Sunday, July 28, 2013

Gardening Meditation: past successes can be dead weight

I have beautiful "Fairy Roses" in my front garden.  The rosebush, about 4 feet in diameter, was in full bloom when I took this picture in June.  Aren't they gorgeous?  I have never seen so many blossoms and flowers at once on this plant.

For most of June and July, the blooms kept coming and then dying away...  and I became secluded in my office as I wrote almost non-stop to prepare manuals and documentation, to do research and to tune-in to my Higher Consciousness and Spirit as I prepared for my new Lightworker Development Program. I did neglect my garden during that time.  The vegetable patch in the back was overrun by weeds and the gorgeous rosebush in the front looked grey, faded and heavy.

Now that I have put my books and writing aside for a few days to enjoy the sunshine and the success of last weekend's training, I put energy back in my garden.  Gardening is a wonderful time for me to feel connected to the Earth, to the food I eat and to the beauty that surrounds us.  The hours I spend weeding and pruning bring me great satisfaction as I reconnect body-mind-spirit.  It's a wonderful time for active meditation.  As I tell my students, meditation is not just about sitting in lotus pose and trying to avoid the thoughts that come to your mind; meditation can also be active, when you garden or cook or do dishes.  It's when you allow your thoughts to ebb and flow while being a distant observer of your mind.  And it's about grabbing on to a thought that feels like a lesson when you recognize it entering your consciousness - and then releasing it with the other thoughts.

My "revelation" today came as I pruned my rosebush.  It looked so tired and faded.  It looked flattened, all branches flat on all sides and nothing in the middle.  It looked sad.  As I pruned away the heavier branches and removed the dead flowers, the thought occurred to me that past successes can be burdensome, just like a spent flower can weigh down a plant.

Have you had instances in your life when you felt you had to live up to a past success, and its weight, or the fear of never doing as good again, was almost paralyzing?  Or are you stuck in a thinking pattern where things were much better in the past, and even the difficulties have almost a saintly glow while the present looks bleak and the future even bleaker?  Or maybe you can recall a child prodigy with tons of trophies and certificates or movies and achievements, who is living a very seemingly messed-up adulthood for lack of being able to outgrow the "rut" past successes have carved?

In spiritual circles, we often talk about cutting away karmic cords tying our energy to negative life events, people and emotions.  Perhaps it would also be good to look at our attachments to the good things in life, too.  Maybe at times we are too attached to past successes that we forget to live happily in the now time.  We forget to create beauty now for fear that it won't be viewed as good as the beauty of our past.  We go dormant and are unable to bloom in our present because our energy is still drained by the past, that we are reliving daily in our mind like a nostalgic movie.

I have experienced the effect of this nostalgia in my public service career.  One of my mandates was to develop a change management tool and training for a nation-wide initiative.  One of the personality types I encountered was the "Everything was so good 20 years ago, and then you changed it all to this new initiative, and then changed it again.  Things were so good then I don't know why it was ever changed in the first place.  And now you're changing it again with so many elements from 20 years ago.  It's just ridiculous." This personality type resisted change.  And sometimes this personality didn't go as far back as 20 years; I've noticed it in a still-green manager for whom things "at her old place of work" were much better, the team was more friendly, the projects were more juicy...  Although going back to the past to learn lessons from experiences - successes and failures both - can enlighten the present, being stuck in the past - however good it was - is not helping the present at all.  Commiserating on the past is not bringing solutions to present situations.  Being in the grips of the past is disempowering and can stop someone from evolving and growing.

How can I apply this lesson in my life?  Well, up until last October, I was working in corporate world until my body and mind could no longer cope with a job that was not in resonance with the call of my higher self.  Although I LOVE and am so happy with the life I am creating now, everyday, a part of me is still stuck in the past.  That part of me is the one who really enjoyed the stability and security of steady income.  Whether I was busy or not, productive or not - I still received the same good paycheque right in my bank account every other week.  Income is much more fluid now as I start and grow my own business and draw upon some savings...  Remaining stuck on the "it was so nice when my paycheque was so stable" might be a roadblock, or a road-sign in my journey.  If I stay stuck in that energy, I might feel I have no choice but to return to a stable income in the corporate world.  Will I be able to see the opportunities for growth when the risk of an unsteady income can be so scary?  Am I ready to dead-head that bloom of the past?

I also realized that one of the problems I experienced in my last job was that I felt undervalued.  I felt that my managers did not recognize the wealth of experience I was bringing to the team.  I felt they treated me for less than I deserved.  In previous jobs, I participated in inter-departmental committees overseeing the policy development for the whole country, and now I was relegated to a cubicle with my opinion questioned at every turn.  I realized today that because I felt I had more value in the past, I felt disengaged in the present.  And I was very likely a tid bit arrogant - how dare they question me?  How could they not know the knowledge and experience I have?  Oh the stress I put my mind and body through for living more glorious days in the past and not fully embracing the present...  And as I complained about "their" ego, here was mine going full steam ahead...

And I continued to trim away dead branches and spent flowers from my rosebush.  I felt its energy return - and it did help, I think, that there was a mist of rain falling.  The rosebush perked back up, looking like a bush again and ready to produce more buds and beautiful flowers, its leaves a deep green and resilient, shining in the warm July rain.

I put my gardening tools away, and now am working on my spiritual tools to cut away those past blooms and dead branches that I am still holding on to.  It's through pruning - the bad AND the good - that we can feel revitalized and healthy.  We can honour our past, and yet be fully present in the now; now is the time we have to co-create our reality.  What is done is done.  What we can do in our present and in support of the future we want depends on our thoughts and actions in this moment.

How about you?  What spent blossom are you holding on to?  What past glory are you ready to cut, so that you stop feeling weighed down and start feeling revitalized, whole and healthy?

How can I support you and help you?

I am sending you much Love and Light, on a carpet of fresh roses.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Quel est votre nom de Travailleur de Lumière?

J'ai créé un petit jeu pour s'amuser un peu - trouvez votre nouveau nom de Travailleur de Lumière et partagez-le ci-dessous. Mon nouveau nom "Maître-Guide de l'Anse-au-Cristal" :)

Avis aux Travailleurs de Lumière: formation disponible à Montréal les 29-30 mars 2014!

What is your Lightworker name?

I created a bit of fun!  What is your Lightworker name?  Share it below.
My Lightworker name is Teacher Guide of Crystalline Cove.   :)

Be sure to take a look at the new Lightworker Name tab !  That's the space where I share information on Lightworker Names and upcoming events to share the wisdom behind the names. :)

Wow! This name game I created in July went viral on Facebook in November!  I am so pleased and blessed that people around the world are enjoying this game.  I have received so many emails and requests for information, I feel the need to provide some context...

I created this game one hot July afternoon.  I felt very creative and inspired.  There are so many name games out there where you can "discover" your stripper name, your holiday elf name, or share an action you would do based on birth month, the colour of your shirt, a letter in your name...  So I thought it would be fun to create something for us Lightworkers.  I just sat down at my computer and allowed this chart to come through.

Why have I picked the 3rd letter of your first name and the month of birth?  It felt right.  There is no science involved here.  It's totally based on my creative intuition.

Who are these characters and places I mention in the game?  I tried to represent as many talents and spiritual energies as possible, to showcase the broad range of talents we find in our Lightworker community, and the energies many of us are called to work with.  I included archetypes, spiritual guides, and characters that speak to me through legends, folks' tales and fables.  I included concepts of various spiritual traditions.  I included energies of the Earth, the Sea, the Stars and higher dimensions.

I am grateful to Spirit for helping me create this game, where so many Lightworkers feel a personal attachment, or vibe, with their result.  Thank you so much for vibrating to the beautiful, creative and joyful energy I infused in this work!  So many have written to me that they resonate with their Lightworker name, that indeed they do work with Fairies, or are more comfortable near the Ocean, or that they do feel that their soul comes from the stars, or that they do live their life applying that special talent...  I am amazed and so happy that Spirit worked through me as I completely surrendered to creativity so that "just a game" became very meaningful for so many!  Spirit works in wonderful ways!

If you want to know more about your personal Soul Profile, including your soul group of origin and your spiritual gifts, book a session with me.  I'll access your soul's information through the Akashic Records.  You will receive validation of your soul's core strengths and gifts.  You will receive guidance on how to flow with your personal energies, instead of fighting them.  You will also receive action steps to clear away old karma and blocks, so you can truly shine.  Hop on HERE to view more info on how to book a session.

Many many blessings of Love and Joy to you!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Checking in... What would you like to read on my blog?

It was a wonder-filled journey to say "yes" to the call of Spirit when I felt it was time for me to start teaching what I do as a Lightworker; to confirm and validate my path through a surprising contrast with one of my teachers and be able to grow from that experience; then to dive deep into all the Light Tools I have and combining that with my experience as a corporate trainer to create all the material for the Lightworker Development Training Level 1 based on the guidance I received.  I truly enjoyed teaching this training this past weekend, and I am looking forward to new discoveries as my students and I continue to journey together over the next 6 months.  I feel truly blessed!

As I was meditating and writing - almost non-stop for the past month - I put my blog writing on the side so I could concentrate on the task at hand.  While I was not posting articles regularly, I was asking for guidance on how I could further improve my blog to better help the people around the world who are finding my blog and reading my articles.  I have already changed the focus of my blog a few times; when I first started it was merely an exercise of creative writing and I didn't think anyone would pick up any of my articles.  I was writing about the things I was working on at the time, which was clearing my chakras.  Then the scope grew as I gratefully noticed that I actually had readers spanning the globe! I started writing articles on spiritual guidance, mostly based on oracle card readings or musings.  I now feel the need to grow my scope in a new direction...  And I feel called to deepen each article to include more teaching points, more "how to's", more practical advice so that my readers can develop tools to apply the spiritual lessons in their daily lives.

I may still pick an oracle card at the beginning of the week, and use it as a theme for the week so that together we can deepen our connection to its meaning and find ways to apply its lesson.  I will link the lessons to each of the Four Foundations of our Energy Body: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It's the start of the new direction...  until it evolves again...  :)

What would you like to read on my blog?  What topics, issues or questions are on your mind?  How can I serve your personal and spiritual growth?  How can I help you further raise your vibration so you can experience more joy, freedom, Love and Light in your daily life - not just in your head, but in your way of being and interacting in this world of ours?  Please share in the comments space available below this article, or send me an email.

I am sending you HUGE quantities of gratitude, Love and Light for reading and sharing my blog, and helping me become the Lightworker I am called to be.  Remember that if you would like one-on-one coaching with me, that it is easy for us to connect through the Magic of Spirit, and the magic of modern communication systems.

A thousand blessings to you and yours.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Free yourself from your own negative thinking

Do you feel trapped in your job?  Do you feel trapped in your relationships?  Today, you are asked to take the first step in freeing yourself from this illusion.

You may believe that your financial situation is forcing you to accept a job that is draining you. You may believe that you have an obligation to stay in a relationship that is less than satisfactory or abusive. You may believe that family obligations compel you to create an unsatisfactory life for you so that you can please others. You may believe that a spouse or partner won't "let" you pursue your dreams and life-enhancing activities. Maybe you allow yourself to be controlled by addictions and unhealthy behaviours.

Your first step in setting yourself free is to take responsibility for your thoughts, your beliefs and your actions. Stop those negative thoughts in their tracks.  Break free from your "can'ts". Break free from your cycle and history of excuses. You are worthy of your dreams and aspirations. They are within your reach, no matter what excuses you put up to stop yourself from realizing this truth. You have the inner strength to achieve your goal, no matter how much energy you spend on projecting your fears on others so that is the only thing you see reflected to you.

Realize that when you're happy, when you feel confident and joyful, you will inspire others by your strength. Barriers will disintegrate in front of your eyes. Lower vibrations will not be able to stop you from vibrating at your highest frequency; they won't be able to stick in your energetic field.

Today, ask for help in releasing your fears and concerns. Seek a coach, pray, meditate, do cardio activities - do what you need to do to connect your heart with your head and to allow the flow of divine energy to flow freely through your entire Energy Body.

Remember: when you feel free, joyful and bountiful, you raise your vibration and can then help others raise theirs too. First, you must allow yourself to enjoy this freedom and this power that is your divine birthright.

I am holding this vision and energy for you - "I am free. I am powerful. I now allow myself to enjoy this freedom and power."

(Guidance adapted from today's card, "Breaking Free", "Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards", Doreen Virtue.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Sending you good vibes!

Love & Light to all! 

Just a quick note to tell you that although I am not posting regular messages at this time, you are in my thoughts and am sending you good vibes. 

I am busy finishing the manuals for the upcoming Lightworker Development training, and my brain is buzzing with energy, as is my heart centre! I am looking forward to facilitating this training, and helping more Lightworkers find their way!