Friday, November 29, 2013

Update: Lightworker Name Game!

I have updated my blog's post on the Lightworker name game, with some additional context about how and why I have created the game, and the wonderful feedback I have been receiving for the past 2 weeks. As Lightworkers, our creative souls joyfully sees meaning in everything. We are Spirit, and Spirit is in us and works through us... Of course Lightworkers would see a deeper meaning in a sacred name!

I am grateful to Spirit for helping me create this game, where so many Lightworkers feel a personal attachment, or vibe, with their result. Thank you so much for vibrating to the beautiful, creative and joyful energy I infused in this work!

I will host an online event in mid-December to answer some questions on the specific vibrations and name combinations of this game. I definitely feel the need to explore this concept further and have received more instructions from Spirit on how to develop this concept into meaningful information and tools for all you wonder-filled Lightworkers around the world!

Send me your questions and comments to help me prepare for this event!

Many many blessings of Love and Joy to you!


Announcing the dates for the next Lightworker Development Program, Level 1:  this training will be held in Ingleside, Ontario starting on February 22-23, 2014!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Genesis of the Star People on Earth... (Part 2)

Read Part 1 first...

Creatively channelled in 2010.  I have not reviewed or edited the text since then.  Note that I consider this more of a creative exercise and not an "absolute Truth"...  I am sharing it now since I feel many Star Children are awakening and searching for each other.  There's a whole community of Star Children in our realms...  you are not alone!  Much Love :)


In the beginning, there is nothing. It is darkness. There is no sound, shape, texture, temperature, smell, knowledge. It is just floating. Floating in darkness, yet without the knowledge of darkness. There is no fear, only unconditional love. It is joyful, but without the knowledge of sadness one does not recognize joy. It is calm, peaceful, healing. Releasing the tension, fears, sadness and objections, dying to our lower selves and giving everything over to the God-consciousness ensures the smoothest travel through time, space and dimensions. It is such a great gift to accept, yet difficult to accomplish if we don’t accept to loose that old baggage and cut the cords to the old ways.

In this time of blissful darkness, there is no concept of time. Only God knows how long and how far we may have travelled, us group of stars floating on the final tidal energy wave of our old home. In our blissful state of detached consciousness, we are open to the healing we need to continue on our journey. We are nurtured and cleansed according to God’s will. It is as if we had a “reset” button and a program is making us new again, according to God’s plan. We just need to surrender and float in this blissful darkness.

And then there was Light. The first stirrings of individual consciousness. All is blurry at first as I am disoriented, as if coming out of a long peaceful and rejuvenating sleep. I am led to the edge of this great blue light source. There shines a blue jewel in the cosmos.

And the voice of God said, “Children of the Stars, this is your new home. This is your Soul School. Here you will be tested like never before. The magnetism of this planet will provide you with a temporary body with which you will experience life in bold new ways. Your body will be created in my image, male and female. Together, you will be balanced. Apart, you will acquire qualities and specific knowledge from tailored lessons. You will bring these back to participate in the divine balance.

“Children of the Stars, you have the opportunity to cross to the next dimension through these experiences. On this planet, I have created all that you will require for you to thrive. As you will each have an individual body, you will experience your Lessons away from the Collective. However remember, children, that you are never alone. My love is always with you, all through your embodiment. You will not be on this planet at once; some of you will stay behind to observe and guide those that choose to embody. You are each other’s guardians.

“Children of the Stars, I have created many life forms on this planet to support and nurture you. Learn to master them for the greatest common good. You will be masters of the Earth, of its plants, of its minerals, and of its animals. Treat them as I have treated you. Be nurturing, loving and apply compassion. They have lessons for you. You may choose to embody one of these elements and serve as a guide and teacher to others. You may also visit this physical realm without a body to guide and nurture incarnated Souls.

“Children of the Stars, I give you the gift of consciousness, the gift of feeling and experiencing. Learn from each of the senses you will have, as they all contain lessons for you individually and for the greater collective. I give you the gift of moving and being moved – in soul, mind and body. You are free to choose your Lessons and your incarnations. You are free from the web of the collective to explore individuality. I give you the gift of choices and decisions.

“Children of the Stars, remember that you are divine, as I am. You are an extension of my Love. It is with Love that I send you here. It is for your greatest good. My love is always with you.

“Children of the Stars, in this realm you will learn to co-create with me. As you are an extension of my Love, each of you has the Divine Spark. You will learn in the material realm to create material things with the elements I created for you to enhance your material lives. You will learn to let your Soul guide your Body in divine co-creation. You will learn to create in the etheric realm and see how matter follows mind. It will be a long learning process. Remember that I and your Celestial Family will be with you every step of the way, in darkness and in light.

“In this realm, dear children, you may choose to close your channels of divine communication to experience the material world that we will co-create. But remember that these channels are always there and can be reopened at the time of your choosing.

“I will now accompany the first Souls to this planet. You will have the gift of language and will name the creations there. I will create a body for you out of the earth itself, using all its elements. You will be earth, air, fire and water. You will be energy. This body, male or female, will be the temple for your Soul on this learning journey. This will be your Home for as long as you need it, through as many incarnations as you desire. You will know you will be ready to transcend to the next realm when you can detach yourself from the physical world and walk through the next one.

“Who will come first and forge the path for others? You have the gift of choice.”

Friday, November 22, 2013

In the beginning… Genesis of Star People on Earth (1 of 2)

The day I submitted my resignation at work, the Universe orchestrated a fun activity for more people to find me and to validate that my decision is for my highest good and joy.  This "Lightworker name game" I had published in July had made its way in cyberspace...  and someone had the intuition to post it in the Soul Coaching (R) Oracle Card Reader closed study group, not knowing that the author of that game (me) was taking the class!  What a surprise for me to see my creation staring at me as I logged on to the class' page - and to see all the fun interaction people were having!

I have received many questions on the various names, energies and vibrations I introduce in this game.  Tonight, I feel it is time to publish a short text I wrote back in 2010 and tucked away on my computer.  I am still feeling vulnerable for sharing these channelled creative work - and yet I am happy to share.  Perhaps this work is part of my mandate?

And now, take a deep breath...  and meet the Blue People, as I felt them whispering to me a cool Fall evening in 2010.


The rumblings could not be ignored any longer. The vibrations from the core were getting louder, deeper, stronger. Even from above, the tremors could be felt. Clouds of red were enveloping this jewel in the sky. We should have left already, but it is so difficult to just leave and abandon what we have called home for so many millenniums. But it was time for us to move along as a people. All our lessons here have been learned, except from the final cosmic detachment we are now collectively experiencing.

And so it was that we were hovering over our red planet as the volcanoes were erupting, as ash was spewed into the atmosphere. Our home needed to destroy itself for our final lesson – only we were still attached to it. Reluctantly, one by one, we were forced to remove the cosmic cords attaching us to it, learning to let go for the collective good: let go of all we have anchored here, of the great civilization we build here, of our fears and longing for our old stagnating ways. We chose to return to the God Consciousness. We needed to die to ourselves to stretch our knowledge, our boundaries, our spirituality.

Just as the last cosmic cord was cut, there was thunder in the sky and rumblings from the planet. Our home planet was cut in half, exposing its red center and sending wave after wave after wave of energy in the cosmos and beyond.

I can feel the final tentacles, like fine silk ribbons, detaching from their anchor points. As we weep our loss, we know we must join others in the search of this new beginning, of this other planet that will become our new home and will permit our passage to the next dimension. Our Soul School. Our promised Land. We will be its guardians and its students. As the last tendrils of our Cosmic Cords are burned in the healing fire of our dying planet, we move freely bound by nothing but pure energy. We try to understand and re-center ourselves in our new identity. It is the end, and with the end comes darkness.

It is this in-between period that I dislike the most. The time of not knowing, not controlling. How do I get there from here? Where is “there”? How will I recognize it? There is nothing to hold on to in the in-between period, as everything old needs to be released but everything new has not yet been found. Old wounds need to heal before new skin can grow, and you’re left with the pain, sadness and agony… but somehow moving to freedom and joy.

But as we float further away from our beloved red planet, gently following the energy waves in the great cosmos, we know it is the time of rest between the grieving and the new beginning; the time to give everything over to the God-consciousness which will always protect and nurture our Souls.

I did something REALLY scary...

I haven't had the joy to write in this blog regularly of late...  Going back to work has been a real shock to my system and my spirit.  It has validated that if I am to shine my light, I can not hide.  If I am to teach courage, I must myself make a leap of faith.   

So I did something REALLY scary yesterday.  I resigned officially from my government job to be full-time Lightworker.  The best part is that I feel at peace with this decision, and as soon as I have surrendered to my truth, to what's best for my soul... synchronicities have multiplied to validate that I am now on the right path, and everything will be OK.

I chose 12/12 as my last day, my gateway to the next phase of my life.

My wings are ready.  Watch me soar!

I am ready to teach and serve Spirit's will.  I am ready to work from my heart centre.  I am ready to be me.

...and I know that Universe supports me abundantly.  

Many blessings of Love and Joy to all.

Friday, November 15, 2013

White Light Blessing to you!

I am seeing you today, wrapped in beautiful White Light like a comfortable blanket, sheltering your energy body and soothing your soul. Under this cocoon of White Light, your soul smiles and grows.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Spiritual Guidance for November 2013

Decks used: John HollandThe Psychic Tarot”; Denise LinnSoul Coaching Oracle Cards”; Colette Baron-ReidWisdom of the Hidden Realms

Like many Lightworkers, empaths and sensitive souls, have you felt the energy of change carried in the past few months? Have you learned lessons, through trial and error, about respecting personal boundaries and standing in your own Power with Love and Compassion? For me, October was a very busy month that brought me validation on various issues in my life and professional direction. I am much stronger now in my Solar Plexus, and I delight in my ability to hold on to a Loving vision for myself, my projects and my ability to serve. The doubts that were shrouding my vision are dissipated. My heart is smiling, beaming even!

For this month’s reading, I asked what our common biggest challenge would be as we continue to work with Energy for our souls’ evolution. I also asked how we can best shift this challenge into a learned lesson, and who is our best spiritual guide and companion at this time.

Our biggest challenge this month is our resistance to listen to our own inner wisdom. In this society, we often measure our worth with the quantity of activities we can cram into our schedule. We have evolved into human DOINGS instead of human BE-ings. We are now being challenged to find pockets of peace in every day where we can nourish our soul. Remember that filling a perceived void with activities, loud music, parties and food doesn’t necessarily nourish your soul long-term... The answers you seek are not necessarily found in the outer world. Take regular time to withdraw from commotion and drama, and use this stillness to reflect and reevaluate what makes you happy. Ponder how you can honour your unique gifts and share these with the world from your heart space. Conserve your energy and deal with one issue at a time instead of trying to tackle everything at once. Remember that your soul constantly draws to itself exactly what it needs at the appropriate time to learn and grow. To feel guided and at one with Universe, Spirit and the community of Light, you must take time daily to commune with your soul.

The best way for us to shift this challenge into a learned soul lesson is to be very mindful of our thoughts and our actions. We have to remember to use our free will to CHOOSE the thoughts, actions and emotions that support our continued soul evolution. Thoughts carry a tremedous amount of Energy, and what we choose to focus on will manifest. It’s time to take responsibility for our thoughts and actions. If we want peace in the world, we ourselves must BE peace. If we want more love in our life we ourselves must BE love. If we want more abundance, we must be grateful for the abundance of gifts we already have, and for all the gifts available to us through Spirit. We are invited to pay attention to the minute details of our thoughts, emotions and actions, and if they don’t support our Higher Good we must find the source of the hurt and release it. We must exercise self-discipline towards more authenticity and more integrity in our inner and outer lives. It is time to maintain focus on our intentions.

The Lady of the Mirror reminds us that what we attract in our lives reflects the energy at which we vibrate. In our moments of silent introspection this month, we can invoke the Lady of Mirror to bring a higher perspective to our entire life’s events. She will teach us to take responsibility for our every action and every decision. She will help us see our role in every one of our life’s experiences, and to feel how interwoven all of our lives truly are. With her help, we can observe how we have reacted or responded to our life’s challenges and joys. We are invited to honour every part of our story with Love and Compassion. Everything that has ever happened to us has served our soul’s growth. If there’s something we don’t like when we contemplate our life, how can we bring more Love, forgiveness and higher understanding to the situation or relationship? Taking responsibility for our every decision, word and deed can be very freeing, and it will help us recenter, recalibrate, and refocus. We are co-creators with the divine; we must learn to take responsibility for our role in the creation of our life’s unfolding. Once we take this responsibility, we can choose to create the magic that feeds our soul to its highest fulfilment.

Spiritual Assignments This Month

  • Continue the reflections suggested last month: Examine your core values, beliefs, goals and objectives: are they in congruence with your heart’s desires? Are you living in congruence with them? Is your inner life reflected in your outer life, and vice-versa? What can you shift in your life to live more aligned with your heart and the highest common good? 
  • Examine your thoughts, emotions and actions: are they serving your highest good? Find tools to shift to more positive vibrations, towards a greater degree of self-love. 
  • Practice (not only with words, but with your actions!) the following affirmation: “I am impeccable in my thoughts, words and deeds.” Journal on the meaning of this affirmation for you. 
  • Learn to differentiate between the voice of ego and that of Spirit. 
  • Spend at least 5 minutes a day in quiet contemplation. Give thanks for the day ahead as soon as you wake in the morning. Admire the sun, the clouds, the beauty of family bonds, the social ties at work… 
  • Rearrange your schedule to book some meditation time for yourself. Evaluate if you truly need to spend you energy on all these activities – do they nourish your soul? Choose quality over quantity. 
  • Notice the people and resources that come into your life this month, and listen to the wisdom they share with you. This exchange might provide you with insight and wisdom into your own life. 

Share your experience and observations below to place it in the energy grid. Blessed be!