Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lightworker Name: Blissfinder of the Fairy Folk

#LightworkerName: Blissfinder of the Fairy Folk

The life purpose of the blissfinder is, simply put, to find Joy! Take a moment today to take a deep breath, smile, take an other deep breath (... this kick-starts your feel-good hormones, btw)... and allow your mind-heart connection to formulate the short-list of what makes you feel happy. Anchor that in your body with an other breath.

Traditionally, Fairies are associated with Nature and her cycles. The Blissfinder of the Fairy Folk would therefore find joy in Nature. Take a walk outdoors and truly notice at least one thing in your surroundings that you had not noticed before; maybe it's the beautiful way that the sun back-lights the leaves on the trees, or how it makes the snow sparkle like tiny diamonds. Maybe you'll be drawn to an old tree stump and feel it has a story to tell, or maybe you'll walk into a "bubble" on your path that feels like a sacred space. Has a butterfly, ladybug or dragonfly landed near you? You might notice a plain grey rock, and know that it has its own beautiful, unique energy. (I used to collect "street rocks" when I was a child - did you?). Or maybe you'll find that an indoors plant needs special attention today. Go on, explore, have fun! Allow your intuition and creativity to guide you as you commune with the natural elements.

Lightworkers have taken the role of helping raise awareness of higher vibrations, so that more humans can enter this higher state of being. As a Blissfinder of the Fairy Folk, teach by example how a true connection to Nature can raise your spirit. Teach others how to joyfully care for Nature, and how the caring process can be enjoyable. Make it easy for others to touch, feel, and nurture Nature.

Shine on, Lightworker! The world needs you!

(The background image is not mine; I downloaded it over a year ago and do not know which artist to credit... Sending much Love for the beautiful and inspiring image!)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Grand Opening of my healing space on February 1st!

I am so very excited!  I've been dreaming about this since I was a teenager, but had buried that dream way down because I had judged it as outrageous.  Although my heart has always wanted my own healing space, my head and ego wanted me to have a "real job" with a "real salary".  With all the hard spiritual work and development I've been doing over the past few years, my dream has not only bubbled up to the surface eclipsing and healing fears of non-conformity...  my dream is becoming a reality!  Is this really happening?!

I would love to welcome you to my new healing space, Way to the Well, whether in person or virtually.  The Grand Opening will be on Saturday, February 1st.  Come to the Open house, from 1 to 4 PM and browse my mini-store (crystals, oils, chakra balancing accessories) and receive a complementary Oracle Card Reading.  You may also choose to join me for the Goddess dedication ceremony at 7PM.

Brigid is the "Patron Goddess" of Way to the Well.  It is during an Imbolc ceremony when I was in University that I formulated the wish to make known the way of the Goddess and to work as a healer.  Isn't it a beautiful coincidence that Way to the Well will open for Imbolc this year?  I didn't plan it this way and realized the synchronicity after the lease papers were signed.  Spirit and Universe work in wonder-filled ways and keep surprising me with beautiful gifts!

Traditionally, a well is a meeting place where people - mostly women - share their wisdom, tales and healing.  I have so much to share and have added many trainings and events to my calendar.  I hope you can find your way to the well soon.

Many blessings!

Bulletin de nouvelles, hiver 2014

Le nouveau numéro de mon bulletin de nouvelles est prêt!  Comme je ne peux pas télécharger le document sur mon blogue, il faut sélectionner l'image, la télécharger puis la visionner à l'aide de logiciels comme Preview ou Adobe...  Bientôt, je trouverai bien le moyen de créer un belle version en ligne de mes bulletins!!  Une chose à la fois...  Bonne journée!

Newsletter, Winter 2014

Below are image renditions of my latest Newsletter (I can't seem to be able to upload the document, and I don't want to loose the format by pasting in one article at a time... I worked hard to make it look pretty!).  Message me if you would like to receive a pdf version via email.  Many blessings to you!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Lightworker Name: Pathfinder of the Third Star

Many have written me asking what is the meaning of their Lightworker Name...  welcome to the first of the series of posts that will provide you with insights on the various energies Lightworkers can embody and call upon as we journey on Earth...

#Lightworker Name: Pathfinder of the Third Star

Where there's a will, there's a way... and the Pathfinder will find that way! It doesn't matter if the path is jungle brush or arctic tundra; if it means creating new ways of seeing things or setting out in a direction that's seldom been travelled before. Trust the Pathfinder to clear the way and mark it for others to follow.

With the energy of the THIRD STAR, this Pathfinder will find new ways to receive messages from higher beings and communicate these healing messages to other star children here on Earth. A higher intuition, or claircognizance, seems to be guiding this Pathfinder.

Call upon the energy of the Pathfinder of the Third Star to raise your vibration and to gain insights on the greater picture. When you feel your soul doesn't belong in this plane, talk to this Pathfinder as you gaze at the stars and perhaps consult an astrology chart. You'll find your way home again... to your heart, your passion, your creativity... your beautiful, spiritual, original authentic self.

Sending star dust your way!


Sunday, January 5, 2014

**SALE** Oracle Reading, Year-at-a-Glance

Using the Medicine Wheel spread, gain insights as to the flow of the coming months.  Learn about the energies and life lessons that will be most significant for you in your near future to help you gracefully navigate the ups and downs of daily life.  Tune into your inner compass and allow Spirit to guide your actions and decisions.  Connect to the flow of Nature and the seasons.

Each reading includes a 12-month Medicine Wheel spread, followed by a monthly reading (13+ pages).  You will receive it by email in .pdf format.  It takes me a minimum of 10 hours to lovingly prepare each document and meditate on Spirit's guidance for you in the months ahead.

When you order this Reading, please specify whether you would prefer the Oracle Reading in English or in French.  Also specify if you have specific healing intentions, e.g. family, health, work, relationships, etc.

**SALE**  more than 50% off the price of monthly Spiritual Guidance-in-your-inbox readings!

Medicine Wheel Year-at-a-Glance, Oracle Card Reading
On sale for $299 until February 28, 2014

For a one-hour reading, without the printout, fees are $80/hour:
In person, on the phone or via Skype.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Oracle Reading, January 2014

This month, we are asked to nurture our inner child.  We are reminded to play, to have fun, and to honour that spark of wonder and magic within us and within all of Creation.  Doing so, we will connect to what is beautiful within each one of us.  When we recognize our own beauty, life somehow becomes easier and more magical.  We feel less stressed, less tense when we agree to have fun with life instead of organizing everything and everyone to the finest detail.

Take your inner child out for a date.  Watch your favourite movie.  Have a pyjama day.  Find a recreational activity that makes you laugh and sing.  Take an afternoon nap.  Go to a store and play dress-up as you try on a new style.  Book an afternoon off and go to the spa - and pick a nice bright colour for your nails.

Look at the world around you with wonder.  See how everything is interconnected.  Notice signs from your angels and guides.  Count how many pennies you find on the sidewalk.  Have a conversation with your pet or with a wild animal.  Talk to a tree.  Have a tea party with fairies and garden gnomes.  Watch nature shows and be amazed by the force of life.

But most of all, as you meditate on your year ahead and if, like many at this time of year you are setting resolutions, remember to include fun and playtime!  Include your wildest dream.  What is it that as a child you wanted to do "when I grow up" - can you bring some of that dream into your current life?  Not everyone can be an astronaut... but perhaps you could plan a visit to a sky dome or to NASA.  Find a creative way to make at least part of your childhood dream come true this year.

When I was a child, I wanted to be a ballerina.  And a mom, a nun and a teacher.  (Only one choice was never enough for me!) I knew they didn't all go together; I knew that nuns could not get married and have children...  but that didn't matter.  I still wanted that spiritual life, full of dance and teaching moments and children's laughter.

...and you know what?  I think I can finally put a checkmark to all of these!  No, I'm not entering the nunnery!!  I am a mother, and this year I am finally birthing that business that has been gestating in my dreamworld for so long.  I do have a very spiritual lifestyle and I am looking forward to increasing the ways I can serve other's spirits through my work.  I am  now teaching #Chakradance, Lightworker Development training, and many workshops and activities.  It's not exactly what I had envisioned as a child -- it's much better!  I am filled with gratitude at this realization!

Have your childhood dreams come true?  What can you do this month to manifest some of that magic into your life?  How do you pledge to nurture your inner child?  Share your insights below so we can support one another in creating more magic in the world!

Cards used this month are from Doreen Virtue's "Healing With The Angels" and from Denise Linn's "Soul Coaching (R)" & "Gateway" oracle cards.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Winter Solstice Musings

Wondrous things are in store for me this year - which means more soulful sharing with you! 

As a winter storm blew fresh, scintillating snow and freezing rain on the land, I was feeling blue.  I enjoy celebrating the Winter Solstice with like-minded people and spend the whole night meditating, painting, and leading spiritual processes...  but in the hectic schedule of the last few months as I transitioned fully and definitively from corporate world to being self-employed, I had forgotten to book the celebration!  And now the winter storm seemed to validate that this was a Solstice to be experienced in quiet contemplation and meditation.  

Instead of dwelling on my blues, I decided to do something.  A personal ceremony was in order!  I took a long warm bath in salt water and essential oils, using my own "Forehead Chakra" mix.  I meditated on everything I was releasing from my life as I enter a new phase.  

Then, I took out my paint brushes out "to play".  I allowed the painting to reveal itself to me.

The Crossing, Winter Solstice 2013
This is the result of my meditative Solstice painting... I started by creating the indigo sky.  The paintbrushes wanted to spiral with the paint and create movement.  The entire canvas became filled with the indigo hue and a few tiny stars.  It then felt right to paint the golden mandala circle.   

Mermaid really wanted to be painted in so I invited her in my circle.  At first I thought, "I can not paint a mermaid, I don't know how!"  And on my exhale I let that restrictive thought go as I instructed Mermaid to paint herself in...  I was wondering what she was reaching for... then the spiral portal appeared with... me in the centre! Safely arriving through the portal! I wondered who else was there greeting me as I felt surrounded by more beings of Light and higher vibration.  Fairy appeared, wanting a pink dress, red shoes, and green flowers on her dress. Finally, my Guardian angels revealed themselves, enveloping the passage and lovingly guiding me through. 

The painting then felt complete and I set down the paintbrushes, said a word of gratitude and finally went to bed.  It was 3AM - this year, I did not wait for the sunrise before going to bed.  Filled with the bliss of my inspired creative work, I decided to go to sleep and perhaps find that portal through my dreams.

Soul Search, Winter Solstice 2012
I find it interesting to notice somewhat of a link between this year's Winter Solstice painting, and last year's...  Last year, I had painted a female figure in a Light bubble, travelling to the stars.  It seems that if last year I consciously set out on this journey, I have arrived at the threshold crossing this year!  The journey was arduous: I dealt with my depression and took a year off work to rebuild myself from the inside.  I got clear on my goals.  I started to really love myself and accept myself for who I truly am.  My return to work this Fall was a validation that the old me was no more and that it was no use to continue to follow that path.  It's time to forge a new path!

And here I am, very excited about all the opportunities this new year will bring.  I am feeling so very blessed and proud of the spiritual work I've done this past year.  I am also feeling some fear and anticipation for I am walking a path that is new to me...  at least in this life, for my soul remembers the way.  

I am wishing you merry musings, too.  When is the last time you took out your paintbrushes?  Just have fun, allow your imagination to guide you.  Don't expect a masterpiece - simply allow your inner self to express itself in full colour.  Enjoy the process, you can be surprised at the insights you will gain!

HAPPY New Year!

I am so excited about this new year! I've been preparing for this special year for a while, and it's finally here! And I'm also scared... it's one thing to dream big dreams, and quite an other to birth them into reality, to take responsibility for one's part in the divine co-creation process. Some times, I feel like shrinking back and postponing; but I can't do that anymore. The time is NOW! I feel the fear, but it will not hold me back! It's time to let go of the safety rail, put my hands up and enjoy the thrill of the ride! Wooooohoooooo!!!

There are no other resolution that I can think of this year: to just BE. Be me. Be in the moment. Be grateful. All I want in terms of life experiences is manifesting. I AM... and it's wonderful!

I am wishing you the best adventures in this new year, filled with joy and love-filled blessings. I wish you to feel completely aligned with your soul, and to live in alignment with your heart's true desire. Because I know that when you do, life fills up with magical, wonderful, bountiful, joyful experiences that can lift one's vibration to new heights. Life can be truly blissful. (and scary too - but scary can be fun).

Big cosmic hug to you! Mwah!