Thursday, July 30, 2015

Unifying Shades of Grey

In a world of black and white, it's often the shades of grey that unify all of creation...

Two weekends ago, I participated in my first ever shamanic retreat at Northern Edge Algonquin Park.  It was a wonderful experience, and it really felt like a "coming home" for my soul.

From the moment we arrived, we were asked to walk in Nature, and reconnect with our inner guidance.  My steps led me to the dock.  I sat there several minutes, soaked from the fine mist, breathing in the moist air.  As far as I could see, there was the colour grey.  The sky, the air, the mountains, the water...  everything grey.  This grey, however, did not feel oppressive or depressing; it felt like a unifying colour.  It felt like everything in Nature melting into one another, such that each element's individuality was part and parcel of the next...

I was inspired to write this short poem.  Take a deep breath...  and allow for the energy of the words to seep through you, just like the mist.  Open your heart and your mind to areas in your life where you could just melt into the moment and release your individuality to become one with something that is bigger, and greater than the individual consciousness.  You won't loose yourself; the trees and the mountains and the sky only appeared grey; they didn't loose their individual vibrancy.  They only melted into one another for a moment, for a day.  Being ONE.  Feel the oneness...  Enjoy.

Unifying Shades of Grey

Sky melting into mountain
Mountain melting into trees
Trees melting into Earth
Earth melting into water
Water misting, moving shifting...
Everything appearing grey
...with its own shade
...its own texture


I'm wrapping you up in White Light and sending you blessings of JOY.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

New Moon Manifestation Ritual

It's the New Moon!  Here is a simple ritual that will help you focus on raising your vibrational level to match the rate of what you want to manifest.  You need to commit to working with the moon until at least the Full Moon at the end of the month - looking at the night sky, seeing the crescent become fuller... and noticing in your life how you can become fuller with positive vibes that will attract your wishes.

What you need: a dark cardboard to signify the night sky; a white paper to cut out the moon.  Stars, sparkles, coloured pencils...  to decorate your moon with the energy of your wishes, and to decorate your "sky".

Why it works: the exercise keeps you focused on the positive feelings and energies you want to create.

And?  The moon influences the water on Earth with a push/pull action, causing the tides to ebb and flow.  Our bodies are made of mostly water; the moon has a push/pull power over us too!  Also, water is linked to the realm of emotions and the divine feminine.  It guides creation and intuition.  You know the Law of Attraction - like attracts like.  Focus your energy on being at the vibration of that which you want to manifest... and relax as it comes to you as easily as the moon glides and shines in the night sky.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Knowing who you are at soul-level can bring you on a path of more joy, serenity, and abundance!

Last year was my first year as "real entrepreneur".  Although I had been offering Reiki and Oracle Card readings for a few years out of my home, it was my first year doing it "for real" -- meaning that I intended for my spiritual gifts to also become my main source of income.  I could not stay in the corporate job with the correctional department anymore; I was too unhappy and unfulfilled.  So I chose to quit.  It's been difficult and very challenging for my finances and the maintenance of any sense of balance in my marriage.  But I can honestly say that, a year later and despite all the challenges, I am the happiest I have ever been all my life.

Some people say that "I'm lucky", or that "I'm special" for having the chance to do what I love now.  Let me assure you that it has nothing to do with luck or any special gift.  Rather, in my greatest moment of despair and dissatisfaction with the life I had created thus far, I chose to do something different.  I chose to follow my heart.  It did not make sense, it was not truly planned, and it was scary.  In fact, it still IS scary at times, and I often doubt myself and my decision to leave the safety of a corporate job for the ebb-and-flow of spiritual entrepreneurship.  I'm sharing this because I want you to know that if I can develop the courage to make new choices for my life - so can you.  If I can create a happier version of my life - so can you.

One of the things I did last year to reassure myself that I was taking the right steps in developing my business is that I hired business coaches and took business classes.   By the end of the year, I was wiser...  and just as disenchanted with the corporate aspect of having a business than I had been in corporate world.  Why would I seek to recreate that which I didn't enjoy?  Why were the same patterns reoccurring?

This year, I chose instead to invest in MYSELF.  The training I am taking bring me great joy and I can feel my energy and vibration levels going up, expanding, reaching new wisdom from where I can serve you better.  My struggle last year had to do with knowing with my head - I wanted to know the processes, the structures, the steps, the applications...  And now I truly follow my heart and intuition.  Instead of planning my week from a strategic perspective, I sit in meditation, connect with my heart centre, and dowse (I use a pendulum).  I choose activities that are aligned to who I truly am, instead of following someone else's path.  And - wouldn't you know it?  - what seemed stuck in my life and in my business is now flowing with more grace and ease.  You see, I learned a lot about myself, my patterns, my past choices, the big WHYs...  and I'm still learning to make new choices that bring me more joy and happiness.  I just had to learn more about what I wanted and why I wanted it... and like most people, I learn from making what may seem like mistakes... those life creations that aren't so joyful, because these are what we call "contrasts" - showing me what I don't like, so that I learn to choose things that I DO like instead.  And the more I'm in the flow, the easier it gets to make the choices that are right for me.  Life can still be bumpy... but I'm not stuck in a rut for very long anymore.

What would you do differently if you knew how to tap into your own spiritual gifts, into your own path and journey?  What would be different in your life if your truly knew and accepted your strengths and your soul purpose?  What would be different if you knew how to express your own divine nature in every day life?  What would be different if you realized your power as creator of your life experience?

I have recently come across a great resource I wanted to let you know about.  Have you ever heard of the Akashic Records?  Think of them as a giant energetic database that holds information on just about everything - including the nature, purpose, history and origins of your Soul itself!  When I do readings for my clients, and when I do house clearings, I now include an Akashic Reading.  I find this methodology brings more specific and relevant information about the Soul than the more passive approach of Reiki.  I like to know, through the Reading, what are the key issues and blocks to divine self-expression, and then move into more clearing and healing work using Reiki and energy healing.  I found a good flow. :)

What I love the most about the Soul Realignment methodology is that it teaches each one of us how we're actually in charge of the life experience we are creating.  It sheds the light on our patterns.  We get to understand how our past choices have shaped our experience.  We go back to being in the driver's seat of our life.  We become empowered through responsibility - that is, taking responsibility for ourself and what we create!  It truly is exciting work - and it's having such a positive impact in my own life, and in my clients' lives too!

If you're wondering why you're experiencing certain negative situations, if your finances are running dry, if you find it difficult to manifest your dreams and goals... AND if you're ready to shift the energy and create new choices for yourself, then consider an Akashic Reading.

I am loving this modality so much that I will even share the teacher with you, just in case you'd like to learn this modality for yourself.  Andrea Hess put together a wonderful e-course; the Soul Realignment course is highly structured and well-organized, so it's very easy to follow.  I love listening to the lessons - her words often sound like a mirror to what I teach my students; I found it was great affirmation of my own teachings when I heard similar lessons from someone else!  Since I don't offer an e-course of my own yet, I am happy to share this resource with you to get you started on your journey.  I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as I am!  If you'd like to check it out, click here - you will be redirected to Andrea's website where you'll find a free video series that you can sign up for to get started.  Yes - this is a referral program, but I wouldn't refer you to a training if I didn't personally love it or believe in it.

I'm wrapping you up in White Light and sending you blessings of JOY.

Reflections to balance your Solar Plexus Chakra

Whether you're the A-type control-freak or on the other end of the spectrum as too laid-back let-others-decide B-type, your Solar Plexus chakra is likely out of balance.  You'll find more peace, freedom and joy by finding the middle ground.

Your reflections this week:

  • When you feel the victim of others' decisions, when you feel overwhelmed, when you feel spiralling down out of control into self-pity...  remember your power to CHOOSE.  In the moment, select one action you can do right now to feel better.  This action can be as simple as taking a 2-minute breathing break, or it may be to walk away from a situation that is making you feel at odds with yourself. Say to yourself, "I choose (name the action or feeling), because I am the creator of my life experience and I want to experience (name what you want to experience)."
  • Learn to befriend your ego.  Know the difference between the voice of your spirit and the voice of your ego.  Ego will seek to make you feel "less than" or "more than"...  always in comparison to  others.  Spirit is calm, centered, peaceful, non-judgemental.  
  • Remember that the perception of making mistakes, and the fear of making mistakes, is very disempowering.  When you have created a life experience you don't like, choose to undo, to forgive, and to create something different.  Meditate on what it is that you have learned from that "mistake".  

Let me know how you're shifting in the creation of your life experience.  Do you need help figuring things out?  Do you need help finding the lesson in a less-than-stellar experience?  Let's chat!