Monday, March 31, 2014

Oracle Reading, April 2014

What does the Oracle recommend this month to be in the flow of Energy?  Breathe, and accept nothing less than the beautiful, divine beauty that you are.  View the video for the full reading.

Remember to contact me if you want your own, personal Oracle Reading!  It would be my pleasure to serve and nurture your Soul.

New video: About me, and my mission to help you shine your Light!

I'm playing with my camera and my computer's video editing software...  One day, my videos will be professional, but if I wait for everything to be perfect, I'll wait forever in my shadow!

In this video, I share my mission and my passion to help you shine your Light.

I am wrapping you up in White Light and sending you much Love, from my heart to yours!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Healthy Living Wellness Fair, April 5th 2014

I am delighted to have been invited to participate as a vendor to Cornwall's second annual Healthy Living Wellness Fair, which will be held on Saturday April 5th starting at 11AM.  There will be over 60 health-conscious vendors ready to support you leading a more radiant life, and many resources (and tastings!!) available for people who live with Celiac disease and those who want to move to a gluten-free diet.

I will be there with my Oracle and Angel Cards as well as my crystals to support you energetically! :)

I am looking forward to seeing you there!

Monday, March 24, 2014

How often does this happen to you?

One of the lessons in the Lightworker Program is to take time daily -- even just 5 minutes! -- to be still and connect to Source.  During Lightworker class this weekend, we discussed how difficult it is at times to yoga or meditate when pets are around. When I got home, I felt the need to stretch and unrolled my yoga mat when suddenly...

Maya thinking I rolled out the yoga mat just for her...

How often do you get your face licked by your dog, your ponytail pulled on by a cat or your belly pawed down when you try to exercise?  Pets know that exercise is play time; make sure you have fun and don't take your workout too seriously!  

Friday, March 21, 2014

I am now a Certified Angel Card Reader!

I am pleased to announce that I am now a Certified Angel Card Reader, having completed all requirements for the certification.  It was wonderful to train in-person with Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.  I enjoyed their authenticity, professionalism, and how much they care about their students and sharing their gifts to the world.

This was a great experience, and I returned home with not only the certificate and deepened Oracle skills - I also picked up a few more Oracle decks and autographed books :)  

I am looking forward to serving your Soul via an Oracle Card Reading! :)

Jacynthe Villemaire with Doreen Virtue

Clarity - Strategy - Confidence... and the "spiritual money" conundrum

In his Facebook status today, Brendon Burchard wrote:

Be patient with people, especially when they are not making the decisions or progress you wish for them. Realize that people often struggle with clarity, competence, and confidence. First, there is clarity. People often don’t do what you want or change their lives because they lack the clarity for why a change would be beneficial or important for them. If they don’t fully understand why something is positive and a priority, why would they take action? No clarity, no change. Second, people struggle with competence – they simply do not know how to do something. Their confusion on the ‘how’ prevents them from succeeding even if they know the why. No plan, no progress. Finally, there is an issue of confidence. Never underestimate how fearful people are of uncertainty… and of themselves. Some people were never taught that they are smart enough to figure things out given enough time, learning, and hard work. Others are simply afraid of the power they sense within themselves; their divine strength and magnitude frightens them because they feel that amplifying their true identity and spirit would alienate others. So, understand that a surprising majority of the people you meet are truly fearful they won’t figure things out, or that they might alienate others if they stepped into their strongest self. Either way, it’s a confidence issue, an inability to trust in their intelligence or magnificence. No internal trust, no external transformation. Knowing that people struggle with such things helps you understand, honor, and, ultimately, help them. Personally, it’s given me more patience, presence, and purpose with others. Let us be patient and kind, for the journey is difficult for all.  Brendon Burchard - Live. Love. Matter.

Clarity - Strategy - Confidence...

I am coming back from an intensive week of training first in Boston with Margaret Lynch then in Toronto with Doreen Virtue and, with the help I'm sure of this Virgo Full Moon, many emotions, old programmings and "tribal" ways of thinking are coming to the surface.  I'm spiralling down a bit here...  trying to feel my way through this "spiritual money" conundrum.  I am here to serve Souls.   I want to help you succeed in shining your Light brightly, because it gives me a sense of deep fulfillment to see the world become a better place -- more bright, joyful, peaceful and loving -- one person at a time. Every time we share our Light, it inspires someone else to shine a bit brighter if only for a moment.  Am I serving better with a higher price-point?  Or a lower price-point?  Am I serving better through packaged options?  One thing is for sure, I will not be serving anyone very well, including myself, if that worry about paying mortgage and rent for my new office space, worry about how I'll pay the bills and put food on the table keeps looming over my head.  If I'm in fear of lack, and if I'm in a space where I don't dare charge more for my services because I undervalue my gifts or feel not good enough, not ready enough, not vibrant enough...  my Light can not shine very brightly.

I will be reworking my services, packages, and blog site to bring more clarity of purpose and of strategy. It's a tough one for me; as a true Gemini, I enjoy the freedom to do this and that in no particular order. As a Rising Scorpio, I also understand the need for forethought and strategy, and a deep commitment to the highest goal through both action and reflective work.  I also work from my heart centre and find it difficult to put the feelings and spiritual perceptions into words that would be as meaningful to you as they are to me.  And since my goal is to help you shine your Light for the highest good of the world, I must work on better communicating why I think it is important - indeed urgent - for you to shine your Light, and how we can work together towards this goal... This is taking me out of my comfort zone, yet I know that out of the comfort zone comes great healing and soul growth, right? That's what I teach my students, and now it's time for me to apply this lesson yet again. 

...and I thought I was way out of my comfort zone when I quit my government job.  It was just the beginning!!  I'm feeling vulnerable, and as much as I dislike it, I know I can use this space of discomfort to reorient myself to a greater, more authentic, soul-centered goal.

Much Love from my heart to yours.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

My Top 3 Tips to Happy Sleeping when you have an active mind

One of the main reasons why people come to me for sessions is that they are exhausted - they're sick of being sick; their mind is on overdrive and not going to a happy place; and they're tired of searching for that "one thing" that will give them the key to more enlightenment, more peace, and more joy. Does this resonate with you?

I know how that feels, believe me!  I have been there, done that! AND I have come through the dark tunnel and developed many tools and practices along the way that support me wholesomely, body-mind-spirit. (See, there is always a bright side and Light after the dark!)  Below are my top 3 tips and techniques to get out of that spiral of heavy muck (when you're there, it does feel heavy, doesn't it?)

1.  Recognize the role of thoughts and emotions in your overall health
Several recent researches have proven that thoughts have a huge impact on emotional and bodily responses.  I'm sure you're familiar with the Pavlovian response: imagine a bowl of freshly picked and quartered lemons...  become aware of your bodily responses such as salivation or puckering up in anticipation of the acidity.  Become aware also of the emotional responses.  Thinking of lemons make me feel good because they remind me of summer, warm weather and possible trips to the Mediterranean. (Hmmmm  I'll stay with this thought for a while longer...)
From this very brief experience - because I am not starting an exposé on electroencephalograms and deep medical findings that get too intricate to explain in a few short paragraphs - can you agree that your thoughts affect how you feel in your body and in your emotions?

2.   Realize that you have the power of choice
So now the question is: would you prefer having fun thoughts that make you feel good all over, or do you want to stay in the pattern of negative thinking that brought you to this mess in the first place?  I know, that inner voice is already telling you that you can't do this, that you can't change your thoughts because they just happen and pop up in your mind without invitation just when you are getting cozy in bed.  But I'm challenging you here:  who else is in your head thinking your thoughts?  It's all you, sweetie pie.  And you are the boss of you - unless you gave your power away to the amazing brain ghost who latches onto your brain and thinks bad thoughts for you.    
It takes practice, will and support, I know, to change the pattern of thinking icky thoughts expecially just before bed and to turn them into endorphin-producing, feel-good thoughts. Many nights I have spent repeating to myself, "Yes, I acknowledge this thought and now I choose to release it because it is not serving my highest good at this time. I choose to think about flowers instead."  And if suddenly the flowers turned into monsters, I would use my magical brain, imagination and will to guide my thoughts to an other happy place.  

3.   Exorcise with exercise
My experience with my own active mind and what I have learned with my clients is that one of the reasons why people stay in a cesspool of negative thoughts is because they live in their minds and not in their bodies.  When no amount of positive redirecting is working, I muster the energy to get up and out of bed for a quick yoga session to get me out of that headspace and into my body.  You see, the body lives in the present moment while the mind has difficulty staying put and travels to your past or possible horrific future, thus causing sadness, stress and anxiety.  Exorcise it with exercise and get back in the present moment!  I find that stretching my legs is the best remedy.  When I don't feel like doing "official" yoga, I simply walk to the bathroom, rest one leg on the side of the tub as I hold on to the vanity's countertop, and bend forward to stretch glutes and hamstrings.  I hold for approximately 5 long breaths, then repeat with the other leg.  Then I keep holding on to the countertop for a quad stretch, holding one foot up behind me, then the other for an other 5 breaths each.  Finally, I hang like a rag doll, stretching the back of my legs and lower back for an other 5 breaths, knowing that reversed poses nourish the brain.  Hopefully I have completed this exercise without waking up the dog and getting my face thoroughly licked.  I am then typically ready for bed again.  Unless I have to re-wash my face. 

Once you recognize that you're in charge of your mind  - and not the other way around- when you're ready to make different choices to better care for yourself body, mind and spirit, then I can help you and support you with more energetic and spiritual practices.  You need to want it first, though, and you need to be ready to implement the practices I - and Spirit- will prescribe you.

Sending you much Love and Light, and happy thoughts for a happy sleep!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

There is no heaven

Oops...  did I write this with my outside voice?  This can be so triggering and so very evil to say for a Catholic girl...

I do mean it though, and I'll explain why.

I believe that Heaven is a state of mind; an awareness we cultivate, live and experience every day of our life.  With all the various events and circumstances thrown our way, we have the power to choose how we want to experience them.  Do we want to linger in anger, bitterness, sadness or disempowerment, or do we want to transcend these feelings to joy and understanding?  I believe we are meant to create our bliss, our peace, our highest good here on Earth during our lifetime. We are not meant to procrastinate until we die to reach our good.

We are the spark of God, of the Creator, Spirit, Universe, Love-with-a-big-L. We can choose every day to be a reflection of this Love, or to experience its flippant flip side.  Heaven is not, in my view, something to aspire to for later; it is a promise to our self and the divine, a promise on which we work everyday to fulfill, a choice we consciously make with every breath.

Since I was a pre-teen, I made myself the secret promise not to go to heaven when I die. Imagine for a moment that you're back in your teenage skin and heaven is "sold" to you as a place where you go sit all day and sing with the angels who, incidentally in my upbringing, were more of the stock of fairy tales than reality.  I had taken First Nations study and I thought it would be way cooler to hang around in the forest, meet my ancestors and help family members and friends still in the living world.  And spook the bleep out of them occasionally too.  I've studied many world religions and read many spiritual texts since my teen years, and somehow my crazy (and up to now secret) decision about my after life has become more clear and real.

Today, as I sat near a pier in Boston, watching the sun go down and the tide come in; as the wind was blowing strong and chilly, refreshing me after a long conference, I whispered into the salty wind to clear away beliefs, judgments and emotions that don't serve my highest good.  I truly felt a strong presence surrounding me and wrapping me in Love.  I asked for Love to be carried upon the wind to my family, friends and readers.  Then, these words and sentences started to form in my mind and I knew I had to write them down.  I have that clear feeling that this is part of my mission in life - to bring that notion of heaven-on-earth closer to everyone; to share tips for making better choices for our life - choices that empower, bring happiness AND serve the highest good.  Heaven is now.

What will happen to my soul after I die?  I don't know, and I choose not to worry about that.  What is important to me is how I live my life and share the Love.

My heart overflows with Love in this moment. I invite you to take a moment, if you choose, to turn into the wind and breathe it in.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Baby Angel

There are moments in life that are unforgettable, and their memories reach deep into our emotional psyche to remind us of their joy - or their pain.  There are moments in life that, although now in our past resurface as if they have just happened.  There are moments in life that are just harder to heal than others.

Today, my heart is with that little promise of life that left my body on this day in 2002.  I am surprised by how much I am still grieving - I thought that part of me was healed...  And yet, tears are rolling down my cheeks as the vivid images and sensations are recalled.  I remember the joy of finding out that "it had finally worked" after over a year of "trying".  I remember how I felt the energy of life leave my body in a warm whoosh from my womb through my crown a few weeks' in.  I remember the anguish of the myriad ultrasounds to confirm the inevitable.  I remember the Valentine's Day bouquet of flowers to "a new Mom"... the same day I received the call from the doctor to schedule the D&C.  I remember the D&C and the convalescence.  I remember the support and prayers.  Every moment is frozen in time and resurfaces periodically.  Every emotion from anger, guilt, shame, grief... and the strange calm after the storm... are crystallized in my being.  Even dreams and spiritual insights I received during that time remain vivid to this day.

Baby was called "Peanut" and didn't live more than 4 weeks.  Although its life force left at 4 weeks, the body stayed anchored in me for an other 4 weeks until the D&C.  The heart never started to beat and the gonads had not formed so there's no way to know if Peanut was a girl or a boy.  To the medical community, Peanut was called a "product of conception".  How cold!  The love of my womb, a product?!?   After the D&C, Peanut was cremated with all the other "products of conception" and the common ashes spread over a special rose garden in the Beechwood Cemetery.

I am still judged for feeling so much about an embryo that is not even considered a baby.  How do I have the right to grieve when so-and-so had a still birth a few days before due date?  Now, that's worth grieving.  And how about this other person who had a miscarriage while travelling abroad?  Now that was traumatic.  And how about this other woman who bled so much she had to have a hysterectomy and loose her ability to have any other child?  That's epic.  And how about people who are experiencing war, famine, oppression?  My story, for many, is unworthy of grief.  My story is unworthy of being talked about.  It's like I have no right to miss or even celebrate that life who shared my body for the span of a few weeks...

But whether others give me the right or not (and I'm not looking for external validation), that small life is forever imprinted in my heart.  Although my son was conceived a few months later, and he's my pride and joy, there is always a place in my heart for the one who whispered to me a few months before him.  I will always Love that little Baby Angel.

I have learned a lot from my experience:  I learned to surrender to pain and move through the phases of grieving; I learned that life throws you curve-balls and one can't always be "in charge" or "in control" of life's events; I learned that childhood plans don't always come to fruition.  I also learned to mistrust my body and to question the values and beliefs I had learned as a child and young woman.

I learned to cherish the miracle of life, in all its forms and manifestations.

Over the years, I learned how mental anguish and emotional trauma can change the human body.  I learned how my stress levels at the time could have had an impact on my general health.  I understand how my stifled creativity as I entered a "real job in government" could have blocked my Sacral Chakra.  I understand how being harassed over several years can leave one's energy system in shambles.  I understand the importance of maintaining a healthy protection shield - not closed off and not too open.  I know how a lifetime of being told what to feel and what not to feel, how to react and how not to react can leave the Sacral Chakra in limbo.  I know that these blocks can be felt by energy workers.  I have experienced how forgiveness and self-love can bring peace and healing to body-mind-spirit.  Today, I can provide insightful coaching and spiritual advice to women who come to see me to help with their fertility or with their grief.  Many valuable life lessons and spiritual insights have come from this experience, and for these I am grateful.

But on this day, I shed a tear for my little Peanut.  I love you sweetie pie.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Meditation for World Peace

Can you take 15 minutes to weave your thread of Love and Light in a world-wide web of Peace?

Share below the colour of the thread you are bringing to our Web!  Namaste!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Oracle Reading for March 2014

I tried something a little different for this month's Oracle Reading - a video!  I trust it will bring you guidance as elements of our energy landscape are explored.  Let me know what you think!