Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What is the story behind a judgement?

Dear Lightworker: remember that when others judge you, they are doing so out of their own fears and insecurities. Likewise, before you judge someone else, hold that thought and ask yourself where that need for judgement is coming from. Are you following a family tradition or generational pattern; are you reacting from a childhood trauma; is there some jealousy for the other's gift or attitude; have you been told earlier in life that what you are about to criticize is less than desirable and, recognizing that gift/attitude/behaviour in yourself, you are denying it to yourself? There is always something behind a criticism, and when you know what it is, it frees you to open the door to more Love and Compassion.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

“Deserving of fire’n brimstone”…

For many years, I lived in fear of my Light. I feared that I would be ridiculed, accused of dark things, and actually harmed if I came out of the spiritual closet. It took me a lot of work to overcome my fears and accept to be vulnerable as I offer my services and gifts to the world.

A few weeks ago, Universe orchestrated a test for me using one of my fears as guidepost. As I make myself ready to be more present in my own life and reach out to others from my heart centre, I received a call from a local journalist who wanted to meet me and write an article on my business and services. This was such a gift and I feel so very grateful!

The fearful part of me is still stirring up and wondering what people might think. This is the small community in which I grew up. There are people reading the paper with whom I went to High School and, ego assures me, they don’t have a good opinion of me. What will they think now? I’ll surely be outcast.  Then, as I read the comments some people left below the online version of the article, I read that someone thought that it was deserving of “fire’n brimstone”. Phew. I took a moment to check within and feel the repercussions of all this.

I found quite to my surprise that I was OK with that person’s opinion. I didn’t feel the need to hide or go into overwhelmed protective mode. I didn’t need to accuse back, blame and judge to disperse my unease. I’m stronger than that now, thank goodness! I was actually able to laugh. “Fire’n brimstone – that’s soooo yesterday, or rather lifetimes ago!  That is not stopping now!”

There are so many of us Lightworkers who are afraid to shine our Light because of fear – fear of rejection, fear of ridicule, fear of being shunned, fear of harm… We keep our light dim, even to ourselves, out of an outdated survival mode. We have lived horrors in past lives, and in this life too, just for being sensitive and using healing gifts. And perhaps we have done horrors in past lives misusing the gifts or condemning others with the gift to protect our true nature.

We know, however, that the world is transforming and has the potential to transition to a higher vibration. We know that the world needs us. Then why are we still playing shy and small? Why do we allow fear to rule our life and shut out the Light?

I am celebrating today that part of me that has healed from past hurts. I am honoring that part of me who can now send Love to those who would accuse me based on their own fears and preconceived notions. I rejoice that I have passed one of Universe’s tests! It took years to get to this point, and I needed to celebrate it! My heart opens up even further in gratitude and compassion as I ready for the next leg of the journey.

Are you needing help to transition from a place of fear to a place of Love and compassion? I am sending you Love and White Light on the wings of angels. If you feel like talking about your situation and your journey, it would be my pleasure to listen and hold the energy for you.

There will be people on your journey to oppose you, to test you, to dislike you. It’s your choice to let that stop you in your tracks or to grow from the experience. And I want to be there for you as you journey, just like my Reiki masters and coaches have been there for me as I journeyed through the messiness of healing.

The world needs you, Lightworker! Shine your Light!