Friday, May 10, 2013

New YouTube video: Spiritual Development Program

Phew!  I'm certainly learning lots this month about producing home videos!  I've been meaning to produce videos for some time, but my perfectionist self wanted to wait until I had the right technology, the right support crew, the right training, the right marketing platform...  And then I thought that if I keep waiting, it may just never happen and Spirit has been pushing me lately to get my message out there in a bigger way.  So here it is, a home-made video presenting my Spiritual Development Program!

In this transformative six-month program, you will receive customized personal guidance to support you in your Journey. It includes nine individual coaching & Reiki sessions, six Spiritual Guidance reports you will receive by email, and personal spiritual and soul-searching assignments. In addition, you will have access to me by email for the whole duration of the program, so that you are always supported through the more difficult transitions and transmutations, and you always have someone with whom to celebrate your breakthroughs and "AHA" moments.

This program is currently offered at 50% off - that's only $900 - or $150 a month - for the full program, the 9 customized-to-you individual 1-hour sessions, the 6 oracle card guidance reports and email support!  This offer is valid through August 15, 2013 and then the price will be $1800.

I would be honoured to serve as your Coach and mentor!  Call me or email me today to book your complementary 30-minute exploratory session.  We'll explore if this program is for you, and if we are a good vibrational match.

I hope you enjoy the video, and please share!

Blessings of Love and Light to all.

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