Sunday, April 28, 2013

News and Events

I am thrilled to finally teach Reiki, and as Sinatra would sing it, doing it my way ;)  The reason I am doing it differently and prolonging each level for 6 months with case studies, is to ensure that every student has the coaching required to know how and when to apply Reiki in every life situation.  Many students new to Reiki (as was my case a few years ago), have a wonderful weekend at Reiki training, but what happens next?  Dreams are vivid, life events appear more synchronous, thinking and emotional patterns change...  and it can feel confusing because we feel alone in this practice.  I want to establish a good network and support system so that every student can reintegrate "the real world" with this new toolset of energy work, and that the changes become natural and are manifested in as gentle a way as possible for everyone.

The first of 3 offerings of this new, unique, empowering training will be on June 14-16, 2013.  There will be an other class on July 19-21 and the last class for 2013 on November 1-3.  Learn the basics of Reiki, and energy healing. Learn how to manage, prevent and reduce your physical pain. Learn to treat others, pets, plants and the planet with your healing vibes! This workshop requires a commitment from the participants, as I am not looking for the "weekend warriors" - those attending workshops because it's cool and something to do and then never apply the lessons... I am looking for those dedicated to help themselves live a full, more joyful life while at the same time raising planetary vibration.  I am ready to teach - are you ready to learn and apply Reiki and energy principles to your life?

This workshop is great for beginners - those who don't know what energy healing is and who might doubt it even exists... and it's also great for those needing a refresher on Reiki and how to apply it to daily life.

There is a minimum of 4 participants required, and a maximum of 8 to ensure the right amount of energy and sufficient time for all exercises and practice.  These group sessions will be held at my place (however for a larger group I might rent space nearby - it will depend on the number of enrolments).  I am available to travel - if you assemble a group of 4-8 people, I could travel to you and note the distance I will need to travel might impact the cost of the sessions.

Contact me for more information!


Il y aura un atelier en français le dimanche 9 juin, intitulé "Les chemins de la vie". Dans cet atelier, vous ferez l'expérience de l'importance des mots et des images dans votre bien-être.  Avez-vous pris un détour dans votre vie? Avez-vous été plongé dans l'eau chaude? Avez-vous suivi de hauts sentiers, traversé un désert ou fait le tour des ruelles? En comprenant bien les mots et les images qu'on associe à ses expériences, on peut tracer une carte routière pour son avenir, et arriver à paver les chemins rocailleux de son passé.

Prenez conscience des mots et des images qui peuvent peser lourd dans votre baluchon, et apprenez à aller devant d'un pas plus léger et plus serein.


Finally, remember to go to my blog entry and enter by leaving a comment below the post for your chance to win a 3-month subscription to "Guidance In Your Inbox" a $180 value! This spiritual guidance tool is a document I lovingly prepare just for you, with your highest good in mind. It is meant to provide you with valuable insights on the energies available to you, and on your next step for your soul growth.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Interested in Reiki Level 1 training?

I am receiving strong guidance lately to start teaching Reiki... but it will be my style of Reiki taught unlike in any other school or tradition. Level 1 will focus on physical healing, so the students are gently introduced to energy work and can develop their skills in channeling and conducting high-level energy. Students will experience a strong shift in their awareness of their own healing powers and may experience the release of acute or chronic physical symptoms. Most of all, students will unlock their ability to heal themselves, their pets and others in various situations.

This training will include information, meditations, discussions, intuitive coaching and practice time.  The information and knowledge shared, combined with creative exercises and meditation will ensure that both sides of your brain are involved in the learning process.  You will learn the basics of Reiki, how to apply the Reiki precepts in your everyday life, and you will learn (during a later group session), a Reiki symbol to deepen your practice and enhance your energy work.

Your commitment as a student is to be fully present for the full duration of the training, AND for the follow-up group sessions - up to 2 hours a month for 6 months. This step is unique to my style of teaching Reiki, and I believe the follow up sessions are of utmost importance because it is during this time that you will learn to integrate Reiki in your everyday life, and this is where the questions come up -- and also that's when resistance can show up!  I want to be available to you during this time of integration, so that your new vibration level is sustained. During the months of the follow-up, you will also have to prepare case studies to record your sessions and your progress.

There is a minimum of 4 students required, and a maximum of 8 to ensure a richness of exchange and energy work, while keeping it personal. The early-bird price is $299 (CDN), regular price is $360 (CDN).  The fee includes all materials for the weekend (although you might want to bring a personal journal), AND all group follow-up sessions until graduation.  The cost of meals is not included - bring a light lunch.

Spirit is asking me to offer this training 3 times this year - and I know better now than to do otherwise ;)

June 14, 6:30PM to June 16, 4PM  *Early bird pricing until June 1st
July 19, 6:30PM to July 21, 4PM    * Early bird pricing until July 5th
November 1, 6:30PM to November 3, 4PM  *Early bird pricing until October 15th
The group sessions will be on the first Saturday of the month for the 6 months following your training. 
La session de novembre pourrait se donner en français - il faut un nombre minimum de 4 participant.e.s.  

Call me for more information, and to register.  I am looking forward to serving as your Coach and teacher.

Blessings of Love and Light.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Free Your Spirit - Ignite Your Life!

Are you feeling restless, anxious or depressed? It might be your soul urging you to change your life so that you may live aligned with your divine purpose. But if you're like me, you may find the prospect of changing jobs - or moving, or ending a relationship - very scary. Your mind crushes you with statements like, "How dare you change the status quo?" or "How dare you walk away from a stable income with pension and benefits", or even "Why do you even bother with dreaming of a better life - you're so unworthy, unprepared, not good enough..." Did you know that all these negative statements come from your ego - your wounded self who lives in fear and would rather live imprisoned in that mental state of chaos rather than trusting the divine plan in store for you?

It's time to call your ego's bluff.

Free your Spirit, and see how it can ignite your life. Live a life of passion, joy and abundance! You deserve it, and you are good enough, pretty enough and smart enough to manifest your heart's desire!

I am here as your Coach to guide you to your highest expression. Book a session with me and see how spiritual and energy work can assist you in achieving your dreams, far beyond your expectations.

I am creating the life of my dreams now, after spending 14 years at a corporate desk job that was killing me from the inside. I have discovered how wonderful it is to follow my guidance and my dreams, and I want to help you free your spirit too!

My clients have reported a reduction in physical pain and symptoms accrued over years of carrying stress in their bodies; they report an instant reduction of their stress and anxiety levels; and they feel empowered to create a new, more joyful reality. Wouldn't you want that for you, too?

Email me at to book your 1-hour, no obligation appointment. Discover what is blocking you from creating the life you desire.

I want to work with clients who are truly willing to change at an inner level before they can manifest change at the outer level. Each session has spiritual assignments, and I will expect you to complete them.

If you are ready to ignite your life, email me to book your appointment and share your commitment in the comment box below.

I pledge to support you as you raise your vibration to the next level, and to ensure you can connect to your own inner guidance. I see you living a fulfilling life, full of joy and abundance.

I am sending you blessings of Light and Love, and I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Méditation en français, pour intégrer l'énergie de la Terre et du Cosmos en nos coeurs

En cette journée de la Terre, je vous ai préparé une méditation / visualisation d'une vingtaine de minutes qui a pour but d'élever votre fréquence énergétique.  Vous ferez l'ancrage de l'énergie de la Terre et de l'énergie du Cosmos dans votre coeur, tout en vous libérant de la tension et des objections qui vous habitent, surtout lorsque vous formulez votre intention de vivre de façon authentique en tant qu'ambassadeur de la Lumière sur terre.

Merci de visionner cette vidéo et de la partager.  Plus chacun augmente sa capacité à ancrer les fréquences de la Terre et du Cosmos, plus nous serons aptes à créer un monde meilleur.

Merci Gaia de bien soutenir notre existence à tous les niveaux, pour que nous puissions prendre bien soin de notre corps qui est le temple de notre esprit, et de cette planète qui est notre demeure.

Meditation - Anchoring Earth and Cosmic Energies in your body

Happy Earth Day!  Many blessings to Gaia, Mother Earth.  A thousand thank yous for sustaining and propelling our life here on Earth, enabling us to nurture our bodies, the temple of our soul.

Enjoy and share this 20-minute meditation I created for you today.  Take time to connect to Gaia energy and anchor both Earth and Cosmic energy into your body.  Allow these energies to mingle in your heart with your own unique Light energy, and be transformed as you bring forth more of your Light to this planet, raising our collective consciousness and vibrational quality.

Thank you for caring for our Earth.  Thank you for being an ambassador of Light, Peace and Harmony in your everyday life.  Thank you for being the change you want to see in the world.  When you work to manifest the greatest expression of you, your Highest Good, you help manifest a better world.

If you need help anchoring these new vibrations, or if you need coaching to overcome your objections to fully understanding that you are a being of Light, a Spirit energy having a physical experience, I would be delighted to coach you in person or over the phone.  I am looking forward to helping you grow on personal, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  It is my mission to help enhance people's experience of this global shift to higher consciousness and to raise our collective vibration, one person at a time.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Life is a classroom; choose to learn its lessons

Are you being overly critical about yourself and your past? Do you think that no matter what you do and how hard you try it's still not good enough or you're still not doing well enough?

Dwelling on your past, especially on past mistakes, is like putting your brain and emotions into detention. Re-telling yourself the stories of your past failures and using these as excuses for not experiencing success today is placing you in a jail of your own making. By stagnating in this negative energy you are allowing your ego to sabotage your current opportunities for joy, love, success and financial abundance. It doesn't serve your soul's growth or the highest good in any way.

Remember that you are a spirit having a physical experience. Remember that our experience on Earth is about learning and feeling. In this light, know that no matter what unfolds in your life - your classroom - you are discovering exactly what you need to learn according to your soul's purpose and mission, and in divine timing. Of course you make mistakes, we all do; that's how we learn and grow.

As difficult as your situation is now, look for the lesson. Realize that once you get the lesson, the chaos will go away. Find the humour in your situation. Remember that you are whole, and that you are connected to Spirit; it's your negative beliefs and mental patterns that trick you into believing you are less than perfect or are disconnected from Source.

You have a choice: to remain in stagnant negative energy, or to look for the lesson, acknowledge it, grow and move on. Feel how empowering it is to know you have a choice, rather than playing the infinite victim of your circumstances.

Remember that often outlooks are very bleak before a spiritual breakthrough. If you have difficulty seeing the lesson, seek help from your divine team and from a qualified life coach: this person could be a teacher, a psychologist/therapist, a Reiki practitioner, a priest/pastor/minister, an elder... Ask for help from your divine team, and notice who is put on your path to help you back into learning mode and away from self-loathing mode...

(and of course I am available to coach you, and I would be delighted to be able to help you to see your Higher purpose. Sessions are available in person and by phone.)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Healing Meditation in response to the events in Boston today

Yet an other tragedy, and an other opportunity for us to learn the lesson of Responding vs. Reacting. If we react to today's events in Boston, we will feel anger, disillusion, despair and depression. We will lash out in angry words and angry deeds towards others, be they the perpetrator(s), the community, the ones mandated to protect... We will demand retribution and vengeance. It will nourish the lower level energies of hatred.

If, however, we choose to respond, we may still feel the pain, regret and sadness but since we focus on healing and compassion, we will send Love, Peace, Compassion, Healing, Light - in all their forms. We will feel and *be* Love, Peace, Compassion, Healing and Light. We will contribute on an energy level to healing the bodies of the injured and the hearts of all who are emotionally hurt. We can help mend auras. We can send Light for those crossing over. We can help enlighten the minds and hearts of decision-makers, and those working in the legal and medical arenas. We thus contribute to anchoring the higher energies of Light and Love in a dark time, for the highest good of all.

Will you choose to connect to the Healing Energy Matrix with me? I will offer one hour of mediation and healing starting at 9PM tonight. To join me, set the intention of connecting through the energy matrix and intend to direct Love and healing energies where it is needed. Play soft music and light a candle if it will help you focus.

In the comment space below or on my Prayer Space page, share your healing intentions and / or your meditation experience. Let's build a community together, based on the principles of Love.

Earth Day Meditation on April 21st

Come meditate with me and send Love and Peace to our planet as we celebrate Earth Day on April 21st, 2-3:30PM (EST)!  Let's celebrate the energy of this beautiful planet we call home - and our soul school!  Set the intention of connecting to this energy from wherever you are if you can't physically travel to meet with me on that day.

I am really looking forward to sharing a powerful meditation with you, that will help raise your own vibration, as you connect to Mother Earth / Gaia energy. People who have done this meditation with me have felt powerful shifts in energy as they tap into Gaia and integrate Her energy in their physical bodies!

We will also beam energy of Love and Peace everywhere on our beautiful planet. Bring a globe, a map or photos that you can hold or display in front of you if you think it will help you focus your energy and healing intentions.

We will discuss Earth energy and how it is shifting; how we can tap into this energy every day; how it is related to our Root Chakra; and how we can be stewards of this energy as we live and experience every day.

The location will be at or near my home in Ingleside; let's set the intention that it will be a beautiful day and we will be able to sit outside to help us better connect to the energy: weather permitting, we will walk to the trail near the St Lawrence River. Bring a light lawn chair, towel or a yoga mat.

Cost: $15

Friday, April 12, 2013

Benefits of meditation and mind-travelling

Jaz in Serenity Bay, Castaway Cay, Bahamas
Just because I think we all need a bit of sunshine today, especially those of us in the midst of an ice-storm in mid April!

Research has proven that meditating and evoking strong positive feelings makes chemical changes in the brain and increases serotonin so we can feel (almost) as good as if we were in our happy place in person...

Take at least 5 minutes today to feel the warmth of the sun that is available from behind the clouds, and make it shine in your heart. Imagine yourself in your happy place. Really feel it and engage all your senses - what do you see, hear, smell, feel, taste? Experience how this imaginary escapade can shift you into a higher vibration, notice how the perception of your day and interaction change.

Plus, remember that travelling in your head is absolutely free, so do it often! It feels good! :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What if... you could change your life

It's time to play with your beliefs! So often, I meet with people who so strongly believe that a situation can't change, or that their emotion about a situation is set for ever and is immutable. These beliefs can be about their love life, about their self-worth, about how they handle a situation with a family member, about their career, about their intuitive skills or lack thereof... "It is what it is and nothing can be done about it," seems to be the bottom line story that is told.

Today, Spirit reminds us that one of the best ways to remove these mental and emotional blocks to our ascension is to play a game with our mind. The ego part of us that resides in our brain is fearful of change and wants to keep the status quo no matter what, even if it's detrimental to your wellness and abundance. So involve this part of you through playing "pretend". Engage your creative mind with "what if" scenarios: what if that difficult conversation went well, what if you already have all those psychic skills you wish to develop, what if you already have access to the emotional and financial abundance you need for your higher good, what if you are already good enough and pretty enough, what if you would meet the love of your life today, what if you would completely love yourself today, what if you would surrender to Spirit today? What would change in your outlook and perception then?

Once you have developed a potential positive scenario to your situation, play "dress up" and try on this scenario. Feel how it would be like to already be who or where you want to be. Have fun with it. Discover something about yourself in the process. Feel how your vibration changes just by pretending you're already there.

The more you practice through play, the more your rational brain will understand what it is that you want. The more you practice, the more your vibration muscles will be able to flex at this new point of attraction you are creating, and the better you will become at attracting what you really want in your life.

You don't think you have time to play or integrate this practice in your daily life? What if... you can? What if it could bring you the results you are looking for? ;)

Remember I am here to help you and support you in this process.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Reiki and Energy Work for a broken bone - week 2

I finished experiencing my second week with a cast for my broken wrist - and the healing continues!

Previous blog entries on this topic:

I have collected several signatures and drawings, each very precious to me.  I imagine each one wrapping my cast and my arm with love and healing intentions - especially all the smiley faces, hearts and sunshines!

With the community of wonderful people sending me healing thoughts and Reiki vibes, I believe the healing has really sped up this week.  The swelling in my fingers is completely gone, the pain is almost non existent, and everyday I have gained more flexibility and strength - although still very restricted by the cast.  Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude to each of you supporting me with your well wishes and healing vibes!

I am enjoying this healing process and all it entails.  I am gaining insights in so many life lessons!  We were celebrating a birthday last weekend.  I was a bit overwhelmed with the to-do list, and then I learned how wonderful it is to ask for help and how happy people are to help.  So many people need a task to feel useful and satisfied, even when they're guests at a party.  I will certainly keep this in mind for the next gathering!  Some of my younger nephews were somewhat taken aback by my cast and this situation has been a good teaching experience about the body's ability to heal, and about moving through one's fear and apprehension of someone with a visible injury.  And this lesson also applies to many adults whose first reaction to seeing my cast is one of almost recoil, as if they are imagining the pain instead of the healing - this gives me insight into our society's psyche and our emotional focus, in general...  Why do so many choose to see the pain and suffering and feed that with fear,  instead of discovering the silver lining or hidden gifts?  There is material for meditation and transmutation here, but the words are not quite formed in my head yet to express the concept - more information to "download" and thoughts to cogitate!

This past week, I have celebrated many gains, from being able to pull open a drawer or cupboard with my injured hand, to holding a pencil for a few clumsy entries on my grocery list and sudoku puzzles, to being able to type with almost two hands - the left hand at its proper place on the keyboard and my right middle finger doing all the work for my right hand.  My typing is more coordinated and quicker than during week 1, and I am aware and appreciate the typing skills I have learned since high school now that I don't have access to my full range.  I am being patient with myself and my recovery.  Although I am somewhat less patient in some dreams I've had:  I dreamt a few times that I was able to slip out of my cast to either prepare a meal, or to shower and wash my hair without covering my arm with a plastic bag, and shampooing with two hands - ah the luxury of a good lather!!

And so overall the lessons for week 2 have been to celebrate the small victories and milestones towards a full healing and recovery.  It is more and more apparent that attitude plays a great role in the healing process - and it's not only the patient's attitude but also that of the community.  The more we can create a positive attitude within ourselves, and the more we can nurture a positive attitude in our community, the better we are at having a positive impact in healing our our own body-mind-spirit and in raising global consciousness.

Blessings of Love and Light to all, and thank you for all your well wishes; I feel the Love! :)



Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spiritual Guidance for April

Decks used: Joules Taylor “Celtic Messages”; John Holland “The Psychic Tarot”; Colette Baron-Reid “The Enchanted Map”

Phew! Has the month of March been as busy as predicted? Are you feeling the renewal of planetary energy and are you welcoming all the blessings Universe bestows upon you? For me, this has been the busiest month I’ve had in a long time, I feel energized, my faith is renewed and I have because more acutely aware of old patterns or beliefs I have been holding on to, even though they don’t serve me anymore in the present nor where Spirit is steering me… Leave a comment below: how has March been for you?

This month, all three cards have similar messages of peace, belonging, safety and security in this physical world. They also have an element of action or choice that needs to be made. A path to abundance lay before us, but it will remain out of our reach if we decide to stay back and lick our wounds, isolating ourselves from the gifts life and community have to offer. This is a time to feel confident in our skills and in the gifts we are called upon to share with the world. It is time to share the bounty of our soul, confident and secure that all the Love and Light we share will be returned ten-fold in myriad wonderful ways.

The cauldron symbolizes mystic regeneration and that which nourishes the soul as much as the physical body. It is time to find an outlet for all those ideas that have been bubbling away for so long lest they stick to the pot! Consult with financial or investment specialists regarding your project. Consult with family members and close friends; gather them around your hearth fire and listen to their wisdom. Most of all, consult with your inner guidance system and with Spirit and once you have all the ingredients for your recipe – get cooking! Your project will be delicious. Be prepared to share.

The 9 Swords advises you to quit worrying. To build on the above metaphor, know that once your cake is in the oven worrying about it doesn’t do much except drain your energy. Trust that you have made it right with all the best ingredients you could find, that it is now under the care of the best oven, and therefore allow it to rise and bake on its own. Have faith in the process. Keep positive expectations of how delicious it will be and how delightful it will be to share with friends and family. Get out of your head and out of your worries, and enjoy the moment. This card is a reminder to take action and trust that your soul and the power of spirit will grasp you firmly by the hand and guide you, but you must let go of the mental distress. Don’t suffer in silence – reach out for the help that is available to you.

Once you let go of your mental distress, you’ll be flooded by that good feeling belonging, of having arrived, of being home. Experience what it is like to be secure in your own skin and to live comfortably no matter what the external circumstances of your life. Open your eyes and find “your tribe” of like-minded people. Be confident that you are exactly where you need to be at this time, and stay on your path. If it is paved with Love, you can’t go wrong, no matter where it leads you.

Spiritual Assignments for this month 

  • I am divinely guided in every step of my journey. 
  • I am safe. I am secure. I am divinely protected at all times. 
  • I enjoy the process and the experience of life. 

  • Continue to journal on limiting thoughts or beliefs that prevent you from feeling fully connected to others and the Universe. Identify these and work to release their hold on you. Release your worries. 

  • Take action today toward realizing your dream. Pick an idea that has been bubbling away in your heart, and ask for divine guidance to bring it manifest. Ask that the right people, counselors and advisors show up in your life in divine timing to help you with your life project. Trust in this process. 
  • Have fun and share a special meal with friends and family! 
  • Book a Reiki or intuitive coaching session to help you release your blocks and clarify your spiritual guidance. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April Flowers Contest! Comment below for your chance to win!

Here it is: my blog-based contest for your chance to win a 3-month subscription to "Guidance In Your Inbox" a $180 value!   This spiritual guidance tool is a document I lovingly prepare just for you, with your highest good in mind.  It is meant to provide you with valuable insights on the energies available to you, and on your next step for your soul growth.  The most important part of the document lists your Spiritual Assignments for the month, which are affirmations, reflections or journaling suggestions to help you see clear in your life and raise your vibration.

Are you ready to raise your vibration to the next level?

In the comment space below this post (click on "comment" and it will open a dialogue box for you to type in and publish your intention), share in a few words the area in your life you would like to see blossom this season, be it relationships, work, spiritual development, a sense of Joy, a release of past hurts, family, feeling of abundance...  Allow your Spirit to guide you in defining the area that needs most attention in this moment.

I will pray and send healing and loving vibes to every entry, holding the space and energy for you to experience the ascension of your vibration.   I ask that everyone reading the entries also hold the vibration for everyone; we will together create a powerful healing vortex helping everyone manifest their highest good.  Therefore everyone who takes the time to enter a comment is a winner!

On April 30th, I will allow Spirit to choose one entry and this person will receive a 3-month subscription to his/her personal, fully customized and channelled guidance document.

Are you feeling the renewed Earth energy, and are you ready to blossom?

I see you living a vibrant and joyful life.  How may I help you manifest your highest good?

Take the down-time challenge!

Our guidance for today is to schedule down time! To live a life tuned in to our highest good and our intuition, it is essential to step out of the hustle and bustle of the world every once in a while. It refreshes the body, mind and spirit and also clears you of psychic debris you picked up along the day.

Your day is likely very busy with chores, family obligations, work, meetings, projects... just piling up... and you feel like there is not enough hours in the day to do what is on your ever-expanding to-do list. Add this one at the TOP of your list: the down-time challenge! Take a 15-minute breather morning and afternoon. It will afford you the inner space you need to refuel your soul and check in with your more subtle vibrations.

When you go for coffee break today, take some time to sit down - or stretch in the sun - and savour the moment. Take a long inhale of the aroma of your beverage of choice and allow for that aroma to connect you with a sense of inner peace. Watch the world go by for a few minutes. Feel your shoulders relax. Be aware of the quality of your breath.

Your ego will likely fight you over this... It doesn't approve of downtime because when you relax it has to relinquish control and it despises that. It wants to run your life through fear and anxiety, keeping things in your head.

Your spirit knows that sometimes the most powerful thing you can do for you is nothing. So allow yourself to step out of the fear-based treadmill even for just a few minutes. Reconnect to the peace of Universal flow.

You deserve this. Your spirit needs it. Your feelings of wellness and happiness depend on it.

Will you take the down time challenge?

Monday, April 1, 2013

Reiki for a broken bone - Week 1

My injured wrist, waiting at the ER
It's been 1 week already that I started my "case study" for Reiki on a broken bone (Read previous blog here), following my most gracious but hard fall on my wrist while I was rollerskating disco-style (don't you love my glitter shirt? lol).  What have I learned in a week?

First, I must be very mindful of what I think.  If I have a thought or feel a need to learn about a specific application of Reiki and energy work, the Universe might just synchronize ME as my own case study!

Second, attitude means a lot when you're healing from an injury.  I am using this time as an opportunity to learn more about myself, my relationships and my environment.  I am learning that it's OK to let go of certain thought patterns and of my control over some house chores - it's actually more fun to involve my family members and teach them how to do things rather than doing it all myself.  For instance, my son (who will soon be celebrating his 10th birthday) is now learning how to cook.  I am happy to be teaching him how to blend flavours and textures to create magic in the kitchen.  He is happy to have more autonomy in the kitchen and to have a say in answering that eternal question "what's for dinner Mom?" since I now answer him with, "Well, what do you want to help me create?"  This co-creation and teaching are habits I want to continue even after my cast is removed.

As for my husband, I am learning to rely on him more.  I am learning that he actually enjoys being asked to help and that it makes him feel useful and important around the house.  When I attended the Keeping It Positive Wellness Conference in Russell earlier in March, Kristine Gravelle-Rystenbil, "The Luv Chick" did mention that men were biologically programmed to help/provide and that one of the best things a woman can learn to help her relationship is to ask her man to use his big muscles to help with tasks around the house - a much better strategy than nagging.  That strategy did not resonate with me at all at the time of the conference, but now that I have to apply it, I must admit it works.  My husband is more than happy to help around the house now and to receive my coaching on how to do things (not nagging, coaching!).  He still hasn't mastered the art of the ponytail making, and I have found an other solution for tying up my hair, but his cooking and cleaning skills are improving.  And so I see my injury as an overall blessing for our relationship.

Finally, for the application of Reiki and energy work to the physical injury, I feel so blessed that I have this tool at my disposal 24/7!  I have felt a lot of pain not only at my wrist, but my entire arm, shoulder girdle and even on the left side of my body as I try to continue to function with my non-dominant hand.  With Reiki, I was able to reduce my intake of pain killers, both in dosage and in length of time.  My go-to strategy when I felt pain was to take a deep breath while connecting to Spirit, and sing "OM Nama Shivaya".  I have kept appointments with my clients this past week, and I have felt the energy wrapping my wrist in cool healing energy during treatments on others.  My pain was non-existent during sessions and for a few hours after sessions, and my arm felt lighter.  My sister drew the Reiki symbols on my cast, over the injured area, and since then I feel a constant light buzzing in my wrist, and I know it is healing.  It is hard to tell how much physical healing occurred in a week without the use of x-rays - and I am not a doctor - but given that I can now move my arm with less pain, that the swelling in my fingers is gone, and that I can take on additional weight for a short period of time (even my iphone was too heavy for the first few days!), I'd say there has been significant progress.

My recommendations, then, for anyone with a bone injury would be to enjoy the process as much as possible.  Instead of focusing on what you can't do, focus on what you can do.  Find creative new ways to move and involve others in your life.  An injury can be a teacher, for yourself and for others too.  For energy treatments, I recommend a minimum of 30 minutes of direct energy application every day once the bone is set, a go-to energy solution when the pain peaks, in addition to a minimum 1 hour healing meditation every day.  It's good to see a Reiki practitioner or energy healer every day in the first 5 days - your pain may be too high for you to concentrate on your healing and on the lessons you are learning, and you may need someone to hold that healing energy for you.  Once the pain is reduced, continue to see your energy healer every 2-3 days for the next few days.  The energy work can be done in person or at a distance - remember that I am available for distant sessions and I would be happy to help you in your healing process, wherever you are in the world.

Remember also that healing, like life, is a journey.  There are no overnight miracle cures - unless we have something to learn or teach from such a quick healing.  For most of us humans, we learn best if the lesson takes some time...

I am sending you loads of healing energy, and see you living vibrantly.