Welcome to Way to the Well!

I'm sure glad you found your way here!  Welcome!  Below is some information about me, about the work I do, and about my business, Way to the Well.  I'd like to learn a bit about you, too.  Contact me so we can talk about your goals and what you would need to finally reach them.


I help people who know they have a bigger mission in life, but who are confused, stressed, afraid and who feel alone on their journey.  I help them reconnect to a Higher Source, to their passions and to their life's mission.  I help them find purpose, inner peace and joy.  My work helps make the world a better place by helping each person shine their Light.

In this video, I talk about my mission and how I can help you move from stuck to joyfully empowered.

  • If you know there’s more to life than meets the eyes – but can’t quite trust what it is...
  • If you know you have healing gifts – but you don’t know how to bring them out and use them…
  • If you want to develop your psychic abilities – but you’re afraid and want to make sure you connect to the “good guys”…
  • If you’re seeking guidance & training that supports you every step of the way, and not a weekend fling…


I have been trained in many healing modalities.  I have studied at University, College, and with several healers and Masters in the Canada, the USA and Brazil.

Every session and workshop with me is unique, because I open up to what is needed.  In one session, you might need body movement; in an other you may need to discuss an issue to gain a higher perspective; and in an other yet you might need to relax on the Reiki table and receive energy healing.  I use every tool I have to support you, where you are, in the moment.

I listen to what your soul has to say.  I listen to what spirit has to say.  And sometimes, your deceased loved ones chime in too.  I see what’s possible.  I see beyond your limitations.  I see the truth and I speak it.  I hold the space for your soul to come out of hiding and get back in your body.  Get a taste for what I do - let's talk!

I also make you work.  Every session comes with homework.  After all, if an issue took 20 years to form in our mind, our emotions or our bodies, it will take more than a session to move out.  A release can happen quickly, that's for sure, but to keep on track we need to practice a new way of feeling, or reacting, of thinking...  Spirit knows that change isn't always easy, and that's why you will always be given achievable tasks that help build your confidence and "gel" the healing for you.

So if you want me to help you, you need to be ready to do the inner work.  I'll guide you on your inner journey of healing.  I be your biggest fan.  I'll be your Yoda, your Confucius, your Rafiki, your Socrates.  I'll be your Oracle, your guide, your spirit messenger.  But I can't do the inner work for you.  The only person who can do that for you is - YOU.

Discover the journey only YOU can make.


In case you wish to know more about me...

It's not always easy to be a Light Worker, and to have been gifted with a very creative imagination. How am I supposed to fit in this corporate, logical world when information comes to me differently than for most of my contemporaries? I have always wished to "just fit in"... In the process, I have quieted my creative impulses, my imagination, my spiritual connection -- my true self. And I felt dead inside. Sad. Useless. Alone. Knowing there ought to be more.  Does this resonate with you?

I discovered that no matter your business drive, your social success or the amount of your knowledge, if you don't follow the calling of your heart you will feel empty and dissatisfied. Being out of alignment with your heart's desire brings stress, tension, depression and physical aches and pains. I decided that it was not the optimal way to live my life, and that rather than dreaming of retirement and waiting to live, I am creating and living my dream life now.

Watch my video where I pledge not to starve my soul in cubicle world again!

I am grateful to have been introduced to Vibrational Therapies, then on to Usui Reiki, Akashic Records, Holographic Reiki, Six Sensory Arts (Sonia Choquette) and Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique).  I love developing my intuitive and channeling gifts with Oracle and Angel cards. With these communities, I found that I am not alone. I am not the only one who feels the world with more than the traditional 5 senses. There are whole communities of six-sensory people out there!! And people are OK expressing their visions, dreams, inner knowledge and guidance received from other realms. Magic does exist. WOW!

My B.A. ès Arts Cum Laude (Interpersonal and Organizational Communications; Canadian Studies) led me to work for over 14 years in the federal government, where I organized events, developed communications and policy products, and taught leadership and coaching skills across the country. I have learned many practices and life skills which I now translate in my coaching practice.

Today, I have a wonderful and thriving Reiki and Intuitive practice. I have clients across Canada, the United States and in the United Kingdom. My blog is read in over 20 countries worldwide.

I am an avid and constant student of Life. I have studied with masters in Canada, the USA and Brazil. My studies now include various practices of Reiki, intuitive coaching, intuitive readings, Akashic records, tarot and oracle readings, energy medicine, astrology, tapping/emotional freedom technique (EFT) and brain neuroplasticity.

But most of all, I learn and grow with each client who grace me with the privilege of helping them heal. Coaching you to manifest your greatest good brings out the best in me, and I thank you for it. I am looking forward to helping you grow personally, emotionally and spiritually. I'd be fibbing if I told you that it is easy - yet I know that a deep commitment to one's highest self, and the willingness to do the work is a sure path to personal happiness and empowerment.

About this blog...
By following this blog, you will witness my trials and accomplishments as I experiment with the Light Worker's way. You will witness my questions, my break-through moments, my joys and my fears. I will also post exercises, creative writing pieces, meditations, links and other info I find can help us all develop spiritually.

By reaching out this way, I hope to encourage you in your path. I hope to bring you Light and Joy. I also hope to receive the encouragement and the boosts I need to continue my growth and truly manifest my Life Purpose.

This is a wonderful, magical world if we choose to view it this way.

Many blessings of Love & Light on your path.