Tuesday, February 16, 2016

How Reiki Helps in the Surgery & Recovery Process

In my previous article, I wrote about my surgery and the healing of my Sacral Chakra.

I am so glad that I have solid energy work tools and social networks on which I could rely to help me prepare for my surgery, and with which I am recovering at lightening speed!   Here's how I have used Reiki in my process:

Before surgery:

  • My Reiki and spiritual journey have helped me uncover emotional issues and mental & behavioural patterns that have contributed to my state of dis-ease.   
  • Energy work helped me gather life-force energy in my system so I wouldn't feel depleted after surgery.
  • I used distance Reiki to send energy to the operating room and to all medical staff and hospital volunteers, so that I (and all other patients) would receive optimal care and nurturing.
  • I the hour prior to surgery, I self-treated to prepare my body and my aura for the process.  It also helped me stay calm and focused, keeping the pre-surgery jitters at bay!

During surgery:

  • Friends, clients and students sent Reiki to myself and the medical staff so that everything goes well and according to plan.  
  • Just before anaesthetics, I felt very well surrounded and comforted.

After surgery:

  • Reiki helps detoxify the body from the chemicals used.
  • It reduces the need for pain killers (I've barely used any, and had no cramping at all!)
  • Healing on all levels is quicker.
  • I recuperated my healthy energy levels very quickly - I was even able to exercise lightly the day after surgery!
  • Recovery is more joyful.

Will you or a loved one be undergoing surgery in the near future?  Ask me how we could put together a plan to nurture and support vital life force energy!  Of course -- this does not replace proper medical care!  Reiki and Energy Work complement licensed medical and psychological care.

Last week, I had surgery

I had been expecting this surgery for a while now.  Part of me was looking forward to the relief in physical and emotional pain; while an other part of me was dreading it.  Now, it’s done.  And I feel good.

This is the ongoing story of my Sacral Chakra.

In everyone, the Sacral Chakra governs creativity, joy, sensuality, and enthusiasm.  The choices we make about how we enjoy our life experience, how we enjoy our bodies, how we enjoy creating, playing, and experiencing all that life has to offer…  all these choices influence the health and vitality of our Sacral Chakra.  I have a history of making choices that are not very life-affirming.  And I am changing that!

In my childhood, I learned how difficult friendships can be.  I learned that is was safer to keep my true thoughts and feelings to myself.  I learned lots about rejection, ridicule, and shame.  These stories continued in my teenage years, where my calm sense of confidence was really hiding a need to please, to be accepted, to be valued - but at the same time, I could never be just ME.  I learned about anxiety and panic attacks.  By the time I entered my twenties, resentment, victimization and anger had built to a boiling point.  I gave up a lot of what made me truly happy, like dancing and travelling.  I chose to be serious, get a boyfriend, have a real job, get married, get a house…  My mind built a plan - and it did not matter with whom these things happened, as long as I could check these off the list of to-do’s and gain a certain feeling of accomplishment.

Then I learned that feelings of accomplishments can leave one feel very empty and depleted.  When the mind’s plan does not take emotions into considerations — it’s a half-baked plan.  I hated my relationship.  I hated my job.  I hated my body.  I hated my family.  I hated myself.  Big - huge! - downward circle of negative emotions.  And with the feelings of loneliness and abandonment I’ve had since childhood, I felt as if there was no one I could turn to.  So these negative energies grew, simmered, festered.

When energies like that are not addressed in the spiritual, intellectual, then emotional aspects of the physical experience, they start manifesting as deep and chronic physical distress.  My natural cycle went hay-wire and I no longer could depend on its regular rhythm.  Fertility became an issue.  In my early thirties, I received three surgeries to help relieve the pain of the diseased organs.  But there was a lot of emotional gunk that also needed to be cleared.  Thankfully, that’s when I started on my own spiritual path of healing and was able to uncover and release several patterns that had plagued me for several years.

Now in my forties, I feel stronger.  And I feel my strength does not come from a place of confrontation, but from a place of inner peace.  I can find harmony and joy in every day.  I have forgiven many of my past traumas, and I’ve learned valuable life lessons. I’ve made some tough decisions like leaving a job where I felt like an emotional and mental zombie, with bursts of uncontrollable waterworks.  Now, I choose to end the struggle.  I choose to reclaim my power.  I choose to be truthful to my best, most divine, self.  I choose to walk in peace.

This surgery last week removed the interior lining of my womb.  As I did energy work in preparation for this procedure, I imagined the removal of the layers of poor choices I’ve made through my life.  I imagined layers of pain being burned away and purified.  I saw myself rising stronger, healthier, and more vibrant than ever before.  I let go of wounds and pain that were weighing me down in my journey.  I also offered this procedure as some sort of “human sacrifice” whereby through me and the continued energy work I do, others can also clear old wounds, feel uplifted, and reconnect to what makes them feel happy and fully alive.

I also choose to become better at receiving.  In preparation for my surgery and recovery process, I gratefully accepted good vibes, energy work, Reiki, and prayers from friends, family members, and my growing community of clients and students.  I felt very well surrounded, energetically, as I underwent the procedure.  I credit my speedy recovery to all the good vibes I received!  Compared with the surgeries I received 10 years ago - there was no dizziness post-anaesthetics, no pain, no cramping, no emotional upheaval…  only peace, vitality, and joy!

Energy work ROCKS!  It makes my heart sing!

Looking ahead from here, which feels like yet an other turning point in the spiral of life, I know I still have some tough choices to make to feel even more aligned to my Truth and my Joy.  And yet, I know I have the inner strength, the inner resources, AND the external support to move forward with even more grace, confidence and true lasting happiness.

I am wishing you all blissful health and harmony, on all levels of your being.