Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Receive a complementary 1-card Oracle Card reading!

Receive a complementary 1-card Oracle Card reading! As part of my certification process as Soul Coaching (R) Oracle Card Reader, I must complete 22 One-Card Readings. Here's your chance to receive spiritual guidance on a question you have. One-card questions don't provide as much of an in-depth answer as 3-, 5-, or 7+ card readings therefore it is best to keep your question simple. For one-card readings, I like to ask questions like:

  • insight on a quality to work on/reflect upon for the day
  • insight on how to best move an energy or a situation to more positive vibration
  • a message from my Guides/Angels/crossed-over loved one on this day
  • one thing I must be aware of as I start this day/project/relationship

To receive your complementary 1-card reading, send me a personal message with your question. I will send you a photo of the card I picked for you (from Denise Linn's Soul Coaching (R) Oracle Cards) along with my interpretation of this card for you.

Maximum of 2 readings per person. Offer valid until November 15th.

L'interprétation des cartes est bien entendu aussi disponible en français; vous n'avez qu'à demander!

Many blessings to all!

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