Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Receive a complementary 1-card Oracle Card reading!

Receive a complementary 1-card Oracle Card reading! As part of my certification process as Soul Coaching (R) Oracle Card Reader, I must complete 22 One-Card Readings. Here's your chance to receive spiritual guidance on a question you have. One-card questions don't provide as much of an in-depth answer as 3-, 5-, or 7+ card readings therefore it is best to keep your question simple. For one-card readings, I like to ask questions like:

  • insight on a quality to work on/reflect upon for the day
  • insight on how to best move an energy or a situation to more positive vibration
  • a message from my Guides/Angels/crossed-over loved one on this day
  • one thing I must be aware of as I start this day/project/relationship

To receive your complementary 1-card reading, send me a personal message with your question. I will send you a photo of the card I picked for you (from Denise Linn's Soul Coaching (R) Oracle Cards) along with my interpretation of this card for you.

Maximum of 2 readings per person. Offer valid until November 15th.

L'interprétation des cartes est bien entendu aussi disponible en français; vous n'avez qu'à demander!

Many blessings to all!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Nouveau numéro de mon bulletin "Lumière & Amour"

Je suis fière de partager avec vous le nouveau numéro du bulletin trimestriel "Lumière & Amour".  Dans cette édition, vous trouverez un article portant sur un besoin d'introspection pour apprivoiser son ombre, des renseignements sur les propriétés de la lavande, des conseils spirituels et un aperçu du tout nouveau service "à domicile".  Faites-moi parvenir votre adresse courriel pour recevoir une copie qui peut s'imprimer.

J'ai le goût de guider un atelier pour vous aider à développer votre capacité à communiquer avec les êtres chers décédés.  Ce serait le samedi 26 octobre, en après-midi ou en soirée.  Seriez-vous intéressé?  Envoyez-moi un courriel!

Si un de mes programmes vous intéresse, ou si vous voulez prendre rendez-vous pour une session, un atelier, ou une activité qui se déroule à domicile, veuillez communiquer avec moi par téléphone ou par courriel.  J'ai bien hâte de passer du temps avec vous!

Je vous envoie plein d'ondes positives - d'Amour et de Lumière.

New Edition of Love & Light Newsletter!

I am pleased to share with you the new edition of my Love & Light Newsletter! In this issue: a time for introspection and redefining goals; working with Lavender, spiritual guidance for this quarter and information on my new "at home" service!

Send me your email address if you would like to receive a printable version.

I am planning something special on Saturday, October 26th at 1PM... or after dark, perhaps... Would you like to participate in a short introduction to mediumship and experience your own ability to communicate with the deceased? This workshop is centred on Love and Healing. Email me if you're interested!

If you are interested in any of my programs, would like to book a single session, or would like to book a group event at your place, please call me or send me an email! I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Stressed-Out Pufferfish and Lessons in Transformation

Pufferfish Jaz...
Many activities have started for me over the past 3 weeks: my (temporary!) return to corporate world, two classes for new certifications (and I am so looking forward to sharing these with you!), and one chakra clearing class.  I thought I was handling it all quite well and with grace until I hit a roadblock in one of my classes.

I have been feeling quite overwhelmed with everything going on, and I have been using all the tools I know to manage my energy - from positive thinking to salt baths and energy work.  But, working on my Sacral Chakra, I lost connection.  The communication line between my inner and outer selves went dead, so to speak.

In one of my classes, my homework was to feel the energies of the Sacral Chakra's archetypes:  the Empress (light aspect) and the Martyr (shadow aspect).  I felt no connection to either.  Nothing. Nada.  In the required body movement exercises, my body did not want to move, and my mind certainly did not want to go where the guided visualization was going...  "Lalalalalalala...  not going there.  Nope, just not going there..." seemed to scream something from deep within me.

I know I have my share of wounds in the Sacral Chakra, from childhood "you're so weird" / "hide your creative side" wounds to events redefining me as a young woman, dealing with infertility issues and so much pain.  There's much "water" under that bridge (heehee, yes water is the element of the Sacral Chakra) and yet somehow I choose to hang on to these sob stories.  There is much I have not forgiven yet.  There is an element of power when you don't forgive and hold on to a hurt, like a self-validation of sorts.  Not surrendering to healing is a powerful choice, one where I know it's MY will - not any one else's, and not the Divine's.  I decide.  I choose.  You can't make me.

In the midst of all this reflection, I clearly saw the situation from a higher perspective.  It was a bit of an epiphany, really.  The reason why I was not connecting with the archetypes and the feelings of this chakra was because I was acting out of the shadow of this chakra.  Ouch!  I can be quite the pufferfish in times of stress!  Swimming along and then BAM!  The don't-touch-me-get-away-from-me-you-suck pufferfish is all inflated, needle points out and all.

There have been many decisions and actions made from this shadow side, from hurt, pain, and ego.  But what would happen if I forgave myself?  What would my identity be then?  So many things would change.  I'd have to be accountable for my actions and my decisions and not blame others.  I'd have to move to self-love instead of self-loathing in this area of my personality.  I would not be able to recount the same old stories of hurt again and relive them with the same gusto once the balm of healing is applied.  The whole paradigm and perspective would shift.  Am I ready for that, or as the Martyr archetype would I prefer to continue to dig my heels in and resist?

There is a point of no return in transformation: once Love enters, there is no room for shadows, there is no room for the familiar.  A new path is laid out, needing to be discovered.  The comfort zone is abolished and one has to be ready for the new adventure that is Spirit-centered and infused with Love.

Spiritual transformation is not easy, because it means being ready to let go of old hurts and deep-set patterns.  Ego certainly prefers to keep the status quo, and the more a person is called to change and transform, the more the ego seems to resist.

The wonderful thing about working with shadow archetypes is that once you name the shadow, you own it - it does not own you anymore.  It brings out your truth and hidden motivations.  When you're ready to listen to its story, you can find healing and consciously continue your Awakening.

I still have some deep wounds to forgive and heal, but I've made a great leap with this shadow work.  I feel the pufferfish returning to its normal state, unthreatened and merrily swimming in the ocean.  Now, I can connect with the archetypes of the sacral chakra, and I can dance with the Empress, knowing that my seedlings nurtured in my creativity centre will grow and manifest, all with divine timing.  The dance of the Empress is one of Abundance and trust in the Divine.  It is a dance of Empowerment and unity with the Universe.  I am gaining confidence and comfort in this new awareness.  The path before me is not so scary anymore.

I think the Empress' parting wish would borrow from the Vulcans...  "Go forth and prosper."  ;)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

A quick heart-felt Thanksgiving message

It is Thanksgiving here in Canada - just taking a moment in between family gatherings to say hello to you, my "online family" - thank you for being part of my journey, thank you for allowing me to share my soul with you, my vulnerabilities and my successes. Thank you for your commitment to evolve your own soul. Much Love and Light to all.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Facilitating a "Stress Buster" conference!

I am very much looking forward to the Stress Buster workshop I will facilitate tomorrow (Wednesday) at the St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation.  I am the guest speaker for an activity under the "Healthy Workplace Month" umbrella.  Even the Corporation's President might attend!  I am looking forward to it!  //  J'ai bien hâte d'animer l'atelier de gestion du stress, demain auprès des employé.e.s (et peut-être même du président!) de la Corporation de gestion de la voie maritime du Saint Laurent.  Quelle belle initiative dans le cadre du mois de la santé au travail!  :)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Moving towards inner peace

The lead-up to my return to work last week was chaotic, with my "flight or fight" mechanism turned way up, my Inner Child kicking and screaming, and my Inner Critic voicing her dislike, pointing at my flaws, and being quite disappointed overall.

Thank goodness I have tools to manage my energy!  And thank goodness I remembered to use them!!  The night prior to my return to work I took a nice long shower using a sea salt scrub, with the intention of clearing my energy field and relaxing muscles and mind.  I did several rounds of Tapping.  I prayed to be able to stay calm and centered while observing the facts from a higher perspective, gaining insights on the higher purpose of my return to work.

And it worked.

What a relief.

I learned so much about myself in one week, and I was able to release so many old, outdated and negative patterns.  I felt much lighter and empowered.  I still felt a bit shaky in some areas, like a fawn trying her legs out for the first steps.  I am just so amazed to seeing how my transformational work has changed me.  I am so grateful that I have a perfect environment where I can apply my techniques.  I proved to myself that these techniques work, and work fast!  I know this richness of experience is making me a better person, and a better teacher.

Here are some of my biggest "AHA" moments of the week:

  • Sea salt baths and sea salt scrubs work miracles to help me stay focused on the positive.  I read before that the sea salt's properties help neutralize the positive ions in one's energy field, leaving more space for the peaceful negative ions.  In the New Age field, we might say that we would prefer keeping the positive ions...  but remember science class in High School: the positive ions are the ones that are charged, while the negative ions are not.  The positive ions in your energy field are the ones that have attracted and became "glued" to elements of the environment, including other people's energy - so your energy field is vibrating with all these elements that are not yours.  It is best for one's energy field to be cleansed of all these "energetic debris" that you've picked up through the day.  I always feel centered, reenergized and calm after using a sea salt product to cleanse my aura.
  • The voice of fear is a frequency that can be turned down and tuned out.  I realized how much fear I was carrying, and how loud that inner voice was.  If I would think of changing the time of a meeting, that voice would loudly state that it was not feasible, that it was unreasonable, that I would be denied my request, that others would be angry with me, how could I dare even ask...  Whoa, Nelly!  I have challenged that voice this week, asking her "is that really true?  Let's just try and see."  And then I would make a point of noticing positive evidences like, "You see, it was easy to change the time of that meeting.  I noticed how open and receptive to my ideas others actually were."  Slowly but surely, the voice of fear from that inner critic is diminishing.
  • Weird things happen when you live out your shadow.  I grew up with a sister who was very dramatic, vocal, emotional and at times violent.  I suffered deep hurts, and I noticed how she was hurting other family members.  I vowed to never be like her.  The trouble is, when you vow to never be like someone else, you are denying yourself a part of who you are.  I realized how much I had been denying my own power, my own emotions and my own needs.  Not expressing my needs out of fear of being like someone who hurt me has actually not served anyone.  It created resentment in me in addition to low self-esteem; I was resentful that others would not meet my needs and my expectations...  but if I could not even formulate these needs for myself, how could others even begin to decode what they are, let alone meet them?  Resentment narrows one's perspective and darkens the experience of life.  Wow - huge life lesson here and continued transformation in progress.
  • Living in the moment is a gift.  Part of my commitment to myself was to police my thoughts.  Every time I noticed my thoughts went in a direction that felt icky, I would notice 1-3 positive things in the present moment, and I would affirm these out loud.  If I noticed my thoughts were going toward the "oh for goodness' sake this work is crap" sinkhole, I would reply with, "but notice how beautiful it is outside today, and how lucky I am to be working from home with the windows open, feeling the breeze on my skin."  These statements instantly shifted the energy of my thoughts.

I am happy to notice that, at the start of Week 2, I am more at peace with my decision to return to the corporate world.  I am very happy to be learning life lessons and releasing karma.  Most of all, I keep holding on to the knowledge that Universe has something else planned for me that just wasn't quite ready yet (I wasn't quite ready yet), and pieces of the puzzle are now coming together nicely.  I am very grateful that the next time I leave corporate world, it will be with a light heart and not the with the heavy, angry and resentful heart I once had.  Healing is such a wonder-filled journey!

I am very grateful that the person who will replace me is being prepared on the energy level.  I know this replacement will become manifest in the very near future, and I am so excited about all the new projects and opportunities coming my way!  

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Spiritual Guidance, October 2013

Decks used: John HollandThe Psychic Tarot”; Sonia ChoquetteThe Answer is Simple”; Colette Baron-ReidWisdom of the Hidden Realms

It is my pleasure to share with you this oracle card reading! The question I asked, on our collective behalf, is for Spirit to clarify the general energy in which we are called to evolve this month, and to guide us on our next step to our Highest Good. Our personal boundaries, feelings of self-esteem and ability to express our inner power lovingly will be tested this month! We must take regular pauses to reflect on whether ego or spirit is leading our decisions and actions, and to listen for Spirit’s subtle messages of guidance.

We are asked to be very mindful of our personal energy this month, as our Solar Plexus Chakra is being challenged. The key issues here are power, fear, anxiety, and introversion. We are experiencing an era of energetic change where we are called to step up to our full potential. For some, this newly found power feels very enticing and they will work to coerce others to their point of view. Others still feel afraid of this power and would rather shrink up within themselves and not be seen. Some will force their way through without regard to the consequences of their actions, while others will panic and fall into inertia, allowing in the energy of being taken advantage of. Are you on either end of this spectrum? Be mindful of your opinions, your personal will and how you wield (or give away) your personal power. Remember that standing in one’s true power is non-dominating; you are fully YOU without guilt or apology or need to convince others, and because you are fully YOU (and not full of yourself!) your energy empowers and inspires others to live in their own truth.

Rhys Thomas says of this chakra, “It is the center where you realize that no one can teach you who you are. It is your life purpose not to conform and be a follower, but instead to be a leader and express your unique qualities as your greatest gift to others and the world.”

The Solar Plexus has a physical influence on the digestive system. Remember to eat a balanced diet, and if you feel stressed remember to avoid refined sugar and refined carbs. You may suffer from more heartburns or acid reflux syndrome this month… If you do, know that the energy in that centre is overactive; take steps to bring more calm into your daily life. Take time every day to connect to Source and your Higher Self; doing so will allow you to remain grounded, centred and balanced in your inner power.

Our next step in our journey is to recognize when we are following the voice of the ego, and when we are true to the voice of Spirit. If your actions align with others just to fit in with the crowd; if you are speaking words that you do not mean just because that’s what you perceive is expected of you; if you are involved in activities or work that leave you feeling empty, hollow, and lost... TURN BACK! Check in with your Solar Plexus and discover your inner truth. Choose to honour yourself. Ego will tell you that it is necessary for your survival to bend over backwards to please everyone else but you; ego will tell you that you have no future if you don’t do as “they” do or want you to do; ego will tell you that your dreams and inspirations are worthless... do you want to continue to believe that inner discourse? Are you ready to at least entertain the possiblity that you could choose differently and be happy?

Invoke the help of the Hawk Prince. He will help you pay attention to details; ask him to flag those details for you that have a spiritual meaning or message of guidance. These messages can come to you through a conversation you overhear, a message on a billboard, a feather on your path, a television ad, a song on the radio… Pay attention, for Spirit seeks your attention to share an important message with you! The better you become at listening to subtle messages and the more you surrender your will to Spirit’s will, the more you will find the courage, grace and ease to lead a charmed life. Learn to listen to your Guides, and they’ll gently and lovingly guide you to your Highest Good and Destiny.

Spiritual Assignments This Month

  • Examine your core values and beliefs; are you living in congruence with them? How much time do you devote every day to manifest your dreams or to enjoy your favourite hobby? What can you shift in your life to live more aligned with your heart and the highest common good? 
  • Examine your goals and objectives, then release them unto Spirit. Trust that your highest good will manifest, that your dreams will find their mark. 
  • Practice (not only with words, but with your actions!) the following affirmations: “I choose to remain conscious of the world within and around me. I choose to notice when I digress from my Light and slip into my Shadow. I choose to use my willpower to direct my energy to remain conscious.” 
  • Police your thoughts; remember that you have the power to choose your thoughts, your feelings and your emotions. Enlist your divine helpers to help you notice your thought patterns and when you are slipping into a recurring negative pattern. Ask them to teach how to transform the negative patterns into positive energy. 
  • Learn to differentiate between the voice of ego and that of Spirit. 
  • Notice the myriad signs Spirit sends your way as omens and messages to guide you to your Truth, for your Highest Good and destiny. 
Margaret Lynch and Rhys Thomas teach that there are vows hidden in each chakra, such as:
  • I vow to be who I perceive I am supposed to be to please others, not who I really am. 
  • I vow to sacrifice, to serve. 
  • I vow that other people’s needs always come first. 
  • I vow to live the truth that I am not good enough and less than others.
Do any of these vows apply to you? Are you ready to heal them?

Share your experience below to place it in the energy grid. Blessed be!