House Blessings

Home Blessings and Space Clearing

Have you ever entered a home or office where you immediately felt light and uplifted? Or have you had the experience of walking into a room where the very atmosphere left you feeling depleted and drained? Have you noticed how a room feels after an argument has taken place? Did you sense the tension and heaviness there?

All of these responses can be explained in terms of the energy of environments. Every space has energy. Your home is not only a composite of materials assembled for shelter, but also every cubic centimetre of it - whether solid or seemingly empty space - is composed of infinite flows of energy. When you enter a space that makes you immediately feel light and uplifted or walk into a room where the atmosphere leaves you feeling depleted and drained, you are responding to the energy of the environment. Sometimes energy in a home or office can become stagnant and dull. When this is the case, you may feel tired and listless or become agitated and angry.

Release stagnant energy and invoke joy and vitality in living spaces. Ceremonies that brought harmony to human structures generations ago are once again being used to instil peace and balance in today's homes and businesses. These methods reveal the spiritual possibilities lying dormant in our surroundings, clear negative energy, and call Spirit to assist you in manifesting the joyful, empowered, and fulfilling life you desire - and deserve.
When you cleanse and purify the energy in your home, it becomes a sanctuary - a retreat from the discord of the world, a place of refuge and protection. - Denise Linn

When To Space Clear

It is absolutely essential after illness, divorce, death, bankruptcy or misfortune that you space clear your home or office. Doing this facilitates the timely release of pain, suffering, sorrow, and discomfort, so that you can begin anew. It will literally help to “clear the air” of stagnant, unhealthy, negative, or unhappy energy. You will be making space for more health, wealth, wisdom and vitality.


At least once a year, it is valuable to cleanse and purify the energy of your home. The space clearing ritual creates an energy that will continue to feed and nourish your home for the coming twelve moons.  It is recommended to do the ceremony after a thorough “Spring Cleaning”.  Need help to organize and clean your house?  I recommend “Ashley Sorts It Out”.

Invoke the feelings of abundance.  Call in new love.  Celebrate the arrival of a new baby or the departure of kids to College.  You can also do space clearing anytime you need a lift in life. Have you been feeling sluggish or lackluster? If so, this would be an excellent time to perform a space clearing ceremony.  A clearing ceremony involves will have a positive effect on how you feel, if it is done with the intent of transforming the energy in your environment.

A home blessing ceremony will help you release any attachment to your current living space, and will help you sell your house more quickly and with a greater profit margin.  It will help your house attract the perfect new owners!  It is also recommended to clean, organize and bless your new home or apartment once you move in to set the right tone and energy, and release any lingering energy from the previous occupants. 


  1. Assessment Meeting:  Determine your intention on the results you desire for the home, the occupants, and yourself.   Determine whether you want to clean and clear your whole home, or only one specific room. 
  2. Cleaning and Organizing:  “Stuff” and belongings accumulate energetic memories.  It is important to clear what brings your energy down.
  3. Preparing for the House Blessing: Jaz will guide you through the steps to take on the morning of your scheduled house blessing.
  4. Space Clearing:  This sacred ceremony can last between 1 to 5 hours, depending on the size of the space or home to be cleared.  The ceremony includes specific sacred objects, scents and mudras to purify and bless the space; invoke the desired energy; and preserve the new energy in your space.
  5. Sealing the Energy:  The altars and clearing tools should be kept in place for at least 24 hours after the ceremony to seal the energy.
  6. Personal Purification: An important step to release the energy of the ceremony.

What clients are saying after a house blessing:

  • "The house blessing ceremony REALLY made a difference.  The energy of our home feels different - more peaceful and more loving.  The children are more calm and are getting along better... and the monsters are gone from under their beds!"
  • "Jaz gave us great instructions and guidelines to follow before and after the ceremony.  I feel more centered and empowered in my home.  I can better guide my girls when they say that they "see" things, and that makes for a more harmonious home!"
  • Selling a home is easier once it has been space cleared and emotional attachments have been released.  One space clearing client quickly sold her home for more money than the original list  price after the space clearing!
  • Jaz, I am so excited to sing your praises! The distant house clearing that you did for me was simply perfect. From the...

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