and we must learn to trust our intuition and imagination even though we may not always know where it is leading us.

Keep up faith. The dark clouds will blow away.

Spiritual Assignments for this month 


“I am embracing my role as divine co-creator. I create my freedom and my imprisonment through my own thoughts and emotions I therefore accept my responsibility in creating the life I want by releasing fears and negative thoughts and replacing them with positive and nurturing thoughts and habits.”


Where do you feel stuck, constricted or enslaved? Where are you “spellbound”? Is your work taking up all your time? Are you forgetting to play and have fun? Are you obsessed with sensual experiences and tend to indulge in the pleasures of life? Where in your life are you suffering from addictive behaviour, and what is the negative belief at its root? Do you feel your hard work is going unrecognized? Are the people, relationships, and events in your life giving you energy, or are they draining it?


  1. Visualize going to the root of your feelings of disempowerment. What is the hurt or the fear? Name it, and release it. Once you know what it is that holds you back from fully enjoying your life, it no longer holds you: you regain your power. 
  2. Take a break from television, radio, and any source of negative news, including office gossip, movies, novels and relationships / situations that bring you down; this will help you stay focused on healing your heart. 
  3. Use your creativity to envision your new reality from today onward. What is past is past; do not dwell on regrets, hurts, lost opportunities, or heartbreak. Imagine your new life as abundant, creative, and rejuvenated. What does it take for your soul to feel free? Take three steps this month toward your personal freedom and empowerment, and know that Universe will be multiplying your efforts and will work on your behalf to make your dreams come true – but first, you must envision this state in your heart and mind, and you must let go what holds you back. Here are a few ideas to help you: 
  • Create a vision board, and bless it everyday. 
  • Keep a gratitude journal. 
  • Ask for help in cutting karmic or etheric cords. 
  • Meditate /pray everyday, for a minimum of 3 minutes. 
  • Book a Reiki or intuitive coaching session to help you clarify and release your blocks.

I am sending you a lot of Love, and I pray that we can all feel the freedom and peace of divine Love within the innermost chambers of our hearts, and that we may learn to replicate this Love elsewhere in our daily life.