Friday, May 31, 2013

Interpreting seemingly strange spiritual guidance... And a contest!

Spiritual guidance doesn't always make sense... I have a few spots left for the upcoming June 15-16 Reiki Level 1 class, and so I asked for guidance as how to reach out to those I can serve, those who could benefit from my teachings and from whom I could learn and grow as a teacher... I asked one Oracle card deck, then an other, and an other... the answers are the same: express sexuality, sensuality; flirt, have fun! Huh??? Won't this send the wrong message of what Reiki is about and cross professional, ethical and personal boundaries?? How do I interpret this message from the Fairies and my Joy Guides? Well, I'm laughing now and I put on some good music and was dancing outside in the sun and it really lifted my mood... does that count as sensuality? (it was not belly dancing or anything suggestive!!) Maybe I should let prospective students know that we will be using our creativity to access our deeper psyche, that we will dance together and do breathing exercises to help ego stand down and Spirit fully enter our bodies? Maybe I should get a new haircut, mani and pedi before the class?

I never thought that teaching Reiki could be a sensual experience - not in the physical sense, anyway... Although I am truly enjoying on the mental, emotional and spiritual level every moment I spend studying my material and preparing binders and exercises for the wonderful students who will grace me with their presence and energy!

How would you interpret this reading for me?

Well, this isn't "sensual" as per my spiritual guidance this morning, but since I really enjoy giving freebies to allow more people to experience Reiki and the joys of working for spiritual evolution... here's your chance to win your tuition for the upcoming Reiki Level 1, on June 14-16, 2013 (+ 5 additional 3-hour classes for the following 5 months which are mandatory for certification). That's a $360 value! Grab your chance to rock your world as you develop your ability to channel Spirit's healing energy!

What you need to do to enter the draw: "Google +" my blog (if you haven't already done so), and "+1" this post, then write "done" below so that I can see your name and enter you in the draw.  Make sure your name is entered in the comment box too, if you're not signed in on Google... it would be difficult to award a tuition scholarship to "Anonymous"...  ;)

Sending you lots of Love!

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