Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Make peace of mind your priority

My cat Coquin, "hiding" behind a curtain.
What brings you peace of mind?

Did you know that peace of mind is a conscious choice you make?  Today, commit to taking steps to ensure your peace of mind, and take those steps without delay and without "yeah, buts".

Actions and thought-seeds you can take to achieve peace of mind include being honest with yourself and with others. Say no when you mean no. Respect your personal and professional boundaries. Follow your dreams, even for just a moment in a daydream. Live life in a way that is respectful of your divine nature, that of others and of all sentient beings. Honour your intuition.

Take time to breathe deeply and fully everyday. Be aware of your surroundings (have you noticed all the shades of green, yellow, pink and purple with the new leaves and blooms?).

Count your blessings. Say thank you. Be kind to strangers.

Maintain healthy sleep habits and take good care of your body. The better you maintain your soul's temple, the more your soul will feel at home in your body and the more joy you can invite in your life.

Which action will you commit to today? Share in the comment space.

Blessings of Love and Light. I see you enveloped in a beautiful and soft white light. Allow this light to enter your consciousness, breathe it in. Feel the peace.

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