Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year - Out with the old, in with the new... energies, that is!

Out with the old, in with the new...

As we wrap-up our exploration of the Sacral Chakra, take a moment to think of the old patterns that stop you from fully expressing your passion, your creativity, your true relationships with yourself, others, God/Source/Universe, the animal kingdom, fairies and angels...

Where is the pain, anger, bitterness, resentment, frustration that block your true expression?  What are the roots of these emotions?  How are they expressed against your greatest good?  Write what blocks you on pieces of paper, old leaves or even kindling or a log if you feel it's a big block.  Make a big new year's eve bonfire, and release the symbols of your blocks in the flames.  As you watch the fire, consciously intend to let go of the stagnant emotion(s) or block(s) and replace the space it occupied within you with the warm, friendly, fiery glow of the fire and universal Love.

May your passion and the beauty of your true self ignite and shine in 2012!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Daily Reflection - Sacral Chakra (Crystals)

In this season of gift giving and receiving, think of gemstones and crystals as gifts from the Earth.  Work to receive their vibrational medicine with gratitude and grace.  It's easy to work with crystals, and you don't need to surround your crystal work with fluffy ceremonial practices unless it really helps you to centre yourself and make your mind receptive to the healing energies.  Wether or not you use any ceremonial practices from sunshine, moonlight, salt or 7-step cleansing process, do remember to always approach a crystal with respect.  If you approach a crystal as if it were an ordinary rock, you are setting blocks up in your mind preventing you to feel any energy shift.  The rock will remain a piece of jewelry or a table ornament for you.  Open your mind and approach crystals with respect, and you will feel their subtle energies vibrating through your body.  You may even discover that ordinary gravel rock can have healing properties too... (Every wonder why children collect them?)

I like to hold a crystal in the palm of my open hand, close my eyes, and take a deep breath to centre myself.  I ask the crystal if it wants to work with me and, if I'm working with someone else, if it wants to extend its healing properties to that person (or animal, plant, place).  I usually feel a tingling in my palm and a "knowing" in my energy field to prompt me to go ahead with healing work.  If I feel a sharp pain or uneasiness, I thank the crystal for its answer and put it back.

Crystals with a vibrational resonance to the Sacral Chakra are the carnelian, yellow/golden topaz, orange calcite, fire opal, moonstone and aquamarine.

Choose a clear carnelian of a deep orange colour.  Some carnelian are heat-treated which makes them cloudy, and this process changes its vibrational quality.  (I would not choose those for healing work.)  Carnelian helps energetically balance lower back problems and assists the kidneys.  It is said to be a protective stone - you could place some on your vision board to help protect and manifest your passions, creations or art -- even your children, as they are creations manifested from your spiritual as well as physical womb.

I enjoy wearing yellow topaz.  I have a brilliantly cut golden yellow topaz that shimmers in the sun.  Energetically, yellow topaz lends a golden glow to your aura.  It assists in balancing energies on elevated spiritual levels through all chakras.  I wear mine when I feel I need a spiritual boost, when I'm in a crowd for a boost to my immune system, and when I teach to boost that quiet assurance that people can't quite define...

Orange calcite is somewhat denser and its energies vibrate more with the physical level.  It works at clearing physical energy imbalances that manifest in such symptoms as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and endometriosis.  Work with orange calcite to move unwanted social and emotional conditioning out of your system through your Sacral Chakra.

The last three crystals discussed here -- fire opal, moonstone and aquamarine -- have more affinity with the "water" element of the Sacral Chakra.  Physically, the water element deals with the bladder and kidneys, and spiritually it deals with the emotions.

Fire opal can intensify our inner fire and stimulate our creativity - but work wisely: if you are not centred and clear prior to working with fire opal, you may intensify anger, social distress or sexual control.

Moonstone works beautifully with the element of the Divine Feminine.  It could be poetically referred to as a reflection of the moon on water - a reflection of the sacred feminine energies on the emotions.  Due to its association with the moon, this crystal helps balance cyclical issues of all kinds.  Work with moonstone at night to ease insomnia and sleep peacefully in the arms of the Divine Mother, or to enhance lucid dreaming and increase psychic abilities.  Remember to set your intention before working with moonstone (and any crystal!) as you want to align yourself with the properties of the crystal you are seeking. In the case of the moonstone, bless it and ask for a peaceful, rejuvenating night's sleep if you want to ease insomnia.  Simply placing it under your pillow may activate your dream state and you'll wake up tired in the morning from the night's psychic wanderings!

Aquamarine is such a beautiful crystal, whether it has been polished and cut or not.  Its colour can be that of a quiet pond, frozen water, or tropical water - which is why is can resonate very well with the emotional aspects of the Sacral Chakra.  Aquamarine is said to give strength in adversity.  Because its blue is also associated to the Throat Chakra, it can help you speak your truth however emotional it may be.

Enjoy these gifts from Mother Earth, and treat them with respect.  They ask for nothing more but to vibrate their healing energies through you and anchor more peace and harmony to this world through your balanced vibrations.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Daily Reflection - Sacral Chakra (Aromatherapy)

Keep breathing during this busy holiday season!  Aromatherapy can help you remember to breathe deeply : when there's a scent you like floating about, it makes it easier to stop for a moment and take a deep breath!  To support and strengthen your Sacral Chakra, try a mix of vanilla and sandalwood.  Add a few drops to your bath, to an aroma lamp or to a handkerchief when you're on the road.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Daily Reflection

Mother Mary prayed and meditated on the Miracle of Life happening in her body, that would change her life and that of fellow men for ever...

Pray and meditate on the Miracle of Love and Life slumbering in your heart and Sacral centre.  Allow you passion, art, craft to bloom and prosper.  Be grateful for all your blessings in this season and all year round.  May the Peace and Joy of Christmas be with you now and forever.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Daily Reflection: Sacral Chakra (Hara/Tan Tien/ Energy Centre)

The Sacral Chakra area is known in various traditions as holding sacred life energy.  In Japanese, this centre is known as the Hara, and in Chinese it is the Tan Tien.  Traditional Usui Reiki teaches how to maintain this energy centre; in fact, some authors believe it is essential to the work of a Reiki practitioner.  Strengthening this centre increases pranic flow in our aura, which in turn strengthens our body-mind-spirit complex.

An easy visualization to work on this energy centre is to imagine a ball of light in your lower abdomen.  As you inhale slowly and deeply, imagine this ball of light expanding.  As you exhale slowly, imagine this light has silvery or golden qualities that become stronger with every breath.  Take at least 7 deep, relaxing breaths and imagine this light surrounding you, strengthening you -- and protecting you throughout the holiday season!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Daily Reflection: Sacral Chakra

Each period of 7 years is "coloured" by a particular chakra.  The Sacral Chakra is linked to the ages of 8 to 14, where our emotional development consists of understanding our relationships to others.  Our ease, shyness or fear of relating to others and expressing our life's passion often stem from events in our childhood/pre-teen years.

The Sacral Chakra also colours the ages of 57 to 63, where there is need once more for social readaptation after retirement and/or the kids leaving the nest.  We must then redefine ourselves, our relationships, and how we want to express our passion to the world in our new post-work reality.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Daily Reflection: Sacral Chakra (Passion & Inner Light)

Think of your Sacral Chakra as your spiritual womb. This womb is healthy when fuelled with your passion. This womb contains the key ingredients of your inner light. Have you ever noticed how, when a person is aligned with his/her passion, this person has a glow from within -- similar to the glow of pregnancy?

Ask yourself - what turns on your passion? Writing, painting, woodworking? Dancing, hosting get-togethers, travelling? Organizing, building, cleaning? Hope for a better future, hope for new family members, peace? Do you let fear, anger, an excessive desire to please others (or yourself) crowd in and snuff your light?

At this time of year, most religious and spiritual traditions talk of ways to bring the Light into the world. It starts with you - what action can you do today to make your light shine just a bit brighter? How will you practice your passion? Who can you turn to for help if you find strong emotions get in the way? Be grateful for your helpers. And remember: when one of us shines, we help others shine brighter too.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Daily Reflection: Sacral Chakra

Can you locate your Sacral Chakra? Its center lies about 2 fingers width below your navel and corresponds to the spine's sacral vertebras - hence two of its names: Sacral and Navel Chakra.

Daily Reflection: Sacral Chakra (body movement)

To keep your Sacral Chakra balanced and its energy flowing, try dancing. From basic movements like circling your hips to bolder belly dancing, have fun moving your body confidently. As the saying goes, dance like no one is looking.  :)

Creativity and Stress: The OSM

As many spiritual authors tell us, we are here in this plane to co-create our reality.  We are meant to be conscious of our thoughts, emotions, feelings and actions.  We are meant to experience all we can in the physical realm to assist in our soul's growth.  When we are conscious of all these things, we are actively co-creating our life experience according to our soul's plan.

But sometimes, frankly, all this co-creation can be stressful and overwhelming.

There are things I have put in motion years ago that are now bearing fruit.  There are things I have wished for that are manifesting in a different way than what I had imagined.  The energy around me is buzzing, buzzing, buzzing with activity.  Add to the mix the creativity of the holiday season - creating an ambiance, creating gifts, creating expectations and responding to expectations, creating invitations.  Dust all that with the creativity of starting a new business, and acting on plans to leave the cushy yet dissatisfying day job.  Bake for a few weeks as you meditate on the Sacral Chakra and its links to creativity and stress...  and oh my goodness I didn't know I was baking in the pressure cooker!  Better take a breather and slowly release the pressure valve!!

Stress can be a strong vehicle for pushing us into action in our life's direction.  It is natural, and even necessary, when we step out of our comfort zone, as it helps us "fight" for and adapt to our newly co-created reality.  

I received training recently for my new business where the speaker talked of the OSM (Oh Sh*t Moment) -- that moment where you started your ride in the roller coaster and you wonder what you were thinking, and then WHHEEEEEE!  You let go, ride like a pro and realize it was fun.  And you would do it all over again.

At the moment, it is my stomach that is doing the loop-dee-loop.  As long as I remember to breathe down to my navel and let go of my grip on the handlebar, everything will work out just fine.  I know all this change is for my greatest good.  I am enjoying the ride.  I am finding the OM in my OSM.  

Daily Reflection: Sacral Chakra. Stress and Breathing.

The glands associated with the Sacral Chakra are the adrenals, associated with our response to stress and ancient "flight or fight" conditioning.  When stress, fear, anger are constant in your life, your normal hormonal secretions become unbalanced and physical illness occur - just think of all the illnesses associated with chronic stress.

Are you feeling stress this holiday season?  Remember to breathe deeply; when stressed, our breathing tends to be superficial and from the upper chest only.  It help me to place my hands on my belly, and drawing air in slowly, concentrating on moving air to my navel.

Beginner meditation practice teaches to inhale slowly, counting to 4, then hold your breath for a count of 4 before exhaling for a count of 4.  Counting keeps our mind busy and off the daily to-do-list.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Daily Reflection: Sacral Chakra - creativity

In December, we will be exploring our creativity centre, the Sacral Chakra.  It's a good time to take stock of where we've been, where we are now, and where we want to go: as we explore our creativity centre, we can reflect on how we want to create our present and our future.

In past months, we have worked on our Heart Chakra and opened ourselves to Love's guidance, with gratitude.  Then we have worked on the Root Chakra to help us stay grounded in the here and now and remain linked to Earth's creative energies.  Last month, we have worked on the Crown Chakra to open our communication line with the Divine.

This month is time put everything together in our creative womb to see what beauty and wonder we will create for ourselves, others and the world.  What "wonder-full" holiday gift will you create for yourself by the end of the month?

My postings may be less frequent this month, as I am in the midst of examining my creations of the past years and re-focusing my energies on what I really want to keep and create in the years to come.  And although I teach about the beauty and inevitability of change, I must admit that change can be difficult to deal with, especially when the ego loves the status quo and the comfort of "the devil you know"...  I'm sure I will be learning lots in this transition period so that I may be better able to coach others through their life transitions as well.

I invite you to visit my Facebook page (Way to the Well): I often share interesting links on that page which I do not link in this blog.  It's just an other way to stay connected through this transition.

As always, my thoughts of divine Love and Light are with you.  :)