Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Feeling stuck?

If you're feeling stuck right now, consider whether you are staring at the closed door.  Examine your emotions - do you want to feel justified?  Are you feeling anger, bitterness or jealousy?  Do you feel self-righteous and need to "stick it up" to the person or the life event that has closed the door in your face?  Do you feel like you endlessly need to explain why you are standing here at the closed door?  Do you feel distraught, disoriented and lost now that the one door you had focused on for so long is closed and may never open again?  Are you wasting time standing at the door waiting for it to open again?

Now examine the energies associated with your feelings - are they feeling light or heavy?  Do they vibrate at a high frequency or at a slow speed?  Do they make you feel happy, hopeful, joyous and loved - or the opposite?  Do you want to stay in that energy or frequency level?

Yes, your ego has probably been hurt.  Yes, you probably have to lick your wounds.  But don't stay there.  As beautiful as the door may be, it wasn't the door for you at this time in your life, and your Spirit knows it.  Stop whining and complaining for a minute.  Stop feeling sorry for yourself and playing the victim.  Listen to your inner voice; it will point you in the direction of the door that is made just for you, and it will be more fabulous than any door you've ever seen.  And the best part is that it will open for you just at the right moment, just like magic.

Do you need help to hear your inner voice?  Do you need help to pick yourself up and dust yourself off?  Consider booking an in-person or phone Reiki and Intuitive Coaching session with me, or you might prefer a written oracle card reading (Guidance in Your Inbox).  I would be honoured to serve as your coach and helper.

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