Friday, September 21, 2012

Peace. Paix. Shalom.

Today is World Peace Day - take some time now to reflect how you can be an agent of peace in your life, your family, your community, the world. How can you be an agent of love and joy? Take a moment now and breathe in peace; exhale and smile as you centre yourself in the now. All is well. Radiate wellness and others will attune to this vibration. Send waves of loving energy across the globe. See the world as the precious jewel it is, sacred home to so many souls. Hold it in your heart, even just a moment.


 Peace. Paix. Shalom.

I took a quick look at my blog's stats, and realized that people from all over the world, in every continent, have found their way to my site.  To each one of you, I am sending Love and Peace.  May this frequency vibrate within your body, your soul and your entire auric field.  May the frequency of your environment vibrate at the speed of Love and Peace.  And, with a ripple effect, may this frequency of Love and Peace which emanates from each individual reach an other ripple of Love, then an other, and an other until together, we bathe our world in an ocean of loving and peaceful energy.  May each of you, in your corner of the world, anchor this energy of Love and Peace on this earth.  May we, together, create a sustainable web of peace for generations to come.  Blessed be.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Do kitties go to Heaven?

I remember my first pet, a cat named Pompon, who got in a fight and received a terrible wound on his back.  One day, he "mysteriously disappeared" when my father and grandfather had promised to bring him to the vet to get healed.  He ran away as soon as they opened the car door, so the story goes.  I was completely devastated and started questioning my mother on "what happens when kitties die".  I have never been satisfied with the answer - they just die.  They have no soul, and they don't go to heaven.  Heaven is for humans only.  Whew! That was a lot of disappointment for a 5-year-old!

Now that I am open to the Spirit world, I am so happy to have discovered that I don't have to hold on to that belief anymore.  My initial hunch that there is a continuation of spiritual life for animals has been validated for me, more than once.

The first time I had a visit from an animal who crossed over was about five years ago.  One of my cats had died from a painful illness.  Two days after her death, as I was lying in bed, I felt a cat jump on the bed and pawing down the cover just like she used to do.  I felt very heavy in my body, yet I remember sitting up from my body and shaking my husband to wake him up, showing him who was coming for a visit.  (He did not wake from my "spiritual" touch)  ;)  I turned back to Griselie, my spirit form petting her spirit form, clearly hearing her purring and feeling her pawing.  She felt so heavy, as if she had not rested and energetically recuperated enough from her illness, and I was puzzled at how she could come visit so soon after her crossing.  It felt like she didn't have a lot of time, almost as if she had "run away" from her resting place to deliver a message.  She looked at me straight in the eye and started reciting a prayer...  I prayed with her.  Then she turned around, jumped off the bed and disappeared.  I laid back down in my body.  It was an amazing, peaceful and loving experience -- but was it just a dream?

An other memorable cat visit was that of a friend's.  This cat had been ill, and my friend had been quite worried.  On the Saturday night, I wake up hearing a cat's purr in my ears, but an unfamiliar rhythm and voice.  I open my eyes to see a cat I had never seen before, looking straight in my eyes.  She told me to tell my friend how much she loved her, and that she was grateful for a good life with her.  Incredulous, I asked her to repeat the message, which she did word for word.  When I accepted to pass along the message, she jumped off the bed and disappeared.  On the Monday morning, my friend comes to work with red eyes, telling me that she had to euthanize her cat over the weekend.  I told her about my "dream" and the message for her, hoping to bring her some comfort.  She showed me a picture of her cat (which I had never seen before) - it was the same cat which had visited me!

This was more than a coincidence, and I really started to believe.

Since then, I consciously communicate with animals, seeking to commune with their spirit selves in addition to their physical selves.  I've shared many spiritual experiences with my cats, my puppy, the birds in my backyard and countless "wildlife".  Animals do come as healing guides for a few of my clients, either as animal totems or to comfort those who have loved a pet who has crossed over.  Pets to whom I give Reiki treatments respond very well to this healing energy, and communicate messages about their health and how to make it better.   I've helped a dog heal from a torn ligament in his hind leg, a cat heal an injured front paw, a wild bird find her way out of a building. I've helped reduce a puppy's anxiety after her adoption, and I've helped other pets cross over with love and dignity.

Animal Reiki is certainly a healing practice I will continue to develop.  I find it very soothing, rewarding and I believe it really helps "share the Love".

...and with my spiritual experiences, I can now tell my son that if kitties and puppies don't go to Heaven, maybe they go to an even better place where they continue to love us, pray for us, guide us and care for our well-being.  After all, in the spirit world, we are all balls of Light - people, animals and plants - and pets are part of our spiritual family.  We will all be reunited when we return to the Light, and in the meantime we can open our hearts and minds to the visits and messages they have for us from the other side of the veil.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Of death, dying, and living again

Today I closed my eyes and let my fingers pick a book for me, with the intention of receiving a "message".  The book was Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose by Sonia Choquette.  I closed my eyes again and asked to find a page with a special meaning for me, a next step I must take on this journey especially as I transition to a full-time Light Worker role.

My message?  Soul Lesson:  to accept death.  Soul Purpose:  to live without fear...

The suggested actions:

  • to discuss with others the cycles of my life that are coming to an end, and the new ones beginning and the good they bring
  • to talk openly about death, reincarnation, my own past lives and that of others
  • to share positive death or near-death experiences I've had
  • to pray that the veil between this plane and the next keeps thinning to reveal to me my own immortal nature
Could it be any more accurate for me at this time?  I do admit I am very afraid of this transition from a work with a very good and steady paycheque to work done out of Love and passion, but with unknown revenue...  Yet my soul is so happy and dances joyfully, and my creativity for my new projects (and there are many!) is just soaring!  

I've been feeling, especially since last January, that a huge cycle was finishing for me - even before my head had decided to take the plunge and make the shift.  During many Reiki sessions (where I was the client) I felt that my body was lying in a coffin, yet it wasn't a sad death and didn't feel like an impeding physical death.  It really felt like a part of me was dying.  I felt completely surrounding with Love and by various entities working on my etheric body - reprogramming, reenergizing, rewiring...  so that finally my higher soul felt better connected to the current physical manifestation of myself and started integrating this body more fully.

The ego, however, is used to vibrating at the speed of fear, anger and frustration.  It does not know what to do with the higher vibrations of Love and Joy.  It feels its control slipping away.  It feels its familiar surroundings dissipating and the big protective boundaries dismantling.  It is a challenging time!  What I am learning through all this, is increased love and compassion for myself.  It doesn't work to say, "bad ego!  Just let go and let my spirit soar!" -- because then I am reacting to the fear by using the same vibrational level which just enhances and feeds it.  Although more difficult, what works best is to talk to myself gently, and say "Dear ego, I understand now what all those protective barriers have been erected in my past.  You did a great job protecting me when I was more vulnerable with your great capacity of flight or fight.  But now, I am stronger.  I am wiser.  I know I am surrounded with Love and loving beings.  I am sending infinite and unconditional Love to you.  I am feeling the fear, and I am thankful for it, for it reminds how great is the leap of faith I am taking.  And from now on, we have to work as partners to build the new me, ready to soar to greater heights.  You are an integral part of me, and I am not letting you go; just switching the level we operate at, OK?"

...and slowly, very slowly, I am building a new relationship with myself.  I believe more and more that I am not alone but surrounded by loving beings in this plane and the unseen ones.  I call upon my guides and angels to guide me in this journey, and I call upon earlier incarnations of myself that may have strengths I can draw upon in this current manifestation.

These small deaths to the self can be quite a roller-coaster ride, but there is so much to learn, and such joy in living again - more fully, more aware, more wise.  

Here's a song I find myself humming frequently lately - I can't find the English version but this version is one I fondly remember from my childhood.  My parents had sung this beautifully at one of the first funerals I ever attended.  It's based on Jesus' last words on the cross "In your hands Lord, I commit my spirit" and tells that if the grain of wheat doesn't die to itself in the earth, it will not grow and bear fruit.  
Entre tes mains je remets Seigneur mon esprit, by John Littleton.

In this time of transition, felt on a planetary scale, I wish you all happy and joyful small deaths to yourselves, so that you may find peace, grow wiser and bear fruit with the joyful expression of the talents you have been gifted.