Monday, August 10, 2015

Own Your Power!

I have a pet peeve.  It's driving me nuts, and I want to do something about it.

My pet peeve is victimization.  When I see people suffering from acute victimitis (yes, I even made a word for it!) my stomach squeezes tight, and if I had the super power to create special effects, you would see the super wind-fan blowing my hair around me, lightening zapping in the background, and the temperature would go up as I reach for my magic sword and speak with a deep echo...  (yes, yes, almost like Lady Galadriel when offered the One Ring...)

...Your life experience is the result of YOUR past choices.  

If you don't like, learn to make different choices.

Yes, life throws us curve balls.  No, it's not always fair.  At times, it even sucks.  Big time.  And you just want to curl up in a ball and yell to the world, "Why is this happening to me??".....

Ah -  and that is the question, my dear.

And the answer to that question is not found in others.  Blaming and pointing fingers is not helpful.  Shaming yourself and allowing that self-talk to tell you how insignificant, how stupid, how much of a looser you are is not helpful either.

I know those thoughts.  They've been in my head my WHOLE LIFE.  I think I was 7 years young the first time I wished my brain was taken out of my skull for those thoughts to just stop talking and making me feel so bad.  I was crying myself to sleep almost every night, and I don't think anyone ever noticed my distress.  Even at 7, I was able to keep it in during the day - although I tended to retreat in my imaginary world where things were quite different.  As a teen and young adult, the pattern was deeply ingrained.  I suffered through anxiety and panic attacks.  My first burn-out was at age 18.

I blamed my parents, for their lack of emotional care.  I blamed society, for its twisted values.  I blamed myself, for... well so much.

My saving grace, I suppose, is my strong desire to create something better for myself, and for others.  I still hear those thoughts, I still experience those negative feelings - and I CHOOSE to perceive them differently.  I choose to learn from them.  I choose to go to the root cause of the issues and clear them once and for all (and that's why I love Akashic Record Readings!).  I choose to get help and find actions that will bring me OUT of that darkness.  I choose not to languish in a puddle of self-pity.

I took me years to develop this inner strength.  Why I chose to leave my cushy government job (where I was crying every day) and start my own business?  It's not luck.  I accept the consequences of my choices, including the very very tight budget I am currently experiencing.  I chose to create a life with more joy, more freedom, more creativity, and more ME.  It's a choice.

I am sharing this story with you today because I have heard so many of my clients say, in the past weeks, how scared, how lost, how sad, how unhappy they are with their life situation at this time.  Some feel the victim of life circumstances.  Others feel they're the victim of some spooky dark forces or even angels with life-changing advice. Some people come to me and unload their story and feel better for it... and yet don't want to take any steps to own their story and change their beliefs or decision-making patterns.  They go back to their life and do the same thing all over again. Those are not my ideal clients.

The choice to create a better life is a choice available to everyone.  That includes YOU.  I can show you how.

If there is a super power I can share with you, it's the power to regain your strength, your free will, your freedom of choice.  No matter what life throws at you, you will know that you have a choice as to how you respond to the situation, and what you can make out of it.  That's who I am as a coach: I hold the space for you to express your pain AND to grow into your own super powers.  If you don't want to change and want to stay in acute victimitis...  I'm sorry I can't help you.

But if you're ready to move and groove; if you're at that point where enough is enough; if you're ready to take responsibility for creating the life of your choice... then I'm your gal.  Thankfully, I don't really change into Lady Galadriel when we meet (teehee) but I can summon up some pretty cool energy vibes and guides to help you through your own transformation from puddle on the floor to full-on goddess.

Please don't stay in acute victimitis...  Let's talk.

I'm wrapping you up in White Light and sending you blessings of JOY.