Thursday, May 30, 2013

Be mindful of your thoughts

There appears to be an archetypal energy in the air about our responsibility to choose our thoughts and emotions, and the need to quiet down the busy-ness of our lives to truly listen to our inner and spiritual guidance...  Once I posted this image online, I noticed many synchronous events and many postings on Facebook from teachers and healers talking about this same concept today.  I smiled when I realized the card I picked as our message for today echoed that common thread...   We are all interconnected and weaved together into a fabric much greater than our individual selves.  It is wonderful to receive this validation once again!


Is your head filled with the voices, choices and opinions of others? Are these shouting so loudly in your head that you are loosing your connection with your inner guidance system? Are you so worried about pleasing those voices and opinions, doing the right thing by them and fearful of making a mistake that you feel paralyzed into inaction? If you're tired of this struggle, consider it a "wake-up call" from your Spirit. You are making progress by acknowledging all the noise in and around you, and with your desire to reconnect to your authentic self.

Did you know that the voice of your inner wisdom can sound almost flat and devoid of emotion? It does not seek to flatter you, to coerce you or even to make you feel special. It is very subtle, yet consistent. It will not compete with all the other voices and opinions in your head because it fully supports your free will and freedom of choice: you can choose to listen to this subtle guidance and tune out the noise, or you can choose to listen to the noise and tune out your subtle guidance.

Today, choose to listen to that still voice within. It will take your commitment to make space in your head. It will require you to be selective about what you take in from the outside world. It will require your patience and your willingness to be fully present in the moment.

Here are a few techniques to help you stay true to your commitment to your Highest Self:

  • Take a break from listening to the news: turn off the TV, your RSS feed, your talk radio. Put down the newspaper.
  • Take a 5-minute break just to be you, be centred, and breathe deeply into your belly. 
  • Enhance your breathing practice with the aroma of peppermint, eucalyptus or lemon. Either dab a few drops of essential oil on your temples, or have a nice cup of herbal tea.
  • When a thought, belief or emotion pop into your mind, ask yourself if it really belongs to you, or if you've picked it up from someone, somewhere, your upbringing... Ask yourself if it still serves your highest good, and if not - are you ready to let it go? 
  • Take time to clean your closet, your desk space or that junk drawer. Intend that by clearing this space, you are also clearing your mind.
  • Allow the sun to shine on your face. Image its rays entering your body through your Crown chakra and shining a light on all your inner cobwebs, clearing them away as each ray brushes through your body.

Sending you lots of Love and Light!

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