Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Spiritual Energy Reading, September 2013: Affirm your highest dream, and shoot for the stars!

It is my pleasure to share with you this oracle card reading! The question I asked, on our collective behalf, is for Spirit to clarify the general energy in which we are called to evolve this month, and to guide us on our next step to our Highest Good. The general feelings of change and transformation, as noted last month, are still present. I am pleased to notice that for many of us the fear associated with the need for change has somewhat abated and we are now ready to face that illusion of F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) with a plan of action. Time to suit up, Lightworkers, and follow divine inspiration to our goals and sacred missions!

The most prevalent energy animating our hearts this month is the need to Stand Our Ground (7 Wands/Spirit). Be assured we are being tested and challenged; have faith that this is for our higher good. Our metal is being tested so that we can find within ourselves the inner strength, courage, wisdom and divinity to follow our path.  No matter how hard or overwhelming tasks and decisions may appear this month, we must remember that Love conquers all fear. Now is not the time to surrender or to give up control to others (other than Spirit!). Now is not the time to play small and unimportant. Rather, now is the time to stand up for what we value; it is time to infuse our core belief system with Love and Joy. It is time to look within to find that our heart is a divine compass faithfully guiding us to our highest destiny. With faith and courage, we will bring more Light to our life and to the World. (I am reminded here, with loud singing in my head, of a children’s series, Bob the Builder with his cheerful team affirming for each task, “Can we do it?” and all to cheer in a loud voice, “YES WE CAN!” Why not use Bob the Builder as our mascot and totem for this month?  Spirit world is certainly having fun with it! LOL)

Our next step in our journey is to heed divine guidance. Trust and follow your intuition. Listen to that gut feeling. Pay attention to recurring messages and dreams. Follow that longing and tugging in your heart, and know that these physical feelings are divine messages speaking to you of Spirit’s plan for you. Act upon that which uplifts your mood and your vibration.

Our helper this month (other than Bob the Builder!), is the Arrow Master. Call upon his energy to help you clarify your goals and objectives. Are you still shooting in the right direction? Are you still following worthy goals and aspirations that serve the highest good, or have you slipped into self-serving goals based on fear and self-pity? The Arrow Master will help you shoot for the stars and will help steady your arrow so that it reaches its divine objective! Deliberately focus your intentions on manifesting your dreams, and align your intentions with Spirit, then release them – and your attachment to them – allowing Spirit to guide them to the right target. Invite in the archetypal Robin Hood into your life and take delight in your ideas finding their mark and in your goals being met with such mastery (I was a teenager in the 90’s and Prince of Thieves was very dreamy to me... I had the poster in my locker for 2 years!). Shoot your arrows with faith and confidence, trusting in Spirit that your best intentions and highest dreams will find their mark. Know that everything Spirit does for you is done with Love and for your highest good and the highest good of all.

Spiritual Assignments This Month

  • Stay strong in body-mind-spirit. Maintain your health 
  • Take daily baths with up to 2 cups of sea or Himalayan salt and a few drops of essential oil: lavender to purify, release and relax, or citrus to purify and energize. If you prefer to shower, use a salt scrub. Throughout the day, use a pump bottle to spritz infused water around your energy body and to clear your workspace (mix 5 drops essential oil and 1 tsp sea salt to 1 cup distilled water, blessed with your positive intention and affirmations.) 
  • Celebrate the changing seasons; relate the seasonal change to the ebb and flow in your life
  • Enjoy – with moderation – the bounty of fruits, vegetables and pies of the season! 
  • Take time to exercise and stretch your body. A flexible mind rests at ease in a flexible body. 
  • Examine your core values and beliefs; are you living in congruence with them? What can you shift in your life to live more aligned with your heart and the highest common good? 
  • Find training that will enable you to develop your intuition and your ability to perceive divine messages. (I would be happy to bring my Lightworker Development Training to a place near you – ask me how!) 
  • Examine your goals and objectives, then release them unto Spirit. Trust that your highest good will manifest, that your dreams will find their mark. 
  • Pray that the Divine Plan can embody on Earth; know that you are integral part of that Plan. Ask how you may serve in this moment to bring more Love and Light to your life, to the life of those around you, to your community and to our beautiful planet. 

Share your experience of this month's energy below.  What are you doing to lovingly stand your ground this month?  How do you stay centered in Spirit?  How do you listen to divine guidance?  How do you ensure your objectives are aligned with Spirit's plan for you? 

Many joyful blessings on your journey!