Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Merry Winter Solstice 2015!

Are you ready for the new energy coming our way?

I love this night, the longest night of the year.  I find it mysterious, empowering, challenging an exciting!

For the past few years, the Winter Solstice not only marks a change in season - it's officially winter even though it's the warmest and rainiest December I've experienced - it also marks a change in energy.  I used to think that the whole Solstice, Aztec Calendar, 2012 predictions, Stonehedge ceremonies were just a bunch of New Age hocus pocus...  but then I noticed.  I noticed the subtle and not-so-subtle changes in my life that are seeded at the Solstice.  I noticed my change in outlook.  I noticed my change of energy.  I noticed the changes in my clients, colleagues and friends.  I experienced major shifts in my energy work, with more Guides, more precise energy, more confidence.  Strong with this experience, I now consider this night very special and holy indeed.

I love how this night is quiet - and yet is filled with energy.  If you really stop to listen, you might just hear your Guides speaking to you.  You might just hear messages from your animal spirit tribes.  You might hear love notes from deceased loved ones.  This is a night of deep magic.  This is a night of hope and love and learning.  This is such a special night to connect the different pieces of you that you've tried to hide but are now holding you back.  This is a night of healing.

As I write this, I see the ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis coming forth with her deep blue wings, opened wide to welcome you in her embrace.  She is ready to help you on your journey to feeling whole, spiritually connected, empowered.  You only need to accept her Love and her help.

In her mythology, she travelled up and down the Nile River to find the pieces of her husband, the God Osiris, who had been dismembered by his vengeful brother in a struggle for the Egyptian throne.  Isis found all the pieces, created the first mummy, and the first mummification ritual to bring Osiris back to life.  In doing so, she also brought back Light (Osiris is the Sun God) and order to the Kingdom.  Hers was a journey of Love, of service, and deep life-giving magic for the highest good of all.  I love that she is stepping forward to be our guide this year!  She is one of the most ancient and powerful goddesses; let's get ourselves ready to work with her!

How?  Here are a few ideas:

  • Give yourself some quiet time to reflect on pieces of you that you have left behind due to pain, shame, or the need to fit in.  Is it a funky, spunky part of your personality?  Is it your inner rebel?  Is it the part of you that truly believes in magic?  The part of you that believes in true love? Write about it in a journal, or draw a picture, or paint what this piece means to you.  Then close your eyes, and ask for help to make peace and find forgiveness.  Know that you are now strong enough to reintegrate that piece of you in your current life.  See yourself bringing that piece of you in your body.  Where does it fit?  Your heart?  A chakra?  Breathe it in, feel it... and take time to rest.  Now that you acknowledge that piece of you, what is possible for you?
  • Put on your favourite music, and move your body!  Dance!  Too often, we allow our minds to direct our life...  for just a few songs, allow for your heart and your spirit to move you.  Find balance as you integrate your body, your spirit, your soul.  Enjoy your body and how it moves.  Speak lovely things to your body.  Listen for its wisdom.
  • Light a deep blue candle in a gold dish.  Burn incense.  Meditate on your biggest dream, your biggest desire.  Ask for the courage and strength to find all the pieces of the puzzle, all the resources you need, and the wisdom to see your dream or desire manifest.  Remember that your quest will include action, not just wishful thinking.  Ask about your next right action step, listen for the answer, and DO IT.

Enjoy this special night and all the nurturing energies that are coming forth to help you to your own greatness.  Always remember your beauty and your magic.  Always remember that you are not alone on your journey, even though it might feel like it on the darkest of nights.  Walk through this new energetic portal with grace, and with a new feeling of wholeness and enchantment.

Do you need some extra help?  I'd love to help you uncover pieces of you that you've buried so deep you don't even remember what they are.  They hide under beliefs and patterns.  They might feel heavy or sluggish in your chakras.  They might feel like empty space in your heart.  See what can shift in a session with me.  Click here to book.

I am surrounding you in Love, and wishing you much Joy in this new year.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Rule #3 for asking masterful intuitive questions

I love the feedback I am receiving from the last two articles - I’m glad that the Rules for mastering Intuitive Readings are useful to you!  Keep sending your comments and questions; they help keep me motivated to write more.  Sometimes, I feel I’m writing to roomful of crickets which is the downside to online business, lol.  Might be part of my ego-mind, but I like feeling that I’m making a difference, don’t you?  So on that note, here are the rules that can make a big difference in your Intuitive Readings using your pendulum, Oracle cards, and any other spiritual tool:

Are you ready for Rule #3?  Here's the scoop:

The mind is the servant

Meditate with this quote, attributed to Albert Einstein: “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Are you ready to remember your gift?  My guess is that you are, since you're here reading this message.  But like many, you might have an internal struggle going on, because you might believe that putting the rational mind back in the service of your imagination and intuition means that you have to have a blank mind when you meditate, or worse, to give up on logic to become spiritual.  Fear not, for this is not true!

The ideal relationship between gift and servant is one of cooperation and mutual support, where each one draws on the strength of the other.  The intuitive mind can not do its work when it is overly controlled by logic.  The rational mind can not help you come to grounded and useful conclusions if it is governed by flights of fancy from pure dreaming or channelling energy.  They both work together to gather information from the spiritual and the physical worlds, so you can remain balanced, calm, and a manifestor extraordinaire!

When I meditate, I like to take a walk, or garden, or even do the dishes.  I find that when my rational mind is busy with a repetitive task, my intuitive mind can more easily travel.  Repetitive tasks can become very refreshing and insightful!

I tell my clients to give a name to their ego or thinking brains, because it helps to gain perspective and to find more creative solutions.  When the rational mind pops in with the grocery list, or fear-based thoughts, or that whole list of to-dos…  I simply say, “Thank you Professor Thinks-A-Lot, for alerting me to this issue.  Now, please take your clipboard and inventory all the good reasons and methods to bring me to my objective.”  Try it, and let me know how this works for you!

How does this apply to your Intuitive Readings?  With these principles:

  • When you meditate or connect with your spiritual tool, your mind does not have to be perfectly calm. It has a job to do: to ask questions.  It becomes a private investigator uncovering the next right question to ask while your Higher Self and Spirit provide the answers.  (See Rule #2 to guide your question-finding quest)

  • The optimal state of mind for Intuitive work is relaxed, calm, but alert; it is NOT a deep meditative state.  You should be able to remain aware of your environment and remain focused even if the cats jumps on your lap, the dog barks at a squirrel, or your kid comes in with an after school question.  I’m speaking from experience, here! 

  • Remember that intuitive information is at all times driven by your intention.  Be aware of any agenda from your ego, or of the need to prove yourself right.  That will totally skew your results.  Also, because the voice of Spirit is softer than the voice of the ego, you’ll find that the mind will trump true intuitive insights if you are attached to the answer or the outcome.  

  • Before you start, ask yourself why you want to tap into your intuition.  If you’re doing the work only out of curiosity - because you want to know what dress you were wearing in a past life, or what might happen in a potential situation, or what someone else might be thinking of you…  then you’re not looking for wisdom.  You are devaluing your gift by using it as entertainment.  Exercise discipline, and train yourself to ask for practical information you can use in your daily life.

I’ll give you more tips on this Rule, focusing on mind traps, in my next article.  Until then, I am surrounding you in White Light and Divine Love.

Are you already seeing results and shifts in your Intuitive Readings by applying these Golden Rules?  Let me know!