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Reiki is an ancient form of healing thought to date back to our earliest civilizations.  It includes influences from several Eastern philosophies and spiritual practices. It was rediscovered and put into a formal system by Mikao Usui in Japan in the early 1900s. Since then, Reiki has found its way to the West where it was further influenced by Christian philosophies and New Age practices.

When I first heard of Reiki, I was very curious about this powerful healing modality. At the same time, I was very afraid. After all, I grew up French Roman Catholic... and energy work seemed to go against the grain of my family upbringing.  Also, because Reiki has been shared through oral traditions and combined with other New Age modalities, I found the information I could get on Reiki very confusing.

When I finally found the courage to dip my toes in Reiki energy, I found a healing modality that is very gentle and very loving. I found my centre. I overcame fears. I worked through old beliefs. I changed, and my stress and anxiety levels diminished. I was able to reduce physical pain.

What I was missing, however, was a safe place to practice and ask questions as I was getting acquainted with Reiki energy. I loved the weekend trainings, and I attended the monthly Reiki Share when I could... but there is so much to learn! There is so much I can forget after a weekend's training! Questions come up as I practiced, like:

  • Am I doing this right?
  • I'm not feeling anything; is Reiki still working?
  • I'm feeling too much; is this OK?
  • Is this normal?
  • What's with the nausea and dizziness?
  • Can I Reiki this and that? How?
  • Why is a session always different and unique?
  • What's with the emotional ups and downs?
  • How can I tell others that I can help them heal, without sounding too weird?
When came the time for me to start teaching Reiki, I felt the need to do this differently.  I have a deep soul need to offer mentoring to my students so that they could develop their relationship with Reiki in a very gentle and loving way, with the goal of developing life-long Reiki practitioners, not just "weekend warriors".

In addition, I have been listening to my students, many of whom come to me after learning Reiki with someone else, many years ago but have never really put in into practice because they feel they lack knowledge, or structure, or gentle long-term guidance.

Yes, you can receive an attunement and become aware of how Reiki can flow in your life in a few hours.  But then what?  How do you implement this energy in your life?  Do you have the internal structure, strength and discipline to go through the spiritual, emotional and physical changes that Reiki will bring about?

A mentored Reiki training program is for you if:

  • You are looking for a long-term mentored approach; meaning that you won't be alone trying to figure out the changes Reiki is bringing into your life
  • You are busy and know that your Reiki training could get swept aside due to all your other responsibilities - you know that a list of specific assignments will keep you focused and on track
  • You learn best when you receive guidance over time
  • You enjoy structure and being held accountable for your learning and development
A mentored Reiki training program is NOT for you if:
  • You are looking for a quick fix
  • You prefer to have a short experience with a teacher, and then apply the philosophy and techniques on your own
  • You are "shopping around" for a spiritual outlet

With Reiki, you receive specific attunements and learn how to use the Reiki energy for hands on sessions, both to heal yourselves and others. It opens up the channels in your body for Reiki to flow. It’s a connection to Divine Source at a higher level than that attained through ordinary meditation. Once the connection is made, it is available to you for life, if you choose to use the energy. Most Reiki practitioners notice that spiritual or psychic gifts increase with each attunement.

In my Mentored Reiki Training Programs, I offer you that piece of structure and tailored guidance I was missing as a student. We will explore Reiki and how to apply to every day life in a more meaningful way than what is possible with only a weekend training. You will:

  • Increase your confidence in your healing abilities
  • Learn how to work with your spirit guide
  • Develop your healing abilities
  • Receive email support from me
  • Build a network of Reiki practitioners and like-minded people, so you're not trying to figure it all on your own.
How does this sound?

Are you ready to start the journey?

Here are what students are saying about me and my Programs:

  • Jaz offers a very comforting setting, where you can truly be and see the progress unfold. Great guidance.
  • I felt so at peace every time I came each month.
  • Jaz is an amazing person, coach and facilitator. She is very knowledgeable and understands what each person in the class needs to help them grow. I highly recommend her courses to anyone searching for more in life.
  • Jaz works with you over time to ensure you understand the concepts and you work hands on, and with practice you gain confidence in this field and in your life.
  • You will gain something that will benefit your life, whether it's healing knowledge, peace, calmness, patience, and give you a more solid character and a solid base to move forward in this field.

Remember, this is more than the typical half-day or two-day Reiki training. This is a Mentored Training Program that helps you understand how to use Reiki in your everyday life. But more importantly, you get to experience how Reiki can change you, your life and your relationships over time. It's not just about learning with your head - it's about the experience, the journey and the application.

You will need to complete case studies and assignments every month to help you with your continued practice. These are the key elements that will help you grow your confidence and your ease in using Reiki.

I am looking forward to sharing the beauty and power of Reiki healing with you.

Blessings of Love!


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