Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Rule #2 for mastering intuitive readings: Productive Questions are Everything

In my last article, I wrote about Rule #1 of Intuitive Readings, to help you work with more precision when asking for intuitive insights from your pendulum, Oracle cards, and any other spiritual tool.  If you’ve missed it, read it here:

Are you ready for Rule #2?  Here's the scoop:  productive questions are EVERYTHING.

When working with spiritual tools, the quality of the information we receive is at all times determined by the quality of the questions we ask.  The quality of our intuitive work is also directly impacted by our mental and emotional state of being.

I had a good laugh with one of my students recently.  We were talking about the various rules and laws of magical manifestation when she had one of those sudden flashes of wisdom.  It sounded like, “OMG this is SO TRUE!”  She shared that a while back she was using her Tarot cards to receive answers to a particular situation - but she was so anxious and agitated that every card she picked seemed to amplify and demonstrate her anxiety.  Out came the Tower Card, the Death card, swords, broken hearts, upheaval...  She came into her intuitive session thinking that her world was in chaos… and the cards kept showing her chaos.  Has this ever happened to you?

So remember Rule #1 - you are in charge of creating your reality.  If you strongly believe that the world is chaos, Spirit will not argue with your belief and will show you chaos.

And here’s the thing about Rule #2: if your thoughts and emotions are in chaos… so will the answers you will receive.  If you ask vague questions, you will receive vague answers.  If you ask about things you have absolutely no clue about how it works,  or no control over the outcome, the answers will not serve you well in the practical side of life.


  • If you cannot define it, do not ask about it!  Remember high school math when you needed to define the value of “x” for the equation to make sense?  The same principle applies here.  If you don’t know what concepts such as “better for me”, “optimal”, “highest good”… etc… mean to YOU — then do your homework first and define them.  (Remember the exercise in the last article where you needed to define in great detail what being the Queen of your life would feel and look like BEFORE the dowsing work?  That is how you apply Rule #2!)
  • Do not ask questions about things you do not control, such as how someone will react to your decision, what someone will think of you, how the stock market will react, etc.  It's really none of your business.  I'll explain more on this in the next article.
  • Remain ethical, and to do not ask about how to make others see things your way.  That includes how to influence your child to follow your desire for him/her…  Often parents - including parents of adult children - tell me that they want to know how to make their son forgive this other person, or how to make their daughter stop a self-destructive behaviour, or how to make their child choose a different college...  I know it's tough - but your adult children have their own path, and their own karma to deal with.  Reframe your question instead on how you could best support them in what they are going through.  What would help you be more loving, centred and accepting of differences?  Lead by example.  If you lead by chaos and drama...  yes, that's what others will pick up in you, and that's what you will find amplified.  Spiritual guidance always starts with the self.
  • Practice asking very specific questions!  The more specific you are in your questions, the more specific your answers will be.  See and feel the difference between these questions:  “Is this activity good for my business?”  vs. “Will this specific activity help increase my revenue by 20% in the month of December 2015?”  ...  "Is this essential oil good for me?" vs. "Can this essential oil help reduce my symptoms of (...)?"  Capice?
  • If you’re in a state of panic…  practice self-care FIRST.  Be centred, calm, and detached from any answer you might receive before picking up your spiritual divination tool.

I’ll write about Rule #3, dealing with mind matters, in my next article.  Until then, I am surrounding you in White Light and Divine Love.

Has this article been useful to you?  I'd love to hear your experiences and read your comments.