Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Spiritual Guidance, October 2013

Decks used: John HollandThe Psychic Tarot”; Sonia ChoquetteThe Answer is Simple”; Colette Baron-ReidWisdom of the Hidden Realms

It is my pleasure to share with you this oracle card reading! The question I asked, on our collective behalf, is for Spirit to clarify the general energy in which we are called to evolve this month, and to guide us on our next step to our Highest Good. Our personal boundaries, feelings of self-esteem and ability to express our inner power lovingly will be tested this month! We must take regular pauses to reflect on whether ego or spirit is leading our decisions and actions, and to listen for Spirit’s subtle messages of guidance.

We are asked to be very mindful of our personal energy this month, as our Solar Plexus Chakra is being challenged. The key issues here are power, fear, anxiety, and introversion. We are experiencing an era of energetic change where we are called to step up to our full potential. For some, this newly found power feels very enticing and they will work to coerce others to their point of view. Others still feel afraid of this power and would rather shrink up within themselves and not be seen. Some will force their way through without regard to the consequences of their actions, while others will panic and fall into inertia, allowing in the energy of being taken advantage of. Are you on either end of this spectrum? Be mindful of your opinions, your personal will and how you wield (or give away) your personal power. Remember that standing in one’s true power is non-dominating; you are fully YOU without guilt or apology or need to convince others, and because you are fully YOU (and not full of yourself!) your energy empowers and inspires others to live in their own truth.

Rhys Thomas says of this chakra, “It is the center where you realize that no one can teach you who you are. It is your life purpose not to conform and be a follower, but instead to be a leader and express your unique qualities as your greatest gift to others and the world.”

The Solar Plexus has a physical influence on the digestive system. Remember to eat a balanced diet, and if you feel stressed remember to avoid refined sugar and refined carbs. You may suffer from more heartburns or acid reflux syndrome this month… If you do, know that the energy in that centre is overactive; take steps to bring more calm into your daily life. Take time every day to connect to Source and your Higher Self; doing so will allow you to remain grounded, centred and balanced in your inner power.

Our next step in our journey is to recognize when we are following the voice of the ego, and when we are true to the voice of Spirit. If your actions align with others just to fit in with the crowd; if you are speaking words that you do not mean just because that’s what you perceive is expected of you; if you are involved in activities or work that leave you feeling empty, hollow, and lost... TURN BACK! Check in with your Solar Plexus and discover your inner truth. Choose to honour yourself. Ego will tell you that it is necessary for your survival to bend over backwards to please everyone else but you; ego will tell you that you have no future if you don’t do as “they” do or want you to do; ego will tell you that your dreams and inspirations are worthless... do you want to continue to believe that inner discourse? Are you ready to at least entertain the possiblity that you could choose differently and be happy?

Invoke the help of the Hawk Prince. He will help you pay attention to details; ask him to flag those details for you that have a spiritual meaning or message of guidance. These messages can come to you through a conversation you overhear, a message on a billboard, a feather on your path, a television ad, a song on the radio… Pay attention, for Spirit seeks your attention to share an important message with you! The better you become at listening to subtle messages and the more you surrender your will to Spirit’s will, the more you will find the courage, grace and ease to lead a charmed life. Learn to listen to your Guides, and they’ll gently and lovingly guide you to your Highest Good and Destiny.

Spiritual Assignments This Month

  • Examine your core values and beliefs; are you living in congruence with them? How much time do you devote every day to manifest your dreams or to enjoy your favourite hobby? What can you shift in your life to live more aligned with your heart and the highest common good? 
  • Examine your goals and objectives, then release them unto Spirit. Trust that your highest good will manifest, that your dreams will find their mark. 
  • Practice (not only with words, but with your actions!) the following affirmations: “I choose to remain conscious of the world within and around me. I choose to notice when I digress from my Light and slip into my Shadow. I choose to use my willpower to direct my energy to remain conscious.” 
  • Police your thoughts; remember that you have the power to choose your thoughts, your feelings and your emotions. Enlist your divine helpers to help you notice your thought patterns and when you are slipping into a recurring negative pattern. Ask them to teach how to transform the negative patterns into positive energy. 
  • Learn to differentiate between the voice of ego and that of Spirit. 
  • Notice the myriad signs Spirit sends your way as omens and messages to guide you to your Truth, for your Highest Good and destiny. 
Margaret Lynch and Rhys Thomas teach that there are vows hidden in each chakra, such as:
  • I vow to be who I perceive I am supposed to be to please others, not who I really am. 
  • I vow to sacrifice, to serve. 
  • I vow that other people’s needs always come first. 
  • I vow to live the truth that I am not good enough and less than others.
Do any of these vows apply to you? Are you ready to heal them?

Share your experience below to place it in the energy grid. Blessed be!

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