Friday, January 20, 2012

Forehead Chakra and Life Cycle

Are you between the ages of 36 to 42?  Being of that age group, I am living intense changes in my life as I see myself and my role on this plane with increasing clarity.  I want to work in and develop new areas of interest; the old routine just doesn't cut it anymore.  I do not accept to live my life without renewed creativity, engagement, fun.  My intuition and inner guidance are getting stronger and I "see" and sense with more clarity which aspects of my life are not in alignment with my greatest good, and with that of my immediate and global communities.

When talking with friends and clients, I realize I am not the only one going through this process.  It is very common in this era of transformation, and particularly for people of this age group.  Why?  One reason is that the forehead chakra, with its themes of realization and insight, becomes the motivating force in one's life.  Under this influence life experiences are called to deepen, as is one's sense of global responsibility.

Of course, the experiences will be coloured by one's chakra-type, or personality.  The new life directions taken here will rest upon one's earlier chakra development including clearing and balancing.  Here is a quick summary of how the Forehead Chakra can influence this life-cycle (based on Kalashatra Govinda's A Handbook of Chakra Healing: Spiritual Practice for Health, Harmony and Inner Peace):

  • Root personalities will seek to improve their material condition
  • Sacral personalities may find new partners and rediscover their own sensuality
  • Solar Plexus personalities will strive to have more influence on the world around them
  • Heart personalities will be active in deepening their relationships and warmth toward others
  • Throat personalities will hone their communication skills and will speak for the greater good - either finally finding their own voice or speaking Truth on behalf of others
  • Forehead types will work on self-realization and the creative ideas that follow
  • Crown personalities will be confirmed upon their spiritual path and may develop extraordinary powers.
If you are heading towards your "Forehead Years" - be aware of the changes and energetic influences activating in your life.  If you are smack in the middle of this cycle - are you noticing the changes?  How are you managing change and adjusting to your new life?  If you have the wisdom of these years behind you - what guidance can you offer to those walking just behind you in Life's journey?

I would love to hear from you.  I noticed tonight there are over 600 page views for my blog (since the beginning, less than a year ago), in over 20 countries - the USA, Russia, and Canada having the highest number of readers, and new readers this month from France, China and Ukraine.  I often think I am writing just for myself -- and then I realize you are there, reading me.  I would love to read your comments and reactions too.  :)

A warm hello, good vibes and Canadian bear-hug to all of you across the globe.  I am using my Forehead chakra now to imagine my Light reaching you, wherever you are; and your Light reaching others; and together we are weaving a matrix of Light and Love across this beautiful Earth we are lucky to call home.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Brow Chakra: A letter from your Higher Self

Dear beloved,

Just for a moment, just for today, take a deep breath in and as you exhale release all that tension you are carrying in your forehead; in your temples; in your jaw....  Just for a moment, just for today, listen to what I have to say.

Your head may feel like it's about to explode.  Your jaw is so tense and your teeth are grinding.  Your shoulders have just about reached your ears under this internal tension.  Your stomach is tight and in a knot and you find it difficult to nourish yourself in a healthy way.  You may think that the world is against you; that the Universe is conspiring against you or testing you by sending you trial after trial.  Just for a moment, just for today: consider this...

The world is not against you; it is because you are listening to your ego's negative self talk that you have developed this false belief.  It is because of this self-talk that your self-esteen and self-love have swirled downward.  Because you have spiralled downward, ego is blaming others for your fall; it is projecting your lacks unto others in the physical and spirit worlds; it is this feeling of lack that you perceive coming from outside of you while it is you who are projecting it...

The world is not competing to steal away your happiness and your prosperity.  There is enough happiness and true prosperity for every living soul on this planet.  Competition brings the false assumption of lack - for you are the one desiring someone else's good, someone else's happiness, someone else's life.  You thinks that more possessions will bring you more happiness.  Let that go; look at all the good you have already.  Be grateful.  Learn to live your own life, and not someone else's idea of a life for you.  Remember: what is truly yours can never be taken away, and material possessions are only fleeting and can't be taken with you after you transition to Spirit form.  Happiness and true prosperity feed on the attitude of gratitude.

Others are not overly critical of you.  It is you who are overly critical of yourself, and are then projecting these criticisms as coming from others.  Why are you afraid of being judged by others, when you are the one doing the judging of others according to the high, unnatural standards your ego has set?  When you are the one judging yourself by comparing yourself to others and secretly competing with them according to false standards?  Develop compassion for yourself; and you will receive compassion tenfold.

You are deserving of beauty, health, happy relationships and prosperity.  When you repeat statements in your ego's mind such as "I'm not good enough, I'm not smart enough, I'm not pretty enough..."  Know that these are judgements you make about yourself; those are the vibrations you are activating within yourself.  Those are the vibrations others will respond to, because you are putting them out there.  And because others are responding to these vibrations, your ego reacts with more fear, anxiety, anger...  furthering you into your downward spiral.

Dear beloved, look at how tightly ego has woven around your Spirit.  You feel the world is empty, you feel life is mechanical, you feel sad and depressed...  My dear: you are loved!  You are cherished!  You are strong, beautiful, full of talents!  You are deserving of life's sweet nectar right here, right now, on this plane!  Open yourself to this reality, from the inside out!

Just for a moment, just for today, look at yourself from a Higher perspective.  Take a deep breath, and release ego's grip.  Visualize a constrictor snake slowly releasing its hold on you; let it fall away, loop after loop.  Or visualize a fist holding you tightly - where is this fist; around your heart?  Your solar plexus?  Your throat or head?  Will it to release its grip, one finger at a time.

Dear beloved, this is the reality I want you to see for yourself:  you are free.  You can soar with the eagles.  You are beautiful and perfect just the way you are.  Take off the blinders of ego with which you see yourself and others.  Let go of that skewed perspective on life.  Allow yourself to shine!

Allow this new realization sink down to the marrow of your bones; to the centre of each chakra.  It's not enough to know this in your head; feel it in the fibre of your soul!  Realize that all along when you have been fighting the current, fighting the world around you - the real battle was between ego and Spirit.  Take responsibility for all your thoughts; for all your actions.  From this point on, realize that you have the choice to respond to life's cycles with a Higher Perspective.  You can choose to respond with love, or react with fear, anxiety and anger.  The choice is for you to make.  Every moment.  Every day.

Remember that I love you and that I constantly work on your behalf to channel divine love and intervention into your life.  Will you allow me to continue this work?  Will you allow me to guide you to your highest path, your highest destiny, for your highest good?  Or will you continue to believe that the world will fall apart if you change one bit; if you leave that dead-end job or that stagnant relationship?  The world will NOT fall apart.  Your ego's world perhaps, but not that of Spirit.

Dearly beloved, some of the words I have written may sound harsh - your ego would want you to believe that.  Your ego would want you now to crumble within yourself in self-pity and self-loathing for allowing this perception of life for so many years.  Don't fall prey to that trap.  Take responsibility for your thoughts and actions; bless your mess with compassion and love; and resolve to start over, from this moment on.  I am here to guide you and help you.

Here are affirmations to start anchoring this new perception in your physical and emotional bodies:

  • I am completely loveable.  I am Love, and I radiate Love.
  • I am compassionate towards myself, and I radiate Compassion.
  • I make peacefulness my highest priority, and I radiate calm and peace.
  • My mind is at peace, for I know all is good in my world.
  • I am divinely supported and guided every moment of every day.
  • I forgive myself.  I draw lessons from all my life's events and I am stronger, more loving and more compassionate for learning these lessons.
I love you, and I celebrate all your efforts to better align your Spirit with the beautiful divine plan available to you.  There are many blessings on your journey, and I offer these to you with the gratitude of an open heart. 

Truly Yours, with Love and Light for your Highest Good,

Higher Self.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Daily Reflection: Winter is great for developing clairvoyance!

In addition to helping you understand the great Wisdom beyond your thoughts, the Brow Chakra helps you develop clairvoyance, clairaudience, and claircognizance - three skills or gifts physically anchored in the head area.  I already blogged on the first two skills in previous entries, but I am guided to discuss clairvoyance some more.  One of the reasons is that it's winter out this way, and we're expecting a big snowfall tomorrow.  So, what's the link between the two??

Clairvoyance is not just about receiving guidance in the form of images inside your head; with this skill, you can also see energy fields, or auras.  It is easier to see auras when looking at a subject in front of a white background.  Winter's white coat provides such a background...

I work on this skill mostly in the morning, before the workday really begins.  I look outside and select a tree, preferably one standing alone in the middle of the yard with an expanse of white snow all around.  I ask the tree if he would like to work with me and if he would agree to let me see his aura.  I then soften my eyes and try to see beyond the tree.  (It typically doesn't work if you glare or stare too intently; you have to be patient and allow the aura or energy field to reveal itself to you.)  After a few minutes, I can see an envelope of energy around the tree.  Sometimes, I can see different colours in this energy field.

During the day, I take breaks from staring at my computer screen and look outside.  I practice my skills with the neighbourhood dogs which are out for a walk, and sometimes with the squirrels and birds that grace the view.

Although trees provide a great "practice target" for they are mostly stable and it is in their nature to stand in one place without moving as you practice your eyes (*smile*), I find it quite interesting to apply this skill on dogs.  Most of them realize that their energy field is visible.  Once, as I was sending Reiki energy to a limping dog, he started biting the air around him, wondering perhaps what was touching him.  I guess I didn't properly ask for his permission prior to sending energy.  :)

Therefore, be grateful for the great blanket of snow coming our way for the next few months.  Nature is providing us with ideal conditions in which to hone our seeing skills!  And practicing with gratitude is certainly an important key.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Daily Reflection: Brow Chakra and Clairaudience

Clairaudience is the ability to hear beyond a normal range.  Maybe you hear music when no radio (or MP3 player *smile* ) is on.  Maybe you can hear guidance.  Maybe you can hear a word or an expression as you lead a Reiki session.  Maybe beings from other dimensions are talking to you with words of advice for a shift in global awareness.  These are all gifts associated with clairaudience, and with an opened and activated Brow Chakra.

As with all psychic skills, you must work consistently, slowly and patiently to develop it and to learn to trust it, especially if you have been born in a family or community that say that such gifts are of the devil.  The gifts associated with the Brow Chakra must be developed with loving and attentive teachers, for any imbalance here can shift the brain into mental trauma and illness.  A good teacher will guide you so you can recognize the voices of ego and pettiness, and the voice of divine guidance.  A good teacher will take all the time YOU need to develop this gift, and nurture you in your learning process - forcing clairaudience to happen may scare your ego and close down your Brow Chakra; you will believe you have developed schizophrenia, will start negative self-talk relative to your gift and you will spiral down in mental illness.  When you think you hear voices, stop, reflect, breathe, and talk to a trained professional - from a well-trained Reiki Master, to a Spiritual Coach and/or psychologist (it helps when the psychologist/psychiatrist is opened to the spiritual world, in the likes of Dr. Brian Weiss).

Personally, I often hear specific words or expressions said with a specific accent during Reiki sessions.  I tell clients, "I feel like saying this, this way..."  and they respond along the lines of, "Yes, that's exactly how my grandmother would say that..."

I hear distinct guidance for myself in the few moments just before I awake in the morning, in that blissful state of in-between when I fully reintegrate my body (sometimes, I do work all night in Spirit form - makes me quite tired in the morning!).  It is from such guidance that I found my cat Coquin a few years ago: upon waking up, I heard, "Jaz, the cat for you is at the pet store."  Waking up, I groggily replied, "What?" (I'm not always PC or diplomatic before my coffee; good things Spirit has a sense of humour.)  My guide repeated the instruction, and I received a vision of which pet store it was.  I responded, "Uh - OK, thanks."  And I pondered this over coffee...  I did ask for a new cat to keep Pompon company, but this cat had to be accepted by the resident cat, Pompon - and by my husband.  I had gone to the pet store two days prior and they had no kittens.  I resolved to go that night to the pet store just to check and humour Spirit, and lo and behold they had just received kittens.  Coquin was immediately accepted by Pompon who proceeded to give him a cat-bath as a welcoming gesture, and my husband fell in love with him.  Kudos to Spirit Guide.  And Yay for me, as I began to trust my clairaudience gift.

Jaz on Spirit Hill, behind
the Casa de Dom Inacio 
It was the same direct and loving voice that woke me up last year at about this time to tell me, "Jaz, you're going to Brazil, to the Casa.  It's time."  I think he had to repeat the instructions twice that time as well ;)  I was in disbelief - how would I find the money?  How would I explain this expense?  How would I find the time off?  How this?  How that?  This can never happen, and these are all the reasons why...  And finally, I recognized the panicked voice of my ego, took a deep breath and said out loud, "Well, if it's meant to be, all will fall into place easily and effortlessly.  I accept to go - and leave the details up to you, Spirit."  I booked sessions with my Reiki Masters before booking my trip, just to help me validate my guidance.  Once I committed, everything fell into place.  A few months later, I was at the Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiania, Brazil.   I am grateful Spirit practiced talking to me through the adoption of a cat before sending me on this life-changing journey in Brazil!!

If clairaudience is a gift you want to develop or learn to accept, meditate and work with a compassionate teacher you can trust.  Take it slowly - show compassion towards yourself.  Not everything is meant to emulate the fast-food world we live in; any and all psychic gifts need proper apprenticeship.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Daily Reflection: Brow Chakra and Goal-Setting

Sonia Choquette's Facebook status today was:

When you find yourself in transition, confusion, or uncertain of where things are headed, rather than act or over-react with anxiety or fear, take a breath and allow yourself a little space so that you might tune into your Higher Self, and allow it to take the lead. Simply say, "Higher Self, lead the way. Move my mind, move my heart, move my body in the direction of my highest good at this time and in this circumstance." Then relax, maybe stretch if possible, and wait to be moved by the spirit. If you sincerely surrender to your spirit, and to the path of love and light, you will naturally move toward the most positive path open to you. Try it. You'll see it is true.

I personally find this status quite timely, as I have been working on goal-setting today.  My goals are bringing me on a new path, guided by Spirit.  I am relinquishing ego's hold and I am no longer accepting its fears and insecurities as status quo.

I am feeling rejuvenated, as if coming back to life.  I am filled with hope and joy.  Ego is still making its presence known, but thankfully I have learned to differentiate between ego fears and and the fear/anticipation linked to doing something beautiful, great, amazing with my life...  Lots of "OSM" here!

Goal-setting can be seen as tedious - but know that it can be exciting and very rewarding, especially when you start seeing your vision manifest.  Did you know that actually writing down your goals in a specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-specific manner makes them SMART. You are much more likely to achieve and surpass a SMART goal than a wishful thinking goal... Ask me how I can help you achieve your goals this year!

Having this vision for yourself will certainly nourish your Spirit.  Dreaming up goals and devising its path to successful achievement will balance both sides of your brain.  Going inside yourself to envision your path, and listening to divine guidance will nourish your Brow Chakra. 

Friday, January 6, 2012

Receiving inspiration through my Brow Chakra...

I have been working on my Reiki Master's degree for over a year and a half.  I am pleased to see how I've progressed mentally, emotionally and spiritually during this time.  Changes have come in bursts of energy; there were some sweet breakthroughs and some pretty deep ebbs.  All the while, I have learned to better listen to, and trust, my inner guidance and the messages from my Guides.

For the past few weeks, the centre of my forehead has been pulsating, buzzing, making its presence known.  The feeling is particularly strong as I write entries in this blog, when I work with Tarot and when I am working on new business opportunities.  Creative ideas seem to be pouring through my mind, and I now have developed enough courage and strength to follow these dreams and ideas.  The Universe is responding by sending synchronous events and people who support my growth and expansion.

I am feeling fully alive, waking up from a frozen state brought by working in a job/work environment that is not aligned with the needs of my Spirit; by trying to match others' expectations of me rather than setting my own goals and celebrating my spirit; by reacting to the world around me rather than responding to the energies available to me.  Ego had me in a firm grip.  I realize now how much fear I was carrying, how much mistrust, how many thoughts of "lack".

I am now open to abundance, and I welcome it in my life.  I affirm that I am worthy and deserving of financial and time freedom; of great friendships; of fun and laughter; of all the joy and beauty Life and Nature have to offer.  I take full responsibility for my thoughts and actions.  I welcome and am grateful for my imagination, my insights and divine guidance.  I am happy from within, and I allow it to shine.

I am saying good-bye to the miser; I have no need of him anymore.  I am comforting and wrapping the shy and frightened little girl in a warm rosy blanket, and tell her to trust in Universe and in the future; everything will be alright.  I stoke the embers in my heart and in my sacral chakras, for they will now burn evenly and brightly without consuming themselves to extinction.

I am a channel of Divine Thought.  I am a channel of Divine Love.  I dance with Grace and Harmony.

I am connected to the Stars just as I am connected to the deep blue centre of Gaia, mother Earth.  I anchor these energies everywhere I walk; everywhere my Spirit travels to; everywhere my words are read.

I breathe deeply in my belly, and I smile, at peace.  I am sharing this peace with you.  I thank you for allowing me to do so.

It's your turn to breathe down to your belly.  Turn your forehead to the Sun, to the Moon.  Receive their light.  Allow divine Light to envelop you, rock you gently to peacefulness, listening to the drumbeat of Gaia's heart and womb.  Shhhh...  Listen: your guides are whispering in your ears.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Daily Reflection: Brow Chakra (Pituitary and Pineal Glands)

As with every chakra centre, the Brow Chakra is linked to glands: the pituitary and pineal glands.  Research abounds on these glands, and it's easy to Google... but here's an overview of some interesting facts:

  • The pituitary gland helps internal rebuilding.
  • When both pituitary and pineal glands function optimally, the left and right brain seem to communicate better, creativity increases, problems are less stressful, low energy is picked up, hyperactive energy is calmed down – it appears as though the energetic systems of the body move toward optimal, balanced functioning.
  • Some researchers think that the pineal may be photo-receptive and able to sense light directly because its structure is similar to the retina of the eye.  If you think you can see and perceive images of light in your brain - you can!  Some lizards have a pineal gland that receives information in the form of light in ranges not normally possible for humans, such as infrared and ultraviolet (UV).  (Is is a coincidence that the color of the Brow Chakra is deep indigo to violet??)  
  • The pineal gland secretes melanin and seratonin, important hormones in brain chemistry, helping relaxation and regular sleep patterns.  Visualization and meditation help this gland secrete these helpful hormones.
  • The pineal gland, which is quite small, was once thought to be degenerate, a relic of our past and non longer useful with the evolution of mankind...  but its importance in our well-being is now well-known.
  • The "Third Eye" may actually be the first eye forming  in the brain during our first stages of development - don't we receive Light and divine guidance as we incarnate in utero?
  • The silver lining about the thinning of the ozone layer?  Studies have shown that the pineal gland can be activated with electromagnetic energy including UV light radiation.  As more UV light penetrates our atmosphere, and therefore as more UV light reaches us, our pineal gland self-activates.  A thinner ozone layer can therefore have a profound effect on the raising of our common human consciousness!
There is so much happening in our brains that modern popular science has not "proven" yet (and if not proven, it doesn't exist...)  These glands are vital to our overall physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.  Support yours with visualization, meditation, proper diet and proper sleeping habits.  Remember to turn your head to the sun, eyes closed, at least 5 minutes twice a day to receive as much light as possible in your Brow Chakra and light-sensitive pineal gland.  You will feel more connected to your environment and will increase your intuitive nature.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Daily Reflection: Brow Chakra and Clairvoyance

As many of us are setting intentions for the new year and visualizing positive changes for our immediate or long-term future, what a great opportunity to embark on our exploration of the Brow Chakra!

The Brow Chakra, also referred to as the Third-Eye Chakra, is located between and slightly above the eyebrows.  It is only in the Western and New Age practices that this Chakra is linked to the psychic eye and clairvoyance; it is not so in the original Tantric system.  In all traditions, however, an open Brow Chakra is associated with going beyond the mind, beyond what we physically perceive in this world, beyond longings and desires, and with entering the realm of wisdom.

If this chakra is blocked, we may confuse knowledge/wisdom and information.  We may get carried away with the inner movie playing in our mind and assert it is knowledge instead of bits of information.  We may put too much power into psychic sight.  I have seen this happen countless times in Reiki shares with novice practitioners who have only just discovered their gift of clairvoyance.  They focus so much on what they see and on the symbols revealed to them that they forget to relay these for the highest good and healing of the patients.  This can leave the patient distraught and confused.  (I feel I need to add that these novice practitioners do not do this out of malice, just out of amazement and gratitude for the new gift.  They just need to learn to work with this gift a bit more and include the patient's perspective before practicing elsewhere than in student circles.)

As Reiki practitioners, we must remember that all information received through all channels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - must be used for healing and for the highest good of all involved.   You must practice, practice, practice and be confident in your gift of Sight.  You must learn to trust you inner guidance - so many of us have learned to distrust it in this Western world.

Note that the location of the Brow Chakra is the middle of the forehead.  This location is a prime reminder to integrate our left and right brain; our intuition and our logic; our gut-feelings and information from the physical world; what we see and what we perceive.

Clairvoyance is not just a gift - it is a practice.  It is a discipline.  It is wonderful when we learn to trust it, to direct its energies, and to use it for the Highest Good.

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012; the 2 of Wands; and the Bouncy Castle: Energies of Transformation and Lessons in Faith-Full Actions

Spiritual / New Age leaders have been talking of 2012 for a few years already, and how it is a portal or a cornerstone for the collective spiritual awakening.  Will it be so for you?  It depends on your attitude and how you work with this year's energies.

Many of us in the Reiki community and other sensitive souls have been feeling a shift in the energy matrix. For some, the spirit of adventure and passion is ignited with great expectations of things to come.  For others, there is fear of things to come; fear of the changes the renewal of energies is bringing.  For many, there is both excitement and fear - so if you feel both emotions, you are not alone!  The important thing is not to be paralyzed by fear, and learn to let go of our old boundaries and safety zone.  It's only through loosing our old worn-out identities that we can grow into more than what we are today.

To me, the Tarot card that sums up this duality of energies is the 2 of Wands.  Traditionally, the image on this card is that of a young man looking out to sea from his castle grounds, holding a staff in his left hand and a globe in his right.  It is the card of great expectations, where your intentions are manifesting.  It is the card of anticipation for what lays ahead, when the ideas you've set in motion are bearing fruit.

I find John Holland sums it up the best in his "The Psychic Tarot" oracle deck:
This card indicates that you've worked hard to set things in motion in certain areas of your life, and you're now waiting for the results to come to fruition.  The number 2 is all about choice and decision.  In the past, you may have been afraid of making decisions or choices, but now you're no longer held prisoner by this fear or the constraints of old beliefs.  Expect the best and be open to the limitless power of your intuition --which is presently very strong-- trust and use it to assist you.
Achievement and success are assured, but once obtained, don't let it change you -- remember who you are, the effort that it took to get you to this point, and the gratitude you need to show to the people who helped you.  Stay on your spiritual path, for it will continue to guide you on the journey of your soul.
Donna Iona Drozda has a very good article posted in Zodiac Arts.  She provides an overview of the planetary energies and numerology influences on our common path.  The main theme is similar to the energies of the 2 of Wands:  look at what you have put in motion since 2003, for it is the manifestation of these thoughts and actions that will come your way in 2012.

And so the question is: what have you been working on in the past few years?  How have you been wording your thoughts about yourself, others, your environment, your work?  What efforts did you put forth for the positive outcome of your dreams?  How have you cared for your sacred self?  It is the result all these little mustard seeds you've sowed along your path these past few years that will come to you in a big way this year.

Are you afraid your thoughts were not self-loving enough?  Are you afraid your actions fell short of your greatest potential?  Are you confident Universe will lovingly support you and help you grow your greatest good?  Again here: fear and confidence - the hallmark of the year to come...  It is important to remain aware of the complete range of emotions we are feeling, and to keep the intention of pulling through it, victorious.  Let go of what no longer serves you for it will stop you from reaching your potential.  Alas, letting go can be difficult and fearsome if we had been holding on to outdated beliefs and actions like a child holds on to a security blanket...  With loving self-talk, walk yourself slowly through the process...

The image I get for the cacophony of feelings, emotions, actions and actors all coming together in our respective lives this year is that of the Bouncy Castle.  Do you remember bouncing in such a castle when you were a kid?  Do you remember the exhilaration of the bounces, or the fear of being bowled over -- or both?  It is my allegory for the state of mind we must develop this year:  engaging our inner child and our spirit of fun and adventure.  A Bouncy Castle can be a dangerous place if we paralyze in fear and stay lying down in the middle of it, being bounced about by everyone else.  It can also be a place of magical fun and excitement if we participate in its craziness, and bounce around purposefully.  Through our Inner Child, we can use our fear as a motivator to make us bounce further and higher than we thought possible.  This fear and anticipation can help us discover new aspects of ourselves that would be out of our reach in a peaceful and steady environment.  So bounce around and change up the status quo - isn't it time it changed anyway, for our highest good?

Form your intentions for this year in a loving and nurturing way.  Know in your heart and deep in your soul that the Universe will provide the help and support you need during this year of transition.  If  you don't like the fruit of what you've sown these past few year, weed your inner garden, mulch everything and start over again.  Call a "time-out" then a "do-over"; it's OK.  Life is all about learning and experiencing anyway.  Have fun with it.

Choose how you want to experience the forthcoming changes.  Bounce, or be bounced about.  It's your choice.  You are not a victim of events, you are an active participant and co-creator.

Hold your dreams up for the world to see.  It's time.  Shine.  You are beautiful, worthy of the best and deserving of life's sweet nectar.  Keep your faith.

Here is an affirmation taken from the 2 of Wands overview by Arlene Tognetti and Carolyn Flynn, in "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Tarot Spreads, Illustrated" (don't let the book title fool you, it's a good resource! ;)
I see it; I believe it; it has already happened.
Wishing you the best experiences this year for your continued growth and learning in this physical plane, and for your highest and greatest good.  Much love to you all.