Monday, February 23, 2015

Scents that make you go "Ahhh"

Aromatherapy for the Throat Chakra

We complete our month-long exploration of the Throat Chakra with Aromatherapy.  The scents associated with the Throat Chakra will not only clear the energy; they also have an immediate effect on your physical being.  Who has never felt an opening of the lungs and a clearing of the throat, nasal passages and sinus while inhaling the scent of eucalyptus and peppermint?  As I write this, I have a sudden flashback of those white inhaler plastic tubes (from Vick’s?) that had a small pad inside, infused with menthol and eucalyptus.  As children, my sisters and I stuffed them up our nostrils when we had colds.  When we were lucky enough to have 2 tubes each (we didn’t share!), then we would have one tube in each nostril…  Pure image of sexy…  The things we do when we’re kids…  The tips I have for you today do not include stuffing anything up your nostrils, thank goodness!

The Throat Chakra is linked with the element of ether.  This is the fifth element, and it is of a higher vibration than the earthly elements (earth, water, fire and air - linked with the 4 lower chakras).  The ether is almost like a veil, but one just outside of our normal perception.  Once you have worked on and released the issues keeping you stuck in the physical and emotional vibrations, you are able to access this fifth element.  Your ability to perceive and receive spiritual communication increases, as does your ability to share them truthfully.

To simulate ether, I invite you this week to use that tested-and-true steam technique to inhale and enjoy the scents specific to the Throat Chakra.  You’ll need a thick 1L (4 cups) bowl that can retain heat, boiling water, 10 drops of your essential oil of choice, a towel, and at least 10 minutes of quiet time.

Recommended essential oils include:

  • Eucalyptus: to clear infections, nasal blockages, colds.  It opens up the airways.
  • Grapefruit: to strengthen the immune system and bring renewed energy
  • Peppermint: a tonic and can help release tension and headaches

If you don’t have essential oils, no worries!  Add citrus peel and a few branches of fresh herbs to the boiling water - thyme, rosemary, or peppermint.  These fresh herbs are typically easy to find at the super market.

You know the technique - our grandmothers have taught it to us.  Tent the towel over the bowl and your head, and relax as you breathe in deeply for at least 10 minutes.  Now, for the spiritual twist to grandma’s recipe, practice your affirmations.  Inhale deeply…  then exhale as you state your affirmation out loud.  These affirmations could be something like this:

  • I am aligned - body, heart, mind and spirit…
  • I express my thoughts and emotions with love and clarity…
  • I easily hear and understand messages from Spirit…

Or use mantras, such as these:

  • Shanti…  Peace…  
  • Om Mani Padmi Hum
  • Truth…
  • Harmony…

An other good way to enjoy these uplifting aromas through steam is by using shower pucks.  For a recipe, Google “shower pucks” or “shower discs”, or visit my Pinterest board to see the recipes I’ve pinned.

Enjoy these simple measures to clear and harmonize your Throat Chakra.  Next week, we will start our exploration of the Third Eye or Brow Chakra, and I am looking forward to the insights we will receive in this journey.

Surrounding you in Love & Light.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Crystals that resonate with the Throat Chakra

Our journey through the Throat Chakra continues this week with some of my favourite goodies - crystals!  I had a “oh-no-you-didn’t” moment last week when I was selecting crystal babies to bring to my shop, and my husband, watching me work with such focused intent, said “but Jaz, they’re just rocks.”  Just rocks?  I had a look of utter shock on my face - and in my Heart Chakra too; it hurt a little.  Then I shook it off, fully knowing that he doesn’t need to fully understand or love the same things I do - after all, cars are “just cars” to me while for him they are so much more.  His vision of heaven resembles Jay Leno’s garage, while mine is more like a historical long house filled with Spirit, metaphysical tools, huge crystals and lots of wise souls.

To each their own, I suppose.  We all have our unique vibration.  And so do crystals.

Crystals can work in resonance with us because they have their own energetic imprint.  This energy comes in part from their geometrical form.  Have you ever noticed that some crystals are points, others are cubes, and some are linear?  Each basic geometric form, and the molecular composition of the crystal has a unique electromagnetic frequency and oscillatory rate - which means that they have an aura and a vibration, just like we do.  When we choose specific crystals and incorporate them in our environment and jewelry, we add their energy imprint to ours.  Crystals can therefore help us change aspects of our imprint and vibration by helping us align with their pure frequency.  (I mean “pure” in the sense that it has not been affected by negative emotions and mental programming).  Crystals can help us move past our blocks and issues and back to our pure resonance - especially when we work with them with awareness and intention.

Earlier this month, I wrote about issues common with the Throat Chakra, namely the inability to speak one’s truth; a disconnect between thoughts and emotions; and a feeling of mental and emotional clutter that can freeze us into inaction - yep, that’s the proverbial troll on the bridge.

Living with these bad vibes is very unpleasant indeed.  Incorporate these crystals to help transform your vibration so you can feel more aligned and at peace.  Have them on your bedside table or wear them around your neck.

Sodalite:  Its energy may stimulate you to live up to your own ideals and ideas.  It will help clear the bridge from that troll and help you communicate with love and clarity.
Amazonite: This gentle stone helps balance yin and yang; masculine and feminine; emotions and thoughts.  It will enhance the flow of energy between the lower and upper chakras.
Aqua Aura:  This is a gorgeous crystal that is engineered with a bit of human help: it’s a clear quartz infused with gold particles under very high heat.  The result is a blue-green crystal that shimmers with rainbow colours.  It works to purify the Throat Chakra and removes blocks caused by emotional trauma.  It also helps align one’s energy with Spirit and can enhance intuitive and psychic abilities.

Do you want to know more on crystals and how they can help you change your vibes?  I’d be happy to chat with you either via phone or in-person.  Remember that my business hours are by appointment only, and it is best to email me to schedule an appointment, or use this link to book a time directly in my agenda.

Surrounding you in Love & Light.

Monday, February 9, 2015

The troll on the bridge

The Throat Chakra is, obviously, located at the centre of your throat.  Its associated colour ranges from a light sky-blue to deep turquoise.  Its associated element is ether, or sound vibration.  As I mentioned in last week’s article, it is the place from which we can express our Truth.

The Throat Chakra acts like an energy bridge between the physical and emotional world, and the mental and spiritual world.  Through this energy centre, ideas and spiritual sparks can flow down to the heart centre then to the lower chakras so that ideas can become manifest.  The flow of energy also goes up from the lower chakras to the upper chakras to feed the imagination, nurture spiritual rituals and transmute raw physical energy and drive into an expression of the divine. It is important that this bridge has good two-way traffic.

Visualize this bridge - take a good look at it and notice your thoughts and feelings.  Is the circulation of energy, thoughts, or emotions fluid between both physical and spiritual sides, or is there gridlock?  Or worse… is everything in chaos due a resident troll? Most of us are familiar with this troll:  he’s the one who makes us doubt the thoughts or insights we receive.  He makes us doubt that proper abundance in the physical world can help sustain a rich spiritual life.  He shoots words out in anger without thinking of the repercussions.  He would have us believe that our plans, our heart desires or soul purpose is not good enough; or that WE are not good enough, smart enough, talented enough to fully express our soul purpose in the “real world”.  He takes all our inspired ideas and jumbles them up or rips them apart until we feel stuck in utter inner and outer confusion and chaos.  You might even feel him at work when that beautiful brain of yours won’t stop chatting away at night; or when pressure builds up in your head and causes severe headaches; or when stress accumulates in your mind and body that you even forget how to breathe.

Do you know this troll?  Are you familiar with his work?

Like all magical creatures, trolls have a vulnerable side.  There is something you can do to put him to sleep, make him smaller and retake control of your bridge.  This secret is:

Your vibration.

And you’re in control of your vibration - don’t let the troll make you believe otherwise.

Know this: when you’re in harmony, when your vibrations reflect your Truth, when you feel aligned body-mind-spirit…  it’s like you’re singing a lullaby to that troll and he can do no harm anymore.  What can you do to retake control of your vibration and banish the troll from your sacred bridge?  Here are a few quick tips:

  • OHM:  practice chanting this mantra outloud.  Play with it; find the tonality that resonates in your whole body - it’s really cool when it happens!  Finding your own OHM tonality will bring all your chakras back in balance, and then watch the magic happen in your life.
  • Change your tunes:  Just like the troll, our bodies, mind and emotions react to vibration.  The vibration of music can enhance our mood or keep us in a depressed state. Choose your music wisely by being aware of how each song makes you feel.  Make a special playlist with tunes that make you feel good, and play it the moment you feel your mind is going down the “not good enough” path, or to perk you up when you feel down.
  • Positive vibes:  Words have strong vibrations on many levels.  Practice saying good things about you.  Look at your reflection in the mirror and state 1-3 things you appreciated about you.  State your love for the world out loud.  Praise others, and praise Spirit.  Trust me, these word vibrations will nourish your soul at a deep level.

Do you feel you’ve given over control to the troll and need help regaining your power?  I can help you change your vibes.  My sessions are intuitive as I tap into what your soul wants you to know.  I connect to higher realms using Reiki, an energy that can help shift and deeply transform how you feel.  Click here to book an appointment.

Surrounding you in Love & Light.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Are you living your Truth?

Are you being true to yourself?
A mid-winter’s reflection on Imbolc through the lens of the Throat Chakra

I am celebrating my first year in business in my healing centre in Ingleside.  This is the anniversary of my decision to do this spiritual work full-time.  This is a reminder of my panic moments and my hopes as I left my work with the federal government to pursue my soul’s calling.  I celebrate my leap of faith…  and acknowledge any resistance to truly leaping with all my soul… ‘cause it’s darn scary at times.

The Universe, in its infinite wisdom, synchronized the opening of my healing centre with Imbolc - the feast day of Goddess Brigid who is my patroness.  It is a chant from Starhawk that inspired the name for my business; this chant is typically sung on Imbolc:

We will never, never loose our way to the well of her memory;
And the power of her living flame,
It will rise, it will rise again.

This chant resonates with my soul at such a deep level.  It seems to capture my soul’s purpose: to teach others, through self-reflection, how to re-ignite their passion for living an authentic, meaningful and joyful life.  To teach others how to live an empowered life where the divine can be celebrated every day.  To teach others how to overcome fear of intuitive gifts so we can all shine brightly and fully contribute to a loving, peaceful, planet.  My business - my soul's work - is an invitation for you to reconnect with your deep inner well of wisdom, inner peace and unique Truth.

This is the truth of my Soul.  This is the driving force behind my programs, workshops and articles.  On Brigid’s feast day, I take time to self-evaluate on how well I lived these soulful principles.  Have I lived in my Truth?  Are my emotions, my thoughts, my words, my lifestyle in line with this Truth? What can I celebrate?  What can I improve or change?  Where do I need more guidance and help?  Then I do a ceremony to rededicate myself to my soul purpose, under Brigid's tutelage.

In the world of chakras, living in your Truth and embodying your soul purpose is a function of the Throat Chakra.  Here are some indicators that can help you assess if there are blockages or energy imbalances in your Throat Chakra:

  • you have chronic ear, nose, throat and respiratory problems
  • you feel out of balance; you are either prone to loosing balance and tripping, or you feel a disconnect between you body and your mind, or your physical reality and your imagined or ideal world
  • your thoughts are not fluid, and you feel yours words don’t express your true emotions or thoughts
  • your inner self-talk is negative
  • you have issues with your thyroid gland
  • your neck is stiff or you suffer from chronic neck pain
  • you are timid and afraid to express your beliefs and your true nature
  • you talk incessantly
  • you feel depressed as you hold on to the belief that no one can understand you
  • in your relationships or at work, you feel that you must pretend to be someone else
  • you know you have a soul purpose, but don’t know how to share it or “make it happen”, and this makes you feel lost and hopeless

Did you answer “yes” to several of the above indicators?  Then it’s time you honour your body and your soul to purify your Throat Chakra.  I will give you several tips and techniques this month.  Remember to reach out and talk to someone if you need help!

How well do you resonate with your soul purpose?  I can help you gain clarity and confidence in expressing your most authentic self.  My sessions are intuitive as I tap into what your soul wants you to know.  I connect to higher realms using Reiki, an energy that can help shift and deeply transform how you feel.  Click here to book an appointment.

Surrounding you in Love & Light.