Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quote for your Solar Plexus Chakra

Today, I am simply sharing a wonderful Louise Hay quote - repeat it several times and feel how it resonates with your Solar Plexus chakra: 

"I now discover how wonderful I am. I choose to love and enjoy myself. As a result, my natural inner strength supports me in living a full and healthy life."

Monday, February 27, 2012

Is your soul a violin?

Imagine yourself as a violin.  You are in complete bliss, in harmony with your surroundings.  You are wonderfully attuned and in tune with your environment, from a knowledge coming from within and under the loving guidance of the Conductor.  You are not really aware of where you finish, and where others begin.  You are one with music.  In fact, there is only one blissful Harmony although it is composed of several parts and several instruments.  The music coming from you, flowing through you and surrounding you is simply complete bliss.

Savour this moment.

This bliss is akin to the time in-between, where our souls are one with the Divine before incarnating matter.

Once born, you remember the heavenly music and are still attuned to bliss.  Then, social standards and pressures settle around you and can throw you off pitch.  Life lessons in the form of contrasts can pinch cords and make them brittle or break.  You forget how to tune in to Divine melody.  You may forget you were even part of a divine orchestra.  You feel yourself as an individual with clear boundaries, separate from others.  You feel yourself hollow, now that you've stopped resonating with divine inspiration.  Once in a while, a few notes resonate as an outside factor vibrate your remaining cords and deep within you resonates a knowingness, a deep memory of something blissful but you believe it's out of reach.  You believe you are not good enough for blissful melody - and you barely believe that such a melody exists.

But in the still of the night; or on a sunny day as you take a stroll outside; or as you pick up your paintbrushes, your knitting, your reading, your gardening tools, your model car project...  you feel it again.  You FEEL again.  You feel that vibration filling you with a type of joyful contentment that seems out of this world.  You are remembering how to tune in to the divine melody.

This deep knowing has a message for you: that it is your life's mission to reproduce your divine vibration and reproduce divine bliss here on Earth, despite this denser material form clouding your vision of the divine orchestra.

You may believe you are alone, cut away from your spiritual group.  Truth is, you remain - and have always been - an instrumental part of divine manifestation.  You are important.  It's just that you had to learn a new role, or gain more experience to deepen your rendition.  Just close your eyes, breathe deeply and invoke the Muses - you'll soon feel the vibrations of Love and Harmony.

As you re-awaken to your spiritual self, maybe you'll seek help.  You will find guides on your path, in all shapes and forms.  If you allow me, I can be one of your guides, helping you remember how to attune yourself to divine frequencies.  I will help you remember your own talents and your part in this divine orchestra.  I will help you in your repetitions and practice exercises.  I will help you shift your frequency to a higher level.

The process isn't necessarily easy.  After all, old cords must be cut.  The etheric body may need patching or purging of negative elements.  Familiar tightness must be released and not held on to.  Spiritual muscles must be exercised until well toned.

And then, my dear, you will play music with the angels here in this plane.  You will trust the divine conductor to strike the right cords at the right time for the divine symphony to resonate in harmony with all of creation.  The world will be a better place because you have learned to anchor divine bliss in this human experience.

Blessed be.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Solar Plexus Chakra and the 7-year developmental cycle

Isn't it interesting that, in the seven-year developmental cycle, the Solar Plexus has most influence over the ages of 15-21, then again from 64-70, when we know that this chakra deals with the sense of self, ability to express oneself and our emotions, and personal power? 

Think of how events in your late teens have shaped your idea of who you are and of how you use your personal power.  Think of how you needed to break away from hard-set rules to express your inner self.  Have you met with social or parental resistance?  Has this brought to internalize your feelings, retreat deep within yourself with a deep urge to please others at the expense of your own self-expression?  Or has the resistance brought out the rebel in you, challenging everyone and everything standing in your way to force your way through obstructions? 

How are you carrying what you have learned in this development phase into your adulthood?  Where is healing required? 

Send love to your teenage self.  :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Sacral Chakra Imbalances: Diabetes and Soured Perceptions

One of the reasons why the Sacral Chakra is associated with diabetes and hyper- & hypo-glycemia is because this chakra directs its energy to the islets of Langerhans located in the pancreas.  This endocrine gland produces insulin which lowers high blood-sugar levels, and also glucagons to raise low blood sugar.  The energy of this chakra must be properly balanced to ensure optimal function of the gland.

Also high stress, anxiety and fear prevent us from fully "tasting the sweetness of life" - the spiritual and emotional manifestations of an imbalance in this chakra.  We may have soured relationships, a soured perception of life or areas of our life or if we don't heal this situation on the spiritual and emotional levels we may suffer from chronic sour stomach.

Take a few moments today to assess your levels of stress, and most importantly the sources of stress in your life.  Remember to breathe, relax, and make a plan to either remove yourself from this source of stress or to heal your perceptions so that what triggers stress is no longer stressful to you.

Take great care of yourself.  You are worth it.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Clearing your bat-cave...

A series of coincidences and a life lesson...

Have you noticed how easy it is to be fearful and anxious?  Have you noticed how your body can adapt to this constant source of stress and excessive adrenaline production that this state of mind/body becomes the new norm?  Have you forgotten how your mind can be at peace without worry, fear or anxiety?  Do you often deny stress or fear or anxiety, meanwhile you have stomach ulcers or overly chewed fingernails?

Let's stop for a moment to remember what it is to be free of that pervasive energy.  With your fingers, press the area just below the sternum where your rib cage starts to open up.  If you feel tenderness, discomfort or pain, there is a blockage there that requires your attention and healing intention.  Breathe, and meditate for a while on how fear reaches into areas of your life and your psyche, and how it can distort your perceptions.

This past week, I have been meditating on how fear is manifesting in my life, on how my fears shape the manifestation of my intentions, and on the impact of my various fears on different relationships.  A series of coincidences have made me experience a heightened sense of fear, followed by the realization of how sweet the release of fear can be...

Last night was a family movie night.  We watched "The Season of the Witch"which was not as "Hollywoody" as I thought it would have been (which is a plus).  It had just enough action and thrills to be good entertainment for all.  Just before bed, I picked up one of the books I'm reading at the moment, Messages from the Masters by Brian Weiss, M.D.     I was at Chapter 5, which includes "Letting Go of Anger" and "Letting Go of Fear"...  There are really good lessons here which I wanted to share with you, although I did not think it would take the present form...

Then at 2AM, after tossing and turning and digesting the movie plot mixed in with my reading, I was finally in that in-between world -- when I hear a flutter of wings followed by the pitter patter of my cats in pursuit.  I yell out in fear and surprise and wake my husband.  He reassured me that it was nothing, and I had probably imagined it.  It's too early in the season (and cold) for bats anyway.  Acquiescing that I could have dreamed it, I tried to fall back asleep.  I was noticing how quickly fear made changes in my body - my heart was beating quicker, my hands were moist, and my eyebrows felt sweaty.  And I knew this was all very irrational.  Then I heard it again, and from that first rush of fear that had not quite subsided, I almost felt terror...  with, I know, my Higher Self laughing at the absurdity of the situation...  but we are here on Earth to experience, and I guess I was meant to experience fear last night.  I yelled and my husband promptly turned on the light and I saw the shadow of the bat and I quickly retreated under the blankets for safety.  I experienced intense heat from my body, the adrenaline rush, the panic, the need to analyze how my inner child had been hurt by fear since going under the blankets is a very childish response to fear...  It was quite the intense (and confused) moment.

While the cats corralled the bat in the bathroom, my husband opened the winterized window while asking the cats not to harm the bat.  He was able to release the bat outside alive and in one piece, and I was able to remove myself from the shelter of my blankets.  Phew!!

I noticed then how wonderful it was to feel the fear and anxiety leave my body.  The heat created by the excitement was soothing my tight muscles.  I could feel the tightness of all my muscles being released, bit by bit.  I did a quick prayer of gratitude for the bat for this experience, and forming the intention that all other fears my body was holding could release and leave my body and my house using the bathroom window along with the bat.  I continued to breathe conscientiously until I felt more and more at peace.  I was realizing more clearly how much fear I was holding in my mind and in my body, and how this heightened state had become normalized.  I was noticing how it was wonderful to be free of this fear.  Deep down, I started to better understand the role of human experience in our overall spiritual growth.

Having read Ted Andrews, I know that the bat can be interpreted as a symbol of overcoming fear and of deep spiritual transformation; of the need to let go of the fear of change.  I now have a very human experience to tie to this lesson.  I am looking forward to noticing how this lesson will continue to unfold in my life, now that my mind is open to learning and applying the lesson.  There are so many changes in my life right now - both spiritual and material, with many of my immediate fears linked to my employment.  I will continue to work to release these fears and to trust in Spirit.  After all, I am so grateful for the deep changes taking place, for they bring me closer to my purpose and to Source with more space for Reiki and my spiritual practice.

...But to better be of service in my practice, I must face my fears echoed in the book referenced above, Messages from the Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss.  Below are some of his words of wisdom I read last night.  I know these words will be guiding my inner work for the next little while, and hopefully you will find them helpful too.

  • (Page 89)  Anger is rooted in judgment.  We hold others to some standard that we have somehow fantasized, chosen, and applied to them.  They may not even know about these standards, but that does not matter to us.  So often people are angry at us because we have not met their expectations. The expectations may be completely unrealistic, so that we cannot possibly fit their agenda.
  • (Page 90)  Gently ask yourself these questions, and without judgment or criticism observe what thoughts, feelings, and images come into your awareness.  How were your parents unreasonable in their demands and expectations of you?  Were you sometimes a pawn in their distorted agendas?  Did they live vicariously through you?  Did they use you to impress others, such as their friends, siblings, or parents?  An overconcern with the opinions of others is one sign that you were used for such purposes.  Ideally it should not matter so much what other people think about you, if you are doing the right thing, seeking your own truth, with compassionate action.  Cast off this dependency and be free.
  • Guilt is a form of self-anger, of anger turned inward.  Somehow you disappointed yourself; you did not live up to the expectations of your idealized self.
  • Anger is a defense of the ego, defense against fear.  Fear of being humiliated or embarrassed, fear of being minimized, of being mocked, fear of loss and of losing face, indeed fear of losing.  Fear of not getting your way.  We think anger "protects" us against the others, who would do these things to us, who likewise are angry at us.
  • (Pages 92-93) The walls we put around ourselves whenever we feel emotionally threatened are walls of fear.  We fear being hurt, rejected, ostracized.  We are threatened by our vulnerability and we wall ourselves off so that we do not feel.  Our emotions are suppressed.  (...) Our walls block us off, close our hearts, worsen our condition.  When we are walled off, when we are separated from our emotions and feelings, we can never reach the source of our suffering, the underlying fears and vulnerabilities.  We cannot understand the real roots of our problems.  We cannot heal; we cannot be whole.  (...)  Once you truly understand your fear and its sources, the fear will dissolve.  Your heart will once again open.  You will feel joy.
Breathe from your belly, placing your hands on your Solar Plexus.  Feel your stomach rise and fall with each breath.  Identify your fears and their origins, and let them fly out of your window.  If you want to use part of my experience for your visualization, as you breathe out your fears, imagine that each fear you name is a bat.  As you are ready to face your fear and accept change, release each bat from your auric field.  Imagine prying open a window in your Solar Plexus - open it wide, and allow the bats to fly out one at a time or as a group.  When you feel you have sufficiently emptied your bat-cave, remember to close your window with a seal that will allow more fear to leave, but no additional fear to enter.

You should soon feel the changes this release has in your body.  Today, the muscles of my jaws, shoulders and lower back continue their release.  I am also feeling the presence of the Casa spiritual helpers poking and prodding and preparing me for yet an other spiritual surgery.  Their work with me is still ongoing!  I am grateful they still connect with me with healing intentions so many months following my visit to the Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil!  

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Daily exercise: Solar Plexus Chakra

Today, plan time aside to take care of YOU and to relax. Constant stress which goes beyond the "fight or flight" response causes great imbalances in the entire body, and especially in the Solar Plexus Chakra. A chronic imbalance in this chakra can lead to such physical manifestations as cancer, diabetes, and digestive problems.

Place the palm of your hands on your Solar Plexus and take a few deep breaths by your belly.  As you inhale, repeat "I love myself, just the way I am."  Feel the stress leaving your shoulders, your jaw, your scalp, your belly, your buttocks...  wherever you hold stress, let it go with your exhale.  Breathe in more calmness, sunshine and happiness with every breath.  

Take great care of yourself.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Solar Plexus and its 10 Lotus Petals

The gold or yellow lotus traditionally used to represent the Solar Plexus Chakra has 10 petals, and each is a reminder of an aspect of the lower self to overcome before proceeding to work on purifying the Heart Chakra. These 10 petals represent: spiritual ignorance; thirst of power/lust; jealousy; treachery; shame; fear; disgust; delusion; foolishness; and sadness.

I don't believe "overcoming" these aspects means to completely eradicate them out of one's life and personality.  The complete absence of such behaviours is the polar opposite of the presence of all of these behaviours.  Polar opposites must learn to co-exist for balance to be reached.  

The complete absence of these very human feelings and behaviours exist to somehow enrich our experience in terms of helping grow in our life lessons or spiritual path.  If we strip ourselves of our "human-ness" are we really living life in this plane as it was meant to be?  We must however always remain aware of these aspects, and if we notice that they take a significant place in our life we must ask ourselves why, what is our role, and where is the lesson to be learned.  By displaying or by witnessing such behaviours, are we learning a life lesson, or are we teaching someone else how to respond to the behaviour instead of reacting?  

Draw a 10-petalled flower.  Identify each flower with one of the Solar Plexus aspects.  For each aspect, fill in the petal to the amount you believe the aspect is present in your life.  For instance, if I were very jealous of someone, or if I feel someone is very jealous of me or my belongings, I would colour in the "Jealousy" petal completely from the center to the tip.  This exercise will provide you with reflexion time and a quick visual reference as to where you need to work on your life lessons, and where you need more balance.  Write your reactions and insights in your journal.

Happy journaling! 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Solar Plexus Chakra: Inner Fire, Personal Power, Digestion, Decisions...

I hope you've all had a wonder-full Imbolc, Groundhog day, Chandeleur... Taking some time to ponder how you will shine your inner light, and help increase Light on this plane and beyond.

On this blog, this marks the beginning of our reflexion on the Solar Plexus Chakra. Its element, coincidentally, is Fire and it deals with issues of personal power and empowerment. It will be an interesting month, I'm sure - especially that it's the start of the Chinese Year of the Dragon... Are you, like me, feeling the inner rumbles of things to come? (and I'm not talking about the digestive system LOL - but then again, this Chakra is also associated to digestion...)

I have been feeling heat emanating from my Solar Plexus for the past few days; to me, this indicate purging of old energies, a purification by fire.  Although at times uncomfortable as the energy is shifting, I welcome this change and I trust that it is for my highest good.  And I am glad it is happening now, as seeds I have been planting for the past few years all seem to be sprouting at the same time!  I have a significant decision to make regarding my regular employment and self-empowerment; trusting my spiritual path and transmuting old ideas of safety and security.

I will be spending the weekend outdoors, and turning my head to the sun just like a sunflower does, and consciously opening my Solar Plexus Chakra to the light of the sun and to Universal Light and Love.  I will clear my head, and will trust the answer I receive from Spirit to my query...  

May the wisdom and Light of goddess Brigid, keeper of the Well, shine upon us all on her Feast Day.