Monday, January 18, 2016

Is your mind blocking your intuition?

Now that the dust is settling a bit on the newness of 2016, I feel it’s time to complete the series on how to increase the effectiveness of your intuitive readings.  It will help you set the intentions you want to manifest with a clear mind and soulful purpose!

Here are the rules we covered so far that can make a big difference in your Intuitive Readings using your pendulum, Oracle cards, and any other spiritual tool:

This week’s topic is so important: being aware of mind traps will help you increase the accuracy of your readings because this awareness will help you realize when your mind is controlling the session, and when real intuition is actually flowing.

What does it look like, when the mind is controlling the session?  Here’s what I often see in my clients:

  • They are obsessed with an outcome.  Their mind has decided on a solution to their situation, and they are unwilling to let go of it - even if they are asking for intuitive validation.  For instance, one client was so obsessed with validating that this person was “the one”, the soulmate, the twin flame…  that she actually started stalking the object of her desire.  Her mind interpreted any sign of life as a sign of destiny.  Every action and interaction would serve to rationalize her obsession.  The question of every session was, “Tell me that this is the one.”  You see, when you keep asking the same question every day…  it’s a sign that your mind is obsessed and not truly open to receiving intuitive insights.  It just wants to be right with whatever solution it came up with.

  • They ask the same question over and over again, or ask about the same possible outcome, to several psychic counsellors or using all their intuitive tools: this is also a sign of mind obsession.  You might think you want to gain clarity, but all this asking actually creates confusion and mind fog, and this mind fog can keep you from taking a step in the direction of your highest good.  It’s like one of my students who wanted to know if she would get a specific job.  She asked me for insights, then she asked her pendulum, then she read her own cards, then she asked someone else, the she asked her pendulum again…  and became very frustrated that she couldn’t get a clear answer.  She became obsessed with asking her intuition for “the definite answer”…  and meanwhile forgot to take action steps such as following up with those who interviewed her, or staying open to other opportunities.

  • They fall asleep or start daydreaming about a gazillion other things when trying to do intuitive work.  This is usually a sign that the mind doesn’t want you to know what the real issue is all about, because it’s afraid of your reaction if you find out.  Somehow deep inside, you want to protect yourself from an emotionally charged reaction, so your mind is using the old, “Look -squirrel!” method.  I have students who tend to always fall asleep during specific meditations to uncover blocks; and we know that it’s not because they’re tired!  I also have clients that start rambling about their children, or their mother, or this clutter in the home when I ask them about a specific block.  The distractions keeps them from discovering their truth.

Can you relate to any of these mind traps?  Here are a few tips to help you move beyond the mind to truly tap into your intuition.

  • Assess why you want to gain intuitive insights in the first place: is it to validate a hunch? Because you’re curious?  Because you want to know you’re right in doing what you do? Because using your intuitive tools makes you feel like you’re doing something…  while actually avoiding taking real-world action toward your goal?  Exercising discipline and doing some reflective work before reaching for your psychic tools can actually bring you a lot more insights and self-knowledge than a mind-driven session.

  • Ask yourself if you really want to know the answer, even if it’s not what you expect.  Do you feel that a different solution, perspective or approach would derail you?  Then your mind is in the driver’s seat - it’s up to you if you want to claim back your power.

  • To prevent you from falling asleep, keep your eyes open when you dowse or meditate.  Keep your body busy by dancing or walking while meditating, or do a cardio session before your intuition work.

  • Practice discipline, and once you ask a question…  wait before asking the same question again!  If you feel you need to ask the same question several times a day, or week, or month…  there are blocks to truth hidden in there.  I can help you uncover them as you flex your self-confidence muscles.

I trust this series of articles on asking masterful questions has helped you increase the accuracy and depth of your personal readings.  I so enjoy reading your emails and comments about your progress and “a-ha” moments!

Now, what I’d really love to know is if you’re interested in learning more about your intuition skills and about energy work.  The Intuition Development Program starts in person on March 2nd, and it’s such a fantastic program I’m always excited to offer it!  I’d love to teach it online as well, and I know that my intuition tells me it’s time to do so…  I’d like to know if you’re interested in taking an online program with me, and what day of the week would work best for you.  Could you send me an email or message me if you’re interested?  Thanks!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year! Intuitive Insights for 2016

In my last article, I talked about the Solstice and a few of the practices I love to do at this time of year.  I take advantage of the long nights to go within and reflect.  I dance, I paint, I read Tarot.  This year, Universe even had the sense of humour to send me the flu to make sure I took time off and rested - gee, thanks Universe!

I never know what my paintings will look like, what colours will be prominent, and what the message will be.  I just tune in, pick up my brushes, paint and see the result unfold - at the same time I receive messages from my Higher Self and my Guides.  This year, I was quite surprised that the colour scheme was so bright and yellow, although the night sky is on the baby's cloak whereas it was the main colour for previous years.

Here's an overview of my paintings - and of my spiritual evolution - since 2012 (from left to right, top to bottom).  Do they resonate with you, too?

So, what are the messages for 2016?

I am looking forward, and at the same time am a little bit nervous (ok, I'll admit I'm a little scared!) of what this year will bring.  Why?  Because it's brand new energy - and we can't embody this new energy the same way we've been living with the "old" energy.  This is the year of being born again and although this is very exciting with so many new opportunities presented to us, it also means we need to learn to surrender to the Divine.  Since the Solstice, I received many messages that the Divine is ready to support and nurture us as we grow and transform -- but we need to accept this help through the act of surrender.  And damn that's a tough thing for me to do!  I'm more often than not in my head, planning, thinking, learning, holding back mentally until I know it's safe to proceed...  Allowing myself to be taken care of is new and very foreign, and I'm not sure I'm going to like it; at least that's what my head says.

Since 2012, many of us have been hearing the call to change.  Many of us have actually made significant changes in our lives, on so many levels.  For me, it was quitting my government job to start my spiritual work full-time.  For others, it was ending relationships, changing jobs, trying new spiritual practices, dealing with emerging health issues...  It felt like a lot was happening, yet at the same time everything was on hold.  You could feel the great potential, and yet the time was not quite ripe yet to get the anticipated results. Can you relate? Well, the time is now.  What was on hold will unblock.  What you have sowed these past few years, you will harvest. No wonder I had a bit of the flu and stayed in bed for almost 3 days, sleeping.  My body was resting from all that journey and getting ready to embody this new energy!

When I look at the series of paintings, I clearly see the evolution from feeling lost, making my way "home", finding the portal and taking a whole year transitioning through, ready to manifest magic and miracles... and now having fully arrived but wrapped up and needing to be taken care of as I grow in strength and wisdom.

Notice that the blanket has 11 stars along with the Triple Moon on the crown, and look at all the guides shaping up to receive us and help us grow!  This year, we are asked to grow our awareness of, and our relationship with our Guides and spiritual mentors, and especially with the Goddess.  This year, we are asked to consider ourselves as apprentices to the Divine - and this means discipline, focus, and application of our spiritual tools.  We need to find the help we need to understand and apply our spiritual gifts.  We must take the time to meditate, to look for signs, to ensure we are energetically aligned with what we do.  We must be vigilant about our own self-sabotaging and aware of our patterns of resistance, so that we can stop those behaviours and become more receptive and open to Spirit.

Notice also the prominence of the colour golden yellow.  This is a masculine colour and it vibrates with the Solar Plexus Chakra.  It is a joyful colour, and it stimulates us to action.  It is the colour of the Divine Masculine, our power centre, our time to shine and to say, "hey, world, here I am, and I'm ready to shine so I can happily serve for the highest good!  I'm ready to contribute my gifts!"

This year, we will likely be presented with many challenges to help us balance our feminine and masculine energies.  We need to cultivate our ability to listen to our spiritual insights, AND implement them.  We need to rest AND take action.  We need to surrender AND keep journeying forward.  We need to seek how to serve the highest good AND ensure our own true needs are met.  We might travel AND cocoon.  We need to find the help that is required for us to fulfill our soul's mission.  Our actions will be questioned; our lifestyle might go topsy-turvy; we might experience ups-and-downs of radiant joy and heavy resentments and anger...  Ah! Transformation!

In numerology, this year resonates with "9" (2+0+1+6=9).  This means we are at a year of completion.  Many cycles will come to a head or to an end.  You will see the results of your efforts and work from the past 3 years.  It's a year of karma where you will experience the consequences of past actions and decisions.  You don't like what you see?  Don't blame others/society/your upbringing...  see where you can take responsibility for your own actions and choices, and plan to do something new and better for the next cycle.

The more we resist the changes, the more difficult life will be.  If you can develop your resilience through meditation and mindfulness, then it will be a year of extreme growth, learning and transformation.  You get to choose how you will experience this new energy!

How?  Here are a few ideas:

  • Often, when we go through a big transformation process, we don't feel like moving.  There is the risk for weight gain and health issues linked to a sedentary lifestyle.  When we don't move our bodies, our emotions and thoughts can't filter through our energy field; instead, they stagnate.  Our body becomes unable to hold on and embody the new energy, and we become sick or depressed.  For your overall wellbeing and for your spiritual development, consider sticking to an exercise routine.  It doesn't need to be complicated, but make sure to get a good cardio workout on a regular basis.
  • New thoughts and perceptions have a hard time germinating in a stiff body - so stretch your body every day!  Stretch mindfully, affirming that as you stretch your body, you also stretch your ability to receive new insights, or to embody new energy.
  • Practice a few inverted poses, like downward dog, and keep your eyes open as you do so.  See the world from a new angle; it will help sharpen your mind and creativity!
  • Open yourself to new experiences.  Try new foods.  Try a new haircut or colour.  Change the route you take to work or to the grocery store.  Buy some fruit or veggie you never tried before, and taste it.  Join a new social group or volunteering organization.  It will destabilize your taste buds or your routine for a short while, but will do you much good by teaching you about how you can handle change.  Your resilience muscles will be strengthened!
  • Consider taking classes and workshops that will hone your spiritual skills.  Find a mentor or two.  I offer a wonderful coaching program and amazing classes and workshops.  I'd love to journey with you.  Click HERE to explore your needs and how I can best support you.
  • Want to clear old karma and patterns of choices that aren't serving your highest good?  Consider booking a Soul Profile & Realignment session, where we'll explore your soul's matrix, your gifts, and clear some old negative stories your soul has been holding on to.  

I am surrounding you in Love, and wishing you much Joy in this new year.  Remember to be very gently with yourself this year - great changes and great possibilities are available to you, but it's all about the baby steps!