Tuesday, May 28, 2013

When you choose Love over fear...

When you choose to listen to Love instead of fear, you are connecting to your Higher Consciousness which is one with Divine Consciousness, or Universal Wisdom and Love. You cannot go wrong when you are connected to Spirit and when you allow each step of your journey to be guided from this place of Love.

When you choose Love over fear, you are connecting to a higher frequency, a higher vibration. You will feel lighter and more joyful. You will feel more confident. You will feel more inner peace.

When you choose Love over fear, you open up all your clairsentient channels. You can see, hear, feel, smell and understand the divine guidance available to you, manifesting in all small and big messages. You connect with animals and understand their messages for you; you feel the love of those who have crossed over and keep watch over you; you have a sense of clarity about your life purpose. Your life unfolds magically, filled with wonder.

First, you need to choose Love over fear, and commit to this path of Love. Take time to quiet your mind and your life. Reduce the activities that cause you stress. Decide to improve your life. Take time away from noise. Walk outside, meditate, listen to soulful music, practice yoga... do the dishes and other mundane chores with love and appreciation.

Remember that at your core, you ARE love, pure and simple.

Share one thing you can do today to connect to your higher self - how will you choose love over fear today? I am supporting you and keeping the energy space for you as you grow on your own path to wisdom.

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