Sunday, November 3, 2013

Spiritual Guidance for November 2013

Decks used: John HollandThe Psychic Tarot”; Denise LinnSoul Coaching Oracle Cards”; Colette Baron-ReidWisdom of the Hidden Realms

Like many Lightworkers, empaths and sensitive souls, have you felt the energy of change carried in the past few months? Have you learned lessons, through trial and error, about respecting personal boundaries and standing in your own Power with Love and Compassion? For me, October was a very busy month that brought me validation on various issues in my life and professional direction. I am much stronger now in my Solar Plexus, and I delight in my ability to hold on to a Loving vision for myself, my projects and my ability to serve. The doubts that were shrouding my vision are dissipated. My heart is smiling, beaming even!

For this month’s reading, I asked what our common biggest challenge would be as we continue to work with Energy for our souls’ evolution. I also asked how we can best shift this challenge into a learned lesson, and who is our best spiritual guide and companion at this time.

Our biggest challenge this month is our resistance to listen to our own inner wisdom. In this society, we often measure our worth with the quantity of activities we can cram into our schedule. We have evolved into human DOINGS instead of human BE-ings. We are now being challenged to find pockets of peace in every day where we can nourish our soul. Remember that filling a perceived void with activities, loud music, parties and food doesn’t necessarily nourish your soul long-term... The answers you seek are not necessarily found in the outer world. Take regular time to withdraw from commotion and drama, and use this stillness to reflect and reevaluate what makes you happy. Ponder how you can honour your unique gifts and share these with the world from your heart space. Conserve your energy and deal with one issue at a time instead of trying to tackle everything at once. Remember that your soul constantly draws to itself exactly what it needs at the appropriate time to learn and grow. To feel guided and at one with Universe, Spirit and the community of Light, you must take time daily to commune with your soul.

The best way for us to shift this challenge into a learned soul lesson is to be very mindful of our thoughts and our actions. We have to remember to use our free will to CHOOSE the thoughts, actions and emotions that support our continued soul evolution. Thoughts carry a tremedous amount of Energy, and what we choose to focus on will manifest. It’s time to take responsibility for our thoughts and actions. If we want peace in the world, we ourselves must BE peace. If we want more love in our life we ourselves must BE love. If we want more abundance, we must be grateful for the abundance of gifts we already have, and for all the gifts available to us through Spirit. We are invited to pay attention to the minute details of our thoughts, emotions and actions, and if they don’t support our Higher Good we must find the source of the hurt and release it. We must exercise self-discipline towards more authenticity and more integrity in our inner and outer lives. It is time to maintain focus on our intentions.

The Lady of the Mirror reminds us that what we attract in our lives reflects the energy at which we vibrate. In our moments of silent introspection this month, we can invoke the Lady of Mirror to bring a higher perspective to our entire life’s events. She will teach us to take responsibility for our every action and every decision. She will help us see our role in every one of our life’s experiences, and to feel how interwoven all of our lives truly are. With her help, we can observe how we have reacted or responded to our life’s challenges and joys. We are invited to honour every part of our story with Love and Compassion. Everything that has ever happened to us has served our soul’s growth. If there’s something we don’t like when we contemplate our life, how can we bring more Love, forgiveness and higher understanding to the situation or relationship? Taking responsibility for our every decision, word and deed can be very freeing, and it will help us recenter, recalibrate, and refocus. We are co-creators with the divine; we must learn to take responsibility for our role in the creation of our life’s unfolding. Once we take this responsibility, we can choose to create the magic that feeds our soul to its highest fulfilment.

Spiritual Assignments This Month

  • Continue the reflections suggested last month: Examine your core values, beliefs, goals and objectives: are they in congruence with your heart’s desires? Are you living in congruence with them? Is your inner life reflected in your outer life, and vice-versa? What can you shift in your life to live more aligned with your heart and the highest common good? 
  • Examine your thoughts, emotions and actions: are they serving your highest good? Find tools to shift to more positive vibrations, towards a greater degree of self-love. 
  • Practice (not only with words, but with your actions!) the following affirmation: “I am impeccable in my thoughts, words and deeds.” Journal on the meaning of this affirmation for you. 
  • Learn to differentiate between the voice of ego and that of Spirit. 
  • Spend at least 5 minutes a day in quiet contemplation. Give thanks for the day ahead as soon as you wake in the morning. Admire the sun, the clouds, the beauty of family bonds, the social ties at work… 
  • Rearrange your schedule to book some meditation time for yourself. Evaluate if you truly need to spend you energy on all these activities – do they nourish your soul? Choose quality over quantity. 
  • Notice the people and resources that come into your life this month, and listen to the wisdom they share with you. This exchange might provide you with insight and wisdom into your own life. 

Share your experience and observations below to place it in the energy grid. Blessed be!

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