About Reiki


The word Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a Japanese kanji. The two syllables illustrate two concepts: the Rei (the top portion of the kanji) represents the divine, universal life-force energy and our Spirit our Soul, while the "ki" (the bottom part of the kanji) represents our earthly energies, our bodies and that part of our mind which is manifesting in this material world. Reiki, therefore, helps to align divine energy with our earthly energies.

The practice of Reiki can be described as the "laying on of hands". In the traditional Usui practice, healing energy is directed mostly to the body / organs / glands requiring balance and healing. In the Holographic practice the body sends out images in its auric field, through your chakras, which can be interpreted and cleared. These images can be memories from this life or past lives, or they can be energetic debris. With both practices, it is the Divine Light, or God's Love, which is channelled to effectuate a release of the old energy and increase in renewing energy. Reiki is simple and produces measurable results. It is power, light and love. Reiki transcends the man-made divisions of religion, economics, location, gender, and race.

I have been trained in and practice both Usui and Holographic Reiki. Depending on your healing intention, your session may be more "Usui-style" or "Holographic". For instance, if you need help healing from a cold or a surgery, I will start with Usui Reiki to send healing energy to your body, your filtering organs and your glandular system to strengthen your immune system. However, if you have a long history of colds and flus or other dis-ease, the Holographic system may be used to investigate what, in your auric field, is attracting this body condition.

You will feel deeply relaxed during and re-energized after your session. This state of well-being will help you achieve significant healing in the various layers of your being. Feeling refreshed and positive, you can bring healing to others and to Earth.

This list has been comprised through anecdotal research. Clients have reported feeling:

  • More creative 
  • More balanced 
  • Less emotional 
  • Less stressed 
  • More relaxed 
  • More vitality 
  • More awareness 
  • Less or no pain 
  • More ability to fall asleep quickly 
  • More ease of movement 

These reported benefits generally lasted at least three to ten days, and often the original problem did not re-occur.

In many ancient spiritual traditions, people have noticed and documented the presence of points of energy in the body. These energy points have an impact on a person’s well-being on many levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Chakras are gateways to your true self, and contain your entire energy history.  They also help you "digest" the energy you absorb from your environment, help you make sense of it, and help you choose how you want to return this energy into the world.

Everyone can be trained to feel subtle energy.  Most of my classes and workshops start with exercises to help you flex your "sensing muscles".  I can teach you to see, feel and perhaps hear or taste energy.  I love when students who thought they "don't have one ounce of intuition" in their body suddenly realize that in fact they CAN feel energy and CAN receive intuitive messages using various methods!

I like to experiment with energy work. I often feel the difference in my patient's auric field: the aura is much stronger and larger at the end of a session than it was at the beginning.

Come in a relaxed state of mind; be open to the possibilities. To quote Forrest Gump, I find that intuitive sessions are "like a box of chocolate; you just never know what you're gonna get." ;) If your mind is open to it, it will be deep healing -- but what deep healing is and how it is revealed to us is up to our Creator and divine Light energy, and that is not always what we imagine it to be with our human minds...  Therefore, think of a healing intention for yourself but don't be attached to the outcome; trust that the divine plan for you will unfold as it is meant to be.

For your intuitive session, you will be relaxing, fully clothed, on a massage table. Soothing music is playing, a candle is lit, and incense or essential oils may be perfuming the room to further enhance your relaxation experience. The Divine Light and Love is called in through a prayer and guides me to where you need the most healing at the moment - whether it is within your body, your mind, your spirit, your Akashic records or a message from a crossed over loved one. You are only required to relax, to enjoy the moment like a gift you give yourself and to surrender as much as you can to the Divine Love.

If you are booking a "distance" session and we connect via telephone or Skype (you don't always have to be physically here for me to connect to your Higher Self), you are asked to relax comfortably for the time we have booked together.  You may wish to light a candle or burn incense.

During the session, I will use my hands to direct Source Energy to your body and energy field.  I may also use aromatherapy, crystals, incense, feathers, and/or sounds to bring balance and harmony to your auric field and chakras.  You may feel heat, cold or energy pulses through my hands.  Many clients see colours, revisit childhood memories or release buried emotions.  Clients have reported these feelings and experiences even during distance sessions.  Many feel that I am standing next to them although we may be a continent or an Ocean apart!  When we connect through Energy, all is possible.  There is no separation in Source.

After your session, remember to drink lots of water to help ground you energetically, and to help your body in its healing process by flushing out toxins. You may need to rest more, or you may feel more energetic -- follow your inner guidance and respect yourself in what you need to feel your best.

To begin with, three or four sessions over ten to fourteen days are recommended to remove entrenched blocks in your energy system; then once a week or once every two weeks until the issue has resolved. You will begin to notice some improvement after the first session. Long-standing health issues are usually cleared up in five to six visits. Dis-ease generally begins in the energy field so if we keep our subtle bodies healthy using Reiki, and our physical bodies healthy with good nutrition and exercise, we should be able to remain active and whole.

Of course! And it is part of my practice to serve these beautiful souls too.

Pets are very responsive to energy work. Reiki can help ease their physical distress, like joint or muscular pain. Reiki can also speed up their healing pre- and post-surgery. A Reiki session can also help pets and their fellow humans in the difficult time of letting go and crossing over.

Places have energies too, and sometimes places need to be cleared of energies. Stagnant energies can bring a feeling of heaviness to certain rooms of your home or office. If the place sees frequent drama, that negative energy can create an atmosphere that just zaps your own energy away. It's like doing an energy spring-cleaning.

Some places are also inhabited by Spirit - or spirits. Are you having trouble selling your home, not attracting the perfect buyer even though you've done all your staging and house-selling homework? Maybe the spirit of place has a message for you, or cords need to be cut before the sell can manifest. Do you experience unexplained phenomena, like displaced objects, disembodied conversations or the turning on and off of electrical appliances or lights? Maybe the place is inhabited by souls who need help crossing over.

I am looking forward to being of service to you, for your well-being, and in your spiritual enlightenment.