Thursday, April 12, 2012

Learning & Unlearning...

I am learning to really take care of myself. I am learning to really listen to the cues I receive and perceive with my body. I am learning to let go of ego's fears while tuning in to, and allowing, Spirit's freedom. I am learning to see life differently - not just with my physical eyes, but with the eyes of my heart and those of my soul. I am learning to be me, fully, completely.

I am learning to unlearn... Unlearn patterns borne of ego and ideas of self-protection; patterns of judgment and judging imposed by society, family circumstances and ego; patterns of emotions and reaction; patterns of self-deprecation; patterns of unhealthy attachment and control... I am learning to unlearn and release what does not serve my higher purpose, my Spirit, my holistic wellbeing. I am learning to just be.