Friday, June 17, 2011

Sixth Sense is Common Sense

(Reading: Sonia Choquette, Trust Your Vibes, Secret #2)

When I teach lessons on how to communicate, I refer students to the early cybernetic model: think of communication as the first model for radio transmission or telephone conversation. There is a Sender, a Receiver, a Channel and a Message. The Sender sends a message through a proper channel (the radio waves or telephone line) and the receiver acknowledges its reception. Sometimes however the message is not well received or becomes distorted. There is static on the line. The message cuts off.

This metaphor can be applied to our sixth sense, or communication with Spirit. Imagine Spirit as the sender of a message, and yourself as the receiver. Spirit is constantly communicating with you, to help you on your soul's learning path and in your more mundane tasks too. Spirit want to reassure you of the Creator's love for you and seeks to support you every moment for your Highest Good. Now: when Spirit calls, do you pick up the phone? Do you know how to put your ear to the receiver and listen?

This is often the first stumbling block to developing our sixth sense: ignoring the phone call or not even knowing what the telephone is for. In spirit terms, this would be denying the existence of the spirit world. Believing we are not worthy of receiving such messages. Fearing what the message would be. Imagining either a great chasm opening up before us or the overwhelming choir of angels singing. These are ego traps set by your mind to stop you from picking up that communication line. Ego prefers to keep you in fear, because you are more easily controlled when you are fearful - or so thinks ego. If this is where you're at, have a conversation with your ego and set the intention to be open to communication with Spirit. It's OK to be fearful, but what's important is what you do with that fear. Don't let it pin you in a corner feeling alone in the dark. Love yourself for where you're at, but if it is your intention to develop your communication with Spirit, realize that there are several channels of communication with Spirit just waiting for you to reach out and talk.

Explore the channels of communication. If it were a telephone and you were new to this technology this is where you would read the user's manual and ask questions to experts. For communications with Spirit, the channels are boundless. Tarot, oracle cards, guided meditation, hypnosis, automatic writing, prayer, dream interpretation... Start by picking one channel and learn how to use it. Remember that to have efficient communication it is not enough for you to know how to use it - you must also experience it. Learn with your heart and your body, not just your mind.

Once you start exploring, you may notice "static on the line." The message may not be clear. The language may seem foreign. It's normal and happens to the best of the six-sensories too.

One part of the static equation is nutrition. Your body must be properly fuelled for it to be sensitive to the subtle vibes. You must feed your body what it needs so that it doesn't shut down or become hypersensitive. Protein is very important in the morning to ground your body and sustain it through the day. Protein will help keep you balanced and of this Earth as your spirit explores other realms. As Sonia Choquette writes on page 11, "Make certain that your diet contains some life-force, or is as close to the natural source as possible. Eat a healthy, common-sense diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, adequate protein and whole grains, and avoid packaged or processed foods. Of course this isn't difficult to figure out, but it does challenge ego rules, so it can be tricky." Avoid having your ego control you through your diet - just be good to yourself and sustain your body and its energy needs.

The other part of the equation is mental, physical and emotional exhaustion. When we're tired, it's very difficult to perceive the subtle vibes of our intuition. When we're tired, our ego becomes a slave driver and will try to convince you that you are not tired, that you can fit more in your day if you just slept less, that the world and work will fall apart if you're not there... You know the tune. Stop listening to it. Change your radio station. Take time off. Sleep. To access your vibes, you must give yourself enough down time and enjoy doing nothing every once in a while. Meditate. Stare into your cup of tea or coffee. Disconnect from the busy-ness of the world that are jamming your communication lines.

If you neglect your body and its energy needs too often, your Spirit will not be happy living in that home. Sonia Choquette describes this as hovering outside your physical body. This is when people will tell you that your lights are on, but no one is home... Then you're opening yourself to energy squatters - low vibrating entities that may move in and drag you down. Time for psychic house-keeping!

Sonia Choquette, Colette Baron-Reid and many other teachers recommend taking a salt bath to cleanse one's energetic field. Remember that we are all vibrating energy - all the molecules in our bodies are vibrating creating a magnetic field. A relaxing bath in salt water helps to recalibrate our energy field and remove energy squatters. Here's my recipe:

  • 1/2 cup fine ground sea salt
  • 1/2 cup fine ground epsom salt
  • 1/8 cup baking soda
  • 1 tsp oil (grapeseed, sweet almond, jojoba, olive...)
  • Add about 10 drops of your favourite essential oil(s) 
Your skin will be soft, your body aches reduced, your mind calm and your auric field cleared. What a great ritual to add to your day!

So to sum up: today's six-sensory wisdom: Take good care of yourself.

  • Heal your addictions. Admit you need help, then get it. You will not be able to vibrate at a high level if addictions are keeping you down. 
  • Have a good night's rest - every night. If you're having trouble sleeping, turn off the nightly news, get a better pillow, do breathing exercise and gentle stretching before bed. Use lavender essential oil - in your bath, a few drop on your pillow, a few drops in your navel. 
  • Take a warm salt bath. 
  • Make a meal plan and stick to it. 
  • Enjoy your food - do not abuse of food especially caffeine, sugar, white flour and salt. 
  • Leave some down-time space in your day, and respect it. 
  • Schedule one or two do-nothing-but-relax periods in your week, and stick to your appointments. 
  • Drink a minimum of 1.5 litres of water a day. 

So you see, a few simple efforts will help clear out the channels of communication between you and Spirit. Taking care of your body and its basic need is common sense since your body is the temple for your spirit.

Much Love to you.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just for today...

Spiritual authors, martial arts sensei, meditation gurus, yoga practitioners and shamans (to name a few) all agree that the place and time of power is in the NOW.  One has to be focused and fully aware of the NOW to be fully connected to Spirit or Source.

As author Louise Hay writes in her book You Can Heal Your Life, "the point of power is always in the present moment."  We can not change the past and we can only anticipate the future.  It is in the now that we can decide to forgive, to love, to be happy.  Author Eleanor McKenzie writes in The Reiki Bible "Events in our life are created by thoughts and beliefs we have held over time.  But they are all in the past and today we can replace them with thoughts and beliefs that create a happier life."

It is with this perspective that one approaches the Reiki principles as instructed by Usui.  The purpose of these instructions is to keep us focused in the present moment.  And as one of Reiki's goal is to help us better our lives, the instructions make it easier for us to transition bit by bit, day by day, to a healthier and more joyful way of living.  And just like in any 12-step program, it is easier for us to believe that we can do something for one day rather than for a long period of time.  It is much less overwhelming to focus on the present moment, the present day, than on the "rest of our life".

There are 5 Reiki principles, or precepts - I will discuss them in future blog posts:

  • Just for today, I will not anger
  • Just for today, I will not worry
  • Just for today, I am filled with gratitude
  • Just for today, I devote myself to my work
  • Just for today, I am kind to every living thing
These precepts are at the heart of Reiki.  Usui wrote these as a guide to our spiritual journey and everything else in Reiki supports or builds upon them.  They help the Reiki practitioner stay focused on his/her path and in the present moment when change and healing happens for the mind, the body and the spirit.  

Before we explore each precept individually, I suggest we practice the common root - the "just for today", the "being in the present". 

First, form your intention:  just for today, what will you do to shine your Light?

Then, remember to breathe deep down in your belly several times in the present moment and throughout the day to help you anchor your intention in your mind and body, and to help you stay focused on the present (your first intention could be "just for today, I nourish my body and my mind and my soul with big gulps of oxygen" -- I need to remember this one often!).

In this moment and through the day, journal how you feel, what you see, what all your senses pick up.  Notice how much richer existence is when you are aware of the moment.  Notice how worry slips away.    Notice how joy can bloom.  Notice how the pace changes and how you are focused on your path and your intention.

Finally: just for today, have fun with this exercise!  :)

Much love to you.