Monday, April 27, 2015

The smell of zen

Aromatherapy & Crown Chakra

You know that scent of incense at the yoga studio that makes you feel zen as soon as you walk through the door?  Or the smell of churches that makes everyone whisper, slow down and reflect in prayer?  Or the smell of the forest that brings a smile to your face and you feel your heart and soul grow as big as the trees around you?

These are all scents that open up your Crown Chakra by altering your brain chemistry so that you become receptive to higher energy and vibrations.  These scents can make you feel connected to a power above and beyond the human experience.  They point the way to your soul’s “refuelling station”, where you can more readily feel and accept a connection to Oneness, which nourishes your soul.

It is so important to take time, daily, to reconnect to our higher self and to higher vibes.  You don’t need big ceremonies and complicated prayers - even a few deep breaths, with a smile on your face, and a feeling of awe in your heart when you think of all the good in this world; the beauty of Nature; and infinite possibilities created by and through Love…  These few deep breaths can be enough.  And it does help, when you take these cleansing and reconnecting breaths, if you are surrounded by a scent you like and supports your spiritual side.

So, go ahead and light your favourite candle or incense stick, and breathe!

Here are a few of my favourite scents:

  • Pine:  It reconnects me with the cleansing forces of nature.  When I walk in a pine forest, I feel an air of mystery.  I feel nurtured and safe.  I feel that my heart expands to more joy and Love.  Pine can symbolize infinity, lasting faith and resilience through tough times, because it is an evergreen.
  • Frankincense:  A time-honoured scent used in many religious practices.  It creates that “smell of church” and invites to deep prayer and contemplation.  In ancient times, it was used as embalming oil to prepare and preserve the body for the next journey.  Used consciously with the Crown Chakra, frankincense can help you in your ascension process.
  • Champa:  This is an East-Indian classic incense that reminds me of meditation retreats and Reiki classes.  It is very relaxing and soothing, and facilitates deep meditative states.
  • Rosewood:  This is an excellent essential oil that I often use directly on my skin.  I mix it with a bit of face moisturizer to keep my youthful glow, and I use it neat on cuts and burns to help my skin cells regenerate and heal quickly.  Its scent is woodsy and flowery; connecting Root, Heart and Crown chakra.  Used in a mister or diffuser, it can assist you in preparing your body, mind and emotions to receive and hold higher frequencies, and in doing channeling work.

Enjoy exploring various scents to bring you to that zen state!

I am surrounding you with joy, Light and Love!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Aromatherapy for the Root Chakra

Our sense of smell is very important to our wellbeing - just think of your favourite scent, like a campfire, or apple pie, or a loved one's perfume...  and notice how it makes you feel.  I bet you're even smiling, just thinking about that smell.  When you work to balance your Root Chakra, choose scents that make you feel safe, warm, and supported by your human and/or spiritual tribe.  What is your favourite scent?

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Crystals that can help you feel safe & reduce stress

Here are 3 crystals that resonate with the Root Chakra, and that can help you feel more safe, and less stressed.

Of course, just putting a crystal on a table near you is not enough...  learn to work with the crystalline energies with awareness and intention.  Allow the crystal to help focus your intention, and to be a reminder of this intention throughout your day.

Crystals presented in this video: smoky quartz, hematite and red tiger's eye.

Enjoy the video!

Monday, April 20, 2015

What see you in your crystal ball?

The room is dark and smoky from incense and candles.  Weird talismans and statues are displayed throughout the room.  You feel a sense of mystery, scented with fear.  Finally, she walks in, through the beaded curtain.  Dressed in a flowy gown adorned with gypsy coins and sequins, turban on her head and done up in makeup reminding you of a witchy-gypsy-ancient-Egyptian.  Skirt coins clinging, she sits across from you at the small table.  She takes a deep breath, looks into your eyes, then lifts her hand - adorned with long coloured nails, rings, and some old henna.  She shifts her focus to her crystal ball, hands circling…  She is now ready to reveal your fortune…

Me! :) Halloween 2011.  The workplace
theme was "pirates and gypsies" - I had
fun tapping into that :)
Is this how you picture someone who uses a crystal ball to tap into her psychic skills?  This image of a fortune-teller has certainly been in my psyche and imagination for many years - ever since I could read illustrated fairy tales.  Although part of me thinks this is “so cool” and would love to be like her - there is that other voice in me that tells me she’s a fake, a flake, a make-believe…  and never wants to be like her.  This inner attraction-rejection of the image of the fortune teller has had a bigger impact than I expected - or wanted - on my coming out as being intuitive.  For years, it blocked me from developing and acknowledging my intuitive skills.  I had much to learn about intuitive skills and had many pre-conceived notions and judgements to sort through and release before making peace with my intuition and admitting that, yes, I am a little gypsy-witchy at heart - and loving it!

I have learned to open up my chakras, clear my heart and accept the images, sensations and words flowing to and through me during meditations and sessions with clients.  I trust the guidance I receive for myself and others.  I have yet to purchase a crystal ball for myself, but this morning in meditation I received clear directions on how I would use one - and this I share with you.

A crystal ball is typically made of clear quartz, although it is possible to purchase one made of other crystals.  It can be used to focus the mind and make it more receptive to the psychic messages coming through, especially if one is clairvoyant.  The crystal ball can act as a screen where the images of the clairvoyant are projected, and can therefore be more easily perceived and interpreted.  It can also be a gateway to a connection with an other dimension or vibration, creating a similar effect to that associated with the ancient shamanic practice of staring into a flame; it’s just a different type of door.

To work with a crystal ball:

  1. Ground and centre yourself:  make sure you have eaten a good meal, take a walk outdoors, breathe deeply down to your belly.  Make sure you have taken care of some details that might be nagging at you first so they don’t bother you during your session.  These details include cleaning your space, feeding the cats, letting the dog out, sending that email, paying that bill…  Often, these “real life” issues can pop up and want attention during a session, so make sure to take care of them first, or at least promise yourself that you will deal with them at a specific time after the session: this will put your mind at ease.
  2. Prepare your space: it should be tidy and clean.  Take out a nice table or altar cloth, and lay out a few crystals, candles or spiritual items on your work surface.  Place a candle behind your crystal ball.  You might want to smudge your space or burn incense.
  3. Prepare yourself: Place a pinch of salt on your Crown Chakra and ceremonially wash your hands in cold water.  I love using a salt scrub and affirm, as I scrub my hands and forearms, that I am clearing my energy field and am opening myself to receive psychic messages.  
  4. Start the session: light the candles, dim the lights, sit comfortably.
  5. Focus your intention: Take a deep breath to your belly and gently close your eyes.  Focus on your intention to work with your crystal ball to receive clairvoyant messages.  Pray to be surrounded in Love and Light and thank your spiritual guides for working with you.
  6. Start the flow of energy:  Gently open your eyes, and look into your crystal ball.  Ask your question, and ask to be shown the answer or the next right action.  It’s OK if you feel you are cross-eyed and that your vision blurs; it’s part of the opening process.  Keep breathing and focusing.  Don’t force any images to appear; just allow them to flow.  Remember that it can feel like a day dream, or like when you read a good book and you see the characters and the story come to life in your mind’s eye.
  7. Close the session: Thank your spirit guides, your higher self, and Source for this experience - whether or not you think you saw anything.  Affirm that the session is closed.  Blink your eyes a few times to return them to normal focus.  Remember to breathe.  Stretch your body.  Write any insights in your journal.  

Remember that working with a crystal ball is like developing a muscle that will gain strength and definition over time.  It’s good to keep a journal not only to witness your progress, but to record small pieces of information that might make sense later on.  Through your experience, you will also learn how to ask better questions, and what type of questions get stronger or clearer answers and this will help you develop your own strengths as an intuitive-psychic.

Remember also to have fun and enjoy the process.  It is my experience that energy flows best when our heart is light and centred on joy and Love.  After all, experiencing oneness and universal Love is an attribute of a healthy Crown Chakra.  And you see, you don’t have to be dressed with all the showmanship of parlour psychics to be able to tap into your own psychic and intuitive senses... and if dressing up is part of what puts you in the zone, then by all means go ahead and have fun!

Are you looking for a crystal ball?  I can help you find one - just let me know what you are looking for.  Are you looking for more training to open up your chakras and your intuitive abilities?  I can help you with that too - I have online and in-person classes available, either in a group or individual setting.

Surrounding you in Love and Light!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Soaking up the sun and putting sparkles in my aura

Birds singing.  Wind chimes gently ringing.  Trees budding and tulips sprouting.  And here I sit, with the sun on my face, soaking up this wonderful energy.  Nature’s magic is in full swing in this change of seasons, and I’m loving this.

Yesterday afternoon was so beautiful and although my body aches a bit from muscles I haven’t used in a long time, I rejoice in the hours spent raking the back yard and picking up old leaves and foliage from the flower beds.  I told the budding tulips, daffodils and hyacinths how happy I am to see them again for a new season.  I talked to my garden about my plans for the upcoming season.  I hugged my special tree and felt its energy rising after a cold, long winter.

I am reconnecting to the Earth element.  I am reconnecting to my magic.  I am shaking off the old cobwebs of winter.  I feel I am coming back to life.  I’m sure my aura is sparkling bright with golden light.

Things sure do feel different, however.  The energy changes of the past few weeks have not quite completed their transition and transformation.  This season, things can not be done like they’ve always been…  there’s an air of innovation and creativity floating about.  Those who are resisting this current will feel uncomfortable and irritable.  Those going with the flow of change will see their energy, their life’s perspective and their intuitive abilities expand beyond the limitations that have existed up to now.  Each one of us must choose between resistance and flow, and work with the consequences of our personal choice.  The impact of our direction will have a long-lasting ripple-effect.  I suggest it’s time to get equipped with the tools required to keep an open mind, an open heart, and an ability to be flexible in mind-emotions and body.

The recent moon cycles have brought to the surface old emotions, thoughts and patterns that needed airing out.  I’ve had my share of “a-ha” moments concerning my wellbeing, and I am aware of several shifts that are in the works.  I’ve peeled off, gently and with compassion, yet an other layer of hurt feelings and ego-based protection mechanisms to allow new loving energy to flow to and through me. I am working on a deeper level with the Reiki Precepts and am finding more ease in my daily life as I release that which does not support my highest good.  Have you felt the changes?  Are you noticing your inner transformation?

I’ve been finding it difficult lately to sit at my computer and write articles.  I feel that I need to take on a new direction, and boldly go where I have not dared go before… and yet the ideas are spinning so fast it’s difficult to concentrate on one!  Be ready for a change of pace in my weekly emails starting next month!  Guidance will be coming from an other level entirely…

For the next few weeks, we are completing the journey started six months ago through the chakras.  At the Crown, the big message is to rest, slow the pace, and allow for your intuition to guide you.  After all, your intuition is your link to the higher, and divine, realms and therefore your creative ideas are divinely inspired - however crazy or irrational they may feel at times.

Just for today, take time to breathe deeply.  Soak in the sunshine, even for just a few minutes while on your work-break.  Notice how Nature is returning to her cycle of fertile abundance. Smile.  Realize how deeply you are loved and how completely guided you are, even if you don’t feel it every moment of every day.  It truly are the small things in life that can have the biggest impact on your daily vibes.  What small sign from Nature did you notice today to make your heart sing?

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A little poem for a fawn

On March 25th, just before breakfast, we noticed a young deer behind our house.  As I looked at it, curled up on the snow and constantly bobbing its head, I knew something was not right.  I knew he was hurting.  Just a few nights prior, I had seen it walk up the street with its mother, tagging close behind her.  Now there he was, alone and hurting.

I quickly grabbed a few carrots, an apple and an old blanket and made my way over to see him.  I approached gently, slowly, expecting him to run away at my approach.  He did stand up, but could not stand on its front legs and quickly lied back on the snow.  I covered him with the blanket and offered him the food, which he sniffed but declined.  I believe his level of pain was such that he could not open his mouth.  Fur was missing on both sides of his chest, and there were wounds.  I'm sure the internal wounds were worse.

I left him for a few moments to place a phone call with the Provincial Police and Natural Resources department.  They arrived within 20 minutes, during which time I returned to the deer to share some Reiki with the intention of reducing its pain.  I was not surprised at the best course of action the police needed to do; I said a final farewell, gathered my blankets and food offerings, and returned home.  A single gunshot resonated through the neighbourhood.  10 minutes later, the county was here to pick up the deer's body.

It feels like much happened within 45 minutes that morning.  The neighbours and I have been shaken from this experience.  It is not often that death is at our doorstep.  We truly are blessed and privileged to be living in such a wonderful town.

My dreams have been filled with the memory and energy of the deer in the few nights following this experience.  It has been an interesting moon cycle to say the least.  I do believe there is more going on "behind the veil" that I do not fully understand, and that the deer had a role to play.  It is just too curious that he made his way, possibly on his own, through wooded lots and fenced in yards to finally fall just behind my house.

I wanted this free-form poem to capture the essence of this experience.

Blood on the Snow

Little fawn
Life beginning
Beauty, majesty, innocence

Head bobbing
Curled up
Fighting to live
Heroic, brave, abandoned

Little fawn,
How did you find this tree, this backyard,
How did you make it so far through the snowy paths of the village?
What is the story of your journey?

Your body was deeply wounded
But your spirit was strong
You nestled your forehead under my Reiki hands
And you surrendered

Little fawn,
I wish I could have done more
I wish I could have saved your body
And returned you to health
…all I could do was call for help

And now there is blood on the snow.

Your spirit remains strong
And it trots alongside Brigid.
The sacrifice of your life
Forming a bridge between dimensions
Like a blood covenant
Of the days of old.

Spiritual crossings and awakenings
Goddess’ consort
Spirit Guide

Finding peace, compassion, meaning
New beginnings
Little fawn of spring

Psychic Awareness Quiz

Which Clair Are You?

We all have a natural psychic and intuitive ability, and our main psychic sense often mirrors how we use our physical senses.  Take the quiz below and find out which clair is your strongest asset.

Question 1
When you remember a childhood experience, do you:

  • A.  See it in your mind, like a movie, with vivid colour or visual detail?
  • B.  Re-live the emotions and the sensations?
  • C.  Hear the conversations, ambient noises and sounds?
  • D.  Feel that you have captured the moment in the library of your mind?
  • E.  Not remember much about your childhood.

Question 2
When you go on holiday, what is the first thing you notice?

  • A.  The view, the sights, how the room looks
  • B.  The vibe of the place, the excitement
  • C.  The music, the sounds
  • D.  Your excitement about all the things you can discover here
  • E.  You never really notice anything special

Question 3
When someone explains something to you, are you more likely to say:

  • A.  I see what you mean
  • B.  I feel it / I’m not feeling it
  • C.  I hear ya / I hear what you mean
  • D.  I understand
  • E.  Don’t know/unsure of what you respond

Question 4
When someone is lying to you, do you:

  • A.  See it in their face?
  • B.  Feel a funny vibe?
  • C.  Hear it in their voice?
  • D.  Just know it for unseen reason?
  • E.  Feel unsure and terrible at picking up liars.

Question 5
When you meet someone new, do you:

  • A.  Give this person a good (and discreet) look-over to appraise what they’re all about?
  • B.  Have a feeling about ‘who he really is’?
  • C.  Listen to this person for a while before making your mind up?
  • D.  Have a clear and instant “knowing” about their personality and if you could get along?
  • E.  Feel you’re a terrible judge of character.

Question 6
When you go somewhere new, do you first:

  • A.  People-watch to get an idea of what happens and get visual clues as to how to fit in?
  • B.  Get a feel for for the place?
  • C.  Listen to what’s going on around you - the sounds, the music, the conversations?
  • D.  Try to get as much information about everything?
  • E.  Just wait for someone to tell you what to do?

Question 7
When you learn something new, do you prefer:

  • A.  To see it in writing - in a book, on a handout, or a visual presentation, in your notes?
  • B.  To have someone demonstrate the new skill or information for you, or use models or props you can touch, then practice to get a feel for it?
  • C.  To hear it explained to you, and listen to the same recorded class several times?
  • D.  To ask many questions and research various sources of information?
  • E.  Feel you don’t learn very well, and it’s just not getting through to you?

Question 8
When you’re on the phone, do you:

  • A.  Picture who is calling, and see the other person in your mind?
  • B.  Feel the emotions of whoever is on the line?
  • C.  Tend to listen more than you talk?
  • D.  Just knew who was calling, even a few minutes before the phone rang?
  • E.  Keep it very business-like?

Question 9
When you have a dream or a nightmare, do you:

  • A.  Keep replaying the scene in your mind, and see vivid details?
  • B.  Wake up feeling “weird” or “icky” and have trouble shaking off the feeling of the dream?
  • C.  Remember the conversations and sounds of it?
  • D.  Have a knowingness about the dream and its meaning?
  • E.  Never remember your dreams.

Question 10
When you think about and work with your Spirit Guide, do you:

  • A.  Have a picture of them in your mind?
  • B.  Just feel them behind or around you?
  • C.  Hear their voice or sounds?
  • D.  Have this true knowingness that they have your back no matter what?
  • E.  Not receive any clues or signs about them.

Question 11
In previous psychic experiences, have you:

  • A.  Seen a ghost or orbs?
  • B.  Felt as if someone has been watching you?
  • C.  Heard the voice of a deceased loved one or unseen presence?
  • D.  Known when a house is haunted?
  • E.  Never noticed anything special, although others were feeling spooked.

Question 12
When you meditate, do you:

  • A.  Visualise yourself in a safe or beautiful place?
  • B.  Just go with the flow and whatever comes next?
  • C.  Focus on the music and your inner voice?
  • D.  Trust that you’ll be given what you need?
  • E.  Typically find it difficult to switch off.

If you answered...

Mostly A's
YOU ARE CLAIRVOYANT:  CLAIRVOYANCE is the psychic ability to see.  When you are attuned to this sense, you can see events in your imagination.  You might see ghosts, auras, orbs or spirits.

Mostly B's
YOU ARE CLAIRSENTIENT:  CLAIRSENTIENCE is the psychic ability to feel. You are naturally intuitive and have empathy for others. You might need frequent time on your own because you feel too much and can get easily overwhelmed in public or crowded places.

Mostly C's
YOU ARE CLAIRAUDIENT:  CLAIRAUDIENCE is the spiritual ability to hear. You have the ability to obtain information from sound, and your spiritual guidance will likely focus on words or tonalities.

Mostly D's
YOU HAVE THE GIFT OF KNOWING:  CLAIRCOGNIZANCE is the spiritual ability to “know”.
You will feel that Spirit and guides will send you information almost like a “download”. You will just know something and you’ll have no idea how or why.

Mostly E's
YOU CANNOT TRUST YOURSELF! You might be carrying fears, closed thought patterns, shame or karmic experiences that have closed down your ability to use your intuition.  You will need to work on your Root Chakra to feel safe first, then your heart and mind could open to your psychic senses.

Would you like to learn how to tap into your psychic senses?  Would you enjoy learning how your intuition can help you make better decisions and live a life that is more joyful, meaningful and fulfilling?  I can show you how!  Contact me and we can chat on the best course of action for you.  I can meet you in person, on the phone or via Skype!

Also, take a look at my Intuition Development Program, offered in-person and via teleclass.

Keep shining!

When flu symptoms aren’t the flu…

Your body might be finding it difficult to adjust to new vibes

I’ve been feeling flu-ish for the past two weeks.  I have experienced symptoms of headache, nausea, body aches, increased sensitivity to noise, to movement, and to people’s energies.  I’ve had moments of intense heat waves coming in my body from the back of my Solar Plexus, and at times the heat was unbearable.  I needed extra time to sleep - well at least during the day because it has been difficult to sleep at night with all the mental energy I was experiencing.  And yet, with all these symptoms, I never had a fever, the sniffles or any other symptoms of the flu-bug.  I have been experiencing the psychic flu.  Don’t worry; it’s not contagious!

In my down time, I read some articles on solar flares, astrological alignments, lunar and solar eclipses, and the change in frequency of the Earth’s electromagnetic field.  Many authors, astrologers and intuitives around the world are also talking about a psychic or spiritual “flu” - so I know I’m on to something and I’m not making it up.

It appears that the electromagnetic pulse of the Earth is increasing, and the polarity is changing.  New gateways are being opened and new vibrational alignments are now possible.  Some sources even state that our DNA is being re-written - our bodies are going through quite the evolution to be able to carry the vibrations that are becoming predominant.

If you’re experiencing flu-like symptoms at this time - and you’re sure it’s not the bug - your body might just be purging old energies that are no longer useful in this new global vibration.  Your body might be transforming to be able to receive and anchor this higher vibration on our planet.  Transformation work at this time includes the healing of old beliefs, patterns, and wounds.

I find it interesting and synchronous that the month of the Crown Chakra is aligned with this increasing global awareness of “the shift”.  You see, the Crown Chakra is like a receptive antennae at the top of our head that unites us with all of the creation, all vibrations, and through various dimensions, space and time.  It receives nourishment from a true connection to Source energy and guides our brain and our bodies based on its “knowingness” of the divine plan.  It is through the Crown Chakra that we can realize our full human and spiritual potential and feel the true inner peace and wisdom of being at one with all of the creation.  Blockages in the Crown Chakra can cause feelings of depression, mistrust in the higher realms, and the feeling of being a robot without joy or purpose.

You are called to develop to your full potential.  To love more.  To experience peace.  To feel empowered, joyful, and real.  The question now is: what are you ready to release to make space for this new vibration - anxiety, ego-pride, fear, self-doubt…?

I suggest you take time now to rest, to meditate and to reflect on your true core values.  Take classes that will support you as you journey toward more wisdom and spiritual maturity.  Learn how to move energy in a loving and healing way.  Develop your connection and your trust in Source.  Listen to your body and follow-through with your intuitive nudges.  Flex your psychic muscles.  Find your tribe of like-minded people.

If you feel confused and lost in this time of transition, I can help.  Usui Reiki (in-person and distant) can help you feel rejuvenated.  Holographic Reiki (in-person and distant) can give you insights into karmic experiences and help you heal the energies of old wounds.  Oracle Readings can help you gain clarity on your higher purpose and give you a sense of direction.  Spiritual Coaching can help you shift beliefs and vibrational patterns.  Not sure of which strategy would suit you best?  Book a complimentary Strategy Session with me, and I’ll guide you toward your soul’s inner wisdom.