Sunday, December 15, 2013

Today, joyfully celebrate life!

Pompon when he was a kitten.
Today is definitively wintery.  It has snowed all night and through the day.  Everything is covered with a thick white blanket of snow.  While some are delighted with Nature's gift this morning, others are cursing...

Does the snow bring out the grouch in you?  Do you allow the weather, world events and social interactions dictate your mood and outlook on life?  Are you bent on seeing the negative?

Remember that you can always choose how you meet and greet every moment of your day.  Just for today, choose to celebrate life.  Just for today, choose to have fun!  Just for today, focus on the qualities of others - especially those who annoy you the most!  Put aside the grouch that is telling you that because things aren't going your way, you will make life miserable for yourself and others around you.  Just for today, embrace life and your silly side.  Invite your creative inner child to play and guide you to a higher vibration.  Let your doubts dissolve, for in reality, all is well.

Remember the fun you had as a child building a snowman or a snow fort.  Remember how cool it is to be the first person to leave footprints in fresh snow.  Remember how wonderful it is to catch a snowflake on your tongue.  Remember the joy of curling up with a cozy blanket and a hot chocolate, reading a favourite book.  Close your eyes, and smile for a moment.  Allow those endorphins to flood your body.  Breathe.  And now take time away from this computer and go do an activity that brings you joy!

As I often tell my clients and students, our purpose in life is to connect with this essence of Joy.  It's important to look for the positive and for the lesson in every situation.  The Law of Attraction states that what you focus on gains in energy...  Choose to focus on the areas of your life that bring you delight, and find delight in other areas of your life that you consider a bore.

Today, I am taking delight in writing once more in this blog.  I do feel a tad rusty after leaving it aside for a few months...  but I'm not letting those feelings of "not good enough" stop me!  I choose to focus on all the wonderful activities I am creating and will bring to the world in 2014...  I am not allowing the fear of change and other people's negative vibes put a damper on my spirit!  I bring loving energy to all my relationships and business partnerships, knowing that all clouds will move on.  I am also taking delight in catching up with house chores, knowing how I love the energy of my house when the laundry is done and the dust bunnies have gone away.  I will also take a walk in the fresh snow, enjoying the crunch of fresh snow under my boots.  Maybe I'll even catch a snowflake or two on my tongue...

What joyful activity will you bring to your life today?  Share the Joy - leave a comment!

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